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Author Topic: Blood & Magic: (Started But Always Recruiting) Need F  (Read 6676 times)

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Blood & Magic: (Started But Always Recruiting) Need F
« on: February 14, 2012, 12:02:42 PM »
Blood & Magic: OOC
Blood & Magic: Character Thread
Blood & Magic: Reedland
Blood & Magic: Murphy's Tavern
Blood & Magic: Gas Station

Blood & Magic

Genre: Dark Fantasy

GM and Co-GM: Narianna and Elf

Setting: Present day Earth but the tavern is located off the road near a barn on the outskirts of town in the middle of nowhere, Utah. This area will be the general starting point. Between the towns of Green River in the east to Salina in the west lies a 105 mile stretch of highway with one town, and only six exits. There is only a single gas station, posted a mile east from the tavern. Most of the route travels through Emery County, which is more than half the size of New Jersey, but with only 10,000 residents.

Season: Middle of Summer (Around July)

Plot/Objectives: This will be a sandbox RP. There will be an overarching plot stated below but the creation of your own plots is encouraged.

In this world there are three species in existence: Vampires, Witches, and Humans. The overarching plot has to do with the long standing feud and power struggle between the witches and the vampires. Each species has their own account of how the war got started, but there has been discord ever since.

More on the background information is listed below.

Starting Point(s): The tavern is attached to a motel. Beside the tavern/motel is a large parking lot. Behind the tavern/motel and parking lot is a silo, two huge barns, a few scattered sheds, various animal pens and gardens. The gravel road leading to the tavern also leads past it, hinting of a small community dispersed about the area.

I will be making a thread for the tavern, outside the tavern, and the gas station. If there is a need for it, I’m always open and willing to make other threads.

Major Background Information: At the beginning of time for humans, vampires were made as a curse on humanity by the Gods. Witches were then made to police them. At least this is how the story goes. This is one thing that the majority of both witches and vampires agree upon. Very little probable truth (there is much speculation) is written about the beginning times. It is possible at some point in the game your character will run across one of these texts.

(I feel I need to stress that this is only what is thought to have happened...) In the beginning there were very few witches and even fewer vampires. A few hundred thousand years after their creation, there was a rise of vampires. The vampires say they were being oppressed by the sadistic witches. The witches claim they did no such thing and were merely keeping order of the ferocious vampires. The rise of vampires nearly wiped out the population of witches. Thus, the war between species was generated. This also gave rise to the differing factions. The factions were built up over many years and have evolved and changed to what they are today.

Vampires and witches are both made of two separate factions. The vampires are made of the Asecia and the Vorusia. The Asecia is an ordered organization of vampires that have rules and laws to run their faction. There is a King of Vampires, and much like the President of the United States, he is a figure head representing this faction. There have been Queens in the past but currently it is a King. Beneath him are the Princes and Princesses. They reside over a particular region. The regions are usually made up of continents. Below them are Dukes and Duchesses. They rule over smaller regions. These smaller regions are usually made up of states and small countries. Below the Dukes and Duchesses are Lords and Ladies. They rule over the smallest of regions, generally consisting of cities and towns. Not all cities and towns have a ruling Lord or Lady. Lords and Ladies have a right hand that handles the duties of policing their population of vampires. They are known as Sheriffs. King or Queen select the Prince or Princess, who select the Duke or Duchess, who select the Lord or Lady, who select the Sheriff. You do not have to be of actual royal decent to hold any of the above titles.

Much like the government of the United States, the King and all those beneath him are kept in check by an Order known as the Inner Circle. The Inner Circle is a completely secretive number of vampires that make the rules and laws as well as pass judgment where they see fit. Those they’ve hired to carry out their word, as well as hold trial when necessary, are called Justicars. Those that act as secret spies for the Inner Circle are called Archons. Lastly, secret assassins for the Inner Circle are known as Alastors.

The Asecia uphold what they call the Veil. That is the blanket term for the charade they put on in front of humans to conceal their identity.

** Asecia Rules and Laws**
  • Do not reveal yourselves to humans. Doing so will result in true death.
  • Respect will be shown to all rulers of the domain in which you reside. If you are to stay in a particular domain for an extended period of time, your presence is to be announced to that domain’s Lord or Lady. An extended period of time is longer than three days.
  • Once a human is turned vampire, he or she must be presented before an audience with the local Lady or Lord in order to put the Childer’s name into book keeping. Failure to do so will result in true death for both Sire and Childer.
  • Once a Childer is created, it is the responsibility of their Sire to teach them all things in the ways of the vampire.
  • You shall not kill another vampire. That is left to the responsibility of the Justicars or Alastors.
  • Unless in violation of the First Rule, any vampire has a right to a fair trial in front of the Justicars. These trials are referred to as Quickenings.
  • Vampires are to coexist peacefully with witches unless outright threatened or attacked. Vampire law does not deal in trials for witches.

