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Author Topic: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways  (Read 1287 times)

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Offline kongmingTopic starter

Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
« on: February 18, 2008, 12:14:00 AM »
This thread is all about the game system I made/am making for Warhammer 40K. A wise man once told me "Imperial Guard can't play the same game as Space Marines. If you make a system where the two are both player characters in the same team, then either you ruin the setting or the game is too unbalanced, because a single Space Marine can kill any number of guardsmen without trying."

Therefore, the ideal situation is actually a different system for any given "part" of the setting. I might make one later for Sisters of Battle, and one for Assassins, and even one for, wait for it... playing as vehicles, powered by the Machine Spirit, each with their own personality.

But this one is about Dark Eldar. Less with the slave raids, putting spikes on everything, going into graphic detail on the kinds of torture you subject your slaves to and following the idea of "The leader says do this. Everyone does it." and more with the "ELVEN SPACE PIRATES!"

Note that this is going to be class-less, with an emphasis on it being fairly easy to learn and play. If anyone actually does play it, that'd be awesome. It's highly influenced (mechanics-wise) by SLA industries.

So, to begin...

(1) Character Creation
To begin with, you should pick some things like a name, your sex, perhaps you even have an age. You could also to elect to describe your background, personality, appearance, clothing, sexuality, favourite colour, allergies, favourite drink and hobbies.

Then, you have your four statistics. These largely determine everything else. You have 20 points to split between them, and nothing can be lower than 1 or higher than 10. The average human has a 3 in everything. The average Eldar probably has a 2 or 3 in Strength, a 4 or 5 in Agility, a Leadership of 3 and a Knowledge of 4. Just for being a player character, you're better than average.

Strength: This is important for working out how well you fight in hand-to-hand, how much damage you can take, and things like that.
Agility: This helps determine how good you are at moving about, and how well you fight in ranged combat.
Leadership: This is good for dealing with other people, not running away, and stopping your friends from running away.
Knowledge: You use this ability to, well, know about things.

If I called Knowledge Education, it'd all shorten to SALE, but people can know about stuff without being educated *shrugs*

From this, we get your Derived Attributes. They are based on your Statistics.
Wounds: Your Wounds value equals your Strength. Every time you get hurt, you lose Wounds. At 0, you pass out and may die.
Initiative: This represents your ability to act on a moment's notice (highest Initiative goes first in combat). It equals your Agility.
Nerve: This equals your Leadership. Some things deal Nerve damage or cause you to make Nerve tests to avoid running away.

Note that these abbreviate to WIN.

In the next section, we will cover skills.
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Offline Vekseid

Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2008, 01:14:12 AM »
Any decently built Solar with a persistent defense can kill any number of normal mortals...

Don't short yourself making separate systems just because one group completely eclipses another. It will be easier in the end if you instead make a system that scales well enough to show that difference.

No, they shouldn't be on the same team, but it's a lot saner if you make it obvious why.  Plus you'll find people who enjoy playing the ridiculous underdog anyway (I have seen people want to play mortals in a Solar game...)

Offline kongmingTopic starter

Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2008, 01:30:17 AM »
I dunno'. I mean, for the Sisters of Battle one, I'd basically make it d20. Imperial Guard would exist as CR 1-2 things, and can't possibly advance beyond that without being Commissars (up to CR 5?) and Psykers (they can *possibly* scale up higher). Orks would exist as CR 2-4 things, aside from some really special ones that have enough WAAAGH in them.

Players would outright begin at level 6-7, and as such, right from the word go, they can actually fight armies of the weaker guys. Likewise, Space Marines will be a little bit tougher (CR 7-8 as a starting point), but they're close to being equal. Those are the main things that can actually scale upwards - Nids and Daemons being the other things. The rest tend not to scale like that.

That being said, for most things, I could use the same basic system, and just show the chart that basically says "If you're playing with Guardsmen, don't bring a Space Marine/Sister of Battle in. The inverse is also true." And to stop it stagnating, when someone reaches "You don't gain levels any more", they could still gain options that make them a little different, and gain access to more equipment - so that when your team of Guardsmen reach their maximum level of "not much" and get recognised as elite cannon fodder stormtroopers, they can pick up some more skills and abilities (growing diverse but still not able to survive being shot with a lascannon) and maybe even get loaded into some battle tanks.

Hmm. That could work. But for now, seeing as I wrote this one up, I'll go ahead and post it.

Offline kongmingTopic starter

Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2008, 01:44:08 AM »
2) Skills

These are the things you actually roll most of the time. Each Statistic has a number of skills that fall under it, and no skill can be raised to a higher value than its statistic - that is to say, if you have a Leadership of 3, then 3 is the highest your Leadership skills can be ranked at.

Now, you have 75 skill points to spend, however they work a little differently. The first rank of a skill costs 1 point. The second rank costs another 2 points, for a total of 3, and the third costs 3 points (6 total) and so on and so forth. So to get a skill from +0 to +10 will cost 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55 points. Note that this makes specialisation expensive, whereas it's cheap to generalise. But the choice is there.

Strength Skills:
-Weapon Skill: Used for making melee attacks (opposed by Parry)
-Restrain: Used to tie someone up, or for offensive grappling
-Climb: Climbing quickly and without tiring, hanging by your hands/legs, generally holding your own weight up.
-Force: Forcing mechanical devices, doors etc - also used for shoving people around if need be
-Parry: Blocking melee attacks (opposes their WS roll)

Agility Skills:
-Dodge: Dodging ranged attacks (opposes their BS roll)
-Ballistic Skill: Making ranged attacks (opposed by Dodge)
-Acrobatics: Jumping, rolling, sliding and all sorts of other body movement. This would cover dancing, too.
-Escape: Used to escape bonds or a grapple, or squeeze through tight spaces.
-Stealth: Being unnoticed by people, motion sensors etc.

Leadership Skills:
-Lie: Telling falsehoods and making people believe them. Can be used for diplomacy. Opposed by Psychology checks.
-Intimidate: Scaring people for a little while, or used to interrogate people. Opposed by Rally.
-Bribe: Sweetening a deal and not getting in trouble for it. This can be used in diplomatic scenarios.
-Blackmail: A cross between Bribe and Intimidate, really, but the name is cool and it is appropriate for these guys. More long-term fear.
-Rally: Improving morale, stopping people from breaking and also keeping your own cool.
-Command: This is used to boss minions about, and also keep a handle of the situation in a busy battlefield.

Knowledge Skills:
-Medicine: Setting bones, using the right drugs etc. This can be used for on-the-spot first-aid style healing.
-Piloting: Making vehicles move, essentially. If they're strange and unfamiliar, the difficulty is simply harder.
-Mechanics: Fixing tanks, un-jamming guns etc. You could also use this to break machinery effectively.
-Psychology: Knowing how minds work, detecting lies and helping calm people down.
-Poisons: Effective use of poison, as well as identifying their effects on people.
-Electronics: Hacking, rapidly accessing computer files, programming microwaves etc.

Offline kongmingTopic starter

Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
« Reply #4 on: February 18, 2008, 02:20:28 AM »
3) Advantages

Yes, you even get advantages, hooray! You start with only 5 points to spend, and can divide them however you like - max out one advantage, or split them up. These can simply supplement your existing abilities (extra skill points etc.) or can be used to gain new, special abilities. This list is not currently complete.

"Intensive Training"
You have had a lot of additional training and, as such, are a little more skilled than others.
Benefit: You gain 3 extra skill points per level of this, to a maximum of 15 skill points for level 5.

"Master Pilot"
You can make vehicles move in ways that are absolutely amazing. Assuming you also actually put ranks in the skill. Here's a hint: do it.
Benefit: For each level, you can select one special piloting manoeuvre to know. You still need to actually make Pilot checks for these to work, though.
*see the list in the next post.

"Can't Touch This"
When it comes to dodging and parrying, you can do some really cool stuff, assuming you buy ranks in the skills. Here's a hint: do it.
Benefit: For each level, you can select one special defensive move to know. You still need to actually make relevant checks for these to work, though.
*again, the list comes in a later post.

