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Author Topic: THE DRAGON RIDER CHRONICLES  (Read 619 times)

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« on: February 02, 2012, 12:06:52 PM »
here is a story I have been working for the last year on and off so have fun reading it and tell me what you think of it.

Continent of Ometia and its city's/town: One of the three continent where Humans rule but unlike the other two this continent has only a few cities and towns.
Hytios: a massive floating city about three hundred feet above the ground, the walls of the city have waterfalls coming off of them and with in its walls run rivers that lead to a massive water serpent like fountain, on the edge of the city way in the back is a beautiful blue Colosseum where the yearly games are being held.
Dragon stone: a small town that is surrounded mostly by mountains with a lake on one side of the town, with in that lake leis a underwater labyrinth that is said to hold great power deep with in its walls.
Etyos: a very architectural city that was built not long ago, the most architectural advents building in the city is its museum that was finished a year ago and took over fifty years to build.
Dragon Core: a ancient city of Dragons were humans are not allowed into, the city its self was made by the first Human settlers but was taken over by a group of dragons who’s goal is to make the world a Human free world again but they are not able to have this goal meet with out the Elemental weapons.
Continent of Essetia and its city’s/towns:

Continent of Saynios and its city’s/towns:

Kairtaios: a city that is at the edge of the atmosphere, its a base for the Royal Air riders and there is a temple where the magic wielders practice there magic and make new spells.

Continent of Gibios and its city’s/towns: a continent that is the size of Essetia, Saynios and Ometia combined that is in the sky now thanks to a group of very powerful magic wielders who sacrificed there lives to allow Gibios to float in the sky, its protected by the Royal air riders to make sure no Human can get in and so that all species of dragon, drake and any other animal will have a place to live.


                           CHAPTER ONE

        Around the world and the Dragon  riders.

A cold winter breeze blew throw a set of mountains as a small town could be seen below, as people

below where just doing there daily activity's it seemed someone was with in the lower part of the

mountains where most people did not go because there where many dangers that lurked with in those


A girl with blond hair and bright green eyes walked into a cave as she came face to face with a fully

grown green dragon, the girl stopped dead in her tracks as the dragon looked at her but it did not seem to

care that the girl was in its cave.

The dragon had something in its neck and the girl walked slowly to the dragon to see what it was, ones the

girl got close enough to see what it was she put one hand on the wound and the other on the hand of the

sword “I’m going to try and help you” the girl said and the dragon slowly nodded.

As the girl pulled the sword slowly out the dragon did not make a sound nor did it move and ones the

sword was out of the dragon’s neck the girl used her scarf to try and keep the wound from bleeding, as

the girl tried keep the wound from bleeding to much the dragon moved its tail away from its body and a

green egg was revealed, the dragon pushed the egg to the girl and she picked it up “I will make sure

the dragon slayers will never find your baby” the girl said as she looked at the sword, the blade was

coated in some sort of blue steel and the handle was wrapped in dragon skin.

The girl put the sword in her belt and she put the egg under her shirt to keep it from getting to cold as she

turned around a group of dragon slayers walked in “well well look what we got here” one of the man said

with a smile on his face.

“I won’t let you kill this dragon!” the girl said as the dragon slayers pulled there swords out of there

holders and pointed it at the girl.

The dragon got in front of the girl, the dragon started to breath fire and the dragon slayers jumped out of

the way “there is three of us and one of you, there is no way you can kill the three of us” the man said

that had jumped to the right and he got a spear from his back and throw it at the dragons chest, it hit dead

on and the dragon roared in pain as the  other two dragon slayers walked around the dragon to try and

catch the girl but she had slipped past them and was running to the town below.

When the girl told her mother what happened, she said: “If you are sure about keeping the dragon egg, I

will help you Kara but we can’t tell anyone about this because they are going to be look for you”.

“Yes, I’m sure I want to keep the egg and I know mom,” Kara replied so quickly that her mother almost

could not understand her.

“So the first thing to do is to put the egg in a pot of hot water and put it on a fire and wait for it to hatch

which could take three weeks,” her mother said.

“What, three weeks! Why does it take so long to hatch?” Kara asked.

“Because it takes a long time and you have to keep checking every two to tree hours to see if it is

hatching,” her mother said.

“What? I have to check every two to three hours to see if it is hatching, but what about school?” Kara
said in a panicky voice.

“What have I said Kara” her mother said.

“You said you would help me,” Kara said quietly.

“I will help you but you have to do the training alone because it takes friendship and trust to train a dragon
right” her mother said.

After three weeks of barely sleeping for Kara on Christmas morning Kara was sleeping in the chair with

the egg in her lap, as the egg started to crack open there could be a soft roar like sound heard coming

from the egg.

“Kara wake up honey the egg is hatching” her mother said.

“Mom it is 6:00 what do you mean the egg is hatching?” Kara said sleepy as she opened her eyes slowly.