The Vorusia are the second faction of vampires in existence. These are the rogue vampires. They are all the vampires that have decided to not follow the rules and laws set forth by the Inner Circle and all those beneath them. They are outlaws and are actively hunted by the Alastors. Most of their names have been recorded over time and placed on what is called the “Red List.” There’s a rebel group of secret witches called the Enichs, which work with the Inner Circle and have cursed each vampire whose name is on the Red List. Somewhere on the body of the cursed vampire is an identifying mark of a red cross. This is very helpful for the Alastors.

The witches are made up of the Indoths and the Naleths. The Indoths is an ordered organization, much like the Asecia, that also have rules and laws to run their faction. They are, however, much less organized than the Asecia. This has a lot to do with the fact that they have spent most of their time rebuilding their species, rather than working on an organized faction. It’s only within the last couple hundred thousand years that they’ve had the chance to pursue this endeavor.

In the Indoths there are a group known as the Oracles. Their names are kept secret to protect against their fear of vampires. The Oracles are made up of the oldest and most powerful of all witches. Working as their voice is a group known as the Messengers. This group of Oracles is the keepers of secrets and prophecies and offers security and protection where and when able. When an Oracle passes away, it is the duty of the other Oracles to seek a witch to take his or her place. This is the highest of honors amongst witches.

A separate group, rumored to have been put into place by the Oracles, therefore identify themselves with the Indoths, are called Moryth. This is a quite large but secret group of witches that consider themselves keepers of knowledge. There are three physical branches of Moryth located throughout the world. There’s one located in the United States in Washington, D.C., one located in Paris, France, and one located in Tokyo, Japan. In these immense, mostly underground, buildings are heavily guarded vaults. These are more heavily guarded than the Louvre or Vatican Library, not to mention lined with a multitude of protection spells. These vaults contain many sacred texts on a variety of the paranormal, powerful artifacts, and accounts as far back as the beginning of time. Inside the Moryth is a unit of investigators that fancy themselves detectives of the paranormal. They research any and all sightings and accounts of paranormal activity throughout the world. This covers a wide variety of subjects. There’s also a sect of the Moryth that deals with covering up paranormal activity from the human’s eyes. The Moryth work with a few humans in sections of elite groups such as the FBI and their European counterparts and whatnot, as well as keeping humans around to further the impression of the cover businesses run over top of these buildings.

The rest of the Indoths is a fairly unorganized grouping of Tribes throughout the world. Each Tribe has a Chief (can be male or female), a Second in Command (can be male or female), a Priest or Priestess, a Healer (can also be male or female), and an Enforcer. Each seems self-explanatory but if you have any questions, feel free to ask. The Second in Command is usually an advisor of sorts. The Enforcer is usually the Chief’s Third in command and carries out punishment.

The Naleths is made up of all rogue witches that don’t belong to a particular Tribe. They are not hunted per say, but if anyone, be they Indoth or Naleth, get out of hand, they will be dealt with accordingly by either Tribe or Messenger.

Other Background Information and Rules:

~Please check back often as these rules are updated when relevant questions are asked. Any new rules will be added to the end of these rule sections.~

While my particular character may be a young adult, have no doubt that this will NOT be a teenage drama. This is a dark, gritty, gory RP. Please be prepared for that.

Yes, many titles for the vampires have come from VtM/White Wolf. There’s a reason they are the leading vampire table top gaming system.

I would like to encourage the players to bunny the NPCs all you want and make your own NPCs as well.

All the normal roleplaying rules apply with the exceptions marked below. If any of these need more clarification, please feel free to ask.

You can have as many characters as you can keep up with. The only playable characters are vampires, witches, and humans. There may be other paranormal activity in the world but it will be scarce and not offered as a playable character race.

There will be a minimum of 2 paragraphs per post. I expect detailed and grammatically correct posts as well.

This will probably start out quickly but will most likely end up being a fairly slow game. I don’t want posters feeling rushed.

I don't care how often someone posts as long as there isn’t a significant time gap between other players. Also please allow for everyone involved in your particular scene to post their responses before you continue on without them.