"Fighting Style"
You can really mess people up with your special fighting style in hand to hand combat. Once again, you actually need to have a decent Weapon Skill.
Benefit: For each level, you can select one special HtH move to know. You still need to actually make relevant check for these to work, though.
*another post

You are pretty nifty when it comes to shooting. High ranks in the skill means you can shoot people. Combine it with this for new ways to shoot people.
Benefit: For each level, you can select one special firearms move to know. You still need to actually make relevant checks for these to work, though.
*you guessed it

You have a number of Warp Beasts that follow you around and help you out. On your turn, instead of acting, you can give specific orders, requiring a Command check. Otherwise, they follow you and defend themselves.
Benefit: For each level in this, you gain one Warp Beast, to a maximum of three. These will be standard Warp Beasts, except that their Dodge, Parry and Weapon Skill totals will be equal to your Rally total.
*You'll find info on these later. I promise.

You like to play around with equipment and see how you can improve it. This doesn't explode in your face, and even works in your favour sometimes. Unfortunately, frequent maintenance is required, so you can only have three tinkered things at a time. If you simply stop caring about one, and start work on another, the tinkered effects stop working on the old piece.
*I think you know what I'm going to say, regarding enhancements.

"True Grit"
You don't like to die, and can fight even longer than would normally be expected of you.
Benefit: Up to five points may be placed into True Grit. Every point grants an extra Wound. At level 3, this also allows you to make Wounds checks with your full, maximum Wounds value, regardless of current Wounds.
At level 5, you may reroll any failed Wounds check once (as in, one reroll per check) and select the best result.

"Nerves of Steel"
You don't scare easily. And by "easily" I mean "ever".
Benefit: Up to five points may be placed into Nerves of Steel. Every point grants an extra point of Nerve. At level 3, this also allows you to use your full, maximum Nerve value for Nerve checks, regardless of current Nerve.
At level 5, you gain an ability known as "And they shall know no fear". Whenever you break, are pinned or suffer any other morale penalty due to running out of Nerve or failing a Nerve check, you may instantly recover on your next turn (after suffering the effects for 1 turn). If you were reduced to 0 Nerve, you now have 1 Nerve again.

Offline Hunter

Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
« Reply #5 on: February 19, 2008, 01:47:22 AM »
I'd be interested to see what you consider "typical" for each race.

Offline kongmingTopic starter

Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
« Reply #6 on: February 19, 2008, 02:49:50 AM »
Well, I'll cover that eventually. Basically, as the PCs are Eldar in this, the other races will be a bit bland by comparison, because they're mostly there just to pick up and use as enemies. Whereas should I do a massive d20 thing, where "Guardsmen are levels 0-3, Sisters of Battle are levels 6-26 (20-26 being a Living Saint), and Titans are level 27+" then every race will eventually have *something*.


Master Pilot ability list:
Razor Sharp Turns
By making a Pilot check, you can turn on the spot, without drifting to the side at all. For every 10m per round you are travelling, you take a -1 penalty to your roll. Failure causes you to turn normally, possibly crashing. Failure by 5 or more causes you to keep going ahead and spin out of control for one round. Succeeding by 5 or more causes no loss in speed.

Firstly, by making a Pilot check, you can briefly accelerate a flying or hovering vehicle for one round. You can make this check every round if you wish. Doing so places a penalty on the roll equal to -1 per 10m per round you wish to boost above the normal top-end speed. If you fail, you keep going at the normal speed. If you fail by 5 or more, you slow down to half speed. If you succeed by 5 or more, the speed boost lasts for three rounds.
Secondly, when piloting vehicles on wheels or treads, you can hit bumps with enough speed to get air-time. Doing so requires a Pilot check, and regardless of success or failure, the vehicle takes a point of damage from the impact. You have to be going at the maximum speed, and success allows you to essentially "fly" at regular speed for one round, staying 1m off the ground for every 10m of speed. You cannot do this two rounds in a row. Landing on enemies counts as a ram attack.

Aggressive Driving
With a successful Pilot check, when giving chase, you can either gain 5 metres on top of your regular movement as you cause a short extra burst of speed, or put pressure on them, bumping their vehicle and directing their movement. This option forces opposed checks, with the winner either slowing the loser down by 10m per round for three rounds, or forcing the loser to move 10m in a given direction.
When being chased, a successful Pilot check can allow you to weave about, distracting and confusing the chaser as well as leading them over bumps and potholes. This deals 1 point of damage to their vehicle, plus accuracy damage. For every point of damage, they lose one metre of speed on their next turn.

Casual Steering
With a successful Pilot check, you can continue to act normally as though you were not focusing on not crashing and exploding. If you wish to make a simple, non-attack action, the check is without penalty. If you wish to make a complicated or attack action, the check takes a -3 penalty. If you wish to actually move about inside or on top of the vehicle, the check takes a massive -8 penalty but can still be done.

Keep it Together
You can continue to pilot damaged vehicles. If the vehicle is overheating, a successful Pilot check ignores this - success by 5 or more actually cools it down. If it is on fire, the check is made with a -2 penalty. If the vehicle is at half Wounds or worse, you can make a Pilot check with a penalty equal to -1 for every 5 Wounds it has lost, to keep going at full speed.

Offline kongmingTopic starter

Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
« Reply #7 on: February 19, 2008, 02:52:51 AM »
Tinkerer Benefit List:
Rank 1
A ranged weapon has its clip size doubled or range increased by half.
A melee weapon can ignore basic cover and attack foes hiding behind others.
A piece of armour can have its protection value increase by 2 when dealing with one of the following: energy, impact, sharp
A vehicle can go 5m faster per round.

Rank 2
A ranged weapon gains a +1 to hit, or can ignore basic cover penalties.
A melee weapon can be thrown 1m per point of Strength, or gains +1 to hit.
A piece of armour can grant +5m of movement speed or improve its protection by +1.
A vehicle can ignore 3 points of damage from collisions, per collision.

Rank 3
A ranged weapon can do +1 damage whenever it successfully damages, or be twin-linked so as to shoot twice per turn (but may only hit once. This simply grants two attack rolls).
A melee weapon can do +1 damage whenever it successfully damages, or can carry an electrical current, forcing a Wounds check (difficulty modified by Wounds dealt) against being fatigued.
Armour can reduce damage by an additional point (to a minimum of zero damage), or can grant an additional Wound.
A vehicle can grant a +2 bonus on all Pilot checks with it, or can gain +1 protection and to hit with its weapons.

Rank 4
A ranged weapon may gain another +1 to hit, or can have an additional ranged weapon attached, gaining all other benefits, though you must select which to use.
A melee weapon may gain another +1 to hit, or can be modified to make two attacks per turn - although only one can actually hit any given target, if both do "hit", then +1 damage is dealt.
Armour can gain another +1 protection, or improve Strength (and Strength skills) by 1. This results in another Wound.
Vehicles can gain an additional 2 Wounds, or double their speed.

Rank 5
A ranged weapon can either ignore all cover, shoot twice at the same target, or cause a 2m "explosion", attacking everyone in the area of effect.
A melee weapon can either ignore armour, attack the same target twice (and if both hit and the previous 2-attack ability was chosen, both gain +1 damage) or be rapidly powered to attack all in melee range.
Armour can either be "Invulnerable" (thus, armour is not ignored by specific weapons), grant another +2 Wounds or increase Agility (and all Agility skills) by 1.
A vehicle can either hover (if it previously could not), fly (if it could previously only hover), be immune to ramming damage or see both protection and attack rolls improve by +1.

Offline kongmingTopic starter

Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
« Reply #8 on: February 26, 2008, 03:05:59 AM »
Marksman ability list:

Note: I'll make reference to Rate of Fire. When I redo the equipment lists, I'll include that. This is only going to be used for special abilities and ammo usage - just because the assault cannon goes through a hundred bullets per round, that doesn't mean you make a hundred attack rolls or whatever. The number of bullets is already going to be taken into account with damage and special rules.

