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Author Topic: Bleach Game Character thread  (Read 1332 times)

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Bleach Game Character thread
« on: February 04, 2012, 07:46:31 PM »
If you have not yet read it, please check out the interest check.  Details about the game can be found there.;topicseen

Description or Picture:
Class (Shinigami/ Quincy/ Human with powers/etc.):
Zanpakuto/Power name:
Decription of abilities:
(those of you wishing to use a besm manual, you may place attributes and defects here. Keep in mind, the points you allocate for Body, Mind, and Soul will come out of the points you can use for abilities, of which I've given you 40.)

*Body: (choose a value from 1-8. Used in determining hp)
*Mind: (value from 1-8. Used to determine Reiatsu)
*Soul: (value from 4-8. Used in both calculations)
(you are encouraged to NOT put 8's for all your values.  Be realistic, no one is perfect. In general, your total for Body, mind, and Soul should not be greater than 20. )
HP: (Body + Soul *5)
Reiatsu (MP): (Mind + Soul * 5)

* I've included these as a sort of measure for how powerful a character is.  A character like Chad who can take a beating and dish one out at the same time will have a high body.  A character like Uryuu who can think on their feet and calmly analyze the situation in battle would have a high mind. Characters like Ichigo who have a ton of Reiatsu or a very powerful ability like Orihime would have a high soul. HP is used as a gauge of how severely wounded a character may become before falling unconscious or dying. A high reiatsu is useful in maintaining a state like bankai or Hollowfication. For the most part, you won't have to worry about these values, but they make a convenient way for us to compare ourselves to one another and our enemies (I'll be playing too).

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Re: Bleach Game Character thread
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2012, 10:44:33 PM »
Name:Juma Ine
Age: 25
Description or Picture: Juma is a 6' 3" guy with shoulder length hair tied back with a rubber band into a ponytail.  He has a caucasian complexion, and normally walks around in cargo pants and a t-shirt, sometimes a sleevless t-shirt.  His foot apparel consists of either a pair of sneakers, or a pair of hiking boots.

Background:  Juma was born with the ability to sense spirits and spiritual beings, thus he has seen things that most other people never do his whole life.  For the most part though he leaves the spirits he sees alone he doesn't care to get involved in their problems, as he has enough of his own problems to deal with.  However he feels faintly inexplicably drawn towards helping them if they're ever in serious trouble.  Up till now though he has never encountered one in trouble of that magnitude, not to mention he has no idea how he would be able to help should it come to that.

Class (Shinigami/ Quincy/ Human with powers/etc.):Human turned substitute soul reaper(though not till it happens in-game)
Zanpakuto/Power name:Furea Ken
Decription of abilities:
The zanpaktou's name itself is Furea, in shikai the blade turns red and orange and becomes more like a broadsword than a katana, it also becomes extremely hot and therefore slices through anything much easier, in bankai it's full name is Furea Ken, the sword bcomes it's full fledged state: and the sword becomes as hot as magma while remaining solid, it's user gains two abilities in this state, 1) a massive explosion of heat that covers a wide radius around him, and 2) can teleport an enemy to an alternate dimension where they are caught in a massive non-elemental explosion, extremely dangerous and often fatal.

Environmental Influence-In shikai, while near any fire source Furea will take control of the source increasing its ferocity to generate more heat in the area, most unprepared opponents will become more easily fatigued while this occurs.  Furea protects Juma from its own effect.
Land Speed-30 kph
Jumping- 30 times normal distance
Melee Rank 3 - +3 to sword attacks
Special Movement - water-walking, light footed
Tough - +10 HP

*Body: 7
*Mind: 5
*Soul: 5

HP: 60 + 10 = 70
Reiatsu (MP): 50

Offline Les Man

Re: Bleach Game Character thread
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2012, 02:24:34 AM »

