~Beat it out of him~ (Nazi Germany/ MxM )

Started by AithinTheElf, January 29, 2012, 12:00:36 AM

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Looking for a bit of a harsh story line, and someone who’d be willing to play a rather nasty character (Kotler).

Lieutenant Kotler~ Handsome, disciplined, arrogant, and ruthless.  Around 20-23 years old (or older if you prefer).  Taken from the book and movie, “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”, Kotler is a German Nazi, willing to break anyone he suspects of pitying/helping the Jews while masking his vile temper with a beautiful, blue-eyed smile.

(Sample images I thought I'd put up, nothing is final.)

Kristof~ Assistant and book keeper of Kotler, quiet, often hardfaced.  19 years old.  He doesn’t believe in the mistreatment of Jews and often does much to hinder the German’s business, though his father forces him to aid the soldiers.

Plot~ Kristof is forced by his father to join the Nazi force in the form of becoming an assistant to Lieutenant Kotler, a family friend.  The young man, though pretending to help Kotler and remain confidential, begins doing everything he can to sabotage his work and warn/free as many Jewish folk as possible.  Kotler finds out about these deeds one by one, and punishes him severely by beating him (as much as he can, for Kristof can put up a fight) and attempting to contain him.  Eventually, NonCon shall prevail, though not without a fight from the freedom and liberty seeking Kristof.

Basically, one of the those male vs. male fight for dominance rps with lots of physical and verbal defiance. :)