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Author Topic: Looking for males for fantasy plots. Range of original plots inside  (Read 758 times)

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Offline MissInkTopic starter

Salutations from the King sized dork!

I welcome you fellow players of role...
Knights of English...
And wizards of words...

Please, take a seat..have a hot chocolate.

Whats that? Who’s that air-head in my profile pic?.....That would be me.
I’m British. Feel free to throw your stereotypes at me! I am all ears...

Now would you kindly*read the rules below. Would be ever so time saving for both of us if you did.   (*Bioshock pun intended)  But I know alot of you don' Im asking you now before I catch you out and waste both of our time.

Feel free to bring me your plots as long as they pass through my rules. I am also more than happy to brainstorm a plot with you!

Orgasming Ons
   Mandatory Traits – Do not contact me if you cannot provide me with these.
 Preferred Traits – Things I like but are not necessary

  Someone advanced in rping.
Can write least 3-5 paragraphs per intro and 3-4 per post with descriptive writing! Have a good grasp of English and grammar

 Creative with Characters, Plot ideas and twists.
Give them an appearance, a background, a past and a life.  No ‘His name is Bill and he wears red shoes’
Images are fine

 Long Term Rp!

Fluffy Romance

  Someone who can carry the Rp with me other than leaving it to me.

  Who prefers to rp by Emails (, PMs, Skype or Boards

Non Human Characters -(within reason. Angels, demons, furries, aliens are fine. Centaurs, Orcs, Slime…not so much)
If playing an Non-Human – I would like them to have non-human gentitalia (Ribs, Knots, double/twin ect. No Barbs)

If I'm talkative and abuse the use of smilies, then I like you. However, if you message 'me with 'Im interested in rping with you', please don't blame 'me for not taking interest in you. I go very much on first impressions. I don't need to ask you why you are interested and what ideas you have for it (plots or characters)

Absolutely no

People who choose to ignore these rules and waste my time! 12 Users and counting!

Asking me when I will reply. I have a life. I will post atl least once a day minimum unless major real life difficulties

One-liners, Broken English & Chat Speak

Incest, Vore & Toilet Play

Do not hesitate to ask me anything! =3


~The new girl~
You had a brush with death, in the form of a monster with piercing purple eyes. Then a new girl joins your village...with violet eyes

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

While walking home from work, you were attacked in the village by a large monster whom almost took your life. It stared into your soul with piercing purple eyes but you manage to get away with a few scratches but you are wary about going out at night again. 
The next day, a new girl moves in. The first thing you notice is the same violet eyes from yesterday. She's no monster but you know something isn't right about her and you are all too right

Not everyone is normal...Some are 'gifted' with powers not of this world

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Gifted Plots -

There are those who are born with supernatural powers (Like Xmen) and are not accepted by norms

1)   Most, if not all gifted people have been detained by the government for experiments. You are in a concreet room, next to a girl in the next room. The goverment are planning to have you both in the army.

2)   A city has been built in the middle of nowhere. Walled all the way around with homes, shops and everything a city needs inside. At the age of 18, all registered people with a gift are sent to this city to live forever inside. For a few years, it went its full of gangs who are forever at war with eachother, resulting in the destruction of the city. Its a dog eat dog world.

~The Saint Azura~
You find out that the beautiful statue of the angel, Saint Azura...isn't so holy after all

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The statue of the angel, Azura, is one of the most famous holy images in the world. A legend surounds it. The angel gave her life to seal away all the evil beings in the world, to ensure that only gods creatures walk the earth. 
However, it's only half right. The angel has no significance to anyone who ever existed. The story comes from the being inside the statue. A demon, summoned from the void by a clueless Satanist, threatened the world for many years. Azreala stole souls of the living to use as currency in the void. A priest grew tired of her hellraising  and vowed to stop her for good. He sealed her in an old church and a battle took place that raged violently into the night. Although slowly dying from the wounds the demon had inflicted on him, he saw a moment of weakness in the creature. With his dying breath, he sealed her within the statue of the angel along with every other evil non human. His brothers created the story to protect the statue. If any careless person was to awaken her, the terror may start all over again. 
The only way Azreala can release herself, is by connecting her soul to a human. This allows her to remain on the mortal plain. However it does mean that she isn't in full control of herself, the human is. Only the pact maker can control her powers, allowing her to use it or not. He also shares this powers and his mood greatly effects his demon. With the release, comes the release of everything else inhuman. 

When human sin not only effects the effects the world
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I was wrong to think I could ever trust in you. I was wrong to think that you might want to trust 'me too
I was wrong to think I could ever love you...
...I was wrong to think that you might want to love 'me too..