Name: Dieter Falk Mönch-Quincy
Name Meaning: German: “Warrior-of-the-People Falcon Monk-Quincy”
Nicknames/Titles: D, Deet, Fu (short for Fukusū, Japanese, “One More”)
Race: Quincy (human)
Birthday: 01.10.82
Age: 30
Gender: male
Height: 5' 10” (177.8 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs. (65.9 kg)
Blood Type: A
First Appearance: 02.11.2012, Bleach: The Hamanatsu Incident (created 01.10.2012)

Appearance: He appears as a healthy man of average height and build, though his clothes conceal a highly trained physique.  He wears silver croses in his ears, but his most notable feature is his unique hairstyle, which he wears spiked and dyed half-black and half-blonde, with two long bangs on the blonde side and two much shorter bangs on the black side.

Outfit: Dieter likes to dress comfortably and casually, as he no longer has his parents around to criticize his wardrobe.  Still not abandoning the Quincy motif, he favors t-shirts and short-sleeved collared shirts with cross or plus-shaped designs or patterns.  Beyond that he likes to coordinate the rest of his outfit with blue jeans, white-dyed denim, and blue or white Converse “Chuck Taylor” sneakers.  Though he prefers the cross- motif, he wears a Quincy-pentacle on his belt buckle, and he also wears a short, silver wallet-chain that matches the two Quincy Bangles he wears around his wrists.

Personality: Dieter is an intelligent, thoughtful and cautious man, never acting without thinking and always trying to stay at least a few steps ahead of his enemies.  Socially, he is a pleasant person who is always willing to lend a helping hand.  As a Quincy he feels duty-bound to destroy Hollows wherever he finds them, and he tries to keep most people at a distance so his personal life doesn't interfere.

History: As a young Quincy heir to the family legacy, he became highly proficient in the use of the Quincy Bangle at an early at age, as despite the potential his family saw in him he could not maintain a Quincy-bow using his own power.  It wasn't until he felt the claws of a sinister, sadistic and powerful Hollow named Pleure Jamais (French, “Weep Forever”)

Extra Information: Dieter is also an artist and always carries a pencil and pad of paper on him to sketch or doodle on, sometimes using such to explain the things he describes to others.  He also has an odd dislike for cats.

Affiliation: Clan Quincy
Previous Affiliation: none
Occupation: Computer & Electronics Repair
Previous Occupation: College Student (QSC)
Team: none
Previous Team: QSC Computer Club
Partners: none
Previous Partners: none
Base of Operations: none

Relatives: Mother, Klaire Mönch (deceased), Father, Igon Quincy (deceased)
Education: Quinsigimond State College, Quincy Family Profession

BATTLE DATA (non-official)
Offense: 60
Defense: 40
Mobility: 60
Kido/Reiatsu: 30
Intelligence: 80
Physical Strength: 30
TOTAL: 300

Standard Quincy Equipment
Gintō/Lagerung: (Ger. “Storage”), Dieter's Ginto containers are charged by his Quincy Bangles, and he typically carries 11 Ginto tubes; 5 on each of his two Bangles and an eleventh secreted away in one of his pockets.  Dieter typically walks around with 7 or 8 of his Ginto tubes full, leaving 3-4 charging at all times.  (See below, Ganze Paar.)

Hollow Bait: Dieter was always taught by his father to Carry a piece of Hollow bait with him at all times, in case he ever needed a diversion against Shinigami.  With Dieter's natural spiritual energy, few truly dangerous Hollows are ever called at a time when used.

Quincy Bangle: A device that automatically gathers reishi from the surrounding area, making the Quincy's ability to redirect it much less taxing.  Dieter wears two Quincy bangles, each of which are constantly charging up to 10 Ginto tubes at the same time.  (See below, Ganze Paar.)

Unique Quincy Equipment
Erste Morgenlicht: (Ger. “First Morninglight”) An arrow forged as a set alongside Östlichen Sonne & Köcher out of soul-synthesized silver, it bears the same ancient Germanic runes and symbols as its partner-bow.  Activated by drawing it on Östlichen Sonne's bowstring, it is intentionally designed to gather its energy in the form of a large, roiling, blue, flame-like aura before being fired.   (See below for related technique, “Erster Glänzen, Letzte Schatten.”)

