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Author Topic: My damn head hurts (FF7/M Needed/Semi Mature/Looking for good storyline)  (Read 262 times)

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Offline Miku linTopic starter

My character is a clone mixed between Aerith and Jenova.  She looks like Aerith, acts like her and even has some of her memories but at the same time she IS NOT Aerith.  She is a puppet created by to ShinRa as a tool to find the promised land.  She has been lied to her whole life and believes she is a member of the ShinRa family.  Anywhoooooo read the post below and message me for more details.

Please read below:

"Sometimes I wonder if you still remember me in heaven, if you keep out memories close, the good and the bad ones as close as I keep mine, but maybe you do not remember a simple flower girl."
Name: Kaminari ShinRa

Name: Shinigami (Kaminari's Materia Summon)
Materia Element: Death
“I have not felt like myself lately……………”
“………Sometimes this life feels like a dream…..……”
“……………….All I want to do is wake up and live my life as myself”

The day started out like any other day but this day in particular was a very special day.  Kaminari woke up to the sound of her alarm going off at exactly 5:00 a.m. like it did every morning.  ‘kweh kweh kweh kweh’ Her Chocobo alarm chirped beckoning to awake.  She reached over and smacked the top of it.  “Not fair…”  She groaned lowly.  “If the sun isn’t awake yet then why should I be????”  She complained.  She rolled over on to her side and let out a long, loud yawn.  “I should not have stayed up all night reading.  I should have gone to bed early like brother told me too.”  Kaminari lived a life of luxury and leisure compared to most women her age.  As a member of the upper class she was privileged to most luxuries people only dreamed of!  Some people worked their whole lives like a dog to survive.  Unlike them Kami NEVER had to lift a finger.  All she had to do was ask her older brother and he would give her ANYTHING her heart desired.  Her older brother would go as far as murdering someone to keep her happy (which she had never asked for).  She was easy to please but expected a lot from her older brother to keep her happy.  Kami rolled on to her back and stared up at the ceiling in the dark. “It’s my birthday.”  She whispered to herself with a smile.  “I am OFFICIALLY an adult!  I can do whatever I like now…I can even drink!!!”  She pulled the covers over her head and giggled.  “I wonder what everyone got for me!”  She especially wondered what her brother got for her this year!  Last year he bought her a bracelet made from the glowing shards of a broken piece of material.  It was a very rare and expensive stone.  Kami had no idea what Materia was but she overheard the scientists talk about it constantly.  Since the stone did not pertain to her she did not care. 

There was a lump under the covers next to her, it began to move.  “Oh?  Up already?  How did you sleep sweetheart?”  She asked.  The lump next to her moved around a little more.  “Come on sleepy bones!  Wake up!”  If Kami had to be awake then so did her friend!  She tossed the covers off and sat up.  The lump was not human at all, it was her faithful dog Lazerus.  A dog bred especially for Kami’s special needs.  He could detect when Kami was going to have an “episode” several minutes before it occurred, He could protect her and he could guide her around whenever she got lost.  The Turks could not always be around to protect Kami when her brother was away on business and the scientists were too busy with their work to  spend time with her when she felt lonely.  Lazerus was a weapon, a friend and a protector.  “Come on Laz!  Get up!”  Kami seemed like she was in a hurry to get out of her room.  “We need to get out of here before THEY show up!”  *tap tap tap*  Someone was knocking at her bedroom door.  She sighed and lowered her head, “Too late…they are here early today….ONE SEC!” She scuffled and quickly got dressed right before the scientist let himself in.  “Kaminari….how are you feeling today my dear?”  The scientist asked.  The sound of his wheelchair squeaked as it rolled forward towards her.  Kami took a seat on the corner of her bed, “*sigh* Fine…do we have to do this EVERY MORNING????”  She asked.  Kami took her shirt off.  The scientist moved his stethoscope across her chest and listened to her heart, “Now Kaminari you know as well as I do that we have too.  We have to carefully monitor you so you do not get any sicker.  Breathe in deeply…”  She took in a deep breath.  “But….Hojo….I feel just fine…Actually I feel well enough to go outside today…”  The scientist’s skin was scared all over from some kind of fire accident.  Hojo never spoke of his past tragedy so Kami never asked about it.  “Out of the question Kaminari.  We have to run tests today….you know that… What would your brother say if you went outside and got grossly ill?  He would blame ME for your condition and I would lose my job.  You wouldn’t want that would you????  Haven’t I been a good doctor?  Haven’t  I always taken care of you?????”  He guilted her in to changing her mind.  “Yes you have Hojo…I am sorry…I will not ask again.  WHEN can I though???”  She asked quietly.  Hojo took a sample of her blood, “If you are a good girl today and finish all of your tests early I MIGHT consider asking your brother for you.”  Kami smiled,  “Really???  You would do that for me?????”  Kami put her shirt back on and followed Hojo out of her oom.  “Of course my dear.  It is your birthday of course…I think I can arrange something.  You must stay in the compound of course!”  Kami nodded and agreed,  “Will I see brother today?  He promised he would come home early to be here my birthday!”  Hojo wheeled his chair down the hall, “I cannot answer that Kami.  There have been some problems in the outlands.  Heathens…monsters…people who do not understand the importance of our work are giving ShinRa grief.”

