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Author Topic: One last chance [ F for M/F, original and fandom ideas ]  (Read 931 times)

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One last chance [ F for M/F, original and fandom ideas ]
« on: January 28, 2012, 09:34:43 PM »
My O/Os since people seem to be missing it in my signature. That should answer most questions you might have.

Edited second post with pairing idea.

Basically, first post is things I'll kill for. They're mostly fandoms.
Second post is... well, it's mostly fandoms too, with some generic pairing ideas.
Third post is samples.

Alright.  I did it again, and I said I wouldn't. I'm a horrible person and I feel bad even coming back here - I feel like a bad dog that has bit the hand of the master that takes such good care of it, slunk off to go hide somewhere for a while, and then limped back with my tail between my legs.

Suffice to say, it wasn't just depression that dragged me away this time, but still, there's really no excuse. And, I mean, if I keep doing it, what does it say about me? That you can't trust me, that's what. But... whatever. One more chance. Third strike and I'm out and all that.

Alright, now that that's all out of the way, I'm reshaping my thread just the tiniest bit. A few ideas have been taken out because I don't have interest in them anymore, and a few (mostly fandom, because I'm an arse) have been added.

I'm actually going to change things around so that the first post is a list of things I so desperately want to roleplay that I'll pretty much do anything for anyone who will do them with me. The second post will be a list of everything I do and any original ideas I have, and the third post will be samples of my writing.

Yes, I'm looking for OC (me) x canon. So sue me!

Would you kindly give me what I'm craving?

Alright, so, while I got what the movie was going for, I didn't exactly enjoy it. "Then why do you want to roleplay it?!" you're asking. I'm getting there...

It wasn't that it was a bad movie... it wasn't. I just hate, hate, hate, hate cheaters. Try and defend them all you want. Bruce Banner wannabe, No Tits, and Glowing Blue Cock are terrible people and you won't get me to think otherwise (and yeah, don't get me started on The Comedian - I have a love/hate relationship with Tony Stark because fuck his philandering ways! but even I think he has more class than that ass... hey, that rhymed). Point being, I hate cheaters with the burning hot passion of a thousand neutron stars going supernova.

But I did love one person in that movie and you've probably already guessed who.

No, not Pretty Boy. He deserved a size twelve up his ass.

Walter Kovacs. AKA Rorshach. AKA played by the hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh of sexy himself, Jackie Earle Haley. Jesus God, I never thought I could love a miniature, soulless, ginger, homeless vigilante as much as I do Walter. But that intense stare. Those freckles. That scruff. Those gloves. That sign. That mask. That voice. Those arms. That wifebeater. HNNNGH.

Please. Please, someone, for the love of God, feed this obsession of mine. I don't have plots as such, just little snippets of ideas. One being that my character is accosted in an alley and saved by Rorsharch (potential for her to become a hero herself here - I have a version of her that has a left mech arm, and, er, not that I get off on gore but they are fun scenes to write, if she got her arm cut off before he found her, well...). Because of how badly she was hurt, he starts to check in on her as Walter, and slowly begins to learn more about her. (She'd basically be a soft, sweet, nerdy, naive virgin. Potential for her to become one extremely badass hero, but that wouldn't change the core of her, the "good girl".) That's my main idea, the one that's more fleshed out.

I have three others but they're not even that fleshed out (if you could even call it that) - one where she's a consulting detective (who is either after him or unknowingly helping him with a case - or maybe he comes to her and finds out how alike they are in their mindset towards criminals); one where she's a nurse (in the prison where he was at for about all of a two seconds in the film even though they were like, the best scenes in the entire movie - we'd obviously lengthen this stay, and yes, he's Rorschach and has amazing tiny ginger ninja moves but that doesn't mean he doesn't get hurt once in a while); or one where she's a psychiatrist (same kind of idea as the consulting detective - she has the same mindset towards criminals as him).

Mostly, I'm looking for some awkward love and lust, some slice of life moments, some mushiness and sweetness (er, you know, as sweet as a guy who mostly talks in grunts can be), and of course, some downright crazy, wild sex. The quiet ones are always the best in bed, don't you know?

