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June 29, 2022, 04:58:52 pm

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Author Topic: Post Apocalypse, Dystopias, Fantasies, Incest, & Others. (M for F)  (Read 1828 times)

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Hello, and welcome to my request page. I'd like to start off with a little about me, and what I'm looking for here.

I'm in love with roleplays set in worlds that are vastly different than our own. This includes, but is not limited to, post apocalyptic settings, dystopias, and cyberpunk worlds. I tend to be alone in this, but I dislike Victorian era settings, so, my apologies, but I will not be doing any of those. I don't much care for medieval settings either, but if you think you've got an interesting enough plot, feel free to try me out.

I'm also very interested in worlds where humanity has changed. This can range from zombies, to mutants, to themes such as those in Baten Kaitos (If you played this game, I love you.)

As far as posting, please be able to post at least two solid paragraphs per post, four for an introduction. If you're a more advanced writer, I can typically match whatever you post, so be as descriptive as you want! And when it comes time to post, I'd prefer it be done via the forums. This is not set in stone, but it is a strong preference, so if this doesn't work for you, but you're interested, talk to me and we'll see if we can work something out.


I consider myself very open, and there's really not much that I just flat out will not participate in, but I would prefer that our characters do not take dominate and submissive relationships. Just because something is not listed in my Like/Will try list, does not mean I will turn it down. Communication is key here! Tell me what you're into, and chances are 99% that I will indulge you, and enjoy it!

Also, I prefer that in our roleplays, story and character development be key! If our characters are just meeting, they're not going to be boning in five minutes! That absolutely kills the mood for me.

Expanding on that, please have a well developed character. I don't care how many paragraphs you write per post, if you're character is a Mary-Sue, I will be bored to tears. Make her real! Give her faults, interesting traits, a personality! I promise I will do the same.

One last thing, and I'm glad you've made it this far. When we're discussing a roleplay, it should be a mixture of both our ideas! Contribute to it, let us build a world together! Same goes for the story. I do not intend to carry the entire plot, nor do I expect you too. Have an idea for something half way through the story? By all means, tell me, I love game changers!


...We've made it to the plot ideas section. I'm not going to lie, the ideas that will follow are very vague settings. They're more templates for an idea than anything. Why is that? Like I said, I prefer to build worlds with the person I roleplay with. So, if one of these templates interest you, message me, or post here, and let's flesh everything out together!

++Post Apocalyptic++
The legendary Z day has arrived. This is absolutely one of my favorite post apocalyptic scenarios. There are just so many ways it can go. In fact, the possibilities are just so many here, I think the best I can do is simply list a few of my ideas.

-We're months into the infection. The initial wave wiped out a staggering 92% of the human population, seemingly blindly. The government is gone. The police are gone. The people are on their own, in a world of anarchy and fear. Every day is uncertain. Our characters could already have an established connection, or they could be newly acquainted. Perhaps one of us sees the other in a situation of distress, and against their better judgment, risks their life to intervene. Maybe in the process that person gets bit, only to find out they're immune. Maybe the character being attacked is someone the other character knew before the infection. Again, there are simply far too many possibilities for me to list every one that pops into my head.

-We're in the first stages of the infection. people aren't even sure what it is yet. Panic is widespread, the population has just begun dying off, and right now, the principle concern isn't the reanimated, but rather, the panicked living. The same possible relationships detailed above are also applicable here.

This time the infection doesn't bring you back to life after it takes your final breath. Death is final, and it's spreading fast. Or, perhaps the disease doesn't always kill. It could leave it's survivors disabled, say through blindness or something of the like. Unlike the zombie scenario, this could have a much lower fatality rate, perhaps only killing off approximately 40% of the world. Does it affect animals? Is it airborne? Is it natural or man made? Wouldn't it be interesting if our characters sought out these answers together? Perhaps even one or both could already have been affected by it.

Ah, the famous Fallout. What's not to love here? I'd prefer if we didn't actually play as characters from the series itself, but set our own characters in the universe. Just like the game, this setting has near endless possibilities. Let's discuss some of them!

