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Author Topic: "Some of the People, All of the Time..." (Coming Attractions!) M seeks Fx2  (Read 439 times)

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Offline Les ManTopic starter

If these ideas interest you in anyway, please take a further look at my interests in my Likes & Dislikes and Ons & Offs.

I know that females don't search Elliquiy in groups of two looking to fulfill some random perv's fantasies (lol), however, if you have any interest in a MFF story, please consider me for one of your partners and contact me, preferably via PM (my preferred method of pre-RP communication).  Once you show an interest, we can discuss how to find a third party to join us from there, or decide whether we will play multiple characters.  Please look at my links and appreciate the fact that although I enjoy a great deal of eroticism in my roleplays, plot will ALWAYS come first, and literal, sexual contact between characters will (almost) always be a second (or sometimes third) priority.

"Dreams, Dares and Desires"
Now for my "cravings," desired Storylines and dream-RP's; if you're interested in one of these, that's a pretty much guaranteed "let's do it" (pun partially intended, take it or leave it at your own discretion, lol).  These are my original ideas, scenarios which I would truly enjoy roleplaying.
"The Naked Truth"
(Sapphic Heroine Serial/Epic Space Opera Fantasy)

WARNING: This is a work in progress.  As always, if anything appeals to you, please contact me; I love to brainstorm and formulate creative ideas.
As a WIP, you will note I have not even developed a male role for myself yet, let alone a character, however, I would still love to role-play in this kinky little universe.

MFF! Special Note: MFF desired.  This story is intended for myself (male) and two (2) or more (!) female partners, and is intended to be extremely erotic. MFF!

  Far, far in the future, after even the thought of Earth has become a distant memory, the word man has become synonymous with war.  Men are now known as the “warbringers,” and in most civilized parts of known space... they are illegal.  Women, now the dominant sex, rose up against the incessant violence of their male counterparts and took the power away from them.  For their sins, they males were punished—in entirety—to lives of slavery and labor, forever more inferior to the “female race.”
  Physically banned from most civilized sections of known space, the wealthy can pay exorbitant prices to buy slavery permits and begin purchasing their very own laborers or servants, though most worlds barely have enough money for such a thing in their entire economy, let alone in one individual's possession.  For obvious reasons most slaves are given virility tests, the highest scoring slaves being sent directly to the official Imperial Reproduction Center.  Here males are raised and used solely for their ability to procreate, thus ensuring the essential continued survival of the human race.  Though in today's society most women find such interaction with lowly males utterly distasteful, there are those who still prefer the time-tested original methods for whatever reason.
  With no males to engage sexually unless one was wealthy, lesbian relationships became more and more common, until finally even the idea of desiring a man had become one of the new taboos.  Males not only carried such a stigma with them that few could hold any respect for them, but they had become so rare to the average person that they soon evaporated from common concerns.  It wasn't uncommon these days for a woman to never have met or even seen a live male, nor know anyone who has, and if they desired a child, they simply had too many ways to count to provide the means to future mothers.  The most widely known of these methods, known to every single civilized person in known space, is the previously mentioned, ubiquitous Imperial Reproduction Stations.
  Society itself has remained largely unchanged, surprisingly, as all the corruption, greed and aggression of their male predecessors remained, with only the genders changing.  True, war was averted from then on, however ever since the inception of the Dynastic Empire, thousands and thousands of years ago, there have been no other civilizations to war with.  Womankind united all of mankind's territory into one star-spanning nation, then one dynasty after another rose up to lead it.  In a society where men were quickly becoming phased out and simply “no longer in style,” female leadership began treating the women under them just as the men once had—inferior.
  In a society that tolerated slavery, it wasn't long before women also were sold into slavery, as punishment for crimes according to the Empire, yet rumors of illegal slave-raiders on outlying planets were probably inevitable.  There are those that fight for equality for all women, everywhere, but with the Empress knowing what is best for her people, things are likely to never change.  Apparently even in an entire universe without men, there will always be prostitutes and strippers, rape and defilement, people who take advantage of those below them for sex and people to take advantage of.
  Currently ruling the Empire are the matriarchs of the Sinnessy Dynasty, led by the cold Empress Essessia, and her two sisters, the older, jealous Princess Ellessia, and the younger, self-obsessed Princess Essennia.  The Empress, like many wealthy women, displays her power over her fellow women by maintaining a vast harem of female sex-slaves, far cheaper, far easier to come by and far more desirable than the male variety.  The harem is maintained and trained by the Empress' Mistress of Slaves, a silent, expressionless woman named Lola Juno (the name can change), but that can be changed easily who is rarely seen anywhere besides at her Empress' side—few alive know that in truth Lola is also the Imperial Mistress of Spies and Assassins.