...Please. I need this like a man dying of thirst needs water. Hnngh.

Tintin (Or young male adventurer/detective/reporter/what have you - so this idea can totally work with just OCs, but I am looking for a boyscout that she can, and I use this term very loosely and in a non-BDSM way, dom)
Paris. City of Lights. City of dreams, adventure, and romance. City of fun! When the circus comes to town, it's excitement all around for children and adults alike. The best act is clearly their acrobat, Mademoiselle Abeille, in her glittering gold and black costume, who does death-defying acts of agility and grace with a smile and a laugh.

The only thing that could possibly spoil this relaxing trip to Paris is that a new burglar has appeared as well, stealing valuable jewels and artifacts from stores and museums.

Funny, the burglar showed up at exactly the same time the circus did...

Star Wars
I am not a crazy Star Wars fan that is so into the series that she knows every little thing about it. I've watched the movies. And let's just get this out of the way first - if I do any roleplay based around Star Wars, it will NOT be based around The Original Trilogy. I know. I just heard the sound of a million hearts breaking.

I don't like The Original Trilogy. BLASPHEMY, you say! YOU CAN'T BE A STAR WARS FAN! Yes. I can. It's not blasphemy, it's my opinion. I could really not give a flip about Vader. My two favorite movies are The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. And you can put down those rotten tomatoes right now. I can like whatever the hell I want and still be a fan. (Sorry if I seem rough about this. I've been attacked for my opinions on this in the past. Attack me and I'll report you.)

I also VERY MUCH love The Clone Wars 3D show. So anything between Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Shit I mean Sith is loved.

I don't have a lot of plots in mind, but I'd like to either play a Jedi, a Jenseraai, a Sith (or one of those that goes to the other side or something), a bounty hunter(ess?), a criminal mastermind (either some kind of master thief or someone who "owns" a planet by just being an utter badass - like Kasumi Goto or Aria from Mass Effect 2), or a simple cantina dancer. Obviously, you're free to play an OC as well, however, I do have a list of canons I adore and would love to play next to: [Darth Maul, Savage Opress, Cad Bane, Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grievous, Jango Fett, Boba Fett, any clone, Count Dooku, Mace Windu, Kit Fisto]

Note: I really, really, really, really, really, really, really love clones. And Dugs. <3

...And I guess you could potentially get me into an Original Trilogy plot if Moff Tarkin is involved. God, I love older gentlemen.

COMIC BOOK ROLEPLAYS: (Some plots for Batman are in second post!) Batman [Penguin (NOT. BURTON. VERSION.), Riddler, Scarecrow, The Mad Hatter, Great White Shark, Black Mask (Roman Sionis, not Jermiah Arkham), Bane, Clayface (Boris or Matthew), Ra's al Ghul, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, Two-Face, James Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Aaron Cash]; Thor [Loki, Odin, Thor, Hiemdall]; The Avengers [Clint Burton/Hawkeye; Thor; Loki; Nick Fury; Bruce Banner/Hulk; Tony Stark/Iron Man; Steve Rogers/Captain America]; Captain America [Steve Rogers/Captain America; Johann Schmidtt/Red Skull - of course, this would require you not squicking at the potential mentioning of Nazis]; Superman [Superman, Lex Luthor]; Green Lantern [Killowog, Tomar-Re; Deegan for the few who've seen Emerald Knights, if anyone besides myself has]; Iron Man [Tony Stark, and you'll have to talk me into this, because my character hates guys like Tony + plus she's a super mech nerd herself, but that could be really fun].

Fallout or Fallout/post apocalyptic based [3 or New Vegas. Some of the ideas I have for this, which are in the second post, are original, so it'd be pretty much all OCs. However, I'm totally and thoroughly open to any canon non-feral male ghouls in any type of plot. Any. Ahzrukhal, Dr. Barrows, Dean Domino, Desmond, Charon, Gob, Griffon, Jason Bright, Murphy, Raul, Roy Phillips - listen, I like ghouls. A lot. Okay?]

