Seeking Harem/Multi-character roleplay

Started by Liam, February 12, 2012, 07:08:21 PM

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Hi there, thank you for your time. I'm looking for someone to roleplay a Harem type of scenario with me, where my character gets to interact with many female characters and has the chance to not only get to know them better and form all sorts of relationships, but also to become lovers with them and have sexual scenes with one or more at the same time.

For this particular craving of mine, I have found some very inspiring pictures that I think are great to get some sort of ideas of different possible settings for this kind of roleplay. Of course, these are just ideas, so feel free to suggest any changes or thoughts you may have, if you want to.

These pictures are NSFW

Paradise Island

The main character goes out for a trip with his boat and after a couple of days sailing, he finds himself in front of an island. There he finds the most beautiful place he ever visited, not only because of the surroundings but also because of the locals, a group of numerous women that live in a small community on that special place. Being the only man around, the main character knows that something good is going to happen.

New to the family

One day, out of nowhere, the main character receives a phone call. His father calls him to let him know that he became engaged with a lady he met during his two year stay in Japan. Wanting to bring the families together, the man invites the main character to go and live with him and his couple as a family, in a very expensive and large mansion they just bought. Considering that it's not a bad idea, the main character goes to the place, to then find out that there are also four incredibly sexy girls living there as well, all daughters of his father's fiancee.

My favorite maid

The main character is a very rich and handsome man that inhereted a huge fortune. After becoming a very wealthy young man, he starts to have many women interested in having romantic relationships with him, but that makes him feel like he can't trust anyone and that all they want is the money, not him. The only people he trusts are his employees that work at the mansion, and they know that. Taking advantage of the situation, the group of maids working on the man's residence start to compete against each other to see which one can win the man's heart, no matter the cost or the means.

The tribe

The main character decides to go on a trip to explore the jungle, wanting to see if he can find some sort of rare flora or fauna in a place where not so many people dare to visit. While he begins to explore the area, he falls into a trap and loses his consciousness, waking up later in the middle of an amazon tribe, that keep him as a prisoner. He then finds out that they are not going to harm him, but they're not planning on releasing him either. A healthy young male is not common to see, so they decide to make him the sexual partner of the tribe, something much more exciting than what he could have ever imagined.

The Lord and the harem

After a long journey to the desert, the main character found himself in a city he never visited before. There he met a merchant that sold slaves to wealthy men like him, already trained and docile for a man's needs and desires. Noticing that it's not right to keep those ladies as slaves, the man decides to buy them all and takes them all the way back to his place, to then let them know that they are free to do as they wish and leave his residence, to have a good life as free people. For his surprise, the group of slaves do not wish to leave, but to remain there with him and thank him for being so kind and good towards them. He would soon learn just how good it was to have them around for him.

For any of those scenarios, I ask to have at least 3 female characters to interact with. There is no limit in how many you can make, so if you feel like making more than 3, you can definitely go for it. Also, we don't need to go anime if you don't want to, the characters can be made with real pictures too.

That's pretty much it. If you feel interested in any of these ideas or have one of your own that's in the Harem category, please let me know and I will be very pleased to read from you.

Thank you.