“Your dragon egg Kara the egg you have had for three weeks now” her mother said.

Kara looked and on her lap was a baby dragon, the baby dragon’s eyes were an ocean blue and the body

was as green as grass “she is cute” Kara said as the dragon played with Kara’s finger
trying to bite it and Kara smile “,we will make them pay one day for killing your mom” the dragon nodded.

”have you thought of a name for her?” her mother asked.

“I was thinking of Silver” Kara said.

“Sounds good,” her mother said.

Two years later

“Mom can we train after breakfast” Kara asked.

“Yes but do not forget the family is coming over later” her mother said.

“Okay we won’t forget mom,” Kara said as she ran out the door.

Three hour later Kara’s mother walked to the lake “Kara every one is here” her mother said.

“Can’t we stay out longer mom?” Kara said.

“No everyone is waiting for you two,” her mother said.

“Okay fine, we will come” Kara said as Silver landed on the ground and Kara got off Silvers back, they

walked back to the house and Silver sat on the ground “bring me some of your mom’s cooking when

you guys are done please” Silver said and Kara smiled.

“you know I all ways do” Kara said as she walked in to the house and closed the door.

“Are you two going around the world?” Cyril one of Kara’s nieces asked.

“That sounds fun,” Silver said from out side.

“No you two are not going” her mother said.

“Why not?” Kara asked.

“Because it’s too dangerous Kara,” her mother said.

“Merry what if I told you I know a black smith who will make armor for free for them” Merry’s sister


“Do you have the armor here?” Merry asked.

“No but he said he was going to bring it here when he is finished” Merry's sister said.

“Maybe, if he made the proper armor” Merry said.

“Yea we get to go! Thanks mom” Kara said and she hugged her mom.

“I said maybe,” Merry said.

When the black smith came to drop off the armor Kara put on the armor and help Silver with hers than

Merry’s sister said, “So what do two think of the armor?”

“It looks great,” Kara and Silver said.

Kara’s armor was standard silver and so was Silvers.

“Good” Merry’s sister said.

“So can we go mom?’ Kara asked.

“Yes you can go,” she said.

“Can you two do me a favor and go to Hytios to pick up a package for me?” the black smith


“Yes, but we weren’t planning on going until Christmas break is over” Kara said.

“Okay that is fine,” he said.

“But I guess we can go today” Kara said.

“How far is it from here to Hytios?’ Silver asked.

“It is maybe for you two, three hours,” the black smith said.

“Bring it back as soon as you pick it up, and please do not drop it is made of glass” the black smith said.

“Okay, we are going to pick up the package and drop it off here” Kara said.

When Kara and Silver got to Hytios Kara went to the glass smith’s shop to pick up