This RP won't be purely combat but there will be combat situations. This also won’t be purely sex. Vampires and witches are sexy, I get that. There will be sex. But this is going to be a mostly plot driven game.

Each post needs to have a header post stating the name of the character, location, time of day, and who all is tagged. I usually add a link to my character's profile and a pic of them, but those are not necessary.

Tribes are usually nomadic in nature, though some have lived in the same area for hundreds of years.

Humans do not know vampires and witches exist.

Respect and honor are held very highly for vampires. They have been around a long time and many have nothing left but their respect and honor. A Lord or Lady may have your head for not showing them enough respect.

Vampires can die only by fire, extreme trauma, tearing out their heart, or having their head cut off. They can roam about during all hours of the day and night. Sunlight weakens a vampire’s abilities but does not destroy them. Their eyes are more sensitive in the sunlight but also have better vision in the darkness. They cannot shape shift nor move things with their mind. They can see their reflection and garlic does not harm them, nor do crosses. Religion has no effect on a vampire. Each vampire can have one special ability such as telepathy or flying. Only. One. Ablity.

Vampires have heightened senses (taste, smell, touch, hearing, and seeing), above human speed, above human reflexes, and above human strength. Their skin is also harder to penetrate and they heal at a far superior accelerated rate.

They must drink blood in order to survive but it doesn't matter what kind of blood and whether the being they drink from is alive or dead. Vampires can still taste anything and the effects of alcohol and drugs still apply. They may eat and drink human food and liquids, though it stays in their system and rots over time, eventually passing through the intestines as would regular food and drink.

Vampires still have the same amount of sperm or eggs inside them as they had at the moment of being turned. It is exceedingly rare but still possible for a vampire to get pregnant or impregnate. A vampire Childe (as the birthed ones are called) stops aging at the moment of their first full intake of blood. The body must die and the life force taken inside of them.

When turning a human to vampire, the vampire is called their Sire, while the turned one is called the Childer. The addition of the “r” is the distinguishing factor between ones that are turned and vampire offspring. It is customary, though not law, to receive the blessing of one’s Sire before turning a human. Witches are not capable of withstanding the vampire transformation and merely die upon ingestion of vampiric blood.

To change a human, the vampire must first completely drain the human of blood. Moments before dying, before their soul is released, the human must consume an absorbent amount of vampire blood. The human’s body then dies in a long and painful manner.

If a soul is released before the intake of vampire blood, that fledgling becomes known as a Ravenous. Hopefully, these are killed on sight and not released into the world. The Ravenous have no conscious mind or morality.

A vampire looks the same as he or she did at the moment of death. They don’t get prettier, thinner, uglier, ect. Their flesh is slightly paler due to lack of oxygenated blood but when they feed, it blushes back up for a period of time.

Witches don't ride on broomsticks and they don't wear pointed hats or have long noses with warts. They can practice most forms of magic but they cannot fly. Most witches specialize in a particular type of magic such as herbalism, etc. They are either very good at one type or mediocre at all types. I’ll leave that up to the player’s discretion but it must be verified by a GM first.

Witches tend to have a specialty but it doesn't necessarily have to be any type of elementalism (fire, wind, water, earth, ect.). It could be specializing in scrying or communicating with the dead or telepathy or telekinesis, ect. They don't have to specialize in anything, of course. However I don't want to end up with massive displays of all types of magic. If one doesn't specialize then they will be just mediocre in all forms of magic.

Most humans don’t believe in the supernatural. The world is just too big for the Moryth to be able to reach everyone. Thus, there are still some that have personal accounts of the supernatural. There’s even more that have heard stories of the supernatural. But it is not a widely believed phenomenon.

Vampires have heightened senses and sometimes tend to be telepathic where as witches also tend to be telepathic. All supernatural entities have a particular smell to them. Yes, vampires can smell these individual scents. Witches can't smell vampires or other supernaturals but they may be able to sense telepathically if they are near.

When a vampire dies, they don't burst into a pile of dust or ashes or anything. They just leave a corpse like a normal person. Therefore the corpses must be destroyed so they are not found by humans who decide to autopsy them or poke around and find out they aren't human. If a vampire is ever studied, they will find they have a mixture of all types of DNA due to their consumption of blood.

When a human mates with a witch or vampire, the witch or vampire gene is the completely dominant gene and the offspring may only be a vampire or witch, not human from such a mating. Vampire and witch combined offspring have never been successfully carried to term.

