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Author Topic: Romance, horror, and science fiction.  (Read 613 times)

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Offline camtipliTopic starter

Romance, horror, and science fiction.
« on: February 01, 2012, 11:38:28 AM »
I have a lot of interest in roleplays with supernatural, science fiction, horror elements. I also love heart-warming, romantic, warm moments. So, if you can combine those, I would absolutely love it. I have a lot of interest in southern gothic stories, ghosts, traditional vampires, aliens, and creepy crawly monsters. I feel like I generally don't like how superheroes are handled, but I like the concept of a masked vigilante fighting crime. For example, I liked the idea of the Scarlet Pimpernel, and that his wife was in love with his alternate life. I'm not interested in heroes with limitless power.

I like straight and homosexual romance. When I make these plots, it's not because I'm settled on a certain idea.

Western: A southern belle is looking to exact revenge on her husband's murderer, but has never learned to duel. When a stranger with no name comes into town, she asks for his help. As he teaches her how to fight, she begins to learn about him, and realizes he is not at all what she expected.
Roles: Southern belle, town stranger

Prehistoric period: Modern college kids on a road trip get warped to an alternate dimension where dinosaurs roam the earth, and must find a way to get back. 
Roles: College kids

Time travel: A young scientist travels through time in order to escape execution, but the only way to travel is through one of the executioners, whom she kidnaps. The executioner keeps leaving clues to finding the young scientist, but through a turn of events begins to side with her.
Roles: Time Traveller, token executioner, other executioners

Ghost story (1): Some college kids break into a haunted house for kicks, but when the house begins to play tricks on their minds, they begin to lose themselves to the souls who live inside the house.
Roles: College students, ghosts

Ghost story (2): A young writer begins communicating with a deceased young woman through his writing, but finds out slowly that she may be much more violent than she first seemed, and how she came to die. Meanwhile, a concerned neighbor sees the writer's decline, much to the anger of the jealous ghost.
Roles: Writer, ghost, neighbor

Skeletons in the closet: Two college students rent a house from a mysterious family out in the woods. When they discover bodies in the back yard, they try to escape, only to discover the family had sabotaged any means of escape.
Roles: College student (1), College student (2), Family (NPC)

Vampires: When a vampire slayer journeys to a town full of vampires in pursuit of a notorious target, she runs into a doctor who seems willing to help her, but intends on selling out and stabbing her in the back. The only one who seems willing to help her is her target.
Roles: Vampire slayer, Target, Doctor (NPC)

Superhero: When a masked vigilante discovers the identity of her arch nemesis is also her teacher, life becomes extremely uncomfortable. While trying to hide her own identity, she is determined to unmask her teacher before the world.
Roles: Superhero, Nemesis

Medieval fantasy: A young princess orders execution for a notorious thief. However, when he escapes prison and kidnaps her with the intent of taking ransom for her, the princess begins to understand the intent of the thief's actions and grows sympathetic, eventually forgoing her life of royalty to become the equivalent of a female Robin Hood. Things take a turn for the worse when the princess uses extreme measures to achieve her goals, and soon there's a price for her head. The thief, at first determined to turn her in, eventually grows a strange respect for her, and helps her out.
Roles: Princess, thief.

Be careful what you "witch" for: A young witch lives just outside of the town she grew up in. Though the villagers are somewhat wary of her, she is well-liked and heavily depended on for her potions. When a young man, whom the witch secretly loved, comes to her asking for a love potion for a girl in the village, the witch is extremely jealous. But when she tries to trick him into sharing the love potion with her, things go terribly wrong, and she ends up sharing the potion with the young man's sweetheart.
Roles: Witch, young man, young man's love interest

Pirates and Dinosaurs: Pirates discover a long-forgotten kingdom filled with gold as well as prehistoric perils.
Roles: Pirates

Aliens (1): Aliens abduct a young man as a specimen for their planet. As the young man begins to adjust to alien culture, he begins to learn to love this new life, unaware that he is being primed for dissection. A curious young alien grows attached to the young man, and runs away with him. They both become hotly pursued by authorities.
Roles: Young man, young alien, Aliens

Aliens (2): A lone survivor in an alien crash is discovered and taken to be analyzed by top government scientists on a remote island. However, when the head scientist begins having strange headaches, blackouts, and vivid nightmares, she realizes that the alien is not the only one captive.
Roles: Scientist, alien.

Light house. A lonely mermaid uses an abandoned lighthouse to strand wandering ships and gain companionship from the survivors, unaware that the consequences of her actions leads to a lot of grief and bitter feelings from her "guests". In order to keep them in line, she uses the ocean as a tool in ensuring their compliance. Her extremely deadly methods of discipline have the survivors determined to get away, but very fearful of being caught by the desperate and mentally imbalanced creature.
Roles: Mermaid, surviving sailors.
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