the package but the glass smith said the package was going to be too heavy for her to
care it, so when he came with a cart he said, “Can’t your dragon carry the package?”
Hytios was a massive floating city about three hundred feet above the ground, off the walls of the city where waterfalls and with in its walls ran rivers that lead to a massive water serpent like fountain, on the edge of the city way in the back stud a beautiful blue Colosseum where the yearly games where held.
“No way I’m not delivery serves,” Silver said as she shot Kara look that made her giggle.
“Come on Silver I can’t care the package it is to heavy for me and besides a bit of lifting never hurt anyone” Kara said.
“Do you need help with that package?” said a guy on a dragon.
“Yes I can use a hand with it” Kara said as she looked at the guy and smiled.
“Ardimes can you see if you can pick up that package?” the guy said to his dragon.
The guy had bruin short hair and red eyes, his armor was black with red symbols on it, his dragon had the same colors but it looks like he was not wearing any armor because of the color of his scales, the only thing that was really visible was the red symbols.
“By the way, I’m Akima and this is Ardimes” he said as he got of his dragons back and put out his hand.
“My name is Kara and this is Silver,” she said shacking his hand.
“Can I talk to you for a second Kara....alone” Silver said.
“Sure what is it” Kara said as they walked away from Akima and Ardemis.
“I do not like the look on his face” Silver said in a soft voice.
“I think you are jealous because you think I Like him,” Kara said in a soft voice and smiled, mean while Akima had cleaned Ardemis’s armor and put it on again“So are we going or are we going to stand and talk all day?” Akima said to Kara and
“Let’s go back and give the package to the black smite” Kara said as she walked back to Akima and Ardemis.
Akima got on to Ardemis’s back and Ardemis got ready to jump off the edge of the city as Kara got on Silvers back and Silver got ready as well “how are we going to get down?”Silver asked sounding a bit scared and nerves at the same  time as me and Ardemis laughed.
“you jump” I said as Ardemis let us fall off the edge and we started falling to the ground below, I sat up right as Ardemis did a back flip so he could start flying, at that moment we saw Kara and Silver flying above us “you need to drop altitude” I yelled over the wind and hoping Silver knew how to drop altitude with out dropping to much because they could smack in to the ground below if they did, they dropped way to much altitude so Ardemis started to dive down so he could stop Silver and Kara from smacking in to the ground.
Ardemis was behind Silver in no time “Kara let go of Silver and get on Ardemis’s back so he can catch her” I said as we got so close to the ground we could see some detail in the ground.
“No way I’m letting her hit the ground by herself!” Kara said as she turned around and looked at me.
I rolled my eyes standing up and I ran over Ardemis’s back and jumped on to Silver’s, I lifted Kara up and as I did Ardemis was flying beside Silver so I could get on his back “let go of me!” Kara yelled as she tried getting out of my grasp but I was stronger then her and I jumped on Ardemis’s back, Ardemis grabbed a hold of Silver and started slowing down but we hit the ground.
Me and Kara got thrown off Ardemis’s back, ones the dust settled and the world stopped spinning I got up and ran to Ardemis “you okay Ardemis?” I asked concerned and he blow a ring of smoke in to the air, at that same time Kara ran to Silver and was checking if she was okay.
“I don’t have a scratch on me Kara, Ardemis broke my fall” Silver said as she got up and shuck the dust of her body.
“You idiot, you could have killed us!” Kara yelled at me as I put my helmet on and my shield on my back, Ardemis got up and shuck the dust and ground off him as I walked to him and got on to his back.
“we saved both of your lives so the least you can be is grateful” I said as Silver walked to us and put her paw in front of Kara.
“Thank you” Kara muttered as she got on to Silvers back, Ardemis put his hands out and the packets landed in his hands.
“Nice one Ardemis” I said with a smile as Ardemis and Silver got air born and started heading to Dragon stone.
We did not talk for most of the way there and with we I mend me and Kara, Ardemis and Silver seemed to get along great, Ardemis was telling Silver about the Elemental weapons, I did not listen because I had heard the story over a thousand times and I was to busy looking at the map to find out how to get the marks that showed where the elemental weapons to show up on the map “what you looking at Akima?” Kara asked as she looked at the map and I turned around a bit so I was facing her.
“nothing that would interest you” I said with a cold tone of voice.
“try me” Kara said and I rolled me eyes.
“fine. I’m trying to get this map to show the markers where the elemental weapons are and I know that one of  them is on this continent but I don’t know where or how to find it” I said showing her the map, it was a map of Ometia and it showed where the towns and cities are.
“I know there is the water temple in Etyos but that is like a week flying if we don’t stop which we will so it will take two weeks to get there from Dragon stone” Kara said and I put the map in my pocket again, just as I did we landed in Dragon stone and we got greeted by allot of people.
“I don’t like this one bit” I muttered as I got off Ardemis’s back and we followed Kara who had gotten off Silvers back, we walked to a small house and Kara walked in to the house, me, Ardemis and Silver waited out side.
“you can come if you want Akima” Kara said with a smile as she put her head around the corner of the door and I walked into the house, there was a book shelf that was full of books on myths and a set of map cases with a some names on them so I read the name; Ometia, Essetia, Saynios and Gibios “hey Kara how did you get a hold of all these maps?” I asked as I looked at Essetia’s map.
“I have no clue but my mom told me ones that she used to travel. you guys don’t mind if we come with you to look for the Elemental weapons” Kara said as she walked down the stairs in shorts and tank top.
“I will if your going to wear stuff like that” I said taking my helmet off my head and put it on the table, ones I did the red symbols stopped glowing on the helmet.
“No I won’t, its not safe and the only reason why I changed is because I think we all need a day of rest and I don’t want to wear my armor all the time” Kara said as she sat on the couch.
