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Author Topic: "I Will Give You the World..." (Les Man's Coming Attractions!) M seeks F Players  (Read 848 times)

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If these ideas interest you in anyway, please take a further look at my interests in my Likes & Dislikes and Ons & Offs.  I also have Group Requests Thread, for those of you interested in M/F/F roleplays.

"Dreams, Dares and Desires"
"I Will Give You the World..."
(General Roleplaying Desires)
  • As for Storylines, or RP's, I am typically interested in, I would like to state first that if you have an idea you are particularly proud of, or a storyline that is particularly detailed, complex or unique, PLEASE bring it up to me so we can discuss the possibility of making an RP out of it.  Anything that isn't listed here under "No Sir," is a possibility, but of course my interests are prioritized in a way that reflects my O&O's.
  • What I enjoy and appreciate most is creating everything from scratch, including characters, setting, universe, timeline, background for the setting, and of course the "rules" for whatever sci-fi, magic  or supernatural things exist in our story.  Then I like to use the characters to explore the boundaries of the universe we have created, and push those boundaries when it entertains us to do so.
  • I have noticed a great many people desire some kind of "pairing" theme, as in Vampire & Human, Angel & Demon, Knight & Princess, etc.  If you would like to try such a relationship-based Storyline with me, I would like to basically create a world around that couple in order to give them conflict, antagonists, allies, defeats, victories, etc., and then to have the pair's emotions and relationship affected by such things.  I put this here because, first of all, I've never tried such a pairing before but it's starting to appeal to me, and secondly because what I want out of it is more than what most individuals have listed on their request-lists.  Other's have listed, simply "I want my human to fall in love with your vampire/angel/demon."  What I want is to create a world where the love between a human and vampire/angel/demon becomes such a big deal that the whole world wants to help or hinder them.

"Imagine You and Me..."
(Enjoyable Pairings)
The following pairings are ones which I would enjoy.  They are listed as [my character] & [my partner's character].
  • Male & Female & Female (willing to discuss almost any situation here, lol.  Also, see my Group Requests Thread)
  • Hero & Damsel-in-Distress-Stereotype
  • Son & Mother (see below, "Falling Apples and Trees," or "Dirty Birds and Bumbling Bees")
  • Human & Vampiress
  • Older Gentleman & Young Girl (16-18)
  • Young Man (16-18) & Older Woman

Now for my "cravings," desired Storylines and dream-RP's; if you're interested in one of these, that's a pretty much guaranteed "let's do it" (pun partially intended, take it or leave it at your own discretion, lol).
"Feeding, Raping: ...We Hide From Everyone"
(Incubus & Succubus/Possible NC, "First Post Included!")
You see I cannot be forsaken
Because I’m not the only one
We walk amongst you
Feeding, raping
Must we hide from everyone
David Draiman, Queen of the Damned Soundtrack

  A lone form glides through the night sky on raven-colored wings that glint with a majestic golden hue in the moonlight.  Above him, a lone moon hangs low over head, looking close enough to touch; below him, a lone city lay peaceful and unsuspecting, too close to resist.  The city breathed as one to his ears, like a slumbering lover lying peaceful and satisfied in the night by one's side.  The sound of those comparative few who lived their lives during the night were like his lover's gentle stirrings as they rested, or like fitful moans while dreaming.  They shared a bed of night, darkness was the sheet they slept under together; the women of this city, they were like breath that people breathe--the men, they were like clothes women wore, to be peeled away.

  He sniffed the air, the scent of pure ecstasy filling his nostrils; he followed it, and it led him to the window of a beautiful young breath of fresh air.  With the Luck of the Devil, he was fortunate enough to find that the window had been carelessly unlocked on this night--not that such things as a locked window could stop one from breathing, but he was grateful for the convenience.  The window opens, the house is silent save for the slow drawing of the family's sleeping breaths.  Alighting gracefully on the window-sill, he investigates with a smile on his, like a bird-of-prey, peering about the darkness of the room.

  The incubus steps into the room easily, the cloak of shadows leaving him, revealing his beautiful countenance, his wings like a flowing cloak of splendor.  Once, a long time ago, he was created in Perfection; now, he lives in a world made imperfect simply by the knowledge of it.  There was a time when one such as he would have had a nation at his feet, groveling--the women throwing themselves at him and the men killing each other, all for his own amusement.  He had once been worshiped, feared, appeased when displeasured and exalted when content; he had once been a god among these men.  He approached the young girl's bed, an evil grin with delicious, vile intent behind it on his face; everything that had once belong to men belonged to me.  There was time... when he and his brothers and sisters and been plentiful, bountiful--everywhere!  The world had been theirs, they had made sky turn black, blotted out the sun, stood high on the lowly backs of men and took that which they desired.

