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June 25, 2018, 05:26:04 AM

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Author Topic: It's Me. I'm Back Again. With PLOTS. [Mul]  (Read 423 times)

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Offline Relentless ImpTopic starter

It's Me. I'm Back Again. With PLOTS. [Mul]
« on: February 01, 2012, 02:11:45 AM »
Hello again, Elliquiy. I return once more after an extended absence to seek out plots to play with you fine people. I've never been disappointed in partners I've found on this site, and I certainly hope that streak continues! First, a bit of knowledge for those who don't know me.

I am, first and foremost, a dominant male. In bed, in life, and so on. Therefore, most of the characters I play will take on a very dominant role in relationships, even to the point of seeming cruelty. I am fond of a lot of things when it comes to dominating a partner, but I would do nothing to someone in real life that I wouldn't do in roleplay. I suppose that makes me pretty vanilla when it comes to a few more out-there kinks, but as you may be thinking, not all of it is contained in the bedroom. As it is with me, so it is with my characters - they will be domineering, they will give orders, they will punish, humiliate, degrade, and so on, whichever seems the most appropriate at the time.

Of course, I respect my writing partner's wishes. I will certainly remove certain elements from roleplay if they are spoken about OOC and it is asked for them to stop. I may feel something is missing, but my writing partner's comfort is respected above all else. Considerate, me.

So with that out of the way, allow me to throw plot ideas at the lot of you, and see what gets bites. I'll also include a short list of the sort of things I am craving to write.

But, Daddy~ (M/F, Incest, Eventual Romance, BDSM?)

Imagine: Spoiled little rich girl, getting everything she wants from life... except daddy's attention. Daddy works sixteen hours a day, leaving little time for his daughter, or anything remotely resembling a personal life. Having bought her off with money for the past eighteen years since divorcing her mother and winning the paternity suit, he's been an almost non-entity in her life... until she wants a job to start making her own money, in hopes of making Daddy proud.

Constant exposure to his adult daughter as his secretary who constantly earns his ire, however, starts making him angry. And maybe she enjoys making him angry. Taunting him. Teasing him. Waiting for him to explode. At least then, she'll have his attention... but she has no idea what awaits.

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls (Non-Con, Beast)
A free-spirited, live-off-the-land type is roaming the countryside, seeking out one site of natural beauty after another. Typically a safe traveler - traveling during the day, staying away from shady places at night, always knowing where she's gonna stop when the sun goes down - pursuit after a rumored place of beauty leaves her stranded in the woods late at night. It's unfortunate for her that the moon rises full... and a cacophony of howls surrounds her. Eventually, she will be dragged back to their den, where a new life awaits her. How will she react to being forced to accept this new lot in life?

The Dragon's Sacrifice (Dragon/Humanoid, Fantasy, Breeding, Long-Term)
The ancient gold wyrm Ss'vaki'a'i'kai (Ss'va, or Siva, for short) has grown impossibly old - a member of a species once thought ageless is dying of old age. He has but a scant year (a mere blinking of the eye) to do something he has never felt the urge to do before - find a mate and create an offspring. The child born of the union would stand to inherit many things - his father's hoard (wealth beyond measure), a draconic lineage of the most powerful line (Siva is thought to be one of the First Ones to descend on the world), and power - for whichever nation manages to capture the dragon's attention and have it bear fruit will gain all the resources Siva has at his disposal, including long-lost forgotten lore.

It's a race against time as all the nation's princesses are delivered to Siva... which will be the first to have his seed quicken inside them? And what will the dragon do when he realizes he'll be leaving a child behind without him? And will he care about the woman bearing his child?

Anything bolded will be things I'm really craving to run through a plot.
Father/Daughter, Humanoid/Small Race (Gnome, Halfling, etc), Monster/Female, Beasts/Female, Brother/Sister, Master/slave, Multiple/Female, Centaur/Female

Father/Daughter/Son, Father/Uncle/Daughter, Brother/Sister/Sister (Triplets? :D), Fans/Starlet

Close Friends Discovering, Master/slave, Unruly Customer/Waiter

Well, I hope things I've said whet your appetite. Shoot me a PM if you have an idea you want to run through a plot (or like one of mine) and we'll have a nice discussion. :D
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