“I’m not much of a human person” I said rolling my shoulders out of nervousness as Kara got up and pulled me on to the couch.
“If your not human, what are you then?” Kara asked as I sat up and rolled my shoulders making them crack.
Silver and Ardemis walked to the blacksmiths place to drop off the glass thing and when they got back Ardemis laid on the ground and closed his eyes to try and get some sleep “I’m not sure where I’m from or what I am but I know I’m not human” I said as I made a book hover in the air, as I hover the book in the air Kara’s mom walking in to the room and the book dropped to the ground.
“I see your a telepath” Kara’s mother said with a smile as she picked  the book up and put it back in its place as I muttered something in my kinds language and Kara looked at me weird “I can understand that”.
“I can tell” I said getting up and I walked to the door “Dragon slayers are on there way here and its best if we get moving before they get here” I thought to Kara and she nodded as she ran up the stairs.
“I will get changed.....again” Kara said and I rolled my eyes as I heard people shouting and yelling, I ran out the door and saw a group of at least fifty Dragon slayers not a hundred meters away from us, I put my helmet on my head and got on to Ardemis’s back as he took to the air Kara got on Silver’s back and they got air born as well “lets get the hell out of here before we are toast” I said and Ardemis nodded, we took off trying to get as high as we could to make sure they could not follow us but it seemed we where not the only fire breathing things in the air because ten dragon guards where on our tails and there was no way we could lose them all, the problem with having Dragon guards on your tail is that they are faster and stronger then most dragons and since neither Ardemis or Silver where a elemental dragon so they where catching up fast “I know a short cut that will lead us to a city called Etyos” Kara said and Ardemis slowed down to let Kara and Silver lead the way, the Dragon guards turned around and my guess was that they knew that either A; there was something on the other end of the passage that they did not want to face or B; that the passage was to small for them and I hoped it was B, as we flow deeper in to the mountains the walls got bigger and sharper spikes on them “I can see why the Dragon guards did not follow us in to the passage” I said as we stopped.
“That is why we are going this way, one they can’t follow us in here and two Etyos is a nice city” Kara said as we started to drop altitude, ones we where on the ground we started walking “besides there maybe some people that know something about the elemental weapons that we don’t know”.
“Me and Ardemis know allot more then most people do so that is not much of a reason” I said as we walked along the path as I looked up I saw crystals and wondered if people had tried to harvest them before “do you think people harvest those crystals?” I asked and Kara looked up as well.
“not that I know of but I’m sure people have tied before. they are very pretty and dangers.... like me” Kara said and I rolled my eyes.
“yeah right, the last time I checked those crystals where harmless” I said teasingly and Kara pushed me in to a wall.
“That is not funny” she histed as she put her hand on my shoulder and she blushed as I smiled at her, Silver grabbed Kara and put her on her back “lets go we have weapons to find and a city to get to, you can be your normal self when we get to Etyos” Silver said and we started walking again.
I smiled as I walked besides Ardemis “What are you smiling about?” he asked as we could see some sort of city up ahead and I shrugged “,I’m wondering because you don’t smile very often and its a bit alarming to me” the rest of the way no one said a word as if someone had gotten mad and yelled at someone else.
As we got to Etyos and people looked at me like I was some sort of freak which I am but I hate it when people point it out.
The city of Etyos was a very beautiful city because of all the architectural buildings, the museum we walked slowly to was made of white marble and seemed to have at least two floors because of the giant white marble dragons that held up a balcony that had beautiful griffins on either end of a white railing that made sure that people could not fall off the balcony “Lets go take a look at the museum” Kara said as she grabbed a hold of my hand and pulled my to the museum.
I dug my tales in to the ground as it made a terrible scrapping sound  as it stopped us from moving “Let go of my hand before I bite it off” I growled and Kara let go of my hand.
As Ardemis and Silver walked up to us I heard someone say something in skytarion and I let out a regrouping shriek that was only used in battle but I used it anyways because its not often that I hear another skytarion, people turned to where I was standing and the whispers where getting louder as a girl with long blond strait hair that shined in the sun light it made it look like she had golden hair and so bright pink eyes I swore they would have glowed if it was night time walked up to us, the girl was wearing the same type and color of armor as me but the lining and symbols on her armor where as bright pink as her eyes where “Its great to see another skytarion around Ometia” the girl said with a smile that showed her pearl white teeth.
I nodded in agreement to what the girl had said “I’m Akima and this is Ardemis” I said putting out my hand and the girl shuck it.
“I’m Elanor but Ella is fine. are you skytarion?” she asked and I took off my shirt as I did my wings unfolded and Ella smiled.
“I’m Kara and this is Silver” Kara said as I folded my wings around my chest and put my shirt back on “that is right and you are?” I asked as my right ear twitched.
“I’m a frost skytarion. so what brings a Skytarion, a human and two dragons to a city like Etyos” Ella said as she made a snow ball in her hand.
“We are looking for......” Silver said but Ardemis covered her mouth and Kara rolled her eyes.
“Vraaka greeta neggie Kriepara” I said and Ella nodded.
“what did you say?” Kara asked as she looked at me funny and I smiled.
“I’m not telling you” I said and we started walking to the museum, it looks even more beautiful and there was allot of detail in the pillars.
The pillars had small dragons on them that turned there heads at people as they walked past them “I wonder how those dragons can move” Kara said and I rolled my eyes.
“sirrie gaatra fierie” Ella said and I laughed.