  There was a time, long forgotten by the memories of man and their so-called "histories," when the Nephilim were many and the Seraphim grew fearful in their positions beside the Silent Throne.  The seed of The Fallen spread far and wide, like unto ambassadors to a race of foreign primitives.  We were fools, though, he reminded himself bitterly.  We took the chance, we became like, "married" and were given unto "marriage."  We deluded--diluted ourselves, he sneered in the room's darkness.  The Nephilim brought us the power of men, but they took with them our power.

  He took a deep, luxurious breath; breathed in the aroma of her innocence, it left him tasting her purity in the back of his throat, there was a time that came after--both left him shivering.  In the time after, The Fallen were left weakened, pitiful; it wasn't the Host of Heaven, but mankind themselves that rose up to send them back to the Abyss in chains, to await the Day of Freedom, when His power will be no more a threat to those who rightly seek more.  And the Nephilim had left them, gone out into the world of men and women, lived with them, laughed with them, slept with them--joined with them!--and taking their power on Earth with them.  The incubus known as Azu'shur--the last of his kind that he had seen in countless centuries--leaned forward... reached out.  He had been the one to discover the secret, to survive until now; he roamed free, while his brothers and sisters lie in shackles, subject to the Laws of Hell.

  She breathed in; she breathed out.  Azu'shur shuddered, his dark "soulful" eyes grew wide--Succubus!--he screamed in his mind.  He wanted to lick his lips; within the body of this savory bit of life, was the power... the soul... of one of his "sisters," a Temptress of The Fallen.  There was a time... when this girl was a succubus....

  NOTES: Incubus & Succubus, supernatural mystery/action, tale-of-destiny?, possible NC, others possible
  I've got a few random ideas for this Storyline, such as if an incubus or succubus "feeds" on the descendent of the Nephilim, they can regain their "power on Earth" and not fall prey to demon-hunters and excorcists.  I'm thinking maybe the girl is "awakened" to her true succubus nature and teams up with Azu'shur to avoid Heaven and Hell's authorities.  The incubus and and succubus could be destined to meet each other, for good or bad (this could be have a happy-ending with a moral, or be a tragedy that shows exactly what not to do), and together their power lets them cause problems against the natural spiritual order.  The exact details are open to a lot of discussion, so a lot of my partner's desires for can be met in this Storyline, too.

If you would like to roleplay one of the below Storylines with me, I would appreciate a slightly different take on the concept, as each one of these is already in progress as described.
"The Barest of Essentials"
(Stranded/Tropical Island Fantasy)


  I kind of have the Blue Lagoon-fantasy, to be trapped on a small, deserted, tropical island with a beautiful woman, having only the barest of essential for survival--and of course modest, concealing clothing isn't going to keep one alive, sooo....  Believe it or not, I don't see how this one could really be done in any kind of sci-fi or fantasy way (yeah, I'm surprised too), especially in any way that would have a significant impact on the story, so basically just a simple romance storyline set in a realistic world would be most likely fine for this.  I would be open to pairing a male survivor with a female survivor, or maybe even a mysterious, exotic native girl.  The plot could pretty much be anything within the confines of the idea: our characters could never have met before, could know each other already (multiple ways to go from there), they could maybe even hate each other.
  I'm thinking the story could go something like this: at first they have to survive and modesty and decency have to take a back seat to necessity; they start to get comfortable around each other and start forgetting about former priorities and start opening up to each other; then one of them begins to feel something for the other one (probably my character, you know how guys are).  I'd also like to toss some action and suspense in there too, like a tropical storm, a predatory, wild animal, maybe even a cursed temple-ruins or a mysterious ancient cave with something in it.  I would for this storyline to definitely be erotic, what with the nakedness and mutual bathing and huddling-together-for-heat-at-night, and most likely, after some sexual tension, lead into a more sexual route (I did say it was a fantasy).

"Desire: VOID"
(Science Fiction-Thriller/Adrift-in-Space Fantasy)

Report: UNASA-020 Siren 
Date/Time: 2099. 
Mission: (classified) 
Phase: (classified) 
Condition: Initiation 
Destination: Proxima Centauri system 
Cargo: (classified) 
Speed: <error> 
ETA: 954 years 
Temperature: 80 F 