Virginal wizard (or witch) or paladin x necromancer, witch, undead (Go to second post to see more details - would REALLY love to play a hot, sexy necromancer with her virginal undead assistant!)
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Re: Would you kindly list your ideas [ F for M/F ]
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2012, 09:56:24 PM »
This post is for plot ideas I have, fandom and original. Fandom at the top, original at the bottom. (Because, remember, I'm an arse.)


Most of these plots center around my favorite villain of all time, The Penguin aka Oswald Cobblepott. Don't mention the movie or I keel you.

(Oh, and for the record - a lot of people actually assume I want his body type altered, that I, in fact, would like him skinny. Trust me, I would not. Chubby, rolly-poly, whatever you want to call it, that is part of the attraction for me. I am, if anything, a chubby-chaser.)

"Time for my favorite pastime - screwing Pennyworths!" - I... loved writing that line way too much. Ahem, anyway.

As anyone who's seen The Batman knows, that version of The Penguin is a crass, rude little bastard. Makes for many fun ideas, such as this one.

Before the Pennyworths served the Waynes, they were the domestics of the Cobblepots. However, when the Cobblepot fortune was lost, the Pennyworths left in quite a hurry - saying the Cobblepots had been a bunch of mannerless pricks anyway.

Skip to the current year, where Bruce Wayne is young, rich, and famous, there's crazy criminals starting to crawl up from the cracks in Gotham, a cowled crusader called "The Bat" or "The Batman" is trying to clean up the streets. Alfred Pennyworth has brought into the manor his niece, a young woman who's taken on the Pennyworth name because she's interested in doing domestic work as well.

Somehow, someway, Oswald Cobblepot gets his flippers - er, hands - on her (or she volunteers to work for him to try and end the bad blood between the Waynes + Pennyworths and the Cobblepots), and forces her to be his maid and do anything - anything - his perverted little mind can think up.

I'm seeing it as starting as small things at first, since he's kind of clumsy with women, making her wear the maid outfit, lots of touching and groping, making her treat him like a king, before it either escalates into sexual demands OR she herself notices how rather... excitable he can get and she just takes care of him without an order, after she finds she's oddly attracted to the little bastard. I would eventually like it if it ended up partially mushy-romance (again, I'm a girl, I can't help it), but we'll see.

Mommy's Good Little Boy - A simple idea, one in which I'd play Oswald Cobblepot's still very young and attractive mother. She had never been anything but a loving wife until the late Mr. Cobblepot (Oswald's father) accused her of cheating after she had Oswald. She became distant and cold towards him then, especially when he treated his youngest (or only, whatever) son like filth because of his differences. Now that he's dead, she's free to bring her son back into the nest and give him all the love she gave him as a child - and even more, now that he's grown up.


(Like I said, I adore ghouls. There's only a few human canons I like - Butch, Moriarty (would love to do a LW x Moriarty that shifts into LW x Gob), King, Benny, maybe Boone...)

A Deal's A Deal - "But I don't have 2,000 caps." "And you want his contract very badly, don't you?" "Yes." "1,000 caps then." "1,000..? Steep, but... alright -" "And one other thing..." In which my character, the Lone Wanderer, becomes slave to Ahzruhkal for a day/week/month/year (whatever) to obtain Charon's contract. Could later progress to LW x Charon in a number of ways. (Could also do something similar to this with Moriarty - she wants something but doesn't have the caps, so he makes a deal with her - in turn, a scene with Moriarty could later turn into LW x Gob.)

Out In The West Texas Town Of El Paso... (Hah, like anyone's gonna get that reference.) He had lost every woman he had ever truly cared about. So when he met the Courier, he swore to himself he would not let the same thing happen to her. He's never told her how he feels, because hey, that's not how Raul rolls. He likes to pine from far away. However, one day she leaves him outside The Fort, promising him she's only gone to talk to Ceaser. Not two minutes later, he hears gunshots and shouting. In which my Courier, in eradicating Ceaser and his Legion from The Fort, gets hurt very badly in the presence of Raul. Not wanting to see what could be the last love of his life die, he works as hard as he can to save her, and maybe in the process lets her know how he feels. (As I've stated many many many times now, I'm a girl. I like romance and sweetness along with my hardcore smut.)