Ganze Paar: (Ger. “Whole Pair”) The Ganze Paar is what Dieter names his custom Bangle-Ginto sets that he wears into battle.  The process is relatively simple to one with the ability to sense and redirect spiritual energy, as it involves harnessing the Bangle's automatic ability to gather reishi from its surroundings and redirecting it into multiple, prepared Lagerung/Ginto containers.  By directing the spiritual energy to immediately enter one of 5 attached Silver Tubes, the Bangle is stressed as minimally as possible and its lifetime is extended.

Köcher: (Ger. “Quiver”) An unremarkable-looking quiver, it has a soul-synthesized silver wire frame inside its leather exterior that was forged at the same time as Erste Morgenlicht & Östlichen Sonne.  Slender and lightweight, it was built to accommodate at least a dozen arrows, however it was only ever intended for one specific arrow, the Erste Morgenlicht.  The Köcher acts as a Quincy Bangle for the arrow alone, designed to begin charging the arrow with reishi once it has been placed inside (where it floats centrally).   (See below for related technique, “Erster Glänzen, Letzte Schatten.”)

Östlichen Sonne: (Ger. “Eastern Sun”) A small, jacket-concealable composite-style bow forged out of soul-synthesized silver along with Erste Morgenlicht & Köcher, it is covered in ancient Germanic runes and symbols, just like its partner-arrow.  Like a Quincy Bangle, this bow is constantly gathering reishi from its surroundings, however unlike a Bangle, it is difficult to draw from as a source, as it is intended to store the energy until activated by knocking  the arrow, Erste Morgenlicht.  Upon activation, all energy stored within is immediately transferred to the arrow.   (See below for related technique, “Erster Glänzen, Letzte Schatten.”)

Seele Brille:    (Ger. “Soul Spectacles”) Created from soul-synthesized glass and silver, they are an innocuous pair of wire-frame, rectangle-lens glasses.  They are designed to focus and “align” the wearer's spiritual pressure within the lenses in order to double the wearer's vision.  In the case of spiritual beings and structures however, one's ability to perceive and distinguish them is not doubled, but quadrupled.  The lenses are purposely designed small in order to reduce unnecessary visual distractions.  An (often) unfortunate side-effect of the materials used to construct the Seele Brille is that they also make spirits visible (as normal, without telescopic enhancements) to ordinary humans who wear them as well.

Seele Messer: (Ger. “Soul Knife”) As the interpretation suggests, Western Quincy have developed a miniaturized version of the classic Quincy Seele Schneider often simply referred to the Soul Knife.  Believed to be ineffective when first developed, it's compact size makes it a far more practical weapon for some, and has proven quite useful in emergencies.  The Soul Knife is concealable in one's pocket and has a 4-inch blade.

Seele Schneider Harness: Dieter owns an empty leather harness designed to be worn under one's jacket and carry 6 Seele Schneiders at a time, one on each side in front and two on each side in back.  In addition to it being one of few heirlooms from his deceased parents, swordsmanship and close-quarter combat in general are not what he feels comfortable with when fighting, nor does he own a true Seele Schneider, therefore Dieter has seldom, if ever, actually worn it.

Powers & Abilities
Long-Range Specialist: Dieter's long-range abilities are far above average, even for a Quincy, his long-bow style easily outclassing most Quincys in distance.  His ability to attack from an incredible distance is the crux of his offensive capabilities.

Exceptional Marksman: A common trait to most, if not all Quincy, Dieter of course is an exceptional marksman, with pinpoint accuracy at an impressive range, and able to hit within inches of his target at astonishing distances.

Trajectory Genius: Dieter has trained very hard to strengthen his long-range game to the point where he feels confident neglecting his hand-to-hand skills.  In doing so he has developed a wide variety of “trick shots,” enabling him to attack from multiple directions at long-range without needing to physically adjust his position.  Additionally, Dieter himself is rarely caught off-guard by his opponent's trick shots.