  Two exceptional candidates were chosen out of thousands of volunteers to pilot the world's first, manned flight to another solar system; the plan is to put them in cryogenic-stasis, or hibernation, until their ten-thousand-year-long-plus voyage is over.  Little do they know, they signed up for far more than they ever could believe.  With almost a thousand years left until they were supposed to be awakened, something goes wrong and the crew of two are brought out of hibernation by emergency systems.  The crew of the Siren--the cream of the crop, top of the class, best of the best in UNASA's (United Nations Aeronautics and Space Administration) space program, even the most attractive--who happens be, strangely, a mere two individuals, one male and one female, tries to figure out the mysterious problems with their trememndous, egg-shaped space-ship, but the two astronauts begin to suspect something strange about their mission, but they just can't explain what exactly.  Temperature control is on the fritz, leaving them sweating in their singlesuits.  Communication with Earth is proving impossible.  Data in the ship's computer is suddenly, mysteriously marked off-limits to them.
  What they don't know is that their mission is not, in fact, a mere observatory pass and return.  They were purposely led to believe lies, their superiors never intending for the two of them to return to Earth.  People of Earth were surprised, what with current tensions between meganations, that UNASA would attempt such a bold expedition, but the truth was that certain world leaders had agreed to try and send their own "Noah's Ark" and "Garden of Eden," to another world, all wrapped up in one.  They were told that most of the ship is storage for fuel and water for their voyage, yet they were to be asleep the whole time--in truth, the sealed-off sections of the ship contain DNA samples of every known species on Earth, as well as living space for thousands of people.  In short, in case of worldwide disaster on Earth, two prime specimens were chosen, against their knowledge, to repopulate a brand new homeworld for humankind.

  NOTES: I am not trying to add a second generation to the storyline, the whole "repopulation" thing is there for story-purposes.  I would like a really smart, detail-oriented partner for this plot, as beyond what sexiness can be had from this story, I would like to turn this into a clue-figuring-out, conspiracy-discovering, disaster-averting, fate-accepting suspense-thriller in space.  You may note I did what I could to ensure the two characters are pretty much thrown together.  One more idea I had for this story is that UNASA secretly installed a devious Artificial Intelligence on the ship, specifically designed to force the two of them together, by basically messing with them.  Turning up heat so they wear less, locking doors so they get stuck together, making them rescue each other, restricting water so they have to shower together, all types of subtle little ways of achieving UNASA's goal of creating a new world of their own.

"House Rules"
(Incest/Brother & Sister)


  Mom and Dad are rich and the family lives in a large house with a yard, pool, a personal bath in every bedroom, a billiard table in the basement, an exercise room, even a sauna and hot tub.  The parents are away a lot though, on business trips earning thousands of dollars at a time--very important, so they can't stay at home much.  Still, though, the two siblings always had maids and babysitters and the like, and were thus still very sheltered.  They were the type of brother and sister in school that always stuck together, rarely separating and having few friends besides each other.  Now that Brother and sister are old enough (16-18), though, they can be left home alone.  With the house to themselves, the siblings--who have always been close, only having each other since the parents were never around--start making a joke of getting away with everything they were never allowed to do.  Eventually, they end up "taking over" the house and pretending it's their house together, until escalates to a game of pretending they are husband and wife.  Under the guise of calling it, "practicing for real marriage," they continuously convince each other to let them indulge their own budding curiosities with the other, until they find themselves wondering how much they can get away with.

  Essentially, the Brother and Sister are both becoming sexually curious, and with no adult supervision, curiosity trumps modesty and decency, and the two siblings begin "experimenting" with each other as they would with other boys and girls their age, were they allowed to have friends.

"In Her Mother's Heels," or "Daddy's Little Lady"
(Incest/Father & Daughter)


  Mom died a long time ago, and Father has raised his Daughter alone ever since.  He has abandoned seeking a new relationship in favor of focusing on raising his only daughter, however he has begun drinking nightly.  They aren't rich, but they have everything they need, and as Daddy's Little Girl, he showers her with love and affection, buying her whatever he can, whenever he can; she has never had any reason to complain or want.  As she matures sexually (16-18) and begins to think about boys, she begins to feel sorry that her dad sacrificed a relationship for her, and she vows to do everything she can to make it up to him; her father has done everything he could for her and more, and she knows her dad deserves better than to be alone.  After failed attempts to get him to go out on dates, she finally resolved to fill that role herself.  Beginning innocently, she starts to emulate the sultry way wives act on TV and in the movies, naively performing all kinds of overly affectionate acts and increasingly inappropriate behavior.  Meanwhile the single father doesn't know how to handle his daughter's budding sexuality, so he tries to continuously ignore it.  Within time, she is innocently misunderstanding things like why her father is uncomfortable about her always wanting to sleep in his bed with him, or going through her mother's left-behind lingerie and wearing it to bed, when she only wishes to emulate her mother, so her father wouldn't be so alone.  Normally the Father has the willpower to resist, but on those nights when his daughter smilingly offers to get him fresh beer after beer, he's admittedly less likely to complain, and more likely to just enjoy his lovely daughter enjoying herself.