Currency is the same as it is around the real world.

Holding rank/title as a vampire or witch will be a big responsibility but could also garner you more insight into the game.

Vampire fangs are retractable. The canines slide down at will or when unable to control hunger.

How do the Moryth handle humans finding out about the supernatural? They try to wipe their minds. How do the Inner Circle deal with humans finding out about the supernatural? They kill them. Better hope the Moryth find you first...

A particularly risky vampire, highly wanted by the Inner Circle, is declared for a "Blood Hunt." The Inner Circle, via the Justicars, will announce a bounty on the head of said vampire. The Inner Circle are the only ones that can call for a Blood Hunt.

Witches will more than likely know very simplistic forms of magic, such as lighting a single candle without a match, ect., even if they have a particular specialty. Also, use of their powers, depending on the severity, weakens them and they must meditate or rest to regain full strength, once all is depleted.

A vampire's power either comes directly from their Sire/Mother or Father or it is an off shoot of said power. For example: The NPC Sebastian Alexander has the ability of presence, taking hold of attention from a room and being able to get them to do damn near anything. Now his ability is more powerful because he's been around so long. However, his Childer has the ability to cloud a person's mind. They both deal with a play on the mind.

I'm putting an age cap on vampire age. There can not be a vampire older than 2,000 years. If you have decided there's a really good reason your vampire should be older than 2,000 years, please message me and try to convince me.

As GMs, we’ll be strict but not unapproachable. If there’s anything you have a problem with or have ideas, suggestions, comments about the game, feel free to message us. We don’t bite. Hard…

Character Bio Template:

Code: [Select]

[b]Appearance:[/b] (This can be a description or picture. If it's a picture, please make as realistic as possible.)

[b]Powers:[/b] (List your ONE special ability here if you’re a vampire. List your specialty or whether you’re just a jack of all trades if you’re a witch. If you’re human, just delete this section.)




Vampire/Witch: 1
Witch: 3
Vampire: 5
Human: 4
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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2012, 12:14:40 PM »

Name: Aryanna Murphy
Race: Vampire/Witch (She is the only one of her kind.)
Gender: Female
Age: 17


Powers: These are yet unidentified.

History: When she was 5, Aryanna was found by Sam and May Murphy (owners of the tavern) wandering aimlessly along the road. Her night gown was very muddy, and ripped all over. Her hair was mussed and her face was dirty and smudged. They picked her up and May held her in the passenger seat. All they could get out of her was that her name was Aryanna and she was 5 yrs. old. She proceeded to pass out, curled in the fetal position, head resting comfortably on May’s bosom, cuddling her ragged old teddy bear. They consulted with police and private investigators, trying to find any relatives of Aryanna but were unsuccessful in every attempt. They had immediately fallen in love with Aryanna that night and, having no kids of their own, were more than happy to be awarded custody of the child.

She grew up in the small town calling Sam and May, “Papa” and “Mama,” though they never lied to her about her adoption. Being a small town, the entire place knew of her history. She always remained an outsider and her shy personality didn’t help much with that. She took gymnastics and cheers for the small cheerleading team in her town. Because of this, the rest of the children didn’t pick on her as much as they did other outsiders. She was mostly just left alone.

She works as a waitress in her parents’ tavern after school, on the weekends, and during the summer. Her 18th birthday is only three days away…

Personality: She is loving, caring, loyal, kind, sweet, and a bit quiet. She works very hard and is sometimes a bit sarcastic.

Advantages: She’s always been slightly faster, stronger, and more agile than other humans.
Flaws: She doesn’t know who or what she is, nor that vampires and witches even exist.
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Online Elf

Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2012, 12:48:58 PM »
Name: Oyohusa Adawehi (from Cherokee: Death Angel)
Race: Witch (but thinks he is human)
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Appearance: In keeping with the tradition of his ancestors, he has no masculine facial hair, but there is no doubt that it is the face of a man there is nothing feminine about him. He has the cut and defined muscular build of a man used to working hard at whatever he does. He wears a simple unadorned collarless v-necked pull over buckskin long sleeve shirt, a handmade leather belt holding his smaller weapons and pouches. He has a leather string hanging around his neck with small beaded leather pouch on it. His legs are covered by buckskin pants with intricate but not flashy beadwork running up the outer seams, tucked into his knee high fringe topped buckskin moccasins.
Height: 6’
Weight: 187lbs
Eyes: black, cold and distant filled with sorrow and death.
Hair: Black, braided ponytail running down between shoulder blades with leather band braided into it with different beads and small feathers attached to leather band, one eagle tail feather hanging over his left ear.
Skin: copper colored (native American)

