Hell, the rpg. GM, players sought

Started by Stattick, February 20, 2008, 05:12:53 AM

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**I don't think I'm skillful enough to run this, so seeing if someone else wants a go.**

Your life sucked. Then you died. Welcome to hell.

Each of us were deeply marred in life, twisted, or broken. Some of us were consumed by rage. Some of us were selfish beyond measure. Some of were corrupted by power or depravity. Some of us were broken by our childhood. Others of us went willingly with open eyes into the dark places of the human soul. There is one true thing about all of us, one common thread; darkness always called our name.

We'd been lied to. When we died, there was no light. Just the great black maw at the end of the tunnel. There weren't loved ones calling us gently into the great beyond. There was no escaping the great suction of the maw, and the powerful hands on the other side of the threshold. It was with rage or maniacal laughter that we were taken, and thrown to our fate.

Was it fate that saved us, or dumb luck? Regardless, it was the war and the chaos that allowed us a measure of freedom. It allowed at least a temporary respite, and a chance to break free of our bonds of soul forged steel, and our bonds of flesh and servitude. One totalitarian regime was overthrown, and the cynics say a new one is building up to replace it. The order of the day is still chaos, but fascism lurks to reassert its ugly control.

Can we young souls keep a degree of power and control in this new order to come? We have freedom now, but it won't last. Can we out-manuever, out-plot, and out-scheme the other demons that have been doing this for millenia, and have seen countless regeme changes? Or are we resigned to remain slaves, or worse yet, to be fractured and forged into soul-steel?

Ok, that was the basic concept. Set-up is this: Run yourself as a character. Fictionalize it some if you must. You must decide what sins, what darkness landed you in hell. Think long and hard about your flaws, about the wounds to your psyche, and about the things you love and hate. These are all made flesh as part of your demonic vissage. The most powerful things that drive you have twisted your form in a sort of dream-time logic. Every aspect of your visage makes you more powerful, but may also make you weaker in other ways. Think Hellraiser, Nightbane, Cabal, or Nightbreed and you're on the right path. Some may actually have a form that is attractive in an eery inhuman fashion. Pity the truly beautiful, for they are rare, and highly coveted. And like any of us, they will heal from any wound you can inflict upon them, and so they will always remain an object to be desired.

There are worse fates then to be beautiful though. It is possible to have your form permanently destroyed by having your body converted to soul-steel. You aren't truly dead though, your consciousness lives on, silently screaming in agony in your frozen form through all the generations yet to come. (Yes, articulated chains in your form are a possibility, as are pretty much any of the stuff from the Cynobites (Hellraiser) that I can recall.)

Having some trouble deciding what you might look like? Don't have the Nightbane game, or are unfamiliar with the inspiration material? See here to get some ideas for your form:

For simplicity sake, assume that the date of your death was today, 2/20/08.
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Stattick's Morphus:

Hulking Monster - I've always been a very angry person, with a hatred of authority. Nobody's going to push me around.
Pulsating Brain - I'm smarter then you are. (High IQ + a bit of arrogence)
Giant Mouth - I've got a big mouth. (orally fixated, talks too much, LOVES biting things - especially cute girls)
Stigmata, Nails - (bloody nails shoved through my flesh) I've never been any good (self esteem issues stemming from being an abused child). Stay away from me (best way to keep from being hurt by people is not letting them get close)
Glowing Eyes - people are always intimidated by my gaze, and I usually like it that way
Devil's Horns - as a child I was always made to feel bad, wrong, or outright evil. It's marked me. And darkness always calls my name... lol

Well, I guess I just showed how screwed up I am, while simultaneously showing how cool I'd be as a demon.

EDIT: I'm tired... I think I'll sleep for a while. I'll check and see if there's been any responses when I get up.
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I'd almost want to run an In Nomine game by the same seed...

Lemme see how I'd turn out...(editing in a moment.)
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