In need of... a mad scientist! (NC or EX)

Started by Beorning, February 13, 2012, 03:41:28 AM

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There's a type of movie scene I've seen quite a lot of times in various sci-fi or horror films... A female heroine uncovers (or gets drawn into) a plot of some mad scientist (or scientists). She gets captured. She finds herself strapped to a lab table and the scientist declares she's going to become his newest experimental subject. That is not a good thing, as - in the earlier part of the movie - we were shown the scientist's previous "subjects", who had become mindless slaves, zombies, cyborgs and the like. For a moment, we fear of what will happen to the heroine... but, then, she frees herself (or gets freed by someone else). Weird experimentation averted!

What I'd like to explore in a RP is: what would happen, were the heroine *not* saved? Basically, I'd like to play a female who finds herself captured by a mad scientist (either a lone one, or part of some group) and subjected herself to some sort of experiment, treatment or procedure devised by the scientist. Unsurprisingly, I'm looking for someone to play the mad scientist! :)

The scientist could be male or female, depending on my writing partner's preferences. I'm fairly open as to what the story's rating would be, too. Although the idea is inspired by sci-fi and horror movies of, occasionally, not-too-high artistic value, I'd like this story to be relatively serious. So, it would need to be NC at least. It might even be Extreme - although I must admit that I wouldn't want the story to be excessively drastic.

The idea is also fairly open as to who the mad scientist exactly is, what his goals are, what kind of things he / she does to the subjects / victims,  etc. I'm open to input from my writing partner here! That said, some of the things I'be especially be happy about are:

1. Mind control - wouldn't it be interesting to see the scientist transform my character in a brainwashed, obedient minion?

2. Neurosurgery - for some reason, I'd like to explore the experience of a character being subjected to these kinds of treatment.

3. Transformations - my character could get transformed into a cyborg, for example :)

4. Insane asylums - I love them and would not mind seeing this kind of setting used in this story. For example, the mad scientist could be a doctor or psychiatrist performing some experimental procedures on his patients in order to cure them etc.

Things I *would* object in this story are:

1. Snuff - I definitely don't want my character to get killed.
2. Extreme torture
3. Extreme mutilation

I'm quite flexible when it comes to the story's length: it could be a simple one-shot, but it could turn into a longer story. One thing I'd like to ask for is for that RP to be fairly story-driven: I wouldn't like it be a setup for one long sex-scene :)

So... any takers? If so, please PM me :)

Ginger nut

I love this kind of scenario. It's always been one of my favourites.

Transformation and Mind Control are always especially alluring kinks. The idea of bending or warping a woman into some perversion of the human form (and making them enjoy it, whether they want to or not) is extremely enticing.

Is there anything specific you have in mind in terms of the kinds of Transformations you see your character being made to go through or endure?