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Started by Lady Kitsune, January 28, 2012, 04:23:31 PM

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Lady Kitsune

Needing to purrrrrr......

I have been away from the writing thing for awhile and now I would like to do some writing, so I am posting these ideas to throw myself out there.  Please PM me if you are interested. The stories are not written in stone and a collaboration can be done to fit both writer's needs.  I am very much in the mood for things that shock and awe, so the more dominant the male, the better.  If need be, I also can play the male role.  I can play more than one character as well, but I do like that reciprocated.  I look for literate and intelligent writers and prefer posts to be a few paragraphs long at least.

So let me know in a PM if you are interested.  ;D

*Craving* Dangerous Games - Shayne is a noble in the High Court (Vampire/Fae/Other - that can be worked out). She is one in a few in line to the throne of an aging/dying Monarch. No heir has been made apparent but the Monarch has announced that only the strongest shall ascend the throne as heir. She does not have any real interest in ruling but it has become obvious it matters not as some of the others are dying painfully. Someone wantsto be King. With no one to trust, she realizes that her only option is to gain the throne herself to stay alive.  She finds herself fighting for her life outnumbered but help comes from the most unlikely of places. The roguish but charming lesser noble has come to her aid, a delight in the High Court. His family was once a part the higher nobles but her father disgraced his Uncle and his family was reduced in rank. He is surprised to find out who she is but she knows him as polite and honorable. She begs his aid because he is powerful enough to stand by her side against all comers. He agrees and gives her his utter loyalty but now she is faced with a new dilemma. His polite and gentlemanly ways is just sheep's covering for his more wolfish demeanor. He see this as a chance to take revenge for his family's disgrace. The deal is she must give in to his whims and demands. That brings on a personal dilemma..the fact that she is starting to like it despite her continuous protests.

The Philosopher’s…..Toy? – An estranged uncle leaves his legacy to twin males.  He leaves them some encrypted instructions about how he has created the Philosopher’s Stone.  They find out that he was part of the secret brotherhood, the Magnum Opus.  That he and his father and so on, had been painfully creating the Philosopher’s stone and it was nearly finished but for the man’s untimely death.  Beneath the house is an underground grotto.  Come to find out that the "stone" is a girl who steps forth fresh and innocent from a huge flower.  One twin is dark and the other is kinder…sort of, and they have their own ideas as to what to do with her.  She can give them great power.  The uncle did leave them a cautionary note to be careful.  Troy fell because of another "stone" and that not to reveal this one because people would try to kill for it. (This one needs tweaking, just not sure how)

Some Fandom Ideas - Just throwing out there that I would do anything in the Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Firefly, Sherlock, or Doctor Who Universes. Cannon or not is okay with me. I also do manga or anime like Bleach but no Naruto, please.

Twisted Erotic (or not) Disney/Fairytales - At heart, I cannot resist a fairytale and now that I am all grown up, I cannot resist a twisted one. Maybe Prince Charming is not so charming. And as for Captain Hook...if it is Once Upon A Time's Captain Hook *sighs*. It really can be anything, in any time period. I suppose I would like a dashing but dark male counterpart. Ok, maybe what I really want is a piratey (is that even a word?) Captain Hook tale but I can do any fairytale.

Things I am interested in writing about for the moment if nothing appeals to you - I am into darker writing. Light, happy romance is kind of hard because I am not sure I am wired that way. (Not that I don't want it in RL just that when I write, I lean more to the dark side). I do like Post-apocalyptic, Star Wars, Espionage,Horror, Shinobi and Fantasy of any kind. I do want to try Steampunk but I am not fully familiar with it. I love NC and extreme, so no worries there. It never hurts to hit me up with an idea.

I'm pretty laid back but I like to write long posts so I would like some effort reciprocated. If something is not to your liking just let me know, we can always change it because we are not hacking the story into stone. It should be fun for both writers.
I am working on it, I swear!

Lady Kitsune

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I am working on it, I swear!

Lady Kitsune

I am working on it, I swear!

Lady Kitsune

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I am working on it, I swear!


I wanted to propose a story rp.  You seemed to like the idea of piracy and steampunk.  So what about a story of a steampunk world pirate airship come to port to raid the local town.  I "The Pirate"  Enters to raid your house but finds something else of interest.  Does he become forceful and play on her naivety or does love start to bloom?  I'm open to ideas.
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