Powers: Shamanistic style ritual magics specializing in personal enhancement and healing.
Weapons: he has studied and is an expert with virtually all known weapons including firearms, but he prefers unarmed combat unless badly outnumbered or classed. He carries one standard 8” bladed hunting/skinning knife, 2 Kukri blades (14” single edged blades about 2” near the handle widening and curving inward to a width of nearly 4” before rounding up to a point.) 2 tomahawks. A standard tribal longbow and quiver of arrows with steel heads, and finally an 8’ spear with a 10” double edged spearhead.

History: He spent many hours as a youth learning from the tribe’s shaman (aka medicine man) and thus learned some of the secrets of the ancient magics. He focused primarily on those that would help make him the best hunter/warrior in the tribe, enhancing his senses, strength, speed, agility, and endurance. He also learned quite a bit about the healing arts, both with herbs and magic. For as long as anyone could remember there was always a gifted Shaman in his tribe, and only the most gifted and interested children were trained to possibly follow the ways of the shaman.

When he was 24 he went out alone on a vision quest. He was in the desert for nearly a week, only to have the most horrific vision he has even ever heard of anybody ever having. He had a vision of his entire tribe being massacred by blood thirsty demons in the night. When he returned it was only to find that had not just been a vision, but he had actually witnessed it really happen through his mind’s eye. In the ruins of his home he cast two spells, one to verify that it was indeed vampires that killed every man, woman and child, and one to forever give him the ability to identify vampires for what they truly are. Before the massacre of his tribe he knew nothing of vampires, except from the horror stories considered to be just fiction.

After burning the remains of his people he cast one more spell. He permanently forgot the name he was given, and took the new one that will he take to his grave, as he swears to hunt the monsters responsible and destroy them.

Four years have now passed and through his hunt has learned about other supernatural beings such as werewolves, through the use of his detection ability. It seems that he can sense supernatural’s different energies, but can only positively identify vampires as such. He has also learned a little about vampires culture, now knows that most strive to remain hidden from humans and avoid such acts. He still has a very strong dislike and distrust of all vampires, but is focused on finding the group that killed his people.

When hunting he wears the traditional buckskins and war paint which after applying during a rictual gives him the strength, speed, and enhanced senses of vampires. Once the war paint comes off he goes back to normal human standards.

Personality: He used to be a fun loving, if somewhat serious. Now he is very serious. He seems to have lost any sense of humor.

Advantages: Can detect the supernatural, always recognizes vampires as such and will know instantly upon seeing one if he/she took part in the slaughter of his village.
Flaws: All his magic is ritual based and takes time to perform. He is also completely obsessed with finding and killing the vampires responsible for the deaths of his people.

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2012, 12:57:36 PM »
So, Naria, are you planning a big celebration for Ary's 18th birthday?

Offline NariannaTopic starter

Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
« Reply #4 on: February 14, 2012, 01:41:32 PM »
Great profile, E!

Well, Ary only has 1 best friend, and just her small family... She probably won't have a big blowout party but there may be summin special in store for her that she wasn't exactly expecting...

Online Elf

Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
« Reply #5 on: February 14, 2012, 01:44:30 PM »
Thanks, Naria.

Well I guess I will have to figure out something special for her birthday.

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
« Reply #6 on: February 14, 2012, 04:19:56 PM »
Thanks, Naria.

Well I guess I will have to figure out something special for her birthday.

Hopefully the town won't explode...  ;)

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
« Reply #7 on: February 14, 2012, 04:58:50 PM »
Name: Lyguardia Fen (Nicknamed Iggy)
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 22

Appearance: [center[/center]

History: Iggy grew up in a strange little family in Upstate New York, near the Catskill Mountains. She was the youngest of all but five boys and the typical 'daddy's girl', though she was far from spoiled. Her father was a Marine General and her mother the daughter of a wealthy land proprietor, spending most of her life on farms and choosing to raise her children in such a fashion. Thus, from ages three to fifteen, little Lyguardia Fen and her four brothers spent every single day waking up at 4:30, tending to the animals, walking to school and back, tending to the farm and doing their school work. Of course, every once in a while they would get a break, right before the family had to move to the next state or country.