However, people *can* make 1/2 shots, gaining +1 to hit and halving ammo usage, but halving the base damage of the gun. Unless it's a single-shot weapon, of course.

On your turn, in addition to making a small action, you may elect to go into Overwatch. Doing this means any foe within your line of sight and not benefiting from cover who moves closer to you or an ally you can see, or who attacks, automatically provokes you into shooting. Make the attack as normal. In your Overwatch turn, you can make a number of ranged attacks equal to the weapon's rate of fire (limited by your remaining ammo), although if your foes do not perform the trigger actions, you have effectively wasted your turn.

Suppressive Fire
As a full-round action, you may fire a spray towards an enemy or a group of enemies, forcing them to keep their heads down. You must have at least enough ammunition to keep up the full rate of fire for one turn. Doing so uses this much ammunition. Make an attack roll, opposed by a rally check. If you succeed, they are pinned for one round, taking a +2 bonus to dodge and parry, but a -3 penalty to ballistic skill and are unable to attack in hand-to-hand, being prone. They also may not move at more than 1/4 speed. For every 5 points you beat them by, they all lose a point of Nerve.

By foregoing a small action, you can take special care to aim. Doing so lets you fire twice as far as normal, and lets you ignore basic cover, as well as up to 4 points of protection from armour. If you successfully hit, an extra point of damage is dealt. If the enemy can't see you, you also deal one point of Nerve damage, plus one for every 5 points you succeed by.

Cover Fire
You may forego a large action and provide cover fire for an ally. Doing so requires you to use enough ammo for the full rate of fire, but negates the effects of Overwatch on yourself and one ally - you may both act normally without being shot for this one turn. Additionally, the ally gains a +2 bonus to Dodge.

Trick Shot
People don't expect your attacks. As such, as long as you know vaguely where a target is, you can shoot at them. You ignore basic cover, and can spend a full-round aiming so as to ignore all cover. If you know an enemy is around a corner but cannot be seen, likewise the location of an enemy in the dark, then you can attack with a -2 penalty to hit. If the enemy does not know where the attack came from (they cannot see you), they must make a Rally check equal to 11 + damage dealt, otherwise they loose one point of Nerve, plus 1 for every 5 full points they fail by.


"Can't Touch This" abilities:
Triangle Jump
You have mastered the art of the triangular-jump. You can jump up against a wall and spring away, increasing your speed and height. To do this normally requires an Acrobatics roll, improving your speed by 1m. Every 5 points you beat this by grants another 1m to your speed for the round.

When next to a wall, you can use this to avoid melee attacks. You may make a Dodge check instead of a Parry check, with the same difficulty, and success results in you landing behind the foe and the foe striking the wall.

You can perform a springing leap, reacting to enemy shooting by pouncing at them, thus forcing them into melee combat with you. Any time you succeed at dodging a ranged attack that is made from within one move action from you, you may, as part of the dodge, leap over to be right in front of the enemy, who can make no other ranged attacks until the beginning of their next turn. Should you attack them in hand-to-hand on your next turn (or in this turn, if you dodged as a result of them firing in Overwatch), you count as having charged, thus deal an extra point of damage on a successful hit.

Confounding Dodge
You are adept at causing enemies to attack each other, causing "the Doom effect". When an enemy is attacking you, and another enemy is within range and on the direct opposite side of you, you may choose to take a -2 penalty to the Dodge check. Success results in you ducking at the right moment and the attack being resolved against the dodge check of the other enemy.

You are skilled at throwing those who dare attack you in hand to hand combat. Any time you successfully parry a melee attack, you can perform a throw, causing your opponent to land prone anywhere within your Strength in metres. You needn't be able to lift the enemy, as this is using their own weight against them.

Baseball Slide
You can slide for cover with barely a moment's notice. When moving, or as long as you moved in your last turn, you may automatically gain the benefit of having simple cover as long as there is a source of cover within 3m of you. If you wish to render yourself prone, you may gain the benefit of having total cover, as long as there is a source of total cover within 3m. You move so that you are in fact taking cover, but the attack is still resolved, even if it would take you out of range.


Weapon Master abilities:
Directing Strike
Your melee attacks move people about - whether by shoving them through brute force, or by driving them back and causing them to trip. When you successfully strike a foe in hand-to-hand combat, you give them a -1 penalty to attack and place them anywhere within a number of metres equal to the amount you succeeded by.

Alternatively, you may make an attack designed to force them to move, rather than to damage them. You receive a +1 bonus to hit, and deal no damage. Instead, you may move them 2m for every 1 you succeed by, and force them to become prone if you succeed.

Blood Letting
Your attacks tend to cause injuries that bleed uncontrollably. When hitting in hand-to-hand combat, you may sacrifice 3 points of damage to deal an injury that bleeds at the rate of 1 Wound per round, and additionally causes them to take an extra Wound every time they are hurt (though not through bleeding) for the rest of the combat.

Performing this attack multiple times causes the bleeding to stack, but not the increased damage.

Leg Slicer
In place of a regular attack, you may elect to hamstring your opponent in melee. If you successfully hit, you deal only half the base damage and no accuracy damage. However, your opponent's movement speed is reduced by X metres, where X is half the base damage, plus any accuracy damage. If they lose all of their speed, they fall prone, cannot stand or walk, and take a -4 penalty to Agility.

Octopus Style
You can rapidly fight multiple attackers - indeed, being surrounded works to your advantage. When fighting in hand-to-hand combat, make your attack or attacks as normal. However, every enemy must roll to parry these, and as such, every enemy can be hit and wounded. You also receive a +1 bonus to Parry as long as you are fighting at leas 3 people in melee.

Theatrical Strike
You are adept at making injuries that look worse or feel worse than they actually are. You can elect to make an attack that deals only half base damage, and no accuracy damage. The rest, however, is dealt as Nerve damage to all foes who can see the attack. Additionally, the target becomes fatigued until they rest for one minute.

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Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
« Reply #9 on: February 26, 2008, 03:09:25 AM »
Ranged Weapons:

Code: [Select]
Weapon:          Cost:   Damage:   Range:   RoF:   Clip Size/Cost:   Reload:   Special:
Splinter Pistol   5        +2        5m      2            10/1        free     Soulseeker Ammo available
Splinter Rifle    15       +4       20m      2            10/1        free     Soulseeker Ammo available
Splinter Cannon   50       +8       15m      1             5/2        small    Soulseeker Ammo available, Rending 1
Blaster           10       +3        5m      1             -           -       1 round recharge
Dark Lance        25       +5       20m      1             -           -       1 round recharge
Disintegrator     75       +10      20m      1             -           -       1 round recharge
Destructor        50       +5        5m      1             3/5        large    Deals half damage again next turn
Stinger          100       +1       10m      1             4/20       free     Wounds check vs 11 + Accuracy Damage or die
Grenade Launcher  60       -        15m      1             -          full     Fires grenades. Purchase individually.
Shredder          50       +5        5m      1             6/15       small    Entangles targets in razor net. See below

Auto Pistol       3        +1        5m      3            20/1        free     -
Autogun           10       +3       20m      4            20/1        free     -
Auto Cannon       80       +10      30m      1             1/5        large    High Impact
Laspistol         5        +2        5m      2            10/1        free     Battery clips recharge 1/min in heat/light
Lasgun            15       +4       20m      2            10/1        free     Battery clips recharge 1/min in heat/light
Hell Gun          25       +5       25m      1             -           -       Battery back-pack can power 10 shots/minute
Lascannon         75       +10      20m      1             5/2        small    Battery clips recharge 1/5 min in heat/light
Plasma Pistol     20       +5        5m      1             -           -       1 round recharge, gets hot
Plasma Gun        45       +7       15m      1             -           -       1 round recharge, gets hot
Plasma Cannon    100       +12      20m      1             -           -       1 round recharge, gets hot, 3m radius blast
Multilaser       100       +10      25m      6            60/6        2 full   Battery pack recharges 1/min in heat/light
Stub Gun          3        +2        5m      2             6/1        large    Splintering Ammo available
Heavy Stubber     25       +6       15m      3            12/4        small    Splintering Ammo available, High Impact

