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May 23, 2018, 04:01:26 PM

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Author Topic: Onward into the Night || M seeking M/F or M/M || Fandom and Original Within  (Read 1387 times)

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Offline Captain My CaptainTopic starter

Hello and welcome to my little diddy about what I feel up to mucking with. Yes, mucking. I'm a fairly busy fellow so I'll try not to keep us here too long with overdrawn lists and figures, all right?

For simplicity's sake you may go here for my O&Os. If there are any questions in regards to them, please feel free to ask. I admit I may be slower to respond. On average I work between forty to forty-five hours a week with the rest of my time spent with my fiance. Naturally I'm slightly preoccupied, but that doesn't stop me from coming here to play games with ya'll. Right? Right.

I prefer pm and forum based games. Simply put I haven't the connection for messenger based. Nor am I actually on longer than to check on my creative liaisons and whatnot. I also prefer those with a higher literary talent. No one-liners or singular paragraphs. Three or more paragraphs per response, please.

Things I may currently be seeking more than others-
*Older man with younger individual. This can be M x F or M xM.
*Historical based games with original characters or actual figures. Again, gender doesn't matter. I just really like the idea of playing with these things. Preferred time periods would be the Victorian era, World War II, and some Renaissance.
*Someone to play with the world of Hannibal Lecter. It is an intense place, but I'd love to travel through his memory palace with a talented player. Just saying.

Now let us break down into series and the like. I'll display the gender roles and the characters I prefer to play. I will stress those I will not play under any circumstances, though I imagine there shouldn't be too awful many.

Video Games
Metal Gear Solid:
Characters I Play:
Solid Snake, Ocelot, Vamp, and Liquid Snake.
Characters I Won't Play:
Hal Emmerich. Nothing against him. I just can't. Emma, Solidus, and Raiden are others I'm just not cozy with.
Preferred pairs:
Solid/Otacon, Big Boss/Ocelot, Ocelot/Solid, Solid/Liquid, Liquid/Otacon, Vamp/Otacon, and Vamp/Raiden.
Pairs I Just Won't Do:
At this moment I can't think of any.
MxM or MxF ideas welcome.

Silent Hill:
Characters I Play:
I like playing the monsters. I have played Vincent before though and I enjoy him as a character.
Characters I Won't Play:
James. He's a crybaby.
Preferred Pairs:
Vincent/Heather, Vincent/Claudia, and Monsters/Whoever.
Pairs I Just Won't Do:
I'm fairly open to ideas so long as I've played the game.
MxM or MxF ideas welcome.

Valkyrie Profile:
Characters I Play:
Lezard Valeth, Rufus, and Einherjar.
Characters I Won't Play:
I don't think I'm actually adverse to anyone for this series.
Preferred Pairs:
Rufus/Alicia, Rufus/Lezard, Lezard/Alicia, Einherjar/Valkyrie, and Lezard/Lenneth.
Pairs I Just Won't Do:
You know, I don't really mind anyone. Just note that I've played only the second game, so first game people would have to be explained.
MxM or MxF ideas welcome.

Tales of the Abyss:
Characters I Play:
Jade Curtis, Gailardia Gardios, Van Grants, Largo, Reiner (the kid from Doth that kept Dist's flightstone), Barrelow (yep, the robot), Aslan Frings, and Peony Malkuth.
Characters I Won't Play:
Luke/Asch, Mohs, Arietta, Lagretta, Tear, Ion, or Anise.
Preferred Pairs:
Jade/Dist, Jade/Anise (when properly aged), Guy/Jade, Guy/Luke, Van/Dist, Van/Lagretta, Largo/Jade, Reiner/Dist, Barrelow/Dist, Barrelow/Jade, Frings/Cecil, Frings/Jade, Peony/Guy, Peony/Nephry, Peony/Jade, and Peony/Dist. I do also like the idea of Jade with the Nebilim replica.
Pairs I just won't do:
Anything with Arietta. Or Ion.
MxM or MxF ideas welcome.