“it looks like it. and Kara they are enchanted” I said as I turned my head to look back at Kara, she looked pissed off, at what she was pissed off about I was not sure but I’m sure it would not take to long for her to tell me what was bothering her which most likely will end up in her yelling at me for talking in skytarion in front of her or something like that but I did not really care what she thinks because the last time I checked we where not dating or anything like that so she can’t really yell at me for something like that but you never know because Humans do something before they think so it would not surprise me.
Ardemis and Silver laid down in a sunny spot by the doors of the museum “We will wait for your guys here” Silver said.
“Tel mel what you said!” Kara barked as we walked in to the museum doors.
“if you keep talking like that to me I will cut your head of your neck Human and I won’t even use my sword for that”I said calmly as we walked further in to the museum and not stopping to look at anything.
“You two are boring you know that” Kara said annoyed and I rolled my eyes.
“I need to talk to someone here” Ella said as she walked through a open door and we followed her, the room was full of old painting and books “,I’m trying to make a wrist band that will allow dragons to turn in to humans if they want to.” as Ella picked up a small vile of purple liquid I looked around the room.
“Do you think Ardemis can test it out?” I asked as Ella bumped into me and she all most dropped the vile but she grabbed it before it could fall to the ground and shatter, its a good thing that skytarions have really fast reflexes other Wise it would have fallen on the ground for sure.
“Sure. bye the way gree orthera Kiethary vlothyra hiera” Ella said with a smile.
“That is no surprise to me” I said with a smile.
“Don’t be so full of yourself” Ella said with a smile and she pushed me into a shelf.
“I’m not. I all ready had a bit of a idea but I’m not going to re-act on it” I said as I brushed the dust off me and we walked back to the door “,you coming Kara? or do I need to give you a hand with it?”.
As Kara walked up to Ella and me I could see that her face was red “I don’t need a guys help with something like that” Kara said and she walked a head of us.
Ella giggled “that is not what I meant” I said as we ran up to Kara to catch up with her.
“sure you didn’t” Kara said as we walked out of the museum as Silver and Ardemis got up slowly.
“Done all ready?” Silver asked and Kara nodded “,that was fast. could you guys not have stayed out a little longer? I was trying to sleep.”
I sat down and leaned against Ardemis “So what is the plan for finding that object that can make the map’s ink visible?” Ella asked as she sat beside me and leaned into me and I shot her a look that told her to get off me before I would give her a hand with it and Ella sat up.
“Who ever said you where coming along with us” Kara said as she put her hands on her hips and looked at Ella.
“we could use a frost skytarion. You have no idea how handy they can be” Ardemis said looking at Kara, Ardemis and me both knew why Kara was acting this way and I think Ardemis was just trying to test her or piss her off, either way it was not a good idea because we don’t even know if Kara is a full Human or a half breed “,well?”.
“If they are so use full why don’t we find other one to join us” Kara said.
“First of all, finding a skytarion that is willing to help a Human and two dragons is all ready hard as it is and secondly its really hard to find someone that knows allot about the cities in this Continent because me and Ardemis sure as hell don’t know anything about the cities in this Continent because we travel to much to even stop at any city or town” I said as I saw Kara getting more and more pissed off “,I think your jealous of Ella for some reason.”
“What ever” Kara muttered as me and Ella got up and I got on Ardemis’s back.
Ardemis got up and Silver did the same “you can walk Kara, its all ready bad enough that I have to fly with you on my back” Silver said and Kara shot her a look that I’m sure told her to suck it up and deal with it or something like that because Kara got on to Silver’s back and she did not complain.
“Silver is a bit of a princess isn't she?” Ella asked with a smile and Kara nodded.
“Some times I think she real is royalty because she acts like it and I never spoiled her so its not because of me” Kara said.
“I know that my Dragon Frostbite is a royal dragon and they look allot alike” Ella said and she whistled, as she did a big frost drake landed in front of us.
“I don’t think they are related Ella, Frostbite is a Frost drake and Silver is a green fire dragon. unless they have the same mother or father they could be but the last time I check Drakes and Dragons did not mate but it is possible especially with this being one of the last continents to not be taken over by Humans” I said.
“Its sad isn’t, I don’t see why Humans need to take up so much space and destroy the land along with it. I know that Gibios is a continent in the sky now and a group of very powerful magic wielders sacrificed there lives to allow Gibios to float in the sky and it would be horrible if Humans did came there” Ella said.
“I know. at least its protected by the royal Air riders” I said as Ella got on to Frostbites back.
“I’m Frostbite, I know who you all ready are. I can see the past of my rider” Frostbite said and we got in to the air.
“That is the most I have ever heard a Frost drake say” Ardemis said and we looked at him like he was nuts “,Frost drakes normally don’t talk at all simply because they don’t like to.”
We started flying to the forest that was not far from Etyos, as we landed I got off Ardemis’s back and started to get stuff to make a fire so I would not freeze to death “so what is so special about skytarions?” Kara asked as she and Ella sat on the ground.
“There are seven types of skytarions, fire, water, earth, shadow, light, air and forest. every type of skytarion can control one element and most of the time you can see what type of skytarion someone is by the color of eyes they have but in my case that is not true because my mom is a fire skytarion and my dad is a frost skytarion” Ella said.
“Cool. I never knew any that was possible” Kara said and I rolled my eyes.
“lets get going” Ella said as I started the fire and I sat beside it, letting my wings get warm “, what is wrong Akima? cold.”
I growled “of course I’m cold, I’m a fire and shadow Skytarion so I need to stay warm all ways” I said as Ella and the rest sat beside me, the dragons made a circle around us and I smiled “thanks guys.”

