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Started by ReijiTabibito, February 12, 2012, 10:54:57 PM

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Greetings, readers.  My name is ReijiTabibito, and I used to be a spy…

Kidding.  The day I get to be a spy is the day Republicans stop taking corporate funding.

But I am an RPer!  One who is looking for games right now, mostly in the fandom arena.  I realize that fandom games are something of an iffy thing around here, but they are what I’m wanting right now, with one major exception, which I’ll detail later.

That said.  Lemme get started.  My wants break down into three categories.

1 – Marvel Universe games.
I am a huge Marvel nerd.  I don’t really follow the comics religiously, but I do have a deep and abiding passion for them.  Warning to those of you out there, most of these I want to be system games, utilizing the Marvel Universe RPG rules (no, this is not Marvel Super Heroes, it’s a different system).  Players wanting to be a canon character or an OC may apply, within reason.  (I’ll allow Spidey or Jean Grey, for example, but the Silver Surfer is a bit much.)
If you don’t have Marvel Universe, don’t worry.  Not only is the game out of print and the company defunct (despite solid sales), but I have copies of the rules myself, and can walk you through the system and how to create a character.

2 – Anime fandom games.  (Anime-like may also apply)
I love anime.  The action, the romance, the guys, the gals, all of it.  Anime is a surefire way to grab my attention, the other is the next option.
Below are a small gathering of favored fandoms, but ask me about a fandom and if I’m familiar with it.  Also, for this one, as in Marvel, we can do canons or original characters.

Card Captor Sakura (the Japanese version, please.  Not Nelvana’s butchered adapation.)
Chrono Crusade
Fate/Stay Night
Fortune Arterial
Hanasaku Iroha
IRIA: Zeiram the Animation
Majikoi ~ Oh!  Samurai Girls!  (Also known by its full Japanese name, which translates out to Please Love Me, Seriously!)
Night Wizard
Omamori Himari
Persona 4 (Yes, I know it’s a game.  But it’s got an anime, too, which I’m following.)
Robotech (Yes, Robotech.  Particularly the first season, so if you’re a Macross fan, I’ll accept that.)
Sakura Taisen (The anime, and one of the games, V – So Long, My Love)
Silent Mobius
Strike Witches (It ain’t just fanservice, people!)

Keep in mind, this is an incomplete list.  Ask me about any fandom, genre, or otherwise, and I might know of it.

Also, to add to the list.

MLP: Friendship is Magic.  Yes, I know it’s not anime.  I don’t care.  It’s awesome, especially if the looker out there can play any of the Mane Six.  Or Celestia.
Avatar: Last Airbender.  Same as above.  Last Airbender was what restored my faith in western animation.

And lastly, the other thing that will grab my attention.

3 – Gender bend stories.

This is typically a story of a guy going to bed as a man and waking up as a girl, but in some other respects, I can alter this.  Like a girl dressing as a guy and hiding her real gender because of a dare, or the school she goes to, or something else.  Ping me with these words and I’ll entertain almost anything.

And that’s it.  PM me, respond here, or call me on AIM.  I’ll answer.

Thanks to everyone.


EDIT: Also, quick note.  I have ideas for stories for these.  So don't let no ideas stop you.


I wouldn't mind doing a Avatar: Last Airbender story with you.


I am digging the Strike Witches Idea. May I PM you with the Idea I am having?


Absolutely.  Feel free.  I've got ideas of my own...



I would be game for these really... Most of them. So if you are still interested, I guess just let me know. XD
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