“So…tell me…have you had any more dreams lately my dear?”  Instead of calling her specimen he referred to her as a pet name.  It made Kaminari seem more human.  Of course Kami had no idea that’s all she was to Hojo and ShinRa.  She believed she was a normal young adult with severe health issues that caused her to stay in all day and get treated like a lab rat.  The scientists poked and prodded at her for hours on end.  They had been doing it for as long as she could remember.  When her father was alive they did not do it as often but now that her brother was in charge they did it constantly.  The pain did not bother her she was so use to it.  “Dreams?  Oh yeah!  No I have not had any lately.  I slept very well last night!  I had a pleasant dream about golden flowers.  Have you ever had one of those dreams where you feel like you can smell, feel and taste everything….like it was real???  That’s what my dream was like last night.  It was amazing!”  Hojo let out his usual creepy cackle, “You are certainly a curious girl.  It is all in your head my dear….it may seem real but it is not.  All it is is a figment of your imagination.  Perhaps you saw a picture of the flower in one of your books.  Flowers like that do not grow here.  In fact flowers like that have been extinct since before you were…”born”…”  She swore the dream was real!  Or at least it seemed real…almost like a memory. 

The two entered in to a giant lab full of security and other scientists dressed in white.  “Alright Kaminari…you know what to do my precious dear.”  He said to her.  Kaminari nodded and stripped down to her underwear.  She stepped on to a circular pad in the middle of the room.  Several scientists hooked wires up to her and prodded her with needles.  When that was over a female scientist hooked a mouth piece up to her face that covered her nose and mouth.  Oxygen began to feed through the mouth pice as a circular tube made of a thick bullet proof glass raised up and entrapped Kami.  The tube began to fill with a mystical green liquid that surrounded Kami.  Kami calmly closed her eyes and slowly breathed in.  This test would take several hours!  After a few minutes passed someone walked by and tapped on the outside of the glass.  Kami opened her eyes, it was one of the members of TURKS there to visit her (Elaine).  “Hey birthday girl!”  The blonde woman said as she held up a small box for Kami to see.  Even though Kaminari’s face was covered she could tell by her eyes that she was smiling.  Kami pressed her hands against the glass like she wanted to open the small box,  “Uh uh…no way young lady!  You cannot open this until AFTER!  Guess where I got this from??  Cosmo Canyon…”  Elaine said.  The light blonde TURK stayed there talking to Kami until the test was over six hours later.  Elaine told Kami stories about her time on the road with the TURKS.  The green watery liquid rained and the cylinder lowered.  The scientists dried Kami off.  “Hojo???  Am I don?  May I go now?”  Kami asked after the scientists removed the mask from her face.  Hojo sighed, “Fine Kami…go on….enjoy your afternoon.  Elaine…do NOT let her out of your sight and NO GOING OUTSIDE!!”  Elaine helped Kami get dressed, “Yeah yeah yeah Hojo I know the rules.  Come on Kaminari let’s make like a bakery truck and get the shit out of here!”  Kami laughed lightly, “That does no0t make any sense Elaine….but ok…”  Elaine sheepishly rubbed the back of her neck and handed Kami the small box. 

The two women exited the lab and wandered around the inside of the building.  “May I open it now Elaine???”  Elaine nodded, “Of course!  That is why I gave it too you!”

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Kaminari's Theme

I've been dreaming for so long
To find the meaning to understand
The secret of life
Why am I here to try again?

Will I always, will you always
See the truth when it stares you in the face?
Will I ever, will I never free myself
Breaking these chains?

I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul.
I'd turn it back, it's my fault.
Your destiny is forlorn,
have to live till it's undone.
I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul.
I'd turn it back and then at last I'll be on my way.

I've been living for so long,
Many seasons passed me by.
I've seen kingdoms through ages
rise and fall, I've seen it all.

I've seen the horror, I've seen the wonders
happening just in front of my eyes.
Will I ever, will I never free myself by making it right?

I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul.
I'd turn it back, it's my fault.
Your destiny is forlorn,
have to live till it's undone.
I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul.
I'd turn it back and then at last I'll be on my way.

Jillian our dream ended long ago.
All our stories and all our glory I held so dear.
We won't be together
forever and ever, no more tears.
I'll always be here til the end.

I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul.
I'd turn it back, it's my fault.
Your destiny is forlorn,
have to live till it's undone.
I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul.
I'd turn it back and then at last I'll be on my way