Late one August, just outside of Lake Creek, Texas, Iggy was tending to Grey, the horse she had just spent four hours riding. She had just turned fifteen and was about to finish high school (early, like the rest of her siblings). After putting Grey in his pen, she started the mile-long walk up to her family's small Victorian-style home, through the long corn rows. Unlike most nights, the sky that night was a deep, devilish sort of red, the sun fading from view. It was refreshing, giving Iggy a sweet sense of relaxation and relief. Little did she know, she would feel guilt for that relief for the rest of her life, for upon stepping out of the corn rows, her life had completely changed.

With a horrid story under her belt, the girl somehow managed to make it through the red-streaks of light the flooded her home, find a suitcase and few belongings, as well as the keys to her father's old Ford. Now, seven years later, she has let to utter a word of that night to anyone, and plans to keep it that way as she sits upon the roof of the broken-down Ford, ignoring the smoke billowing out from under the hood and staring at the stars above her, wondering how far into Utah she had actually made it.

Personality: Although very secretive about her past, she is a very fun-loving and exciting person to be around. She enjoys being with the friends she can easily make and takes the time to actually know people, as well as help anyone she comes into contact with that needs it. She is also the 'mother' type who will tell you when you're doing something wrong and make you fix it, but at the end of the day, she's just another girl in steel-toed boots.

Iggy is also the type of person who sees things in a logical and realistic light and does not believe in the supernatural, so things that would scare or freak out the average person do not affect her at all.

Advantages: A strangely strong fighting disposition allows her to get out of most messes she manages to get herself into.

Flaws: When it comes to kindness, she has a huge heart, so she will ignore the seven foot machete in the hand of a man on the side of the road if he looks like he needs help.
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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
« Reply #8 on: February 14, 2012, 05:00:23 PM »
This should be fun. Hope the character is good enough for you.

Is it horrible that I absolutely love that picture? She just looks so happy. Ha.
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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
« Reply #9 on: February 14, 2012, 05:34:10 PM »

Name: Maximus Jerius
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: Over 1900

Appearance: (This can be a description or picture. If it's a picture, please make as realistic as possible.)

Powers: Illusion Casting

Maximus was a young Roman soldier in the Africa Corps. He was starting to make a name for himself when he was given his second leadership assignment of leading a supply wagon to a garrison. The local barbarians had been put under control, but, there were rumors that there were some skirmishes. Still, it was supposed to be an easy mission. The ambush was sudden and Max only remembers starting to direct the men when he was hit.  When he came to he had a spear under his arm, puncturing a lung and his head ached. It was dark and he saw someone coming toward him. He breathed a ragged sigh of relief when he noticed it wasn't a barbarian. He tried to ask for help but the blood in one lung made it difficult to speak. He then remembers the man driving for his next and everything went black.

Next, he recalls the most delicious taste ever. It was as if the nectar of the Gods was flowing into his mouth. Opening his eyes he was horrified to find he was drinking from the corpse of one of his men. Everything went black once again.

Once he discovered what he was, Max fell into his roll as a student. He was always a loyal follower and kept that quality. His sire wasn't of royalty, which meant he would not be allowed to reach the highest levels of vampire elegance. By extension, Max would not be allowed to either. At best, if he served the right way to the right people and the timing was right, he could be a Duke.

Over time, he traveled to different areas, working for different Duchies, Justicars and Sheriffs.  Always leaving on relatively good terms, even if he did have enemies almost everywhere.

Luckily for Max, his loyalty allowed him to become an Alastor, fulfilling the commands issued by Justicars and hunting those that rebelled against the Inner Circle.

Personality: Max is a calm and cunning person. He tries to keep a low profile but can be quick to anger. Much of that stems from his realization that he gets used more often then getting rewarded for his loyalty.

Advantages: With his age, Max has a strong network of associates and friends around the world.
Flaws:  A sense of revenge that can get him in trouble.

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
« Reply #10 on: February 14, 2012, 07:44:36 PM »
Gspt, I love the character! :) You're in.

Arioch, I should have been more clear and I will add this to the background info: The vampire titles are just that; titles. You don't actually have to be royalty to hold one of the other titles. A Sheriff is selected by that area's Lord or Lady, who is selected by the Duke or Duchess, who is selected by the Prince or Princess, who is selected by the King or Queen, who is selected by the Inner Circle.

I also want to say that holding rank of Alastor or any title will be a big responsibility but if you're still willing to hold the title, I'll be PMing you to discuss some things. :)

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
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Hooray! :D Baha. How many characters are we looking for in all?

