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June 21, 2018, 01:37:42 AM

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Author Topic: The Delights of a Whore (M/M, Any and All Kinks)  (Read 411 times)

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Offline KhorazTopic starter

The Delights of a Whore (M/M, Any and All Kinks)
« on: February 02, 2012, 08:47:17 AM »
It was dangerous, very dangerous to work the streets at night; Kale knew this well and yet he was always to be found along the edges of the main cobbled street, slowly walking back and forth in very much the manner of his trade. Every day he heard tales from the other whores about how one of their number had been killed by a client who had gone too far, or else simply been mugged for whatever meagre earnings they had scraped together from their night's work and yet despite the very real threat, the boy simply had no other choice.

In the society, if one had no family or status, they were effectively nothing, and Kale had no parents to speak of, with only the other whores for some semblance of brothers and sisters. Certainly there was no foreseeable way out of the trap of poverty he found himself in, and while he didn't enjoy giving himself to countless married men or needy, desperate women (he much preferred the latter) it was all he could do. He was slender and rather petite in height which the men seemed to enjoy. Long black hair had been encouraged to grow to heighten his appeal and it hung to his hips in silky waves, highlighting the smooth curves of his body, but it was in his face where his true allure rested.

Brilliant blue eyes glittered even in the dim street lights and held a delicate yet undeniably alluring expression to draw in potential customers. Defined cheekbones were smooth and youthful, making his pale skin almost glitter in the dark streets against the blackness. His hands rested upon his hips to draw the eye there, framed by tight dark brown leggings and simply black boots, well-worn with age and lack of care he couldn't provide. His shirt was a simple thing of thin White cotton and was left to flutter open in the slight breeze, Revealing the smooth skin of his chest... Whilebhe did not look 'sluttish', one couldn't doubt his occupation, especially how he held himself.

"Mmmn... Cold tonight..." He murmured quietly, rubbing his arms slowly to try and bring some heat back as he moved along his stretch of the main street, eyeing up any who passed him. It seemed this night would be a slow one however; he was sure It was past midnight and not one client had come his way. Usually he would entertain at least three patrons a night, but he would be lucky for one it seemed. In his opinion, he didn't understand why more people did not come to him; he was clean and healthy (more than he could say for many of the others)... But alas...

"Come on... Someone must want something.." He muttered, flicking his long hair over his shoulders as he shivered in the cold.

This request is extremely open. I'm looking for someone to pick Kale up... Obviously this is limitless in plot, in characters, in everything. The setting would be Victorian England and the 'client' you would play could be anything...

I have imaginings of maybe supernatural beings wanting a quick meal perhaps; vampire, werewolf, incubus... But equally it could be fun with just a human; maybe a Lord having to keep his homosexual desires secret, someone simply after a night of passion that expands. Maybe someone even wants to try and change the boy?

It's limitless, and I'd love to explore any kinks anyone has to offer. I enjoy bondage and more extreme things besides. Almost nothing is off limits as a whore will do as he's told. Kale's personality is rather cocky and sure of himself, so the character pared with him would have to be strong-willed to keep up with him...

Please PM with interest!