The world is our own modern life, but the heavy influence of darkness on this world causes our sins to shape us horrifically. Sins fuel the fatness in our souls and as it grows, eventually it will crust over your body, transforming you into a beast whose appearance is  influenced by the sins that created it.
(Example - < Greed

Humans struggle to defend themselves against it. Demons live among us. Some are aware of their existence among us...some choose to ignore such urban legends. They defend against the sins that have crusted our souls but perhaps thats not the biggest threat.

You play a demon who has been long protected your modern world. You have been smitten with a demon woman and you loved her dearly. Before the day you were to take human vows in marriage...she suddenly abandoned you. Began to put weakness in the faces of humans, turning them into crusts...monsters of sin to obey her. You have always protected this world...your morals couldnt allow you to aid her. Heartbroken, you turn to the woman whom had always been their for you. You havent spoken in a number of years as she once admitted her love for you but you turned her down, having pledged your life to your former fiancee. She takes you into her home without a second thought and as a fellow both know she needs to be stopped. 

Old feelings begin to burn for your friend once again, but you still cant help chosing your old love over her even though you know she is only using you. Will you gain the strength to do the right thing and stay by your friends side, or reak havoc on the earth beside the woman who broke your heart?

Im expecting imaginative sin monsters! The ex-fiancee has been creating 'boss' creatures which she has instilled her own power in. Defeating them all will make her as harmless as a human. This is the key to defeating her.
Demons are human appearing but have super-human abilties. Demonic features (horns, claws ect) optional. 

~Hail My God~<3
...And she marked her flesh with symbols drawn in her own blood and offered herself to the god like a piece of meat...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Expect - Horror, action and adventure. Mainly for Medieval Fantasy but can switch to Modern on request.

Its very basic but an overal overview of the plot is that the main religion of the world is worshiping Saint August. A person, gender and age unknown, is said to have once brought peace over the realm and his/her journey of world peace was all recorded in a book donated to the Church of August by an unknown, hooded individual. Anyway, thousands of years has passed since that day and the legend of August is now worshiped worldwide, hoping that one day the fabled Saint will return to the planet to bring back the peace he/she once brought to the world.

However, there is a rival church. The House of Aragos. It had long existed before August but since the 'teachings' of August were introdused, the House has somewhat been shunned. Aragos is the name of the 7 deities that exist along side the planet. Unlike the fabled August, these deities are able to desend onto the mortal plane as long as they bound to someone. In order for the beings spirit to be intertwined with the deities, he/she must sacrifice something. It cant be another person, a place or a must be something from ones own body. Sight, Taste, Emotion, Mortality ect. Once the pact is made, it is impossible to hurt eachother physicully and emotions are somewhat shared, or at least feel what the other is. The lesser being can share some of the deitys unearthly powers as long as the deity allows it. The pact can be broken at anytime with the consent of both, or can be forcefully broken by the Altar of Aragos, however done...the sacrifice is lost to the lesser being forever.

A great doctor resided in the biggest church of August. He was known throughout the world and proclaimed his gift was from August to help bring peace once more. However, the doctor was obbessed over death. If his gift was given to him by god, then why was he unable to heal everyone? In secret, the doctor studied the lost art of Necromancy and claimed to the world that August had given him the power to cure death itself. People from all over the world brought their dead to him and he resurected them one by one. However...he could only give life to the body as an empty vessle. He could not return the soul. Although the dead walked, that was all they remained. They still began to rot from the inside out but Doctor later proclaimed that he was infact August incarnet. He created sick and twisted beings from the parts of other animals and humans and brought life to them, claming that he had created another race or animal. The powers began to twist his soul and soon began to rise bones from the soil. He desended into Madness and retreated deep into the mountains where he contiues his sick obbsession, and his determined to bring peace to the world by taking away the living and bringing them back as mindless dead.

Either myself or you can be the deity (would rather it be you).
Deities can be anthros, demons, angels, nymphs anything you want.

Deity loves-

~Fantasy - Medieval & Modern~
Nothing like you expected...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


You live a normal life. You go to work, or attend education everyday. You live alone or with friends/parents. Everyday is the same. That is until you find/buy/given a decorated box. The box doesnt open however unless you tap it 3 times with your finger tip. The lit opens and it shines a portal onto the wall. You are taken from your normal modern life and catapulted into a Medieval Fantasy Realm!
You are found by a young woman who lives in the forest you landed in. She is from a very rare race of summoners and lives alone in the woods. An evil, but beautiful queen is abusing her summoner birthright, and is slowly attacking the world by summoning the beasts. The young woman wants to take down this queen, but doesnt have the strength to do so. Oddly, you are skilled with a (weapon of your choice), although you have never held one before. The young woman thinks she can make you more powerful, byt channeling the spirits of the summon beasts into your souul, transforming you into a human/beast hybrid of the Summon Beast (Which could be anything from a Lion of Fire, or a dragon...or a bird of ice or a Fox. Anything.). It grants you a new appearence for as long as you wish to use it, and abilites (Fire breathing, high jumping ect).
But how are you going to fit saving the world around your job or education back at home?! The portal can send you back at anytime.

