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Started by Kakihara, February 23, 2008, 10:25:33 PM

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A Lasting Peace

The T’anik and the Rusk have been locked in battle for decades in a war.  Years of escalation are now threatening to engulf every civilized planet in destruction and chaos.  The Rusk civilization came from a single planet years ago from a planet united after years of chaos.  Surprised to find that they were one of the few civilizations to achieve lasting space flight and exploration, they began to explore and take in new ideas and technology from varied worlds.  With sharp minds and determination, the learned some strange, almost magical ways and turned it towards warping time and space.

A journey that once would have taken a lifetime or two to complete now took only a few days or weeks.  Seeing the years of work unraveling because of cultural differences, the Rusk began to take things into their own hands until soon every known planet was part of the Rusk Empire.  Under their rule, the expanded and took even more planets in, guiding them with a firm hand and harsh punishment.  The Rusk were a sturdy, practical lot in all things.

In their Expansion, the Rusk stumbled upon the mysterious T’anik.  The enigmatic T’anik seemed to have a sixth sense on the nature of these new interlopers and pushed back.  Strange, symbiotic ships began to appear and brought the years and years of war on the known worlds.  Their new enemy moved with such precision and used such strange weapons the Rusk quickly lost ground but they seemed confounded often by the individuality of the troops.  Battles turned on the dime when human warriors did the unexpected in an attempt to not only survive but overcome.

After years of seeming to want nothing but their destruction, the Rusk Emperor suddenly decided to reach out to the T’anik through channels with other civilization for a lasting peace.  Many in the higher echelons were taken aback at this new task, seeing peace as a poor way to honor all that have died among their people.  Still, many of the rank and file were glad to hear of this with over two generations born only knowing war.

With so much animosity growing, the Rusk and the T’anik have settled on a large space station, run by a small race with a long track record of neutrality circling a gas giant as their meeting place.  A handful of diplomats on both sides are set to meet and intermingle, not only settling on lasting Peace Agreement but also learning more about each other.

Journal Entry 247:  Malick 7th, 4739After the Empire

I have received my newest orders from the High Council and it is as I feared and hoped.  On the recommendations of Henreich, my mentor, they are sending me to Runick 3 as part of the peace initiative.  There are so many reasons to be thrilled at this news but yet I feel a minor bit of hesitation.

The questions that have revolved around the secretive T’anick are as dark as the night sky on a stormy night back home.  The strange, living technology they use and rumors of psychic powers is only the earliest of rumors that have circulated about them since the beginning of this war.  That not one member of the Rusk Empire has seen the true form of these beings continues to intrigue me and makes me wonder about not only what they look like but their core beings and beliefs.

But then I think if my sister, Allia, and her demise at Yenrick Prime.  She was one of the best navigators in the Rusk Star Navy.  When her fleet was caught by surprise by an endrun done by the T’anick who they had been waiting for, it was nothing short of a slaughter.  I know it is part of war and we have done just as bad to their people as well.  The 7 gods of Khron only know how many widows and orphans we have left among the T’anick.  But the love of a brother is irrational and I can’t help but feeling a tinge of betrayal at being part of this meeting.

And then there are the hushed tones around the High Command about how they want to use this meeting only to gather better intelligence on how to kill the enemy better.  The quiet question if the Emperor has lost his nerve or his intelligence in making this move.  Some are even hinting at a change of guard among the Royal family, strange troupe movements near Home Sector.

I fear that one way or another this meeting may be the beginning of a great change in the Universe.  I only hope it doesn’t lead to a gathering storm that may sweep us all away.  Still, above all, I find myself intrigued and shivering with anticipation even as I pack for the trip, something I should get back to now.

--End Entry

The idea behind this thread would be two races coming together and learning more then anyone thought about each other.  Two curious diplomats begin to explore aspects of their culture that no one had considered.  I was thinking of the Rusk diplomat to be a man and played by me and to have the T’anick diplomat be a female.

The Rusk are based on a intergalactic idea of humans who have mixed among many other races.  They use strange technologies and have developed some strange and intriguing private practices along with some amazing technological advances.  The T’anick I view as a cross between elves and Kalashtar of Eberron though I’d leave it up to player fully for finalities on the look of the race.  They are a Psychic race and have developed some strange personal practices and even stranger technologies.  The T’anick do not physically touch at all.  They have developed strange symbiotes that they can manipulate with their psychic powers.  They even have a gelatinous, viscous substance that sounds them and enters them, manipulating each partner’s sensitive organs by the command of the other partner. 

While it would be both political and sexual, there would be some mild B/D because the Rusk have a strange ritual when they become truly and ultimately intimate with their partner, giving one’s control and freedom over to another.  I figure the T’anick would push after hearing about this until they explored this idea as well.  Everything else would be worked out with the other player privately.