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Author Topic: My fairy tales  (Read 911 times)

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Offline ChantalTopic starter

My fairy tales
« on: January 31, 2012, 12:51:49 PM »
I haven't been taking part in any role play here yet, so I decided to post my ideas as short stories to give you the example of what you may be dealing with if you decide to join me in story writing :) Those are just stories, descriptions of settings so they don't have deep characters descriptions. There will be time for this later.

A Fairy Tale

   Once upon a time there was a kingdom. The king, though young, was a wise and just ruler. His realm was growing rich and strong. However the royal couple didn't have a heir. Once the king was told about powerful witch living in the Forset of Shadows who may help in his trouble. He mounted a horse and left his beautiful worried wife. The journey took long. The king was asking for directions sages and peasants but none of them knew. Eventually he gave up and deeply disappointed let his steed to go wherever he wished to. One day they entered a dark forest where all shadows were heaving, moving, like they were living their own lives. The king understood he managed to find the Forest of Shadows. Unfortunately there was no trace of the witch and the forest was vast. After many days starving king found what he was looking for - a clearing with a little old hut. Weakend by long journey and lack of food he wanted to knock but the door opened beforehand with a quiet creak. At the same time a screechy voice sounded from inside the hut:
"Come young man, come in, please."
   The king slightly concerned about the welcome entered the room mired in gloom. He stopped at the door to allow his sight to adjust to the dark. It took him a moment to notice a small figure sitting near a fireplace.
"Sit down my brave knight" The witch spoke again. "You are already a long way. Please help yourself." She gave him a bowl filled with groats and onions.
   The king grabbed the food without asking and ate it clean in no time. It was mere peasant food but tasted delightfully. She took the bowl back and he looked quickly around noticing nothing more than vials, sacks and dried herbs.
"So you want to have a heir."
   The man frowned but his words were polite. "Yes, for five years we were trying but for now... we lost hope."
"I will help you." The witch stood up and moved to the kettle hanging over the fire. "But you should know the price will be high."
"What do you want? I will do everything." Contrary to the words the king was wary. He knew the dark powers cannot be trusted.
"We will talk about this later."
"No. I want to know this right now." He answered a voice that brooked no opposition.
   She just smiled imperceptibly and stayed silent for a moment. Just when she turned back to the king with a vial filled with a dark liquid she answered.
"It is the cure for our wife young man. And a payment... you will give me what you don't expect to see when you are back home."
   The king sprang from his chair. "No, ask for something else."
"That's my final price." she spoke with a cold voice.
   The man was hesitating. He heard about this kind of demands before. "Under one condition, it will not be a child."
   The witch raised the eyebrows and turned away, hiding the bottle.
"Why do you want my son?!" The king asked in despair.
"Why did you assume it will be your son?" The witch seemed to be even more surprised. "You came long way here for your son, I will not take him away from you."
The young king relieved. "Allright, I agree. I will await you in my castle in the agreed day with your payment."
   And the king went way back. It took him only few days to reach his castle. Immediately after the arrival he asked his wife about changes which occurred during his absence. She smiled mysteriously and leaded him to a room where in wicker basket a little newborn was sleeping - his daughter.
   The king turned pale, the fear gripped his heart. Such a fool he was! Blinded by the desire of having a son he doomed his little sweet child to gods know what! He grabbed the baby in his arms and run away. Few minutes later he escaped from the castle and the town still holding his child. The queen terrified by this ordered all knights to chase the king and save him and the baby from the sudden madness which obviously seized him. Unfortunately no one could reach the king who was galloping as if all demons were chasing him. He was heading to the only place which could protect his little darling from the evil. Eventually he stopped at the gates of a temple. A highest priestess listened to his story and agreed to keep the princess save in the temple. The king returned to his wife and with gentle words explained to her what would happen to their lovely child if she stayed here. The queen understood the situation and accepted his decision though her maternal heart was yearning for the child.
   Tenth day the king and the queen were awaiting for the announced arrival of the evil witch but she didn't show up. The king fell into panic. Immediately, fearing the worse, rushed to the temple. It turned out the witch didn't come there either. The ruler decided the princess should stay in the sacred place till the age of eighteen among many other servants of gods and orphans. After this he left giving his daughter paternal kiss, his royal ring and a name.
   In princess eighteen birthday the priestess summoned her and revealed her origin. The young woman received the ring and was told to go to the royal castle where her parents were awaiting her arrival. For the safe travel she could take one companion.

Offline ChantalTopic starter

Re: My fairy tales
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2012, 12:53:02 PM »
Just a dream

   The heavy, metal necklace looked like and insult on a slim, delicate neck. Massive decorations lacking a shred of artistry contrasted with the graceful female body. The owner of this lacing finesse piece of jewelery was sitting naked on a rock and with her head bowed was staring at the gaping chasm at her feet. Down below was just an empty road but the creature was waiting motionless, tensed. Only the wind was blowing her gray hair. There was nothing around, only dead rocks as far as eye could reach.
   Suddenly the woman's body went trembling. She straightened her back and lifted head revealing yellow inhuman eyes and stretched in a smile gray lips. Narrow fingers, still resting quietly on a rock, bent, delving into the stone like into the butter.
"Finally..." The word escaped from parted lips, a strong wind swept it away. The creature leaned slightly forward and fell into the abyss of silence. After a few seconds, just above the ground, her membranous wings spread with a bang. She dodged for an inch the canyon wall and fell like a storm on a traveler paralyzed with fear. Her hands grasped the human, her wings moved heavily when she flew upwards and disappeared.