A Series of Unfortunate Events

Started by adeleturner, February 01, 2012, 01:45:25 PM

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Hello All,

AT here, back after a long hiatus, getting back to games and looking to start something new.  I have one game that I’m getting back to, one in the works, and I have room for 1-2 more.  I haven’t been around Elliquiy long, but I’ve been around long enough to know that people can afford to be picky and still find what they want.

A few things that I don’t compromise on (nothing personal, but I like to be upfront about the things I like and I appreciate it when others do the same):

1.  I’m a dom.  I don’t switch, and I’m not looking for non-dom/sub games right now.
2.  I play female characters, futa characters, and (to a lesser extent) non-human monsters.  I’m not really looking for the later right now, though I might could do a character that is capable of summoning tentacles.
3.  NC and/or extreme only for the time being.  Potential NC-turned-C is okay so long as the relationship remains Dom/sub.  Humiliation and degradation are also something I look for.
4.  I only play with female RPers right now, although I may be relaxing that rule in the future to test my boundaries.  And female characters only, please.  In fact, I don’t even like that many male NPCs running around and I often do all-female settings.  Nothing personal, guys, but it just interrupts the fantasy for me.
5.  Anal, oral, and vaginal scenes are all a must.  If futa is involved, excessive semen and facials are a must.  Again, since I’m only looking for 1-2 games, I feel the need to be selective and include the things that I’m really interested in.
6.  I like partners that put up a bit of a fight.

It seems, based on the game that I’m already playing and the one I’m planning now, that I’m starting to find my specialty here on E, and it is one that I really want to cultivate.  I like to call it a series of unfortunate events, hence the title.  These are stories where the heroine, your character, goes from place to place and finds herself in one NC situation after another.  If you have an idea for something like that, I’d love to hear from you.

I especially like the feeling of “no shelter.”  Even when the character goes somewhere that she thinks is safe, someone she thought she could trust turns on her.  Maybe she runs to the police after on NC scene, only to be ravaged by the officer she is reporting the crime to.

Another theme I like is betrayal, especially when a heroine/adventurer is publicly humiliated in front of the people that sought her help in the first place, and those people join in on the fun.

I’ll post some ideas here periodically, but I love getting PMs or forum posts with ideas from other people.

Surefire ways to get my attention:

1.  Even if you don’t have a scenario, I’d love to hear about a character that you have.  We can build the idea around that.  Mundane characters aren’t likely to get my attention, but fantasy adventurers, superheroines, magical girls, and otherwise impressive women turn my head.
2.  A subject.  Seems simple enough, but people forget all of the time.
3.  An image for inspiration.  I love it.
4.  This should go without saying, but something that meets the requirement.
5.  Superheroines.  Yeah, I know I mentioned them in #1, and I’m in one superhero game now, but there is definitely always room for more.
6.  A detailed O/O page.
7.  An interest in futa.  I’ve been itching for a futa scenario that incorporates some of the elements above, but finding a partner is difficult, so I’m always on the lookout.
8.  Someone who is playfully sub even in our PM OOC discussions.  I have a firm respect for boundaries, I know that being in a game does not mean we are in a relationship and I don’t want it to mean that.  I’m happy with the relationship I’m already in.  And I am not going to tell you what to do with your character.  Still, a “Mistress” here and there is nice to hear.

*more specific ideas to follow*


I just want to say that I love your directness, and your ability to share you wants and desires in a good Roleplay.

I had an idea ( actually I’ve had several) staring a childhood heroine , Wonder Woman. Our Heroine is target by a hidden cabal, who has hired a  Super/Demonic Dominatrix  to capture, then humiliate the amazing Amazon. Then they want her “Altered” both physically and mentally into a “ total embarrassment to her fellow heroines“ . The whole training is to be recorded for the cabals enjoyments. Am open to allsorts of different, ideas on this, from simple sex to extreme erotic ideas. 

Diana will of course resist at first, until her will power is expended and she is left to be re-shaped by her new Mistress.

Big into EX, NC, Body Modification ( piercing, Tattoos), Group Sex. Bukkake ( whole body ,or facial ) Exhibitionism , Bestiality , Forced head cuts (Mohawks or bald are favorites), Age Regress ( turning from a Adult woman into a teenager). Transformation: weight gain, Breast growth,

If your interested just send a PM and we can chat.