“no problem Akima” Ardemis said as I leaned against him and I looked at the sky as it started to turn to twilight as the stars started to show themselves slowly, the night started to fall fast allot faster then I’m used to but that is what happens when you come from a different part of Ometia “I miss the planets that you can see from Kairtaios” I said as I looked at the planet-less sky.

“Get over it......wait your from Kairtaios” Kara said as she sat up and looked at me weird, I turned around to face her a nodded “,good mother of god, your a magic wielder.”

“As far as I know I’m Skytarion not a magic wielder” I said as I layed my head down again and looked at the sky.

I fell asleep not much later after everyone stopped talking about the whole magic wielder deal since no one ever knows if magic wielders are real so I did not think much of it and besides even if they where real there was no way I was one because I was brought up as a skytarion not a magic wielder or human and that is something that started to bother me really quickly because I was starting to get unsure about what was right and what was not but I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and I found Kara curled up against me so I put my foot between me and her and pushed her to the side “get off me” I said as I got up, Ardemis snickered as he and frostbite got up as well and of course Silver was still sleeping “,should I wake the sleeping dragon up?” and Ardemis nodded.

“She has had plenty of sleep and so did the rest of them. I see you and Kara had a good night sleep” Ardemis said and I rolled my eyes.

“She rolled in to me, I had not moved at all throw out the night” I said as I walked over to Ella and shuck her away “,get up Ella we are leaving. You to Silver, we are not waiting for you guys at all.”

“What kind of a gentleman are you Akima” Silver said annoyed.

“I’m not one, I’m a Skytarion so deal with it Silver” I said as Kara got up and she pushed me “,what was that for?”

“That was for being a asshole and kicking me!” Kara said and I could tell she was pissed about it but I made a stupid face at her “,try that again and you will be sorry!” I smirked and made the face again and as I did Kara swung her sword at my head and I grabbed a hold of it with one hand and put her arm behind her back and pulled hard.

“Is that so? well it seems your failing at it allot” I said and I let go of her arm, as I did Kara put her sword back in the holder and turned around to face me and she was so close to my face her nose was touching my’n “,can you get any closer.”

Kara smiled “Yes I can” she said and she started walking back to the city, we followed her and I sighed.

“You got your hands full don’t you” Ardemis said as we walked out of the forest and I glared at him.

“He sure does and I’m wondering if he can handle it” Ella said with a smile as she walked past Ardemis and me, Ella walked to Kara and they started talking about something I could not understand but they where laughing about so I rolled my eyes.

“The faster we find the Elemental weapons the better” I said and Ardemis looked at me.

“Why do you say that?” he asked.

“The faster we find those weapons the faster we can get rid of those four” I said.

“I heard that!” Kara said so loud we could hear her.

“‘I’m sure he did not mean it Kara,they are just guys” Ella said.

“I know but still” Kara said.

We walked the rest of the way in silence which was fine by me but after we got to the foot of Etyos Ella broke the silence “for the love of god why is it so silence out of no where!” she said yelled and I ran up to her and covered her mouth.

“Shut up and we won’t die!” I whispered in her ear and she nodded yes “,can you not say anything when I move my hand from your mouth?” and she nodded yes again so I removed my hand  and it was quiet again so I sighed in relieve “,thank good they left.”

“What left?” Silver asked scared and I looked at her.

“Air riders you numb nuts, what else is big bad and ugly that can take on a whole pack of dragon?” I said.

“I thought I heard something a little while ago” Silver said and we all looked at her.

“You mean to tell us that you heard the Air riders from a distance and you did not tell us!” we all said at the same time and Silver softly nodded yes.

“Good lord what is wrong with you, have you never heard of what Air riders can do” I said.

“Yes but I did not think it was a big deal” Silver said and I did a face pale.

“you are the most moronic dragon I have ever met in my life” I said annoyed.

“She is not a moron Akima, she just keeps things to herself” Kara said.

“I think she acting like a little princess and there is no way I’m going to put up with someone that does not take other peoples safety in consideration at all” I said.

“She may act like a princess some times but at least she heard them coming” Kara said and I stopped, Kara turned around so she was facing me.

“There is no use of having a dragon around that can hear them coming when she does not tell us that she hears them come. Am I right or not?” I said.

“Yes but she won’t make the same mistake again, Right Silver” Kara said as she turned around and looked at Silver.

“I will tell you guys next time I hear them coming” Silver said and we started walking in to the city.

“Good because if they were a bit lower they would have seen us and then we would have been dead” I said.

“What are we going to do in the city to day?” Silver asked.

“Get supplies and we are going to go to a small town not far from here that is with in the trees so you guys will need to wait out side of the city and don’t get into any trouble while we are trying to find the ink to this stupid map or what ever needs to be used to allow us to see the locations of the elemental weapons” I said as we walked to a store and Ella waited with the dragons out side, I walked to the counter “,Free gearly hielary” the man nodded and handed me a bag with stones and I walked out of the shop.