Other video games I'm interested in doing something with: L.A. Noire [Finbarr 'Rusty' Galloway]; Dragon Age (Origins, Awakenings, 2) [Alistair, Loghain, Sten, Anders, Justice, Varric]; Mass Effect (let's just not talk about 3, but know that you'll really have to talk me into this because of 3) [Garrus, Kaiden, Wrex, Anderson, Joker, Udina, Grunt, Legion, Mordin, Zaeed, The Illusive Man, James Vega, Javik]; Left 4 Dead 2 [Francis, Nick, Ellis, Coach]; Legend of Zelda [Ganondorf]; Team Fortress 2 [any class, OCs or the actual team from the "Meet the" videos.]

Random shit

I'd also really love to do something set in The Venture Brothers universe, with my own character set aside either Henchman 21/Gary (before or after, er... 24's accident), Dr. Orpheus, Rusty Venture, or The Monarch/Malcolm (potentially Jonas Jr. Venture... maybe). I have a few sort of semi-plots but I doubt anyone is going to want to do that with me, so that's why I'm not listing them here. Still... mucho brownie points if you're interested?

Mad World
Basically, the world is the same, except humans co-exist with "monsters" - both the boogeymen from nightmares and things you're more likely to read about in a Dungeons and Dragons monster manual. I'm looking to do three settings, in which I'd play a human alongside your chosen "monster" (in bold are the roles I would like to play) -

Wild West
Sheriff x criminal (would like to maybe incoorporate my female dressing in drag, which could lead to blackmail potential if discovered, but this isn't set in stone)
Rancher x cowboy (same as above)
Bartender x Client (Can be crossdressing female sheriff, outlaw, cowgirl, whatever you'd like.)

Crime Noir
Detective/cop x Criminal
Detective x client
Bartender x Client

Modern (any generic pairing would be fine, I'm just going to list the ideas that really jump out at me)
Cop/parole officer x criminal
Superhero(ine) x super villain(ess)
Bartender x client

A list of monsters I'd really love to play with (suggest your own of course!)
Intelligent zombies (obviously not mindless flesh/brain eaters - hey, it's no weirder than a girl wanting to fuck a vampire. If you've played Fallout, think ghouls. Completely rotting zombies not wanted, but bits of bone showing here and there, or small parts like nose/ears missing are a-okay. Would love to play next to one of these.)
Yuan-ti/snake people (in which nagas are only a subset, the more serpentine, the better!)
Any reptilian humanoids, maybe amphibious humanoids.
Vampires/werewolves/demons/angels - MAYBE, but only if you make them interesting. None of this young, handsome, and sparkling crap. Sell me on them or no-go.

Random generic pairings I have no plots for
Bold is who I'd like to play

Virginal wizard (or witch) or paladin x necromancer, witch, undead (And this can be switched in ANY way - hell, playing a necromancer with her virginal undead slave would be hilarious, fun, and great all around! If you're confused by what I mean by virginal wizard or why I have that particular "job" class selected - think Rincewind from Terry Pratchett's Discworld. He wouldn't HAVE to be a mage, but I really love the idea of an older man, who's been told he can't have sex because it will adversely affect his magic, getting captured and teased by a sexy young witch or necromancer and finding out that sex/achieving orgasm actually makes his magic more powerful or something along those lines.)

Sheriff x outlaw (willing to play either, could be fun to do a "male" outlaw who's really female in drag). Or just some kind of cowboy character would be nice, can be Wild West or modern.

Mafia don or member x cop or detective

Priest/nun x nun/church member

Priest or priestess x necromancer or witch/wizard, or dark god, demon, spook or whatever

Inmate x guard or parole officer

Adventurer x monster (or "monster" - I love all sorts of old-school fantasy races and we can use any of them for either of these roles, from dwarves and dragonborn to goblins or orcs or trolls, and YES, I'm fine with the good guy adventurer being a goblin or orc or troll, fuck that bullshit that says "These races have to be this alignment for no reason").