Assassin's Creed:
Characters I Play:
Desmond Miles, Shaun Hastings, Ezio Auditore, Cesare Borgia, and Yusulf.
Characters I Won't Play:
Mabye Claudia and his mother? Otherwise I'm open to try people.
Preferred Pairs:
Desmond/Shaun, Shaun/Rebecca, Ezio/Leonardo, Ezio/Sophia, Cesare/Ezio, Cesare/Leonardo, and Yusulf/Ezio.
Pairs I Just Won't Do:
Anything with Claudia or his mother. I'm really just against them, I suppose.
MxM or MxF ideas welcome.

All the Rest
Characters I Play:
Doctor Lecter, Jack Crawford, and Paul Krendler.
Characters I Won't Play:
Starling or Ardelia.
Preferred Pairs:
Lecter/Clarice, Krendler/Clarice. Also, if none would kill me, a form of control between Chilton and Hannibal. He was so obsessed with the doctor I imagine Chilton would do anything for a one-up.
Pairs I Just Won't Do:
I think I'm fairly open in this realm. I quite like the setting and all.

BBC Wallander:
Characters I Play:
Kurt Wallander
Characters I Won't Play:
Preferred Pairs:
Pairs I Just Won't Do:
 I'm not actually biased in this realm. Poor Wallander just needs some love/happiness somewhere.

BBC Sherlock:
Characters I Play:
Henry Knight, Gregory Lestrade, John Watson, Anderson, and Richard Brook (aha, alternate Moriarty).
Characters I Won't Play:
Preferred Pairs:
Lestrade/Holmes (either with a  leaning towards Mycroft), Watson/Holmes (either), and Anderson/Sherlock.
Pairs I Just Won't DO:
Offhand I can't seem to think of any.

Original Ideas for Hire:

The Ire of a Gentleman- A scenario set in the farmlands of the southern parts of North America. The Southern States are notorious for the plantations and as such many familial empires were born from the backs of slaves.

The gentleman in question would be a late twenties to early forties man who, rather than focusing purely on the cotton fields, has a more keen interest in the fruit orchards. At his age with no wife many view him as odd, yet he doesn't really care. A content bachelor he enjoys his time alone. However, a new servant to the house (be it man or woman) may just change his views.

This idea is open for MxM and MxF activity. The servant in question shouldn't be too demure. Respectful, yes, but please no mice. Someone to challenge his intellect and stir him would be more than pleasant.

Better Make it Count- This idea can be considered non-con or dub-con.

An older wealthy man seems to have everything he wants. Yet, with a cheating wife and a marriage on the brink of collapse, he finds a need for one natural thing- attention and physicality. The first girl had been an accident. She was a prostitute he hired and took to an alley. She recognized his face as a politician and tried to blackmail him. Couldn't have that, now could he? After knocking her unconscious he brought her to his mountain vacation home where he proceeded to get his money's worth. She had last words, which she didn't make count, and he killed her. It became an addiction.

After the first one he has abducted, raped, and killed six others. No bodies have been found. No claims made. This politician is more charismatic than ever. In his pride he even toys with his victims. He always gives them one chance to say something which might spare them. Something to catch his attention. "Better make it count."

This idea is for MxF only. And, indeed, the statement she makes better be worthwhile or the woman will die. No pressure, right?

History and Obsession- Time marches forward and so often leaves things behind which should never be forgotten. Even in this rotting old castle he recalls how once humanity had loved and feared his kind. Now there was the constant nagging of how many of his kind existed any more. The dragon, dwelling in the ruins of a castle within Europe, has separated himself from all the world to remain in the past. What should happen if someone happened upon him? Would the first person he meets become the obsession of the abandoned?

This idea is open to MxM and MxF. The dragon will have shifting abilities, but sexual play may also include the beast in its natural form. Just a heads-up.

For I am Greed- A young man who loves the paranormal goes with a group to an old church for a night. The proprietor of the church warns them that there lies a darker entity in the facility and no one can help it pass to the next life. Naturally so- considering it's a demon. Not just any demon at that. The cardinal sin Greed.

Many of the people wandering in the group are sinners or skeptics. They verbally harass and cause trouble for both the spirits in the church as well as Greed. Yet the young man approaches kindly.

"Who are you? Why is it you're here? Is there something I can do to help you?"

Even when the scenario turns darker the young man continues to be kind. The next day, when they leave, Greed follows him home.