Weaknesses & Disadvantages
Heavily Equipment-Reliant: Moreso than the average Quincy, Dieter relies heavily upon the equipment he brings with him into battle, without which his options for attack, and defense, become very limited.

Physically Weak: Like all Quincys, no amount of training or technology can truly bring them up to the level of strength possessed by those they choose to face in combat.  Furthermore Dieter chooses to forgo the protection of armor in favor of lighter, more maneuverable attire.  Against skilled opponents with the ability to reach and damage him Dieter constantly finds himself relying on his spiritual power to keep himself going, rather than his own physical energy.

Poor Close-Quarters Combatant: Also a traditional Quincy flaw, all his attacking strength depends upon keeping distance between himself and the enemy.  Those who can close this gap find that not only is his body easily damaged like most humans, but his defensive capabilities in close-quarters fighting is barely adequate to keep him alive.

Standard Quincy Training
Hirenkyaku/Gottschritt – ADEPT: (Ger. “Godstep”) Also known as Hirenkyaku to Eastern Quincy, this technique allows Dieter to move and perform aerial feats at a level on par with Shinigami Hoho or Arrancar Sonido.  He has proven himself capable of outpacing many Shinigami in feats of speed and agility.

Reiryoku Absorption – TRAINED: As a member of Clan Quincy Dieter has of course been trained in the ability to detect and utilize spiritual energy from his surroundings.  He has a slightly above average level of skill in this technique.

Reiryoku Manipulation – ADEPT: As a member of Clan Quincy Dieter has also been trained in the redirection and control of the atmosphere's reishi, a skill at which he excels.  Due to the use of Quincy Bangles, he has proven himself capable of effectively controlling close to twice the amount of spiritual energy he would naturally be able.

Spiritual Awareness – TRAINED: As a Quincy and one who is familiar with spiritual energies, Dieter has an above average ability in detecting and interpreting various form of spiritual pressure.

Rare Quincy Techniques

Custom Quincy Techniques
Erster Glänzen, Letzte Schatten: (Ger. “First Shine, Last Shadow”) By using Erste Morgenlicht & Östlichen Sonne together, Dieter can access this rare Quincy technique.  Nocking the bow against the bowstring transfers all energy stored in the bow to the arrow, and the energy gathers around the arrow in a roiling, blue flame-like aura.  Releasing the string fires the arrow, however the bowstring remains drawn as a thin trail of blue energy follows the arrow all the way to its target.  When the arrow connects, all the target's spiritual pressure (not energy) is immediately drained and transferred along the energy trail back to the bow, where it forms a single, tremendously devestating Quincy arrow that can be fired at any target.
   The arrow's power can be increased by the wielder willfully redirecting more energy into it and the bow; the more energy channeled into the arrow, the more damaging power and traveling speed it gains, and this can reach a truly impressive level.   Because the spiritual energy stolen is natural to the victim, this technique is only half as effective on the victim as on others, and is best used when fighting multiple enemies.  This technique cannot perform trick shots.  Finally, Dieter rarely carries the valuable items used for this technique as it is typically unnecessary.

Bow Name: “Weinen Immer/Weep Forever”

Quincy Cross: Dieter's focal point for his Quincy powers takes the form of a simple, silver cross on a black and white chain of rosary beads.  Rather than be worn around his neck, or around his wrist like many Quincy, Dieter has had the cross and rosary beads sewn to a fingerless white glove with blue highlights.  The cross is fastened to the back of the glove, while the beads are wrapped once around the palm and fastened loosely to the glove's wrist.

Quincy Bow Level: 1; Erste (Ger. “First”)

Quincy Bow Appearance: Dieter's bow manifests as a simple, slender long-bow made of shimmering blue spiritual energy, and he has always been known to have exceptional range and accuracy with his weapon.  Though not yet powerful enough to manifest a more intimidating version of his bow, such as a master's solid-appearing bow, however his reishi control is sufficient to deliver quite effective attacks with it nonetheless.