Alien (be creative, not creepy, I don't want something that looks like ET or JUST a giant tentacle monster) x abducted

Animated sentient non-brain-eating zombie (think... think Frankenstein or something) x creator

Experiment (android or robot doll?) x scientist

Ghost x medium? The person living in the house they died in? I don't want it to be horrifying or anything though.

Good ol' boy (or girl) x city slicker

Paparazzi x star/rising star (I'm kind of looking for a more sleazy fast-talker than some goodhearted handsome gentleman.)
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Re: One last chance [ F for M/F, original and fandom ideas ]
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2012, 06:33:57 PM »
From a Fallout roleplay
She had been minding her own business when it happened. And still, she couldn't be sure how it had happened in the first place.

 It wasn't like she was stupid or careless. She had been born out in the Wastes - or that's what people told her. She had been raised out there.

 The Brotherhood often spoke of destiny. Maybe it was that - maybe it was destiny that had gotten her captured, one lonely night when she was falling asleep. She slept light, an animal's sleep, guarding herself no matter where she was at. But that night, a week ago now, had been different. She didn't do drugs (besides the occassional helpful Stimpack or Mentats once in a while, and you couldn't live in the Capital without taking Rad-Away or Rad-X here and there), and while she did have a drink once in a while, she hadn't had a sip of anything besides water that entire day or night.

 She shouldn't have been that tired, she shouldn't have fallen asleep so soundly, she should have woken up before the Slaver's had gotten the collar around her neck.

 Maybe it was destiny. But it was pretty shitty destiny, if you asked her.

 She was placed in a cage with a lot of others. All of them looked wary. A few of the younger ones - women mostly - looked scared. She felt bad for them. In her own way, she tried to protect them. The Slavers' didn't know what to think of this one - she was smaller than any of the others, weaker looking, still pale and not tanned and wrinkled like a fruit from being out in the sun for long periods of time. And the glasses were an utter mystery to them. But every time one of them leered or made comments about any of the women, they would get snarled at, snapped at. The same had happened when they had tried to take her glasses - she had allowed them to take her well-oiled leather armor, her weapons, even her favorite dust-catcher hat, had sullenly gotten into the badly fitting cloth dress all the females wore. But when it had come to her glasses, she had fought. And she had fought when she was first brought in, first undressed, and a few of the men had tried to take her aside to "measure" her.

 So her glasses were not taken. Neither was her dignity - one of the men now boasted a new circle-ish scar on his arm, another one had almost lost a finger. She was like a dog, so between themselves they called her 'Bitch', since she had not been so forthcoming with her name. She didn't care one way or the other. Once the people in the cage heard what she had done, they mostly left her alone. Scuffles that did break out over her attitude or her glasses were quickly and quietly taken care of with no fatalities and few bad injuries.

 She had never seen the "Man With No Face", but she had heard of him, of his reputation, of the way he went through companions like most people went through food. She wasn't well known through the Wastes by name, but there had been talk of the Brotherhood's new "Bloodhound", a hireling they sent out specifically after mutants and ghouls. She had done well in that job. She felt it was her duty to protect people - especially the Brotherhood, who had raised her and taught her - from the feral creatures that were now so common.

 Glancing up from her place, crouched on the ground, she didn't stand immediately. She cast her bright green eyes over the one pointing at her - could it really be the "Man With No Face"? It didn't seem likely, but he fit the description. Slowly, she stood, sauntering over to the front of the cage, easily passing between the people who quickly got out of her way.

 She stood about 5'3". It was almost laughable how tiny she seemed compared to the other people around her. She was dusty, and there were a few hand shaped bruises on her arms. Her hair was messily done up, but not tangled, into a high, loose bun. But she was cool, calm, collected. She stood straight, with her hands at her sides, like a soldier, but her gaze became disdainful.

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Re: One last chance [ F for M/F, original and fandom ideas ]
« Reply #3 on: October 11, 2012, 09:35:52 PM »
[ Oct 11, 2012 ] Updated with new craving --- Tintin