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Author Topic: Consort of the Would-Be-King [CLOSED]  (Read 898 times)

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Consort of the Would-Be-King [CLOSED]
« on: February 10, 2012, 02:15:57 PM »
Consort of the Would-Be-King

It's only been a month, but Loki is already getting antsy. There was small part of him that had truly thought that Odin would have let him out by now. This wasn't his first time in the dungeons, but even Thor had been sent here once or twice in their youth as a punishment. It never lasted more than a day or two. After a month though, a few visits from his mother, and gifts from his mother; Loki realized that Odin was serious this time. He was starting to wonder if feigning regret in the things he had done would get him a reprieve, but he wasn't desperate enough for that yet. While his magic did not reach outside the cell, at least he could still make it. He also had the books from his mother. Occasionally, he would converse with the other prisoners, but Odin took care to keep as few around him as possible. Probably didn't want him convincing them to join in his cause.

At least he was afforded comforts that no one else was.

While laying in bed, staring at the ceiling for untold hours, the walls of his cell suddenly go opaque and all view of the dungeons outside disappear. The door opens for a split second and someone is shoved inside. At first, he is angry that he is being subjected to sharing his cell with anyone else. Prisoner he might be, but he was a Prince of Asgard and a former king (for however short lived it had been).

"Who are you?" Loki demands to know.

"I...I'm here for your...comfort, Sire."

Notes: The consort would have been found by Thor. Someone willing to lower themselves to sleeping with a Frost Giant for some kind of reward (maybe to bail a family member out of prison or something like that, rather than just for money). Loki would be rather punishing in his affection at first, just due to anger. However, during their time together, Loki notices his consort may have a natural ability for magics (could be something they haven't tapped into yet).

I would be playing Loki. OC can be male or female, they would be an Asgardian.

PM me if you're interested!


Taken! Thank you!

Because I'm the God of Lies <Closed>
Because I'm the God of Lies

Finding himself suddenly on the garbage planet of Sakaar, Loki quickly realizes he has three options. First, he could resign himself to the scavengers who showed up very quickly and become a slave. Not something he was willing to even consider. Secondly, he could fight them and take their place. Again, too much legwork after he'd spent the last two years as the lazy king of Asgard. Third, he could find the leader of this trash dump and bend him to his will. That seemed the best option.

"I am a god, you can't treat me like this," he proceeds to kills two guys with his knives without hesitation "So, this is how things are going to go from now on," he uses his illusion magic on a massive scale to overwhelm the remaining scavengers and slip away.

He spends the next day or so lurking in the shadows of Sakaar. Assessing the situation and figuring out what he needs to do. In the end, he does what he does best. He manipulates his way into the Grandmaster's good graces through the use of a weaker personality.

Notes: Basically, Loki is going to find someone in the Grandmaster's society that has money and in decent standing but is weak-willed. He is going to seduce them and use their position to strengthen his own with the end goal being able to support himself without this other person.

OC can be male or female. Preferably humanoid. Kind of pampered and sheltered. Someone that Loki could easily manipulate at first. While their feelings for him would be genuine at first, it would take time for Loki's to develop. Maybe once he does flee Sakaar to go back to Asgard, they sneak onto the ship and Loki finds them after the final fight on Asgard.

I'm willing to go more AU and extend the period of time that Loki and Thor are on Sakaar. It really doesn't seem like very long in the film, but we could drag it out for several months. We can go AU past the ending as well. Them spending time together on the starship and Loki having to step up as a real leader for his people (Thor being there to supervise and make sure Loki is actually following his orders and not trying to plan a mutiny against him). Finding out about all the lies Loki told them and what not. Absolutely no Non-Con, but more than happy to have Loki putting the OC in various dangerous situations just so he could 'be the hero'.

I'm willing to play Loki or the OC.

Anyway...PM me! Indulge my whims!


Snagged! Thank you!

I'm The Monster You Tell Your Children About? <Closed>
I'm The Monster You Tell Your Children About At Night?

Normally, I am not one to go very much against a canon storyline. In fact, I generally try to fit my game storyline into the canon storyline, but I have an idea for this game that would involve having to go against the canon storyline (at least for the movies). I know all the general details on the Thor comics, but the movies are the most fresh in my mind and I really do enjoy the part of Loki in it.

