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Started by As Day Fades, January 30, 2012, 08:19:17 AM

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As Day Fades

The vitals, quick 'n simple: I'm a male writer looking for a female to play the female role(s) in the ideas I've set below. None of these ideas are set in stone. They're not even writ in pen - they're all suggestions, they're just me thinking out loud, and we can add, subtract, and cater to whatever it is we'd both like our story together to be. I would like someone interested in playing with mature, taboo, and potentially dark desires and kinks, depending on what pairing we choose to go with. I would like someone to play with in either private messages or threads. I would like someone that carries her own weight in terms of imagination, in making this 'our' story, not 'my' story that she is simply an actress in. And, overall, I would like to make a new friend that I may have fun with. =)

God of War
Kratos/Pandora  -  This was such a short-lived pairing in the game, but yet the dynamic really struck me as interesting even in its limited time. Anything done here would clearly require at least a slight story alteration, if only to change the events so that both parties survive. From that we can go anywhere. Kratos and Pandora developed such an interesting daddy/daughter, protector/dependant relationship in such a short amount of time that it would be interesting to explore. I'm open to suggestions. Do we place it post-game, say maybe once things have calmed down Pandora becomes a servant/pet/sidekick of sorts to the war god? Perhaps she has no one/nowhere else and decides she wants to stick with him. Perhaps she insists/pleads to be accepted as his personal servant, with all that that entails. She's a grown woman, hm? She says so herself, despite her girlish looks. Think she's grown up enough to please even the God of War? ...What would be cuter than a petite, frecklefaced Pandora? Pandora with a constant baby bump~ With all the major deities in the pantheon slain, perhaps there's a suggestion/insistence of breeding. Olympus needs to be rebuilt, with them able to make it into whatever they want, no more pettiness. The world needs a litany of new gods and goddesses to stabilize it after all the natural disasters. Or maybe this is all just a far-off thought; maybe Pandora simply develops a desire to dress in some skimpy Greek attire, bend over an extravagant bed or an elegant couch, and for New Daddy to want her. Maybe Kratos sees her as an unintentionally adopted daughter, more or less, and knows he could take care of her better than someone else could, especially considering all she's been through.  --  Taken

Maybe when Kratos is off fighting monsters during the game Pandora gets carried off and raped by minotaur, or maybe she makes the terrible decision of hiding in what turns out to be the Hades Arm Room...

I'd also be open to other pairings, like Kratos/Aphrodite, even Kratos/Hera for the sake of 'replacing Zeus' in a conquering sort of way, or maybe Kratos paired up with some lesser goddess, but all of these I'm iffy on. You'd have to sell me something interesting. I'm mostly looking for something fun opposite a bubbly Pandora.

If by chance you would be interested in playing out some strong violence/possible death/'game over' scenarios, GoW has possibilities. Pandora getting raped and torn apart, or eaten alive, or there was that watery trap she got stuck in...

Resident Evil
Wesker/Jill  -  What if Jill's submission to Wesker wasn't through a device, or a virus? What if she turned sides of her own will? When she and her partner Chris confronted him together it was hauntingly obvious they weren't in the same league, even outnumbering him. What if, when she and Wesker crash through the window and disappear, what if following that she were to break down and plead for her life? She wouldn't have to love it. Hell, I imagine she'd have a face full of tears, a mouth full of blood, and an instinct to survive. Wesker won. She and Chris gave it their best shot, right? Everything they had. They gave it everything. Wesker's future is happening either way. Can you see her begrudgingly submitting to him at the beginning, in exchange for her life? Can you see her gradually changing her mindset? To start going along with the 'might makes right' mentality? Becoming a willful tool to further his ambition? Completely turning to believe in his plan for a new world? In his arrogance Wesker could 'perfect' her, turning his new, obedient pet into the ideal woman - pale skin, long blonde hair, large breasts(though she had those already), and a willful servant to her man while strong toward others. Maybe he even injects Jill with the virus, feeling it's up to fate to determine if she has a place in his new world or not.

Villagers/Sheva  -  I would love to do something with Chris and Sheva 'losing' or Sheva simply being dragged off and kidnapped while he's otherwise occupied. This can go a few different ways, from gory and violent with equal parts sex to simply sexual without the nastiness. Villager gangbang, anyone? Especially with the size modifications the virus makes on some people... Or imagine her stripped down, mouth gagged, hands bound, sandwiched between two of the fat, nasty Majini as both of her lower holes get plugged. This could be violent, from beatings to torture to Sheva eventually being used as a human sacrifice, or it can just be about rape, humiliation, and the tribesmen 'reclaiming her, reminding her who she really is,' they seeking to dress her up and brainwash the buxom broad into becoming one of their own. Frankly, so long as we have plenty of excuses to traipse her around in her jungle bikini outfit I think I'd be game~

I'd also be open to pairings from previous games, with Leon/Claire and Leon/Ashley sticking out in my mind, as 2 and 4 were my favorites in the series. Or maybe something with Ashley being raped and/or sacrificed by the Ganados, or being turned into Sadler's bitch. Or maybe something with Claire being separated from Leon, and she(and maybe Sherry too, if you'd be willing to double) gets abused by surviving humans, gets zombie raped, and don't forget about the rottweilers, or the huge spiders, or all the tentacles, or the larvae... (Note: I believe Sherry is a few years shy of sixteen in the game, so as per Elliquiy's rules we would need o make the appropriate, minor alteration.)