People: Cast of Characters

I have characters designed to appear in this story, and they can be used as sub-characters in the story, or an RP-partner can take one of the below characters and them her own.  (I would personally, LOVE to see somebody roleplay True Harmony (characters name) with me.

True Harmony – maybe in her 20's, but wise beyond her years thanks to her training, she was a gorgeous sex-slave personally trained along with 99 others by the Empress' older sister Ellessia, and offered as a gift.  Unbeknownst to even True herself though, she had also been secretly trained as an amazingly skilled assassin, and hypnotically programmed to use her special sex-slave skills to lure the Empress into a trusting position and murder her during intimacy, but something went wrong...  Somehow True managed to get the cold-hearted Empress to trust her without the need for her sexual talents, which triggered her hypnotic orders, however she was specifically trained to take advantage of a “distracted” victim, and True's secret training was lacking in the situation she found herself.  In the end the Empress managed to somehow defend herself and survive long enough for True to come to her senses and focus her impressive martial prowess on escaping the inescapable Imperial Palatial Homeworld.
  Now she is the Most Wanted Woman in the Universe, with a bounty on her head that could buy a single bounty collector several populated planets of their own.  In a stolen, barely-functioning ship of mostly salvaged parts, with a handful of trustworthy companions, she continues to elude Imperial capture by staying near the outer regions of human space.  There, they struggle to survive while avoiding bounty hunters and pirating the occasional Imperial cargo ship, all the while hearing rumors there are some actual, “illegal” men living free somewhere beyond the edges of known space.
  She's a strong woman, but silent and thoughtful, cool, calm and collected, however her upbringing leaves her at a slight disadvantage when it comes to social matters and she still has much to learn about emotions and real relationships with others.  She wears a faded, worn robe with a hood that covers her entire body and carries a sword with which she is a stunning expert.  A quirk of her personality is as a former assassin disguised as a sex-slave, in addition to innocently having little, if any, modesty, she was “programmed” to seduce and kill her target, meaning she would be naked during the conflict so she was only taught to fight while completely nude.  Thus beneath her flowing, raggedy robe she wears nothing at all save for a belt around her waist to attach her sword to, and during serious fights she shamelessly sheds the robe and sword-belt and sheath too, often surprising her foes and almost certainly signaling their defeat.  Her character-growth would involve the development and understanding of her emotional side, as well as the transition from a loveless killer to a loving protector.

Gladia (the name can change) – either a teenager or in her very early 20's, she had lived her whole life indoors as one of the Empress' hundreds of sex-slaves, never knowing life beyond the walls of the Imperial Harem Chambers until she was captured at random and whisked away during True Harmony's incredible escape after her failed assassination attempt.  True forced Gladia to help her escape, and together they stole a spaceship and fled into space.  As a sex-slave she either wore the traditional Imperial harem-uniform, or more often nothing at all
  Innocent, naive, and curious, she is discovering more than just a whole world beyond those walls, but a whole universe.  Not only that, but she is also discovering herself, able to think freely and consider her own options for the first time in her life now.  She is a soft-hearted and sensitive person, with a deep desire to please others ingrained into her, though as she matures she is realizing she doesn't have to please everybody because not everyone deserves it.  Her character-growth would involve development of her self-confidence and independent identity, as well as a transition from a meek and “helpless” girl, to a self-reliant, strong woman who no longer needs her friends, but wants them.