Bolt Pistol       15       +3        5m      2            10/2        small    Bolter ammo
Boltgun           45       +6       15m      2            20/5        small    Bolter ammo
Storm Bolter      60       +7       10m      4            40/10       small    Bolter ammo, Rapid Fire
Heavy Bolter      50       +8       20m      2            20/10       large    Bolter ammo, High Impact, Really Heavy
Rocket Launcher   80       -        30m      1             3/-        small    Fires rockets. Purchase individually.
Hurricane Bolter  80       +8       15m      12          240/50       2 full   Bolter ammo, Metal Storm, Really Heavy
Tornado Launcher 200       -        30m      2            18/-        full     Fires 2 rockets. Purchase individually.
Assault Cannon    75       +6       25m      20          100/10       large    Metal Storm, Rending 2, Bleeding 2, Jams

Inferno Pistol    25       +4        5m      1            10/5        small    Searing
Melta             60       +6       10m      1            10/10       small    Searing
Multi-melta      100       +8       10m      2            20/20       large    Searing, Really Heavy, Scorched Air
Thermal Lance     60       +7       15m      1            10/10       large    Searing
Hand Flamer       10       +3        3m      1             2/1        large    Burning, CC Option
Flamer            25       +5        5m      1             5/3        large    Burning
Heavy Flamer      75       +8       10m      2            10/5        full     Burning, Scorched Air, Really Heavy

The difficulty to escape is 11 + Accuracy. A -2 penalty is taken on all checks other than Escape Artist. A razornet also deals 1 point of damage to someone who successfully escapes, and a point of Bleeding to someone who fails to escape.

Soulseeker Ammunition:
A clip of Soulseeker Ammunition costs ten times as much as usual. It grants a +2 bonus to hit living targets.

The listed amount of Rending damage is applied as a penalty to the target's protection until they can spend a minute repairing their armour. This doesn't stack, and it can't reduce protection below zero.

High Impact:
People hit by High Impact weapons are knocked to the ground, and must make a Wounds check (difficulty 11) or lose a small action as they struggle to get their breath back.

Gets Hot:
Plasma weapons have a bad habit of overheating. Every time a plasma pistol is fired, make a Mechanics check to represent your knowledge that this happens all the fucking time, and your skill in keeping them cool. The difficulty is only 11, but increases by +2 for every time you have fired it in the last six rounds. Failure causes you to be burned, taking one Wound, and an additional Wound for every 5 points you fail the check by. Protection is halved when reducing this damage. Also, you drop the gun, because it's so hot, and it cannot be picked up for another two rounds.

Splintering Ammo:
Splintering ammunition bursts into a number of shards inside the target. This deals an additional Wound to any target it successfully wounds, but costs three times as much.

Rapid Fire:
Due to the high flurry of rounds, a -1 penalty to Dodge is provided, and 1 Nerve damage is dealt on a successful hit.

Metal Storm:
Due to the insane rate of fire, a -2 penalty to Dodge is provided, and 2 Nerve damage is dealt on a successful hit.

Really Heavy:
These weapons are so goddamn heavy - even moreso than a lascannon, plasma cannon or auto cannon - that they are often wheeled about on a small wheeled platform (-3m speed, +5 points), or a hover platform (normal speed, +15 points). To carry it around and fire without penalty requires a Strength of at least 6.

Bolter Ammo:
Bolter weapons have extra options for their ammunition. A clip of special ammunition costs thrice as much.
Inferno: Anyone wounded by Inferno ammunition catches fire, and must spend a full action putting the flames out, or take one extra wound per round for three rounds, and a -2 penalty to all actions.
Hellfire: Hellfire ammunition deals an additional Wound to anyone it successfully wounds, and armour only counts half its value against the rounds.
Metal Storm: Armoured targets gain +2 protection, however if these still Wound after protection is deducted, an additional 3 Wounds are dealt, along with Bleeding 2.
Kraken Penetrator: These rounds completely ignore armour, however they deal one less Wound total.
Blessed: These gain a +1 to hit daemons and psykers, and ignores all protection from fields, daemon hide and psychic powers.

Assault Cannons are sometimes nicknamed Ass Cannons, because they have a tendency to jam at the wrong moment. Any round the Assault Cannon is fired, make a Mechanics check. The difficulty starts at 11 and increases by 1 for each time it has been fired in the last 10 rounds. Failure results in it jamming. It must be reloaded, and an additional full round spent making a Mechanics check in order to un-jam it.

Melta weapons work best at close ranges, before the intense heat can dissipate. At half range (round down) or less, they deal +2 Wounds, or +3 for Multi-Meltas, even if the rest of the damage was reduced to zero. Fired at point blank, they deal another +1 Wound (for a total of +3 or +4), and bestow a level of fatigue due to the incredible pain.

Flamer weapons send gouts of fire and thick smoke. Anyone Wounded by a burning weapon catches fire, and takes an extra Wound per round, along with one Nerve damage per round, for each round until they spend a full action puting the flames out. Anyone who sees an ally immolated by such a weapon has to make a Rally check (difficulty equal to 11 + Wounds dealt) or take 1 Nerve damage, plus one for every 5 points they fail by.

Scorched Air:
Certain weapons generate such intense heat that the air itself burns up. The area of effect, or path of the ammo, remains superheated for two rounds. Anyone who enters the area takes a level of Fatigue, and anyone who ends their turn there takes another level of Fatigue. Those who are hit by such weapons automatically count as having entered the area.

CC Option:
Hand Flamers can be used as HtH weapons just as effectively. Doing so uses up 1 ammo per round of combat, and it deals an extra point of damage due to the smaller, concentrated flame.

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Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
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Melee Weapons:

Code: [Select]
Weapon:       Hands: Cost: Damage: Special:
Bladed Armour   -     10     +2     1 Free attack (with this weapon) in HtH
Knife           1      1     +2     -
Sword/Axe       1      3     +3     +1 damage if wielded in both hands
Power Weapon    1     15     +5     Power Weapon
Punisher        2     20     +7     Power Weapon
Agoniser        1     35     +2     Power Weapon, Shock Weapon
Hell Glaive     2     35     +7     Power Weapon, Built-in Splinter Rifle
Scissorhand     1     25     +6     Double all Accuracy Damage, viewers take 1 Nerve damage
Razor Net       1      5     +1     Entangles, can be used as a Small Action
Hydra Knife     1     10     +3     Accuracy Damage is Bleeding
Falchion        2     10     +4     Rending 1, 1 point of Fatigue
Trident         2     10     +5     Bleeding 1

Power Fist      1     40     +10    Power Weapon, -1 Agility, Grab Attack, Exterminator
Chainfist       1     50     +12    Power Weapon, -2 Agility, Grab Attack
Chain Weapon    1      5     +4     Rending 1, +1 damage if wielded in both hands, Exterminator
Eviscerator     2     20     +8     Rending 2, Bleeding 1, Exterminator, -1 Agility
Force Weapon    1     25     +5*    Power Weapon, If used by a Psyker, add +3 damage
Daemon Weapon  1-2    35     +7     Daemonic
Drill           2     50     +4     Rending 1, Bleeding 1, Accuracy damage is tripled
Lightning Claw  1     30     +6     Power Weapon, Accuracy damage is Bleeding
Thunder Hammer  2     30     +7     High Impact, Power Weapon
Stun Baton      1     20     +2     Shock Weapon
Neuro Whip      1     30     +3     1 point of Fatigue, Shock Weapon
Neuro Glove     1     25     +2     1 point of Fatigue, Shock Weapon
C'tan Sword     1     50     +7     Ignores all armour, living targets only

Storm Shield    -      5     +1     +2 Protection if not used to attack
Riot Shield     1     15     +2*    +3 Protection if not used to attack. Laser-Absorbant

Power Weapon:
Power Weapons ignore half the protection value (round up to see how much is ignored) from Armour.