That Bond-
(Would require you or me to be an Anthro/Furry)
The bond between Human and Spirit Beast truely is speical isnt it. Once a beast and human have made a pact, they are forever interwined. The beast is of certain element which is shared to the human as well. We are mercs and accepting jobs, no matter how impossible or silly. But perhaps retreaving this alittle harder than first thought.


Or we can play it by ear either in a Medieval, Modern, Future or Space setting.

~Elder Scrolls - Skyrim~
FUS....RO...DAH! (Unique idea inside)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Argonians (preferred) and Kajijits are very much welcomed as well as half and half DNA (eg: Half Argonian, hald High Elf). Made up races also welcome!

Live By the Guild-

Replay, our way, through the ranks of the Guilds of Skyrim. Make the events that resparks Dark Brotherhood in Dawnstar or the beginning of the newly uncorrupted Thieves Guild. 

The Forgotten Daedra -

There are so many different types of Daedra, some look more human than others. Perhaps there are lots of Daedra God/Prince/Princesses that even the Book of Daedra cant tell you about. There are many titles gone untaken. Daedric god of Flames? Or the Daedric god of the fourth stair from the bottom. Its up to you.
Overall, this plot will require you to either be a Race living in Skyrim in any ocupation from a farmer to a Jarl to a Count. Or a Daedric God/Prince. (Non human welcome)
I will play a Daedric Godess if you play a race, or play a Nord or made up race if you play the God....or even another Daedra goddess if wanted.
If a normal race is being played by..eeither rper, the plot goes -
After finding/given an odd ring on your travels, you take it home to examine the Daedric text on the inside of the ring. After finding out what it says, you say it aloud, but it makes no sence. Anyway, its pretty so you wear it. This is how the God is summoned and it follow you/me as long as the user wears it. If not wearing it, the god/goddess poofs.
(Could also add in some extras like...only the user can see the God/Goddess but the Daedra.)


Just play it by ear and make up the story as we go along or build a plot from our two minds.

We could also play it by ear in Skyrim. fancy something out of the ordinary... we can try (tried and tested)

Skyrim: The Musical 

The story goes...
Rukka, a 25 year old Nord, as been a Silencer for the BlackHand for the past 6 years. Shes uneager to advance in the ranks and resently passed a promotion to another member. Her heart calls to explore Skyrim to find treasures and ruins to become legendary. However, she is torn. Rukka loves Sithis and loves her work. She will remain loyal to the daedra for as long as she lives...and even in death but it has been causing her extreme loneliness. Shes not alone however, her heart is shared with the love of her life - A shadowscale, Katai. They became partners after she reached Silencer. They fell in love and married under Mara but people around her, even her Dark Brotherhood brothers and sisters judged her. It only caused her more loneliness. During a mission, Katai lost his life. His dying wish is his friend watches over his beloved. 

The musical part of it is up to us. You can use pre-existing songs and change the lyrics to match the Skyrim world. I have an intro written up using two Muse songs, (Supermassive Black Hole and Map of the Problematic) Ive chosen them because I feel it matches Rukka's love for her job and the other matches her loneliness in her job. 
However, there are rules. 
The characters cant react to the musical number after its happened. 
They can be any song. (Rap, rock, pop...anything) but the character must be singing it. 
The song must match the event. (If someone is dead, you dont burst into Hammer Time)
You can control eachothers character during the musical number, and during that time ONLY. eg: If you want my character to act, dance or sing in apart of your music. 

~Fantasy arranged marriage~<3
Building  friendships between settlements is hard work, especially if your hand in marriage to a tribe leader...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The kingdom of Dunstarr had just repaired itself after a earthshattering war with another land. It's king has began building friendships and alliances with all settlements, tribes and kingdoms, to avoid such a war again.

The king reaches out to a tribe living in (the forest? Mountains? Hills?) and they accept his offer of peace....only if the princess weds the leaders son. The king accepts at his daughters dismay. The wedding happens at the castle, and then return home to the tribes settlement to consummate. 
The son is due to become tribe leader any day now and it will bring new problems to the couple. 
Others challenge him to take his place in power, as well as his honour and wife. There are attacks from other tribes and even monsters of the area. 

The tribe can be anything. I came up with a free ideas-

Dragon/Griffon/monster/Direwolf taming
Dragon/Wolf humanoid 

Ideally, the men need to be physically bigger than normal people in either size or muscle. 
They have no sence of shame or sin so public nudity is allowed as well as public lovemaking. They have a very different culture which could be more violent. 
Willing to brain storm ideas.


Offline Behemoth

Re: Looking for males for fantasy plots. Range of original plots inside
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Hey. Nice profile pic ;-) Just sent you a PM - i'm interested in throwing around a few ideas for a roleplay/story. Thanks!
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