If by chance you would be interested in playing out some strong violence/possible death/'game over' scenarios, RE has possibilities. Quite a lot, actually. I've named a number of ideas already, and more can easily be thrown back and forth.

Final Fantasy
Snow/Lightning  -  It might go against both their personalities to do so, but can't you see these two getting into a heated argument, yelling, getting in each other's face, then one pressing up on the other as a catalyst for a passionate, angry fuck? Or maybe it's the exact opposite. Maybe the big argument has come and gone, and afterward, alone, these two pillars of strength make amends by letting down their emotional defenses around the other as they apologize, talking about how this whole journey is just daunting and terrifying. Can you see them laying in the grass in a sweet lovemaking session, 'I love you's exchanged like they're going out of style, only for things later to become very awkward, completely denied, and not spoken about until it all happens again? Maybe this unintended affair carries on to post-game, to after Serah is freed from her crystal state? Can you see them both feeling wretched about their secret whatever-the-hell-we're-doing-together thing, but yet not ready to give it up either?  --  Taken

Hope/Lightning  -  She takes on such an aggressive, yet protective attitude toward him when the duo set out together in the game. It felt like a pseudo-mother, or big sister sort of situation. What if that carried on into something more? A firm, no-bullshit attitude when it comes to the battlefield, to their mission or to anything serious, and a surprisingly caring side when it comes to emotional, vulnerable matters. I'm looking for Light to obviously be the top in this one, though whether she goes full dom or is simply calling the shots is up to you. (Note: I believe Hope is a few years shy of sixteen in the game, so as per Elliquiy's rules we would need to make the appropriate, minor alteration.)

Sazh/Vanille  -  When Lightning and Hope go one way together, Sazh and Vanille go another. Theirs is a bit more carefree, from a beautiful, lush forest to a festival, without any soldiers chasing them along the way. They had no real plans. Had the events of the game been different, could you see them disappearing from the ongoing events, ignoring all this l'Cie stress and just embracing life until one day, hopefully far down the line, their failed Focus turns them? But they're not concerned about that now. Not for awhile. Maybe not ever. I see the two of them spending quite awhile in that forest, enjoying nature, enjoying Vanille's free spirit, and just enjoying each other. Clothing optional. Relaxation guaranteed. Fun sex, cuddletiem, lighthearted play. Or...what if we went an entirely opposite route with the pairing? Dajh is turned to crystal, Sazh is furious, Vanille is desperate to make things better. Remember that heated conversation right before Sazh's summon showed up? What if it never appeared? How would it have ended? Am I the only one that sees a deliciously abusive relationship there? Thorough spankings, physical beatings, tons of verbal abuse and severe humiliation play, objectifying, prejudice/racism(with her bring from Oerba/Pulse, plus skin color and all that), Vanille crying during sex but making no effort to stop him...  --  In Discussion

Sazh/Jihl  -  This could take place either before or during the game's events, but it would probably be best before. Jihl is the military official that gains custody over Dajh once he gets the brand, so she and her decisions would easily have Sazh reluctantly wrapped around her finger. She didn't seem the sweet, caring type to me. More so the dommy type. I wonder what she could want from Sazh? It doesn't matter, really - whatever it is, he's in no position to refuse.

I'd also be open to other pairings. Lightning/Vanille is one that has me curious but I don't have any strong idea for it. Maybe something with Vanille and Fang, or even a sort of gangbang scenario inspired by Oerba; I remember when you first arrive and Vanille explains that they're all her and Fang's homes, not just one house, because everyone in Oerba shared everything. It made me instantly wondered if everything was actually everything - beds, clothes, toys, pets, food, even each other. Showering in front of others like it's a completely casual thing. Fucking each other, even animals, out in the open as if it were as socially acceptable as being caught reading a book or doing the laundry. Just the most relaxed, accepting environment you can think of. I'm also open to a variety of pairings from previous FF titles; my personal favorites are VI, Tactics and XII, but I've played them all, so if you have a pairing/idea you want to toss my way, please, by all means.

Blast. I don't actively have an idea for this to present(the one that I sort of do is currently off the table, being pitched to a friend), but I've got a number of hours logged into this game so far and I'm a big fan of Nordic settings in general, as well as some of the interesting opportunities this game provides for debauchery. So I'm going to leave this here as-is, simply mentioning the fandom and that I'd be interested in something, possibly, if an idea were to be pitched.

So there we go. If I were to rate my interest I'd say Kratos/Pandora is what I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the most right now, followed by Wesker/Jill second, and everything after that is roughly even. I am open to your suggestions, to your imagination, to your cravings, and certainly to any perversions we both may share. My ideal partner is someone who comes at me with thoughts in her PM, with opinions and ideas and something that breaks the ice better than the typical one-line 'ya i like your one idea lets go with that lemme know when u get the thread up'

As Day Fades

As Day Fades


You said you'd be open to other FF games, correct? Would you be willing to play with FFX?   ::)

As Day Fades

That is correct, and yes I would be. Would you care to send me a message with any ideas you have?


As Day Fades

I am marking certain story ideas as being taken or in discussion. Still keeping my hopes up for a good writing partner for a RE story! Others that are not crossed out are still available as well.