Essessia Sinnessy LXIX, 82nd Empress of the Sinnessy Dynasty, Queen-Daughter of the Female Race and Possessor of All Mankind – probably in her late 20's or early 30's, she is the most dangerous and feared woman in all the universe, possibly in all of humankind when taking into account the sheer magnitude of her realm.  Known for her cold-hearted lack of compassion for those who defy her rule, she was given the throne instead of the Firstborn Daughter because Essessia's ruthlessness often got more results than her elder sister's deviousness.  She is known for her more aggressive-than-usual stance toward what few males remain in Reproduction Centers or slave-labor pits, and she is known to have seldom, if ever, indulged herself with a male sex-slave, though the size of her harem of female is notoriously large.  Casually she prefers to wear tall boots, long gloves and a shawl-like piece of fabric tied around her shoulders, left open in front, exposing her cleavage, remaining otherwise bottomless.  For formal occasions she has an infinite selection of outfits of any style she desires, though most tend to follow the current fashion of covering one's breasts to signify how much power they held, meaning the Empress was the only one in the Imperial Court allowed to cover her breasts completely.
  This character is a villainess, her heart made hard from the life life she was given, and like many antagonists, she is the way she is because of something missing from her, something that she cannot figure out.  That missing something is, as hinted to above: trust.  It is ironic that the only person ever to pierce the Empress' cold exterior was the one woman who was bred to do exactly that, with the distinct purpose of murdering her.  So detached from her own true emotions that she misinterprets her own feelings, her moment of compassion turning to shame, and then an intense anger, and finally a desperate need for revenge.  Her character-growth would be very long-term and deal what could be called her “return to the human race,” as well as the transition from a bitter, passionless tyrant to a kinder, gentler ruler.  It is very possible that the storyline could end with the coming together of the Empress and True Harmony as lovers.

Lola Juno, Imperial Mistress of Slaves, Imperial Mistress of Spies and Assassins (the name can change) – probably around the same age as the Empress, if not a bit older, she is a quiet, stoic woman who was once an Imperial sex-slave herself, rarely showing any emotion or even speaking aloud in public, though she is just as merciless and dangerous as her Empress.  Most know her as the coordinator, manager and trainer of the Empress' personal harem, personally responsible for the hundreds and hundreds of sex-slaves.  Few have ever learned that she is in truth the Empress' most trusted bodyguard, an unfailing spy, and an inescapable assassin—and even less have learned such and lived.  Raised to her lofty position, she is still technically a slave, however as the Empress' personal envoy she wields more power than most can imagine regardless.  As Mistress of Slaves and the Empress' secret bodyguard she is still considered a slave and is thus not allowed to conceal her breasts, however when acting as the Imperial spy/assassin, she is enacting the will of the Empress herself, and thus wears a full, black latex bikini-like top.
  This character is also a villainess, however her story is probably more tragic as this life was the only life she was ever allowed to know.  She has a kinder, compassionate side, but it rarely has a chance to show through due to the things the Empress keeps requiring of her.  However Lola is reticent to deny her Empress anything, as it was she that raised her from her lowly position of sex-slave and taught her how to spy, kill and defend her Empress.  This character probably would have turned out to be much less antagonistic person, were it not for the Empress' harmful influence, and therein lies the tragedy; Lola was once the unknown deadliest woman in the universe, now True Harmony is successfully earning that title for herself.  True Harmony and Lola Juno are pretty much destined to fight—to the death—and of course as the protagonist True will win, and with her misplaced loyalties, Lola will surely die before she accepts defeat.  Her character-growth, if she managed to develop any at all, would most likely involve her realization and attempt to distance herself from the Empress' self-centered control, and her transition from a dependent person to a self-reliant one (much like Gladia, however Lola's struggle would be all the more difficult due to her negative environment).
Femme Fatales of the Future: Inspirational Images/Very Sexy Outfits

Places: Locations

Here is where I kind of ran out of steam, but I feel like describing these locations is helpful, so soon I will update and finish this section.

Imperial Palatial Homeworld – Home of the Imperial Court, location of the Throne of Curves, seat of all political power in the universe, also known as the Imperial Planet, it is a small tropical world about the size of Mars.  Nearly every mile of its land surface is covered by an incredible, single palace of astounding beauty and detail, with vast, domed jungles serving as indoor gardens, entire lakes enclosed and heated to serve as private pools, and every single form of pleasure and decadence available to the Empress and her Imperial Family.  Few can comprehend such a magnificent structure, even when viewed from orbit in space, until one travels its immense halls and walkways, a privilege few are ever granted.

Imperial Harem Chambers – A giant enclosed region of the Imperial Palace

Imperial Reproduction Center -

Imperial Reproduction Stations – Long ago, during the foundation of the Empire of Womankind, the Matriarchs of the Sinnessy Dynasty, the First Dynasty, established hundreds of thousands of these outposts all across human space, and more are built each year as populations grow.  Some of these Stations even still exist on planets no longer inhabited, and in dense communities, there can be as many as hundreds.  As male specimens are cultivated for their genetic material where ever male-owning slave-labor exists, their reproductive fluids are sent to the Imperial Reproduction Center, catalogued, and disseminated throughout all of human space, providing women everywhere the opportunity to conceive children, without the distasteful need for interaction with a lowly male.

More to follow in the future!  Stay tuned!
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