“What is in the bag and whats it for?” Kara asked as I got on to Ardemis’s back and he started to take off, the rest followed us “,that does not matter because it has nothing to do with you Kara.”

Silver flow on the right of Ardemis and Frostbite on the left “I was just wondering Akima” Kara said as we got out of Etyos and we started to get into a denser forest so Silver, Frostbite and Ardemis landed so we started walking to the town but when we got there we saw three Air riders.

Air riders are giant six winged elemental Hydras with a deadly breath depending on there element, there are three types of elemental Air riders can be and it was just our luck that it were three Water Air riders and we don’t have a weapon that is enchanted with lighting so we are dead if they see us and of course they turned around and see us so we started running as fast as our feet could carry us but they where not far behind us but when I looked behind me to see if I saw the air riders mouth right behind me but they where flying away for some reason which made no sense because they are the biggest and baddest thing in the sky so I stopped and grabbed a hold of Ella and Kara and they turned around and Frostbite, Silver and Ardemis stopped to and my guess was they where all thinking the same-thing as me “what the heck” we all thought and I blinked a few times “can someone tell me what just happened” I said as the three air riders flow out of sight.

“I have no clue why they flow off out of no where like that” Ardemis said as we all fell to the ground “,they are normally not so for giving.”

“I know and that is what is bothering me right now. maybe they left to go get back up” I said and everyone looked at me horrid “,what? its a possibility.”

“I don’t want to think about that if you don’t mind” Kara said as she leaned against me and I got up so she fell over “,thanks Akima!”

I smiled “your welcome Kara” I said and I started walking again, the rest got up fast and followed me “, go and see if the town is still around.”

When we got over the hill we saw nothing but burned forest and smelled burning flesh, we walked slowly throw the burn site and where careful to not destroy anything anymore “what happened here?” Kara asked.

“Fire air riders did this but I don’t know why” I said as we walked we saw that the trees where slowly started to grow as we go farther away from the town “,maybe fire Air riders did not do this because they would have burned everything in there path to there destination.”

“then what did?” Ella asked as I leaned against a tree and the dragons landed in front of me “,I hope the people that lived in the town are okay.”

“I have a idea what could have done that but I don’t know why they would do such a thing” Ardemis said and we looked at him.

“what do you think has done this Ardemis?” I asked and he looked at the trees “,well?”

“Magic wielders but they are peaceful people they would never harm anyone with out having a really good reason and they would never burn a forest like this” Ardemis said.

“Maybe there was a virus that started here and they wanted to make sure it could not infect the rest of  the forest” Frostbite said as he froze the ground under his feet.

“That could have been it and it would explain why only that part of the forest was burned down to the ground” Ella said and she sat beside Frostbite and created a sphere of ice around herself.

“Way to iceolate yourself Ella” I said as Kara flicked me in the head.

“That is not funny” Kara said and I rolled my eyes.

“Its called a jock Kara” I said as the ice sphere shattered and I saw Ella smiling “, what you smiling about?”

“It’s a bad jock but its funny” Ella said.

“It’s a skytarion jock and Kara does not get it that is why she thinks its not funny” Silver said and Ella and I nodded in agreement as Kara glared at Silver “, what? its true and you know it Kara.”

“I know that you know that I know that its true but you don’t need to mention it” Kara said annoyed.

I sat up a bit “can this day get any worse” I said as five hooded people in blue walked up to us, they where wielding really nice looking staffs.

The staffs where as long as the the people who where wielding them, they where in-graved with runes that glowed a light blue and the staffs where white with the same color of stone as the runes on the top, the stone was held on place by a carving of a frost drake “What are dragons and humans doing together in a place like this” one of the hooded people said.

“We are looking for a magical stone that can show us the way” Ardemis said and one of the hooded people walked up to him, took a stone out of his pocket and put it in-front of Ardemis.

“for ever weapon there is a stone, but there is only one stone” the hooded man said.

“That makes no sense. if there is a stone for ever weapon how come there is only one stone but there are five weapons” Silver said.

“Its a riddle Silver, Magic wielders do that all the time” I said as I took the stone and put it in my pocket.

“So we need to solve a riddle as well? this can’t get any worse” Silver said as we looked around “,bye the way where did those hooded people go?”

“They teleported” I said as I got up and started walking in to the forest more “, you guys coming or not?”

“We are come” Ella said and the rest followed me “,why are we looking for the Elemental weapons again?”

“Because we are” I said as we walked the plants started to get bigger and bigger, along with that the plants started to get weird colors and shapes “,I don’t think we should be in this part of the forest guys, its starting to look like Dreamwaver territory.”

“What do Dreamwavers look like?” Silver asked.