Quincy Bow Powers & Abilities
Seele Pfeil: (Ger. “Soul Arrow”) Commonly known as the standard Spirit Arrow of the Quincys, Dieter can form arrows made of reishi to fire from his Quincy Bow that can travel an above average distance, and he is highly accurate at almost any range.  Dieter can fire two Spirit Arrows from his Quincy bow at one time, and he can “split” the arrow in two before firing in order to maintain each arrow's full-strength, however this telegraphs the intended attack, though he is able to create two arrows and only fire one at a time.

Tausend Tränen: (Ger. “1000 Teardrops,” NOTE: not yet developed) Dieter's signature technique, as its name suggests, this technique fires 1001 Spirit Arrows with each attack, first in a volley of 1000 arrows at once, followed immediately by an additional final arrow.  All arrows are of the same speed and power, however the final, 1001st arrow can be controlled individually and accomplish trick shots, whereas the first 1000 cannot.  Dieter can fire the 1000-arrow barrage in a tight formation, leaving little room for dodging between arrows (though exceptionally thin or small enemies have proven capable of avoiding this attack regardless at times), or in a wide arc, attacking a great number of enemies at once.  The most powerful factor of this technique is the fact that when Dieter fires the 1000-arrow barrage, he can completely conceal the 1001st arrow behind their approach.

Gritz: By throwing an Ginto container at an opponent and gathering spiritual energy in his palms, Dieter can then release the energy from his hands and convert the reishi of the Ginto tube into a steel-like prison just big enough to conceal a large human-shaped being.  This technique must be performed from close range to be succesful.  The prison formed is not a suitable means of protection, as it Can easily be pierced from the exterior.  “A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed—Gritz!”

Wolke: By channeling the energy inside a Silver Tube outwards, Dieter can create an average-sized explosive blast that takes the appearance of glowing blue lightning.  This technique is more forceful than it is damaging, pushing most enemies back with the power of its momentum.  “Tilt the goblet to the west—Wolke!”

Unique Ginto Techniques
Sparen: (Ger. “Save”)  Similar to the Quincy's Gritz technique, Dieter is able to create shield around himself that can protect him from most attacks for up to 5 minutes.  By splashing the contents of a Ginto container on the ground around him and gathering reishi in the palms of his hands, Dieter can then release the energy from his hands into the ground and create a steel-like barrier just big enough for himself and 2-3 others of equal size.  This technique is not suitable for containing enemies, as it easily escaped simply by willing the reishi the barrier is composed of to separate or dissipate.  “The palm of the earth receives the rain of heaven—Sparen!”

Nach Oben: (Ger. “Upwards”) By drawing a circle on the ground with a cross in it (or an “x”) and pouring the contents of a Ginto container inside it, Dieter can summon up to 50 simple-looking arrows to fire straight upwards into the air.  The arrows are composed of spirit energy from the Silver Tube's liquid however they appear as solid matter.  The amount of arrows summoned is directly proportionate to how much of the Ginto container is used, a full Tube creating the full 50 arrows.  “Fall and rise, the wind and the days of silver righteousness, five shadows, ten stars—Nach Oben!”

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Re: Bleach Game Character thread
« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2012, 02:43:33 AM »

Name: Ruri Yamanagi
Age: 18

Description or Picture: Typically dresses in her schools uniform. At 5'6" with a slight tan, Ruri doesn't look too remarkable. She has blonde, braided hair tied into a pony tail that reaches to her lower back. A pair of glasses stand as sentinels in front of her green eyes.  She is commonly seen with her nose buried deep in some manga or busy sketching characters in the hopes of improving her chances of becoming a manga-ka. 

