Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth [ M/F, UN - Fantasy ]

Started by Hemingway, February 06, 2012, 12:08:50 PM

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The history of the Kingdom speaks of a demon of great power, masquerading as a twisted parody of a woman – a Succubus. Whenever a truly great King rises, she appears at his side, as his Queen. Occasionally, she remains at the side of many Kings to come, and occasionally she disappears, and chaos returns. Most historians, therefore, assume that rather than being attracted to powerful Kings, she is the one who helps them to power.
At least until some centuries before the present day of this fantastical Kingdom. At the death of the King, a group of monks manage to corner the succubus. Realizing they could never kill such a being permanently, they instead trap her inside a crystal, and seal it inside a fortress on a far-away, uncharted island. There she remains for centuries.
Until a Lordling of great, reckless ambition sets out to find her, and bind her to his will. With her, he means to rise to power, to topple all rival Lords, and set himself up as King.

Given the nature of the demon, the story would obviously be quite heavy on erotic content, but her purpose is, after all, to further the Lordling's power, and so it would also involve a great deal of intrigue and plotting. Finally, she may be a vain and sexual creature, but she's also a predator lusting for freedom, and though she's prevented from taking matters into her own hands and killing the Lordling, she's free to plot and scheme against him as well.

On the technical side, I prefer threads, with posts of some length. I can't promise replies more than about once a week - that's the minimum you can expect, not the maximum! - so posts with some meat would be preferred.

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