“That!” I said as a massive serpent like creature got in front of us.

The Dreamwaver had three heads and changed colors all the time which was making my head hurt

“Dreamwavers are a kind of Hydra so cutting its head off will be pointless, we need to leave the area and fast before its going to attack”  said walking backwards slowly and the rest did the same, the Dreamwaver roared which made the whole forest vibrate and everything was moving in ways that was not normal, we all fell to the ground “What is going on?” Kara asked.

“A Dreamwavers roar will make  the area it controls seem like its moving in crazy ways that is not even possible or vibrate as a defencive maneuver” I said trying to get up slowly as I could not tell the difference between up, down, left or right because everything was moving in directions it normally could not move and the rest got up as well or at least trying to“,we are not hear to harm you or anyone your protecting. We did not know you controlled this area so if you will allow us to return to our right path we will make sure to never come here again.”

The Dreamwaver looked at me and the area stopped moving in all directions “thank you very much, sorry that we bothered you” I said and I started walking the other was I was facing and the rest looked at me shocked and Ardemis laughed.

“Did you see every ones faces” Ardemis said still laughing.

“ I did, they looked shocked” I said with a smile on my face.

“what is so funny?” Kara asked as she walked beside me.

“Nothing. lets hope that the Dreamwaver is okay” I said.

“Why do you care about a creature that was trying to kill us?” Kara asked as we saw the burned down town up ahead.

“Because its still a creature and it has a life to” I said.

We walked out of the burned town and headed for Etyos to see where we were going to go next “I think its just a creature that was trying to kill us” Silver said.

“Well I’m sure he or she thought the same-thing of you Silver” I said and she blow a ring of smoke in my face “, nice try at fire breathing Silver.”

“Anyways, lets find out how to get the markers to show up on the map” Ella said as she ran a head of the rest.

“I have not seen any dragon slayers or air riders in a long time” I said as we walked up to Ella and I got the feeling something was following us “,something is following us guys.”

I turned around and the Dreamwaver all most ran over me but stopped just in time “if you want to help us we can call you if we need a hand in a battle” I said and the Dreamwaver dropped a flute on the ground and I picked it up, the flute was silver with red designs on it and I put it in my pocket “,thank you. I’m sure you will be allot of help to us when we need your help Dreamwaver.” The Dreamwaver took off in the opposed direction as us and we continued walking.

“Well I see you got a way with creatures Akima” Kara said as she walked beside me and tried to grab a hold of my hand but I turned my nails into claws and she took her hand back “,and all so no heart.”

I shot Kara a look and Ella smirked “its seems like he is not interested in you Kara” Ella said.

Kara looked at Ella with a expression on her face what I think anyone could figure out she was mad “shut up Ella, at least I try to get a boyfriend” Kara said and I smiled.

“well it seems your failing at it so far Kara” Ella and me said at the same time as we could see Etyos’s walls up ahead “,Etyos is not far anymore. I say we find a way to Essetia.”

“Ella, Essetia is a continent, its best to stay on this one until we know for sure that there is nothing on this one before we go to another one to look for the stones on another continent” I said.

we walked into the middle of the city and I ducked as Kara throw her sword at me from a distance and it hit something invisible “watch where you throw your sword please” I said as walked to the floating sword and pulled it out of something that sounded like stone “,now that is something you don’t see every day.”

Kara glared at me as she grabbed her sword out of my hand “I’m still pissed at you” she said as the stone appeared and a sword could be seen on top of a small stone pillar that was not much taller then me and looked like it was made of raw stone not from the marble like stone that most of the city was made off, there were four other pillars and everyone of those had one of the elemental weapons on it “will you look at that, the quest is finished” Silver said.

“Not even close Silver, this is just one of many shrines and they do nothing but show what the weapons look like” I said.

“So we are not any closer to finding those weapons” Silver said annoyed as I got onto Artemis’s back, Ella got onto Frostbite’s back and we got air born “,so were are we going to go next?”

“lets just fly one direction and we will see were we end up” Kara said.

“sounds good” I said as Kara got onto Silvers back and we took off west.

As we flow throw the sky the landscape below started to slowly turn to farmland “well this is a nice change of scenery” I said as we started to go down to land at a stream for a break seeing we had flow for two hours and we were not on a time limit so we took a break, letting the dragons rest and get some water to drink and for us to have some fun with the water.

We took the armor off our dragons and I sat on the edge of the water with my feet in it trying to cool off “,why is she pissed at you?” Ardemis asked and I turned to look at him.

“I have no idea but I really don’t care as long as she does not kill me in my sleep I’m fine with it” I said with a small smile and Ardemis grinned.

“don’t be so cruel Akima” Ella said as she jumped into the water with out cloths on but her wings covering herself “,and what are you staring at?”

“you, seeing you jumped into the water with out any clothes on” I said as I ducked because Kara was about to smack me over the back of my head “,you missed.”