Shock Weapon:
Shock weapons force the target to make a Wounds check against a target of 11 + Accuracy damage, or pass out for one minute.

Grab Attack:
Power Fists can perform a slow Grab attack. The attacker must forsake all additional attacks - and their Small action, making this attack a Full action - as they focus on crushing the target. +1 Wound is dealt per attack given up in this way. For Chain Fists, +2 Wounds are dealt per sacrificed attack.

Weapons with this ability may have Exterminator cartridges attached to them. This works as a Flamer with only one use before the attachment needs to be replaced. For one round after the Exterminator has been used, flames linger on the weapon, adding +2 damage. Exterminator cartridges cost 10 Points each.

At the start of a combat, the wielder of a Daemonic weapon must make a Nerve test, Difficulty 16. Failure causes the weapon to take control for three rounds, followed by the wielder losing a point of Nerve. In general, a possessed wielder will sit still and take no action, or will blindly attack everything within reach, or charge and focus on a single enemy or ally.
There is a benefit to the weapon, however.
Unaligned: Deals 1 Fatigue, Bleeding 1
Khorne: Bleeding 2
Tzeench: Deals 1 Rending, 1 Nerve
Nurgle: Deals 2 Fatigue
Slaanesh: Deals 2 Nerve

The Riot Shield adds an additional +2 Protection against laser weaponry, and each shot that is absorbed (it need merely hit) adds +1 to the shield's damage, lasting for 1 minute.

And Armour too!

Code: [Select]
Armour/ Item:      Cost:  Protection:  Special:
Gang Leathers        5        2          -
Flak Jacket         10        3          -
Mesh Suit           15        4          -

Carapace Armour     20        6          -
Power Armour        40        9          +1 S, Enclosed
Terminator Armour  100       12          +2 S, Enclosed

Iron Halo           20       +1          -
Conversion Field    25       +2          1 use per 10 minutes
Shadow Field        30       +2          -1 BS and Dodge
Holo-Field          50       +2          +1 Dodge
Chameleoline        25       +0          +1 Dodge, +2 Stealth

Note: Fields do not stack.

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Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
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For actually purchasing equipment, each player begins play with 60 Points. They can spend these however they like.

Now, this is how the system itself works:
For any given action, you roll 2d10 and add your skill, along with any bonuses and penalties from stuff. I'm basically trying to keep these to a maximum of +/- 5. Because we don't want people pushing each other off the RNG.

The standard difficulty for anything is 11, though some things are so easy you don't have to roll (yes, if it's easier than 11, you just succeed. You're too good to screw up at tying your shoelaces. I'M LOOKING AT YOU, GODDAMN WHITE FUCKING WOLF.) and some are harder. Difficulty usually increases in increments of 5. A D-16 check is actually pretty tricky to make, and a D-21 means you have to have some training.

If you don't have the skill, you make it at -4, so putting in one skill rank improves by +5 over that. And that is awesome for you. With a single rank (and no other assorted bonuses or penalties), you will succeed on an average roll (average of 2d10 is 11). Specifically, you will succeed 64% of the time.

If a task can have degrees of success, then every 5 points you beat the difficulty by improves it by 1 degree. So a 16 is a huge success, 21 is completely astounding. On a 26 you're just showing off. Yes, with 10 ranks, a roll of 20 and a bonus, you could get 31+, meaning the Chaos gods themselves will applaud your efforts.

So, combat starts. People look to see who has the highest Initiative. They go first. It goes down from there. When two or more have the same Initiative, they all declare what they're doing, and it happens at the same time. Even if two people attack and kill each other.

So then, people have their turns. Your turn is either a Full action plus any number of free actions, or a Big action, a Small action and any number of free actions.

A small action is generally "Shooting", although it might be a special ability or "steadying the gun". A big action is, for instance, attacking someone. You defend for free. Indeed, the difficulty for your attack roll is their defence roll. If you attack with a ranged weapon, you use "Ballistics Skill" against "Dodge". If it's hand to hand combat, you use "Weapon Skill" against "Parry".

That's it. If you equal or exceed their defence roll, you hit and apply all effects. For every 5 you beat them by, you deal +1 Wound of damage. This is called "Accuracy Damage", and is referenced by other things.

Now, subtract the Protection value of someone's armour from the damage. The remainder is subtracted from their Wounds value. No, a really bad attack can't heal them back up, it's a minimum of 0 damage. If someone is dropped to 0 Wounds, they pass out. They effectively lose the battle, and in an hour or so will wake up in a critical state. If someone is dropped to less than 0 Wounds, they pass out and need urgent assistance. They need to be attended to within three rounds, otherwise they die.


As the game progresses, players will likely gain money. Possibly a lot of it. This can be used, when amongst their own kind or in pirate colonies, to buy new gear. They can also just steal equipment and use that. Actual advancement works a little differently:

Attribute Points: Hand these out on occasion, maybe 1 per session or up to 3 per mission/great accomplishment.
Skill Points: You might want to hand out a few of these whenever you hand out Attribute Points. But one or two can be awarded to players just "whenever".
Benefit Points: Just every now and then, such as 1 per adventure/mission, or perhaps you award these separately, instead only for great achievements for the group, or every time they survive some kind of really bad situation you throw at them.

No, you can't trade them at any exchange rate. They are flat-out different.

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Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
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So, moving (a Small action) gets you 10m (around 30 feet) - that isn't too bad, considering you're also focusing on not being killed. A flat-out run, a Full action as you can't concentrate on doing anything else, will move you 30m (about 100 feet).

But for faster movement, you will want a vehicle. These tend to be expensive, but if you save up just a little, you should be flying around in no time. Heck, you could even start with a Jetbike.

Code: [Select]
Name:                Speed:  Type:  Cost:  Armour:  Toughness:  Other:
Reaver Jetbike        50m    hover   20      5          5       One hand free, Upgrade: Shredder or Dark Lance, Turbo
Raider                40m    hover   30      8          8       Crew: 6, Upgrade: Dark Lance, Spears, Barbs, Webbing
Ravager               30m    hover   50      8          10      Crew: 12, Upgrade: Disintegrator, Barbs, Armour
Rhino                 30m    drive   50      10         10      Crew: 10, Upgrade: Storm Bolter, Smoke Launchers, Armour
Chimera               30m    drive   60      9          8       Crew: 12, Upgrade: Multilaser/Hvy Bolter/Multi-Melta
Thunderhawk Gunship   100m   fly     80      7          8       Crew: 10, Upgrade: Hurricane Bolter or Tornado Launcher
Bike                  45m    drive   15      6          5       One hand free, Upgrade: Twin-linked Bolters
Attack Bike           35m    drive   25      6          7       As above, Crew: 2, Upgrade: Assault Cannon or Hvy Bolter
Land Speeder          45m    hover   20      6          5       Upgrade: Tornado Launcher or Assault Cannon or Hvy Bolter
Land Raider           30m    drive   75      14         12      Crew: 5, Upgrade: 2*Twin Lascannons, Twin Hvy Bolter
Skyboard              40m    hover   20      --         --      Grants the hover speed to the user

Speed: As long as you're driving fairly straight, it will go at this speed each round. You can move more slowly, of course.
Note that piloting is only a Small action, though you cannot choose to drive a vehicle twice in a round.
Particularly difficult cases may require a Large or Full action to navigate.

Armour: This is the amount of protection it has, thanks to its armour.

Damage is dealt to the Toughness. When the vehicle loses half its toughness, roll on the Penetration chart.
When it is reduced to zero Toughness, the vehicle is destroyed. Everyone must dive/climb out.

Code: [Select]
d10 roll: Effect:
1-3       Lucky - no other effect
4-5       Slowed - half speed until repaired
6         Immobilised until repaired - flying/hovering vehicles crash
7-8       Weapon destroyed at random
9         Vehicle is shaken about, crew all lose 1 Nerve
10        Immobilised until repaired, and flipped - crew all lose 1 Nerve

One hand free: These vehicles allow you to still fire a one-handed weapon as your Large action.

