plot plot plot I need a plot XD (F seeking M RP)

Started by Miku lin, January 27, 2012, 09:30:45 PM

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Miku lin

Ok,  so I have noticed my rp's have been looked over.  No biggy!  XD  Any who perhaps I am going about this the wrong way?  I am looking for a partner in crime for an rp with a plot.  I hate rp's that are nothing but sex (-snickers- a little once in a while doesn't hurt though)!  My brain is running on low and it needs some kind of stimulation T____T  What I am seeking is an rp partner in crime that I know will not abandon a rp without good reason. 

My interests are the following:
Medieval (Princess/Slave)
-Medieval as in an rp based on the Abhorsen Trilogy and Fable I/II/III
Magical Girl
-Ex: Sailor Moon, Magical Knight Rayearth and Princess Tutu
High School Romance
-Like Peach Girl

If anyone is interested let me know


I like the idea of medieval plots, both the high school romance (if it's really what I think you mean. I'm thinking normal kids in a normal high school that like each otehr and that sort of drama =P), princess X slave and the fable. I'm mostly into the Fable 2 one, since I enver played the first and the 3rd one was lacking a bit of... Oumf, if I could say X D I just didn't feel the story as much as I did in Fable 2. Look at my gamer side ramble on =P If you are interested in those, go right ahead and PM me with your pic and we'll work the details in there =J

I usually verify E everyday and reply to any RP's I need at least once. It may happen that I verify it more than once and if anyone in my RP's are online and do reply, I tend to stay on longer =P

Miku lin

Ohhhhhh!  I like the way you think!  I am obsessed with Fable O_O  I actually have a fable rp written up ^^ is you would like to see.   I am up for whatever.  Which do you prefer?  Message me and let me know ^^