I'd like to do a story where Loki has known that he is a Frost Giant since he was young. Odin tells him during a father-son confrontation, but he figured it out for himself, much like he does in the movie. Maybe the movie isn't the first instance where Thor decides to take a trip to Jötunheimr to try and stir up some trouble with the giants and Loki figured it out on one of those trips. His jealousy towards Thor grows stronger everyday as he realizes that Odin will never allow him to ascend to the throne because of what he is. That no matter how thick headed, stubborn, and arrogant his 'brother' is, Loki will never be king. Having never confronted Odin about his origins, Loki believes he is nothing more than a pity child. That Odin fought his Frost Giant father (Laufey, King of the Frost Giants) and took him out of pity. That he is nothing more than a runt giant to Laufey and nothing more than a pity case to Odin.

Jealousy mounting, it only gets worse as the two boys get older. Their early 'teens' were spent with Loki chasing after Thor and trying to keep him from starting trouble, meanwhile instigating much of his own. Despite trying to force his brother to grow into the king he needs to be, he is almost always willing to use his own abilities to help Thor along. Gaining the nickname 'Silver Tongue' as well as being known as a 'Mischief Maker'. Over time, some questioned if his assistance in Thor's minor-trouble making was not a way to be rid of the slightly older son of Odin as a way to get to the throne. Soon, some wondered if maybe Loki's playful, mischievous tricks weren't becoming a bit too vicious and full of malice.

As they started to hit the later years of the lives, Thor grew to be the handsome, strong, powerful Asgardians that everyone loved. Meanwhile, Loki became more and more un-Asgardian by the day. He lacked the size and strength of his brother, not to mention the bravery. If Loki could talk his way around something or trick his way out of it, he would. Everything was a challenge for Loki. Not only did the people of Asgard expect more of him, but he knew that he could never be what they wanted him to be. Why? Because he knew he was a monster.

Things were made much worse by the placement of women into their lives. All the women that ever looked at the pair or came around the pair were always looking at Thor. He was the kind of man they wanted to marry and be with. Loki was just looked at with strange disgust. Even their group friend, Sif, seemed to look at Thor with such admiration and Loki with such disdain, even when he has managed to save her life several times in the past. For a while he tried not to let it bother him. He focused on strengthening his magical abilities.

Yet even Thor, as thick as he is, has noticed his brothers seemingly lack of interest in the opposite sex. In an attempt to be a good brother, because he refuses to believe Loki has tried to kill him or get him exiled in the past, he thinks the best thing to remedy the situation is to find a good woman for his brother. But when he does manage to find a girl willing to give Loki a chance, the God of Mischief can't help but notice the way she looks at his brother...and it angers him greatly.

So...basically...I would be playing Loki. I'm looking for someone to play the Asgardian woman. The relationship between her and Loki would be very strained. Her being a physically and mentally strong woman who believes she deserves better than a magic user like Loki but going along with it at the request of Prince Thor. Loki finding himself attracted to her, for her intelligence mostly, but angry with her because of her liking for his brother. Being the person he is, he refuses to break off the relationship simply because of that. Part of him wants her to suffer being with him (part him growing from being simply playful to evil).

Notes: The woman could be Sif or even Sigyn. Doesn't have to be completely OC. There would be a lot of manipulation on Loki's end when he realizes she only spent an evening with him because Thor asked her to. He would fake an intense attraction to her. Guilting her into a relationship. Though in the long run, he would develope real feelings for her. However, the relationship would be horribly damaged by his previous actions.

I would prefer the game to be placed in Light or Bondage. No NC or EX. I would also like to use more Myth elements to it, rather than focusing soley on the Marvel universe.

Anyway...PM me! Indulge my whims!

EDIT 4/16/2018: Closed due to plenty of interest. Thank you!
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Re: I'm The Monster You Tell Your Children About? [Marvel Loki/Myth Loki]
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*dusts this off*

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Re: Because I'm the God of Lies [Loki: Ragnarok]
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2018, 01:45:38 PM »
New plot. The previous one has been taken.

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Re: Consort of the Would-Be-King [Loki: The Dark World]
« Reply #3 on: May 26, 2018, 08:08:16 AM »
New plot. The previous one has been taken.