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August 19, 2017, 04:42:42 AM
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Author Topic: Ted's ideas for roleplay (M seeking F)  (Read 708 times)

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Ted's ideas for roleplay (M seeking F)
« on: February 05, 2012, 09:45:49 AM »


to Ted Pikul's ideas and plots thread! The clip above my avatar and my screen name are taken from David Cronenberg's film eXistenZ... I think it is a very good movie and it sets the atmosphere right, though it is not closely related to my RP ideas and inspiration... :)  Below are some of my plots... PM me if you like any and want to play it out  ;)

Eliza is a newly-wed bride in her twenties. She’s married to Nath, a decent young fellow in his twenties too. Marring him seemed quite a good idea. Eliza comes from a pretty strict, observant and, moreover, modest family and she had very few experiences before Nath. She wanted to break-free and while they were engaged he was romantic, delicate, and treated her good; so she went for it. But the new married life didn’t turn up to be what she expected. Nath is always a gentle and good-tempered man, he strives hard to make a living, he is in love with her and treats like a princess, but somehow she feels something is missing. Eliza is a young healthy woman, and, especially regarding his marital duties, Nath is a very tepid man. Days pass; Eliza, deep under her calm, decent composure, sometimes feels the blood in her veins boils, sometimes she wants to scream. Sometimes, when doing daily shopping, she is close to unknown, manly men, she feels her bowels churn; but she loves Nath and she isn’t the kind of woman that would cheat on him with a stranger, so she just keeps on with her daily routine. This impasse is somehow broken when a distant relative of Eliza announces his visit. He is Frank, a distant uncle that Eliza has only seen a few times in her life. Frank has always been the family cast-off, an adventurer, who keeps spending his life travelling and whom her relatives always talked about with dismay in their eyes. Frank is coming to town and he suggests he would spend a few days with her niece and nephew-in-law: he didn’t attend their wedding as he was who-knows-where in a god-forgotten country so he wants to make-up.
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Nath is ok with Frank spending a few days at their place, and he is ok too when Frank announces that he decided he wants to settle down a bit in town and asks them if he could rent a room. Nath thinks that Frank’s rent money would be very useful to his striving family economy and moreover he is all the day out at work and Frank could keep company to Eliza. But Eliza isn’t so sure about this… she feels some kind of hidden electricity pass between her and Frank when they are alone and she is scared where all this could lead to…

Therese is a highly successful woman: she is top manager of a fashion firm; she is powerful, wealthy and respected. She should be a happy woman but she has a secret sorrow, and that sorrow is her son Tom. Tom is a big but quite simple boy in his twenties: he is shy and dumb, he is a  simpleton, nearly a retard. Therese loves Tom very much and she suffers a great deal seeing him living a friendless, girl-less life. Tom has never had a girlfriend in his life, and doesn’t know anything about the other sex. The fact that he’s thick doesn’t mean he hasn’t feelings, of course. He is kind, sincere and he suffers his state; he has normal sexual impulses as well, even if he doesn’t fully know them and doesn’t know how to handle them.
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Therese makes up her mind about giving her son what he needs and what she couldn’t give to him: a different kind of love, not a motherly one. In order to do this, she contacts Aube, a girl working as a model for her firm. Aube is a girl in her twenties who is moving her first steps in the modeling career. She’s rather inexperienced but very smart, and of course, being a model she is very beautiful. She’s also a sweet, kind girl. Therese makes a proposal to her: she could promise Aube everything: a great improvement in her modeling career, working with the best stylists, becoming everything she wants: a top model, an actress, a TV star, she names it. In exchange for this, she will spend an holiday with Tom, and during this holiday she will have to introduce Tom to the other sex, to feelings and experiences he doesn’t know, to the pleasures of the flesh.

Aube should introduce Tom to this in a kind way, making him gradually make his discoveries, “teaching” him like a devote teacher, and treating him with love and passion; but she has to offer him the real deal, she has to make him a fully experienced man, bestowing to him her full soul and of course, her full body. She also could, or better, she also has to, introduce and promote Tom’s experiences with other girls. Therese will provide unlimited money for expenses as long as they are related to Tom’s education and to satiating his long-restrained appetites.

Now it’s up to Aube to make up her mind and take her decision. Will she go for it?

NOTE TO CHARACTERS: while Therese is a pretty one-sided character, driven and motivated by her goal, the characters of Aube and Tom can have more than one facet. Tom is the kind, simple man, engulfed by his inexperience, and shyness and barriers, but once Aube breaks these he may, while taken by his new “discoveries”, become a baser man, not evil, but simply taken by his impulses and lust… once the instincts kick in he could be taken by them, sometimes making Aube’s task uncomfortable; he’s a big man with a simple mind, after all, and he could strain to properly manage his new discoveries. Aube is also a manifold character: from one side she is a cynic, concrete girl that has accepted a deal in order to promote her material wealth, her career, her ambitions; from another side she is a kind girl which will be touched from her task and becomes involved in what she does, doing it with care and devotion; from even another side she is torn and degraded by what she is doing, physically and mentally suffering her role which is basically a mercenary courtesan and chaperon.

Lord Ashbury's faithful old house maid, Miss Henriette, sadly passed away. In order to find a replacement, he goes to a nunnery where the nuns show him orphan girls that having grown up need employment as maids in gentile houses. The nuns show him several girls and he picks up Sarah, the prettiest and most innocent looking one. He brings her home and she starts working. As days pass by he's more and more attracted by the girl and start to show her his attentions. Sarah's character (and consequently her reactions to Lord Ashbury's attentions) can be both played as innocent and frightened (she tries to shun and avoid the attentions and is scared by them) or flirty and innocently naughty (she seeks them and mischievously, in an indirect way, she tries to set up occasions for them to happen). E.g. she has to climb up a stool to clean a high shelf: Lord Ahsbury forcibly grabs her in the hips in the first case; or she asks Lord Ashbury to steady her in the second case. Et cetera.
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While she works, Lord Ashbury often goes to her bedroom and messes with her stockings, petticoat and underwear. She notices it and, with different reactions in the two cases, she's stimulated by this and encourages this behavior by artfully leaving naughty underwear scattered around, or she's frightened by it.

Sarah receives the attentions of a working class delivery boy. She's flattered by it and innocently flirts with him. This happens a couple of times. Lord Ashbury has the boy arrested and whipped in front of her and the rest of the domestic staff.

From that on, the action between them builds up, day by day...

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Re: Ted's ideas for roleplay (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2012, 08:11:16 AM »
New plot added: Aube and Tom, The Beauty and The "Beast"
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Re: Ted's ideas for roleplay (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2012, 09:07:30 AM »
New plot added: Uncle Frank Is Back in Town