Body modding, hyper advanced technology, corporate espionage, oh my! I'll admit, my experience in Cyberpunk is limited, but I've always enjoyed it, and I'm always willing to learn more about it.

The term "illegal" isn't even a recognized word anymore. Anything you can get away with is acceptable. As a business leader, you have two responsibilities. One is to protect your corporation from espionage and sabotage. The other is do exactly that to your competitors. Perhaps our characters could take on opposing roles, one being a guard for a corporation, and the other hired steal from it. The runner gets busted, but escapes, however, not unpursued...

Ah, the world of oppression. Isn't it supposed to be a bad thing? Regardless, I want to roleplay in it! The world of crushing rule, the world of Big Brother. The world ripe for revolution.

Although this setting is based on the movie by the same name, having seen it isn't entirely necessary as, like I said before, I'd prefer we don't play already established characters. In the movie, emotions have been determined to be the source of the majority of the worlds problems, and, as such, are now being regulated by way of self injected drugs that basically eliminate the highs and lows of emotions, leaving something that is basically a deadpan perfect citizen. As well, other things that inspire emotion, such as music, art, and religion, have also been banned. People found to be skipping their emotion controlling drug doses are subject to execution. It is the job of the Clerics to deal with these things. Perhaps my character could be a cleric, and yours a rebel. Through some series of events, I miss a dose or two of my drug, and start experiencing emotions I've never felt before in my life. Maybe we're both rebels? Let's figure it out!

This is easily the most broad category I have here. This selection can range anywhere between select humans of earth having extraordinary powers, ala X-Men, to non-human/anthro characters living in world  the looks nothing like earth.

Some otherwise normal humans have begun to produce offspring with amazing, and sometimes frightening mutations. Some wish to use these mutations for good, others bad, and still some wish for nothing more than a normal life. The setting here can range from mutants being universally despised, going so far as to be locked up or quarantined out of fear. Perhaps the world is taking a more democratic approach to it and simply trying to control and regulate how they live. As for our characters, we could be anything from two mutants struggling against the prejudice of our people, to a mixed pair actively being the bad guys. I do love situations involving moral ambiguity. Interested in killing anyone who makes our lives difficult? We have the power...

I don't really know what to say about this category. Magic is such an encompassing thing. It's a setting I'd like to play out, but not one for which I have many ideas.

++Mix & Match++
Just because I have these things listed in separate categories, doesn't mean they can't be merged into one idea! We could have a zombie apocalypse set in a Cyberpunk world with mutant superpowers, for example. All I did here was list the basic tenants of settings that interest me. This doesn't even include sub-fetishes that I would be willing to add in, but are not necessary; elements such as incest/bestiality/anthros/etc. Like I said early on, what's listed here is simply a template that I would like to build upon with you.

Continue to the next post for more settings!
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Offline BioluminescentTopic starter

  • This is neon darkness, this is all that matters, life in Downtown Babylon
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Re: Post Apocalypse, Dystopias, Fantasies, & Others. (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2012, 01:15:28 pm »
Update! More settings/scenarios that I really should have included from the beginning.

This is a pretty straightforward category. A big taboo in modern society, and perhaps that's what makes this so interesting.

For incest settings, I prefer to play characters in their late teens, my favorite roles being siblings, including Twincest. I also enjoy CousinxCousin, MomxSom, AuntxNephew. If you're interested in doing an incest roleplay outside of the relations I listed, you can still feel free to PM me

I'd also be interested a bit more of an extreme plot, such as the whole family being involved in incestuous affairs, with the two of us controlling the characters of our respective genders (I'm not much of a group roleplayer). This is one of the few settings where plot isn't necessarily a big deal to me. We could jump right into this one with the whole family already fully into incest, or we could take our time and work our characters towards it. Either is fine by me. Also, I'd love to throw in some bestiality play into this setting, but it's absolutely not necessary.

I've been craving an anthro roleplay set in the jungle, before technology. Particularly tribe stuff. I can't say I've got any plots worked out, but I'd love to set some up with anyone interested. I had one started a long time ago, and it was very interesting, but didn't last long, for reasons I can't recall.
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