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
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Well I'd like a minimum of about 6, maximum probably around 12. This is a pretty huge plot and it will take no small number of characters to get through.

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
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Hmm... Perhaps I'll make another character? >>; Maybe?

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
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Hmm... Perhaps I'll make another character? >>; Maybe?

You're welcome to make as many characters as you're capable of keeping up with. :)

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
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I'm still willing.  As for the other stuff, I may roll some of that into my character. Maybe he has been led to believe that he can't attain that rank, thus, keeping him a bit repressed. But, knowledge can be gained and that can be dangerous...

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
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Welcome Gspt & Arioch.

Gspt I do have one minor question. Iggy's history mentions a life changing event and feeling guilt about it but does say what that event was. As a GM I would like to have some knowledge of what that event was and whether or not it involves the supernatural. If you don't want it general player knowledge you can PM it to both Naria and myself, please.

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
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I'm still willing.  As for the other stuff, I may roll some of that into my character. Maybe he has been led to believe that he can't attain that rank, thus, keeping him a bit repressed. But, knowledge can be gained and that can be dangerous...

That sounds great, Arioch. :) I'll get with you more about what your character does and doesn't know via PM.

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
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Name: Elise Mauvais
Race: Vampire
Gender: Female
Age: Visually - 17 / Actually - 337


Powers: The ability to see directly through a person's eyes, into their mind and memory.

History: Born in 1675, this girl was always a bit... strange. Most thought it was just a young innocence and curiosity about her, that she just thought too much about the world. Unlike most of her age, she read - everything. The moment her father's library found a new book, she adopted it as her own, making it disappear for a few hours before returning it to its rightful place (quite a fast reader; then again, what was there to do in the 17th century?). She never took to the typical 'womanly' duties, though she wasn't really expected to, due to her family's immense fortune.

Unfortunately for her, Elise's father was a French aristocrat who would do anything for his position and power. Although he so loved his adoring young daughter, his other two girls were being married and starting their own families, one at only fourteen. Elise refused to simply marry some man, greatly contrasting with French society of the day.

Then, a young man came along. Dark hair, stunning features, and oh, what a sweet talker. He took Elise under him like a soft pair of hands under a delicate baby bird, making her feel like the only woman in the world. Now, whether these were his true intentions, or he simply wanted a toy for himself, to this day, Elise still does not know. All she know is that her heart was given whole to that man, to the point where all the rumors of his true being, that gallant walk and strange, pointed teeth, fell on completely deaf ears- or so they thought.

One night, her father announced that the family was moving to England and Elise would go first, with her mother. Absolute refusal was all she gave them but as long as she lived among the living, she had to move with them. Well, she took that much more literally than her father meant it and went to her adoring love, wishing to give herself to him, but he had never wished such a thing upon her. So, in the midst of a flurry of passion and heat, she chose to live up to her 'wicked' last name. His lips parted in a moan of ecstasy, she pressed her neck softly to his fangs, adding a motion the cause him to jerk forward. Days later, she understood why he had not wished that upon her. Later, the war tore them apart, and he was lost to her.

Although she has finally given up the search for her lost love, she has since been traveling the world, going from the most extravagant places, to the least, thus leading her to this little tavern where she spends her nights, mulling about in gorgeous, laced clothing, singing quiet French love songs.

Personality: Although still a young Vampire, the girl is naturally intelligent and mature beyond her years. She may be quiet at first, but she is very malicious when paid close attention to. Lurking in the corners, she enjoys silently torturing the humans around her, in a fun manner, of course. When it comes down to it, she is extremely playful and fun-loving. But you can never forget that evil, naughty streak behind those dark, long lashes.

Advantages: She can immediately understand how a person is thinking and feeling, and an immense range of knowledge allows her to have the upper hand in most conversations.

Flaws: Playfully evil intent often gets her too-quickly noticed and swiftly into trouble, and when police get involved, it's a bit hard to explain a three-hundred year-old passport.

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
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That sounds great, Arioch. :) I'll get with you more about what your character does and doesn't know via PM.

Sounds good. Looking forward to the game. Has a lot of good potential and I like how you are working the vampires. Much more Bram Stoker like.

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
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Hopefully the town won't explode...  ;)

Now would I do something like that? O:)

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
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Name: Renair Malcovian (name he is currently using and has for about 50 years)
Race: Vampire (Vorusia)
Gender: Male
Age: 1273 appears 23

His hair is medium length and so black it has natural blue and purple highlights when the light hits it just right. His skin is like the purest porcelain. His body is slender but well defined he has small almost delicate looking hands with long thin fingers. He only stands 5’8” tall and weighs 143 lbs. But he still manages to always have a dangerous hungry look to him.
Powers: He can sense the location of any Vampire that shares his insanity and call them to him at will.