Upgrade: You may purchase the listed upgrades and add them to the vehicle.
-Armour: Increase the Armour by 1, costs 5 Points
-Smoke Launchers: Provides a -3 penalty to enemy BS, and to your own, for 1 round. Costs 3 Points
-Barbs: A trail of barbed chains hangs down. You may fly over foes and make a pilot check against their Dodge. If you hit, you deal 3 damage and they are caught, entangled on the chains. They can try to escape as normal. Costs 5 Points.

For a twin-linked weapon, add 10 to the weapon's price. This merely allows you a re-roll if you miss, though you can only re-roll once per round.

Turbo: By piloting as a Full action and not making any turns, the jetbike can be accelerated to 100m per round.

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Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
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In this game, you are likely to fight people. Combat is likely to be really bloody, too. Here are some sample enemies, NPCs and other creatures. Note that these will have special Advantages that you can't normally get. For instance, no matter how hard you train, you can't grow extra arms (mutations and bionics can overcome this limitation), whereas Genestealers just have them.

Basic Guardsman:

Strength 4
Agility 3
Leadership 3
Knowledge 3

Wounds: 5/5
Initiative: +3
Nerve: 3/3

Die Hard 1
Sharp Shooter: Overwatch

Weapon Skill 2
Ballistic Skill 3
Dodge 2
Parry 2
Acrobatics 1
Mechanics 2
Rally 2
Force 3

Flak Armour (3 protection)
Lasgun (+4 damage) + Bayonet (+2 damage)
1 Frag Grenade


Warp Beast:

Strength 6
Agility 4
Leadership 3
Knowledge 1

Wounds: 8/8
Initiative: +4
Nerve: 3/3

4 Sharp Claws (+4 damage)
Natural Armour (4 protection)
Die Hard 2
Regeneration 1 (1 Wound per round)
Double Speed

Weapon Skill 6
Dodge 4
Parry 2
Acrobatics 3
Rally 3
Force 4
Escape 3
Climb 3


Basic Ork Boy:

Strength 5
Agility 3
Leadership 4
Knowledge 2

Wounds: 6/6
Initiative: +3
Nerve: 4/4

Die Hard 1
Natural Armour (protection 1)
Weapon Master: Directing Strike

Weapon Skill 5
Ballistic Skill 1
Dodge 1
Parry 3
Force 5
Pilot 2
Climb 3
Intimidate 4

Shoota (counts as Autogun, +3 damage)
Flak Armour (3+1 = 4 protection)

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Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
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More Equipment:

Code: [Select]
Name:            Damage:  Cost:  Special:
Frag Grenade       +4      2     Affects a 3m radius, targets knocked 1m
Super Frag         +7      5     Affects a 5m radius, targets knocked 2m
Frag Missile       +5      4     Affects a 5m radius, targets knocked 1m
Krak Grenade       +6      3     Affects a 1m radius, High Impact
Super Krak         +10     7     Affects a 3m radius, High Impact, Rending
Krak Missile       +8      6     Affects a 2m radius, High Impact
Plasma Grenade     +7      5     Affects a 3m radius, Searing
EMP Grenade        --      5     Affects a 3m radius, ranged Electronics check +5 to damage electrical equipment
Melta Bomb         +12     6     Large action to attach, Searing, Burning
Tanglefoot         --      5     Affects a 5m radius, Entangles
Firebomb           +4      3     Affects a 3m radius, Burning

There are the grenades and rockets.

2 more vehicles, too!

Code: [Select]
Name:                Speed:  Type:  Cost:  Armour:  Toughness:  Other:
Defiler Vehicle       40m    walks   50       8         10      Crew: 4, Upgrade: Auto-Cannon, Las-cannon, 2 Power Weapons
Penitent Engine       30m    walks   50       8          9      Penitence, Upgrade: 2 Heavy Flamers, 2 Chainfists

Walking vehicles are like ground vehicles, except they can get into difficult areas that you can't drive into, and can climb over things.

At least one person must be hooked up to the engine to control it. Doing so wracks them with pain, preventing any healing and dealing 1 Nerve damage every hour. In combat, they must make a Rally check or fly into a rage, gaining the Assault* Advantage at 5 until all enemies are slain. If two people are hooked up (the maximum), then it gains an extra attack per round on top of any other actions taken, and can move at 40m per round.

More "stuff".

Code: [Select]
Name:              Cost:  Use:
Medikit             5     Grants a +2 bonus to Medicine checks, can automatically keep someone from dying
Narthecium          20    Grants a +5 bonus to Medicine checks, immediately stabilises & restores 2 Wounds
Polymorphine        15    Allows the imbiber to shift forms for 24 hours
Charm               2     Prevents one fatal injury
Lho Sticks          2     Cigarettes smoked to regain 1 Nerve
Anti-Toxin          10    Immediately allows a Wounds check with a +3 bonus to flush toxins out
Auspex/Scanner      5     Electronics check to show living creatures, heat signiatures, electronics etc. in the area
Rebreather          15    Contains 12 hours of air, also has air filters for normal breathing
Detox Injector      10    Removes all drugs from the system, dealing 3 Nerve damage in the process
'Slaught Injector   20    Combat Drug. Lasts 1 hour. +4 S, Weapon Skill and Force, -2 A, Dodge, Parry. Fatigues afterwards.
Frenzon Injector    15    Combat Drug. Lasts 10 minutes, granting the Assault* Advantage at 5. Fatigues afterwards.
Spook Injector      20    Combat Drug. Nerve check (15) or lose 2 Nerve. Lasts 10 minutes, grants 1 minor psykic power.
Stimm Injector      5     Combat Drug. Removes fatigue for 1 hour, +1 A, Dodge and Parry during this time.
Respiratory Toxin   7     Poison. Wounds check (15) or fatigued 1 hour, 1 Wound lost per minute of activity in the hour.
Cardio Toxin        10    Poison. Wounds check (16) or instantly fall comatose and need medical assistance or die.
Fleshrot Toxin      5     Poison. Wounds check (13) each round for a minute or take 1 Wound.
Slow Toxin          5     Poison. Wounds check (20) each 24 hours for a week, or fall into a coma and die.
Bleeder Toxin       7     Poison. Wounds check (15) or all damage deals +1 Wound for 2 hours.

Combat Drugs:
Addictive: If taken once per 12 hour period for at least 48 hours, or 3+ doses taken in one 6 hour period, a Wounds check must be made. The difficulty increases by 2 for every additional dose taken in the 6 hour period or every additional 6 hour period with a dose taken. Failure results in addiction, where they suffer a -1 morale penalty to S, A, L and all skills based on these, when not under the effects of the drug. It takes a detox kit or a complete week without the drug in order to be free from addiction.
Overdose: If you have more than one drug (or dose of the same drug) in your system (as in, effecting you) at the same time, make a Wounds check. The difficulty is 11 plus the number of drugs in your system. Failure causes you to fall unconscious, losing 1 Wound per hour and requiring medical assistance to not die, and to wake up.

*I'll get around to it, seriously.

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Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
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I ran a very basic playtest by myself, creating some sample characters and going through a basic adventure. I'll make a few changes, but generally I like it.

Statistic Points: 20 (unchanged)
Skill Points: 75 (unchanged)
Advantage Points: 5 (unchanged)
Funds: 75 Points (up from 60)

More Advantages:

Eldar Memories
Allocate each point of this into one Statistic of your choice. They can be divided any way or all piled into one. Whenever making a skill roll that has one or more allocated points, you count as having at least one skill rank. Furthermore, you ignore a number of points of penalty up to the number of allocated points. If three points are placed in the same Statistic, then as long as the roll succeeds, you gain an extra degree of success. If all five points are allocated, then on a successful roll you gain two extra degrees of success.