This idea is MxM oriented. I'll be looking for someone to play Greed. The idea gives ample room for some roughing up and dubious consent to non-con for sex. The idea is not to be a rapist, but a demon hell-bent on claiming the young man and keeping him. Greed is naturally a monstrous thing and desires deeply. He will want the boy fully.

Day to Day Struggles- After a car accident the protagonist has been made an amputee. Stubborn and determined to be independent he tries to get on with his life, but there are just some things that can't be done any more. So his brother tries to get him a sitter/caregiver. Naturally the idea is rejected and makes him somewhat bitter towards whomever comes to tend. Yet, with time and perhaps some coercion, he'll find that being cared for isn't all so bad.

This idea is for MxM only. I'm looking for a caretaker. This could open up for some serious power-bottoming or for simply sweet interaction.

One More Glass- A bartender in a slow local bar is polishing up glasses and hoping to close up shop. Business has slowed down since a new night club came into town and rumors of his bar's closing hang in the air. After being hassled by well-wishers and people trying to buy the bar he just wants to go home. Enter the patron. A last-minute gentleman who orders a simple drink. This gentleman, however, is a thing of the paranormal. Be it a vampire, were-creature, or devil. This thing has the capability to fix his problems (though he has no idea) and perhaps it's bored. Regardless, he can either be a rude host or the man he always has been.

Why turn away a stranger asking for just that one glass?

This idea is for MxM only. I am willing for my bartender to be a switch this round. This can be a one shot or perhaps a full-length thing.

I Broke the Rule: Traveling for business he had decided to make a few stops at various tourist centers and appreciate the beauty of the strange land. Naturally a handsome man (either younger or older) he stood out amongst the natives. A decision was made. Sitting in a bar reputably safe for tourists (oh wee lamb) he laughed and carried on with new-found friends and disregarded a simple rule. Do not accept anything from anyone you do not know. The world had spun and reeled, these companions taking him to a safe bed.

Here the idea is a little open. There are various routes to go. You have a slave-trade option where he may be tested, bought, or already sold and coming to in his new home. You could also turn this to a supernatural idea and have him purchased by perhaps a vampire or other creature in need of a human for feeding. There is also the concept of an aristocrat of some kind having taken a liking to him and stealing him away before he could return home. Possibilities are endless.

This idea is open to MxM and MxF. If an older male character is chosen he will be solidly dominant, but the younger male may go either way.

Eine kleine Nachtmusik: The opera house had long been abandoned. The decision to restore the facility and bring it back to the modern era as a classic entertainment had been costly, but the value of this renewed history would be well worth it. During a late night studying in the facility the new owner heard the sound of a violin. With constant calling and searching the source was not found.

Days went on like this until finally, one night just as stars faded to dawn, they found a man playing in the orchestral pit of the stage. Before they reached the pit, however, the morning had come and the music had stopped. The man was nowhere to be seen. Carpenters moving old stage props and the like around showed the owner the various items before coming upon a life-sized marionette. A man dressed in pauper's clothing. The owner touched and prodded, certain this was the same man who had been playing before, but finding that this was indeed just a wooden doll.

Finally they waited one night hidden in the audience and noted the wobbly thing crawl through a small space under the stage and up to the pit, returning once more to his piano. He seemed softer now in the night lights and from their position they couldn't see the knobby joints anymore. He was almost human. And so the curious drive to learn more began.

I would be the marionette. This idea is open for MxM and MxF. It's almost a romantic plot, I'd say, and your character would likely be key for his development as a person.

Currently Involved In:

Day to Day Struggles- As Rourke Kensington.

Bargained Safehouse- As Acelin the Bartender.

Cannibal's Treat- As Hannibal.

Broken Bonds- As Ezekiel the mad doctor and Lot Fisher.

Unbound Gentleman- As Isaac Hughes

Grizzly to a Man- As the werebear Cairn.

Dragon's Charge- As Aurelio the Golden Dragon.

Heroes Don't Exist- As John Watson.
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Offline Captain My CaptainTopic starter

Update :June 15th, 2015

After a very long hiatus I am coming back full throttle. Life is settling down and finally I can designate some time to writing. I have a very steady schedule and can provide some attention to these games. It doesn't mean I will be on every day, but I can reply more often.