History: A young vampire (less than 50 years dead) had joined up with a mercenary band that was hired by a rival lord to terrorize the lands of his rival. So being paid to rape and pillage the vampire did just that. He raped a teenage girl brutalizing her in the process he would have drained her to death but her father found them at the last minute and cut the head off the vampire before he could completely drain the girl. She was very near death and badly injured but somehow managed to survive. She gave birth to a male baby (Renair) but being badly scarred and already having a child no man would take her as a wife.

Whether she blamed the boy or just simply saw the monster that had ruined her life every time she saw the boy was never known. She finally tried to kill him when he was only six but because he was already stronger and harder to harm than other children his age she only managed to injure him. She tried again when he was nine and had greatly angered her by defying her authority as his mother as all boys do at some time. Again she failed due to his extra ordinary abilities. Finally when he has 13 she tried for the last time for by then he could better defend himself. He easily broke her arm and took the dagger from her. Not satisfied to simply injure and disarm her he quite intentionally turned the blade back on her. He cut her open and sat watching her die even though it took several hours. Seeing her blood running out on the floor and hearing her pleas for help pleased him and he learned that he liked to kill and make others suffer. He fled the home of his grandparents then and started just roaming the country side.

He next killed again at age 15 when an uncontrollable “Blood Lust” took him over. Feeling an almost mindless need to kill he slipped into a farm house and killed the four people living there. Of which the only one that he killed quickly was the infant as its crying hurt his sensitive hears. The cries of the six year old girl he delighted in as well as the pleading of the parents. He got his first taste of blood then when he licked their blood from his hands. He managed to go another three years before the “Blood Lust” hit him again. So at 18 he slaughtered a group of travelling entertainers that he ran across on the road far from any towns. Here he actually drank some blood but only a single cup full.

Five more years went by with the only people he killed were individuals that he felt wronged him somehow whether they actually did or he just preserved it that way. His perception is all that mattered to him. Then on his 23rd birthday he came to an out of the way inn for travelers and shortly after sunset the “Blood Lust” hit him harder than ever before. Of the nine people there killed them all including a traveling knight. But the teenage daughter of the inn keeper he saved until last and after torturing her he decided to rape her and drink her blood straight from one of the many cuts he inflicted on her at the moment of his climax. The shallow cut on her throat was not bleeding enough to satisfy him in his moment of euphoria so he bit her neck and quite literally ripped her throat out with his teeth and gorged himself on every drop of blood he could suck from her body. He awoke two nights later instinctively aware of what he was.

From that point on he learned to move about both human and vampire society remaining just a shadow lurking through the passage of the centuries. It was 18 years later he got his first follower that seemed to practically worship the ground he walked on who being another young vampire acquired his version of insanity and joined him the next time the “Blood Lust” hit. Then one time it struck him while in the company of other vampires and all seven of fell into the lust as well even though they had only just met that night. Five of them became permanently insane just like him and became devout followers of his.

Personality: When not consumed by his insanity he can be charming, but is mostly just quiet never really drawing attention to himself. He can even pass for a well adjusted if somewhat solemn individual even among other vampires. There is always something dark and dangerous about him though. He keeps it hidden but he always enjoys killing.

Advantages: Speaks several different languages like a native and has over 100 devout followers throughout the world which share his insanity and he can call them to him at will.
Flaws: Is randomly consumed with a terrible “Blood Lust” which can only be satisfied by the deaths of everything near him when he finally acts on it with the exception of those also consumed by it.
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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in?
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Gspt, I love the new character. :)

E, I sent you a PM about your new one but I love the darkness!

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in? (Witches, Moryth, and Humans Needed)
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I also love the new vamp, Gspt. I think Renair will take a liking to her too. He would gladly take her to the depths of her evilness and beyond.

I got and already replied to your PM, Naria. I'm so glad you like probably the darkest character I have ever created, I'm rather proud of him.

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Re: Blood & Magic: Where do YOU fit in? (Witches, Moryth, and Humans Needed)
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I got and already replied to your PM, Naria. I'm so glad you like probably the darkest character I have ever created, I'm rather proud of him.

You should be. Fits the game wonderfully.

I'd like to get a couple more witches, maybe a Moryth or 2 before we start.