You tend to completely flip out and go all-out.
Rank 1: On any turn, you can elect to lose your Dodge and Parry bonuses (rolling flat 2d10, modified by any penalties), gaining +2 to hit, and automatically adding an extra two accuracy damage if you hit.
Rank 2: When you charge, you may elect to lower your defences (any attack against you for the next turn hits even if it would normally miss), but add your Strength score as accuracy damage.
Rank 3: You may spend a Small action pumping yourself, either regaining one Wound or Nerve, or gaining +2 to hit for the rest of the turn.
Rank 4: You can enter a rage as a Free action. It lasts until the end of the fight or until you pass out. Afterwards, you gain 1 Fatigue for every round spent in the frenzy. During this frenzy, all ranged attackers gain a -2 penalty to hit you, you do not suffer the effects of fatigue or bleeding, and all attacks are High Impact. You may not use Psykic powers, and gain a -2 penalty to all Knowledge rolls.
Rank 5: Your rage only ends when all enemies are dead - even if you die while fighting. You are Fearless during this process as well, and gain a +3 bonus to Weapon Skill. When the rage ends, you still become fatigued, and if you took any damage, you immediately suffer from +1 Bleeding.

Master of Skills
You're really tricky when it comes to doing things. For each rank taken, choose one ability from the list below:
That damn good: For three skills chosen, nothing is ever harder than the basic difficulty of 11. This does not affect opposed rolls.
Percussive Maintenance: Mechanics and Electronics are interchangeable for you. Also, a difficulty 15 check allows you to instantly repair a broken (not destroyed) item for one good use, though it is properly broken after that and needs real repairs.
People Person: A difficulty 11 Psychology test allows you to substitute any of the following for each other: Lie, Bribe, Intimidate, Blackmail, Command.
Improvised Poisons: By making a difficulty 15 Poison check, you can scrounge the ingredients to make a poison, though it must be used within 1 hour.
Master Plan: You are a brilliant tactician. In the first round of battle, as a Free reaction, you may make a difficulty 13 Command check. Success grants you and every ally a free Small action, taken immediately. Also, you may state one action. The first time in the fight that an ally successfully performs that action, they gain a free Small action, and one other ally gains a free Large action.

You are a Psyker.
Rank 1: Select one minor power. You can now use this.
Rank 2: Select a second minor power, or a persistent aura.
Rank 3: Select a major power.
Rank 4: Select a second major power, from the same discipline.
Rank 5: Select either a third major power from the same discipline plus a minor power or aura, or a combination of three minor powers and/or auras, or one major power from a different discipline.

See powers in an upcoming post, along with the mechanics of using them.

Daemon Touched
You at least have the curse/blessing of a daemon. You might be possessed.
For every rank taken, gain one dark ritual, Chaos blessing or mutation.
At the third rank, you are warped by a Daemon and can either call forth a daemon to aid you in times of need (dropping to 0 Wounds and blacking out whenever this occurs), or gain a Chaos Power. At the fifth rank, you are actually possessed. Any time you lose consciousness or panic, the daemon takes over. It is Fearless, and radiates a 10m aura of terror. Test your Intimidate against the Rally of all in range. If they fail, they lose Nerve equal to your Leadership score.

When being actively possessed, you regain one Wound per round, and can hurl bolts of energy that are treated as +7 damage, High Impact weapons. After one minute, you may make a difficulty 16 Leadership check to regain control of yourself. If you fail, then you can try again in an hour. If you fail again, then you must wait an entire day, waiting another day each time yo fail. If you are slain, the daemon takes over for good, until destroyed or banished, but you are still dead.

Yes, the benefits of this will come later, too. But at least it's a start.

Note: You can totally play a simple game of this already, and it mostly works. In my test, the group of 4 basically cleaned up groups of 3 or less guardsmen, and only one "player" took damage (though they were knocked down to 1 Wound remaining). They had little difficulty with other tasks, too - failing to land their space craft stealthily, succeeding in breaking into the base, failing to hack into the security systems, succeeding in jamming the doors shut, then breaking into a room and destroying the engines...

So far it seems quick and easy, and combat tends to be erring on the short side, as it tends to take 1-2 hits for a guardsman to go down.

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Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
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Psykic powers:
To activate takes a Large action, always. You must also make a Leadership check, with the difficulty listed for any given power. Whether it works or not, if you roll doubles, you suffer the Perils of the Warp. This is bad.

Double 1: A daemon or warp beast (chosen by the GM) crawls out of the warp. Roll 1d10. On a 10, it is loyal to the psyker. On an 8-9 it has its own motivations and runs rampant. On a 5-7 it lashes out at everything. On a 1-4 it specifically targets the psyker.
Double 2: A blast from a warp storm knocks the psyker prone and takes away a Small action as they try to regain their breath.
Double 3: entities attempt to possess the psyker for an hour. Make a Nerve check, difficulty 16, to resist.
Double 4: The psyker blacks out. One minute later, they awaken, but with suppressed fear and stress. Next time they lose any Nerve, it immediately becomes zero.
Double 5: A surge of unbound energy thrusts everyone about. Everyone within 10m of the psyker is randomly teleported 2d10*10 metres in a random direction.
Double 6: The power is unleashed at a constant, full force. The power activates successfully, as though double 10s were rolled (to determine the degree of success, not the Perils effect!), however 2 Fatigue and 2 Nerve damage is suffered by the psyker.
Double 7: Clouds and darkness envelops everything within a 1km radius for one hour, and the air becomes thick. A wailing can be heard. Everyone takes 1 fatigue and 1 Nerve damage.
Double 8: The psyker develops a mutation. Fortunately, it slowly changes back over the course of 24 hours if they succeed on a difficulty 15 Wounds check.
Double 9: Lightning crackles across a 1km area, dealing 1 Wound (no protection) to everyone.
Double 10: Everyone within 10m of the psyker loses 1 Nerve as psykic winds wrack their minds.

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Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
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Minor Psykic Powers:
Code: [Select]
Name:      Difficulty:  Effect:
Dull Pain      11       Remove one point of Fatigue from a target within 3m.
Cause Pain     11       One target within 3m gains a point of Fatigue.
Wall Walk      11       Walk on any surface for 1 hour.
Levitation     11       Hover up to 1m above the ground for 1 hour.
Darksight      11       See in any darkness for 1 hour.
Jynx           11       Make a 10m ranged Mechanics/Electronics check to break machinery.
Competence     13       Within 1 minute, one untrained skill is made without the penalty.
Vertigo        13       One target within 5m must make a Wounds check or lose a Large action.
Minor Heal     14       One touched target recovers 1 Wound or point of Bleeding.
Calming Touch  14       One touched target regains 1 Nerve and can re-make a Command check if need be.
Banish         14       One touched daemon must make an opposed Leadership check or return to the Warp.
Protection     14       Touched target gains +3 to resist possession for 1 hour, and +1 against psykic attacks.

Major Psykic Powers:
Code: [Select]
Name:           Discipline:  Difficulty:  Effect:
Hammerhand      Biomancy        14        Effectively gain a Power Fist for 1 minute, +1 base damage per degree of success
Regeneration    Biomancy        16        Instantly heal 2 Wounds, Fatigue and Bleeding, +1 per degree of success
Change Shape    Biomancy        16        Disguise yourself completely for 1 hour, with either +2 Init or +2 Wounds
Constrict       Biomancy        14        One target within 20m takes 1 Fatigue per degree of success (opposed by Strength).
Bioelectricity  Biomancy        15        Fire one blast as per a lascannon, +1 base damage per degree of success.

Flame Blast     Pyromancy       15        Fire one flame as per a heavy flamer, +1 base damage per degree of success.
Douse Flames    Pyromancy       14        Any flames within 3m can be reduced or put out completely.
Wall of Fire    Pyromancy       15        A 10m long, 1m wide, 3m high wall of hot (+6 damage) fire erupts, for 1 minute*
Holocaust       Pyromancy       16        One 5m radius area within 10m is hit by a +10 damage searing weapon*
Heat Shield     Pyromancy       15        For one hour, remain unaffected by hot/cold conditions. +6 protection vs fire.