Background: Ruri is a "regular" teenager with a friendly, if shy, personality. She doesn't interact well with people and prefers to keep to herself. Despite this, she wants to be something more. Someone stronger. A defender of the weak.  She is under the impression that such a life is impossible for her, so she instead draws idealized versions of herself in manga style, fighting criminals and saving the weak.  Little does she know that her character will actually end up doing just that...
Class (Shinigami/ Quincy/ Human with powers/etc.): Human with Powers
Zanpakuto/Power name: Miracle Pen
Decription of abilities:

Manifestation:Ruri is able to make her character, Platinum Ruriko, pop straight out of her illustrations to fight in battles for her. Each time she does this though, the illustration is lost, meaning she must re-draw Platinum Ruriko after every battle. This has the advantage that she can draw special abilities, weapons, and equipment for Ruriko to use, but not during battle. Planning for future battles is key. While summoning Platinum Ruriko from her sketchbook takes a decent amount of energy, maintaining her does not, unless she uses her special skills. While Ruriko is active, Ruri's body goes into a form of trance, similar to an abandoned gigai, leaving her true body defenseless.     

Diamond Blade: Platinum Ruriko is essentially Ruri in a mechanized combat suit.  Her standard weapon of choice is the two Arm-mounted "Diamond Blades" which can retract and extend as needed.  The blades themselves are about as durable and sharp as a regular zanpakuto.

Platinum beam" Ruriko's ranged attack, an arm mounted energy cannon rests on Ruriko's left arm, with targeting data supplied via Ruriko's helmet visor.

Restoration: If Ruriko is defeated in battle, Ruri can re-summon her from another drawing, provided she still has enough energy.

Spirit Sensors: special scanners built into Ruriko's helmet emulate Ruri's natural ability to sense hollows and other entities.

Shared Perception: Ruri can experience firsthand whatever Ruriko is experiencing. This is useful for remotely using Ruriko to fight foes while remaining safe. However, the further away Ruri is from Ruriko, the longer it takes for reinforcements to arrive should Ruriko fall. Since Ruri can only control one Ruriko at a time, this is a serious drawback. Furthermore, the more distant she is from Ruriko, the weaker Ruriko becomes.

Body: 4
Mind: 7
Soul: 7
HP: 55
Reiatsu (MP): 70

Online Wheresmycow

Re: Bleach Game Character thread
« Reply #4 on: February 05, 2012, 12:30:56 PM »
Name: Daigo Masaki
Age: Looks 25
Description: At 5'10", Daigo has the expected trim, athletic figure of a martial artist.  Possessing typical slim, Asian features, his black hair is kept buzzed.  When standing still, he stands straight with his gaze forward.  When walking, he strides with confidence.  Many people have remarked that for someone who is just a Shinigami, not even a lieutenant, he has the bearing of a proud lion.
Background: For as long as Daigo can remember, he grew up alone in a low district of Soul Society.  Scrabbling for survival each day in the squalor that was around him, he promised himself that he would rise above all that and would achieve something in life.  For that, he trained in combat whenever he could, getting into fights in order to hone his skills.  Eventually, he found himself in a battle against a much tougher opponent, an actual Shinigami, who he challenged in order to prove how good he was by defeating him.  The battle was one-sided, and in the heat of desperation, Daigo managed to tap into some of his spiritual energy in order to deliver a solid attack.  He was still defeated in the end, but his demonstration of his abilities caught the eyes of the Spiritual Arts Academy, where he was admitted and began to receive training.  While someone as combat focused as him would have normally been admitted into the 11th division, it was decided he would be placed in the 4th, where he would learn some healing techniques and possibly cool down.  Not particularly happy about his position at first, Daigo has at least learned to accept his place there, and even be proud of his division, though he still is a bit aggressive and often conflicts with 11th division Shinigami who mock him or his fellows.  Aside from that, he does do his duty well, and attentively.
Class: Shinigami
Zanpakuto: Nemesis
Description of abilities:
Extra Defense 1
Feature (Ambidexterity)
Jumping 3
Landspeed 3
Melee Attack (Zanpakuto) 2
Melee Defense (Zanpakuto) 2
Ranged Defense (Personal) 2
Power Flux Minor (Personal Combat) 5 Time 2 (One round)
Sixth Sense (Hollows, Reiatsu)
Skill - Medical (Emergency Response) 1
Special Movement (Balanced)
Weapon - Zanpakuto (Penetrating 2, Piercing 1) 4