  For the role of the girl, I would like an assertive character who knows what she wants and knows how to get it, but is coy enough to to be subtle and cunning when necessary; she has to seduce her father, whose resistance is weakened by the day by her smiling face and loving touch.  The father, my character, would not exactly be submissive, I wouldn't say, it's just that he tries to ignore his daughter's sexuality because as a single father, he's afraid of it for more than one reason.  I kind of see the Daughter contributing to her Father's drinking, often trying to get him drunk enough that he "played along" with whatever way she tried to act like his wife.  At this point she could try and emulate what she has seen wives do on the premium channels....  I see the dad constantly arguing with his daughter about, and then giving in to: letting her in the bathroom while he's in there (again, no toilet-play, just nudity in the bathroom); sleeping in his bed with him; sitting on his lap; not wearing enough clothes around the house (to which she could respond, "it's okay, you've seen me before); trying to kiss his neck while he's drunk... and that's just the beginning.  Similar to the Mother & Son story above, the Father resists for a long time, but she slowly breaks down his defenses until they begin light teasing that increases to heavy, then light "petting" leading to heavy, then light foreplay leading to heavy, then after all that has been explored, then she convinces her dad that, "they're just 'helping' each other, since neither of them have anybody else, culminating in the future in (incestuous) intercourse.

"Falling Apples and Trees," or "Dirty Birds and Bumbling Bees"
(Incest/Mother & Son)


  Father left home when the Son was a baby, and Mother never moved on, instead focusing on raising her only son.  The son ends up being sheltered and far too attached to his mom for a boy his age (16-18 years old).  Meanwhile mom has almost given up on finding another lover, and as her son starts to become a young man, she begins to indulge her desires to have a man around the house once more, but this time through her son.  It starts off innocent at first, but eventually escalates to "inappropriate behavior."  Mother has herself convinced it's okay because they are related, and the Son, being sheltered closely under his mother's wing, doesn't yet know any better.  So long without the touch of someone who loves her though, Mother continues to use her son, and again, the son continues to yearn for more and more of his mother's new tenderness.  If the mother was more of the sexually assertive-type, she could even try to convince her son that it was okay by telling him that she was just "explaining to him about men and women's bodies... but it's so much easier to just show you...."

  The mother in this story could work as a "leader" or "follower" type (though it might be possible to classify the Mother as an "uppity Sub" and then son as a "Switch," or maybe "Switch Dom," if you like defining things that way).  The mother convinced herself that it will be okay to loosen-up around her son because she has never taught him about sexuality, so she assumes he would be completely clueless.  She could start with subtle things like not closing the door when in the bathroom (no toilet-play, but a lot of nudity happens in bathrooms, so there) saying to herself "my son doesn't know any better, and I don't mind, so what's the big deal?"  It could escalate with things like walking around the house in her slip/bra-and-panties/bathrobe after the shower/in morning/before bed (revealing "upskirts," "downblouses," "nip-slips" all that kinky erotic stuff).  The son could follow in his mother's footsteps, eventually always only wearing his boxers at home.  The mother has instigated the activities between her and her son, but I see the son beginning to enjoy them too much, subtly prodding his mother to go further than she anticipated.  Meanwhile, the mother not only believes that it's no big deal if she acts a little sexy--she deserves the chance to do so after all this time alone--but she also loves her son (the ONLY man in her life) and she has a hard time refusing him anything, and tells herself her son is so wonderful and pure, that he does deserve a little extra happiness too... young girls his age could be so trashy, anyway....

  Yes, this story sounds pretty dirty, but it begins kind of slowly, taking each and every step, carefully and hesitantly.  I would see this story working best if the characters began with light teasing that increased to heavy, then light "petting" leading to heavy, then light foreplay leading to heavy, then after all that has been explored in every step, then they finally talk themselves into actual (incestuous) intercourse.

Below are non-original scenarios, so far mostly from novel-series, that I would also enjoy roleplaying in.
"Other People's Lives"
(Fan-based and Canon Storylines Desired)

  • Necroscope (novels), by Brian Lumley.  If you are at all familiar with the Necroscope novel series by Brian Lumley, I think that setting could make for a truly epic roleplaying saga that could rival the original series.  I have an idea or two I'm kicking around for this idea, which will one day appear in this very spot.
  • OLD World of Darkness (RPG), by White Wolf Studios.  The (Old) World of Darkness, by White Wolf Game Studios: vampires, werewolves, mages, ghosts, changelings, hunters, demons, mummies....  I don't know how good an erotic roleplay this would make (Kindred feel no pleasure in sex, Garou aren't allowed, Awakened can, but who plays Mage?), but I love this setting so much I'll try it, probably a few times.
  • Dune (novels), by Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson.  I have a moderate, but not (yet) intense craving for trying some kind of roleplay in Frank Herbert's Dune universe from his novels.
  • The Wheel of Time (novels), by Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson.  I also have a moderate but not intense craving for trying something set in the universe of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time novels.
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