Nemesis -2

Body: 6
Mind: 6
Soul: 8

HP: 70
Reiatsu (MP): 70
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Re: Bleach Game Character thread
« Reply #5 on: February 07, 2012, 01:35:32 PM »

Name: Mada Shimokita

Age: 19

Description or Picture: Mada has messy brown hair that does not do what he wants it to, no matter how much he tries to comb it. In order to keep it out of his eyes, he wears a green bandana with tails reaching down to his shoulders.  His dark eyes have an edgy hardness to them that contrasts greatly with his generally friendly demeanor and he is often seen adorned with a reckless grin. When not in his school uniform, he wears cargo pants and a black vest over a green shirt. Taking his borderline obsession for uniqueness to new levels, he often wears the black vest over his school uniform, much to the teachers chagrin. Technically, it's not against the rules since he is still wearing his school uniform!
Background: Mada lives by himself in a moderately large apartment in Hamanatsu.  When asked about his family or why he lives alone, a dark storm passes briefly over his face, indicating some past baggage.  Despite this, he is an upstanding young man who believes strongly in justice and honor.  He's earned a bit of a reputation as a punk for numerous fights at school, most of which he did not start.  In truth, he only fights people who prey upon others, so many of the local toughs have a grudge against him.  Despite this, many at school recognize him as a good guy, even if he sometimes comes to class with a black eye.  Lately, he's been sensing an increase in spiritual activity within the town. Though he can not see them, he can often sense and hear spirits. Not wanting to embrace his natural calling, he often avoids places where he senses spirits and hollows, which is a good thing for him, because he has a high enough reiatsu to attract hollows. He has only avoided trouble for this long because he can sense them well ahead of time. 

Class: Human Student/ Soul Reaper

Zanpakuto: yurameku kage   (Shimmering Shadow)

Decription of abilities:
His zanpakuto releases Shikai with the command, "Shift, Yurameku Kage", and has no "true" form.  When in Shikai, his zanpakuto can assume the form of any normal weapon, but it's true ability is to obscure the appearance of the weapon itself. All his opponents see is shimmering air where the weapon is supposed to be. Combined with it's ability to change it's form, he can keep his enemies on their toes and change up his attacks to keep them guessing. 

Body: 6
Mind:  5
Soul:  8
HP: 70
Reiatsu (MP):65

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Re: Bleach Game Character thread
« Reply #6 on: February 14, 2012, 09:28:28 AM »
Name: Kiro Lonestar
Age: 18
Description or Picture:

(However much younger and without the face painted)
Class (Shinigami/ Quincy/ Human with powers/etc.): Human with powers
Zanpakuto/Power name: Kokoro no chikara (Power of Mind)
Decription of abilities:

Bodihānesu- Kiro its able to focus the strength of his mind into his arms or legs increasing their damage output. (Superstrenght lv 4) (+4 Damage multiplier of unarmed attacks)(-1 Detectable: His arms or legs are engulfed in a purple mist)

Combat Technique: Brutal (lv 4) (Add +4 to base damage)

Gekido- Kiro it's able to enhance his own strength by a amount. However doing so render him unable to stop attacking until the target disappears from his view or the target its dead. (Enhanced Stat [Body] lv 2) (Emotional -4: Only activated when a loved one its severely injured, near death)

Six Sense lv 3- Riatzu, Able to see Hollows, Able to see shinigamy

Features: Intimidating, Tall, Strong, Misunderstood

Heightened Awareness lv 1- Riatzu.

Unknown Power: Points allocated here 18


*Body: 8
*Mind: 6
*Soul: 5
(you are encouraged to NOT put 8's for all your values.  Be realistic, no one is perfect. In general, your total for Body, mind, and Soul should not be greater than 20. )
HP: 65
Reiatsu (MP): 55