Telekinesis     Telekinetics    15        Gain telekinetic control over 10kg (+5kg per degree of success) within 5m.
Psykic Blade    Telekinetics    14        Effectively gain a Power Sword. On a 16, gain a Lightning Claw. Lasts 1 minute.
Shove           Telekinetics    15        Opposed by Force, one target within 10m is shoved 1m plus 1 per degree of success.
Psykic Grasp    Telekinetics    15        Within the next minute, when fired at, a psykic check can catch and return bullets
Sudden Barrier  Telekinetics    16        Create an invisible adamantine wall within 10m for 1 minute, up to 5m wide/high.

Precognition    Divination      14        Gain a glimpse into the future, enough to gleam any major danger in the next hour
Grasp Idea      Divination      14        Figure out necessary skills, gaining +3 to any one roll in the next minute
Anticipation    Divination      16        See ahead in combat, gaining one free reroll each round for the next minute
Soul Sight      Divination      14        For one hour, see all invisible things, Chaos taint, mutations and daemons.
Sidestep Fate   Divination      17        Seeing omens of ill fortune, you may ignore 1 deadly attack in the next hour.

Terrify         Empathy         14        One target must make a Rally check or lose 2 Nerve, +1 per degree of success.
Admiration      Empathy         14        One target must make a Nerve check or believe you are their friend for an hour.
Steal the Mind  Empathy         16        One target must make a Nerve check or stand motionless for 3 rounds.
Sudden Urge     Empathy         15        One target must make a Leadership check or perform one Large action of your choice
Disorientation  Empathy         16        One target must make a Leadership check or become confused for 1 hour

*An Acrobatics check can be used (difficulty is the power roll) to get out of the area, avoiding all damage.

Persistent Psykic Auras:
Code: [Select]
Name:               Effect:
Aura of Protection  Always have +1 protection value while conscious
Aura of Fear        Any foes within 3m must make a Rally check opposed by your Intimidate, or lose 1 Nerve
Aura of Friendship  You gain +2 to Bribery checks and reuce Nerve loss by 1 for all allies within 3m
Sacred Aura         Daemons must make an opposed Leadership check just to approach within 1m of you
Aura of Light       You may, at will, shed light up to a high-power globe, also increasing las-damage fired by you by +1
Aura of Darkness    You may lower the effect of light to half within 3m, gaining +3 protection against las weapons
Dampening Field     All electrical devices within 3m of you operate at half efficiency, and are easier (+2) to break
Aura of Spite       Any foe who attacks you and is standing within 1m of you automatically takes 1 Fatigue
Soothing Aura       1 Faigue or Nerve is recovered for anyone within 1m of you per round of rest

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Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
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Dark Rituals
Code: [Select]
Name:              Time to Perform:  Benefit:
Rite of War        10 minutes        Blessed by Khorne, all participants regain 1 Wound whenever they deal damage for 1 day
Rite of Knowledge  4 hours           Tzeench provides hidden insight, showing the name, face and weakness of their enemy
Rite of Binding    1 hour            The ritual circle is a trap: an opposed Leadership roll can trap any entering daemon.
Daemonic Pact      1 hour            This ritual grants a minor benefit when performed, but has a cost.*
Corrupt Ritual     2 hours           Performing this ritual invokes Nurgle, who makes the participants carriers of disease.**
Laying the Curse   1 hour            The rite leader is fatigued for one day, but one target becomes fatigued and bleeding.
Dark Portents      1 hour            The leader becomes fatigued, but manages to glimpse into the future to know a target.

*The benefits can be along the lines of 3 statistic points, 10 skill points, 50 Points of money/equipment or 1 advantage point. They can also be story-specific benefits such as a promotion, being sent to a specific mission, avoiding blame for an incident, or gaining the love/lust of another. The penalties will always come up to a week later, either in the form of a dangerous mission (this should give a reduced reward, if any at all), or an actual penalty - a year of fatigue, permanent loss of 1-2 Nerve or Wounds, removal of a limb (costs 50 Points to replace with a regular cybernetic) or a series of bad events.

**The participants are immune to the effects, merely being carriers.

Chaos Blessings
Code: [Select]
Name:             Patron:   Effect:
Mark of Khorne    Khorne    You may, as a Large action, make a melee attack at 10m of range. Gain +1 Wound when in a frenzy.
Mark of Tzeench   Tzeench   You may spend a Large action "storing" a Large action. As a Small action in 1 hour, you can activate that action.
Mark of Nurgle    Nurgle    You may, as a Full action, withdraw into despair and Nurgle's comfort, negating any fear effects.
Mark of Slaanesh  Slaanesh  You can ignore any kind of pain, and lose 1 fatigue per round of rest.
Third Eye         Tzeench   You are never surprised by anything. Gain 360 degree vision, and add 3 to your Initiative.
Sensitivity       Slaanesh  Gain a +2 to any Nerve-damaging effect you possess. Also, when you grapple, regain all Nerve.
Burning Blood     Khorne    When wounded in close combat, make a Wounds check against the foe's acrobatics. If you win, they catch fire.
Plaguebearer      Nurgle    You can invoke sickness in individuals by touching them. If you win an opposed Wounds check, you gain 1 Nerve and they gain 1 fatigue.

Code: [Select]
Name:               Effect:
Hermaphroditism     You have the sex organs of both sexes, and also gain knowledge of how all people think, gaining +1 Psychology.
Additional Breasts* You grow another pair of breasts on your body. They whisper dark secrets to you, providing +1 Nerve.
Tentacle Growth*    You grow a pair of tentacles that can make a bonus attack in HtH combat, with damage equaling your Strength.
Claws               All of your hands and feet become clawed. Your unarmed attacks deal Str in damage + bleeding 1, and you gain +2 to Climb.
Scaled Skin         Your skin sales over, granting +2 to both Protection and Stealth (camouflage).
Fangs               You gain a mouth full of sharp teeth, with a poisonous bite. It is a +5 weapon that delivers 1 poison of your choice.
Extra Arms*         You grow an extra arm, and can use it easily at the same time as your others. Halve the time taken for electronics/mechanics.
Tail                You grow an enormous, powerful tail. Gain +2 to acrobatics and climb, and a bonus knockdown attack.
Wings               You grow a pair of leathery or feathered wings that grant a fly speed of 10m.
Echidna Spines      Anyone who strikes you in HtH gets attacked by these spines, which hit for +3 damage.
Rotting Flesh       Anyone within 3m of you must make a Wounds check or lose a Large action being sick.
Muscle Bulk         Your muscle mass grants you an additional point of Strength.
Fatty Mass          The immense fat reserves ooze and bubble, burning up to double the rate at which you lose fatigue.
Regenerative        Your body regenerates rapidly, granting you 1 Wound per round.
Bio-Weapon*         You grow the equivalent of a plasma pistol (can't drop), lasgun or inferno pistol. Instead of reloading, it has to recharge for 1 hour.
Acidic Spit         You can spit on a foe within 5m as a Small action. If you then attack, ignore 3 points of protection.
Burning Bile        Your mouth can work like a flamer once per two rounds. If you spend a round eating, it can be a heavy flamer, then needs a minute to recharge.

*This can be chosen more than once. Numerical bonuses do not stack.

Chaos Powers
*Note: Chaos Powers are psykic powers, and still use the same rules.
Code: [Select]
Name:           Difficulty:  Effect:
Blood Rage         14        Immediately go berserk, as per the 4th ability of Assault. This lasts until all foes are dead.
Boiling Blood      15        If a target fails to resist with Strength, they gain Bleeding 2 and lose Small actions for 1 minute.
Injuries           16        Everyone within a 15m radius of you must resist with Acrobatics or be hit by a +10 rending 2 attack.

Touch of Pleasure  15        If a touched target fails to resist with Knowledge, they fall prone and helpless for 1 round, then loves you for 1 week after.
Agony Whisps       14        You effectively gain a neuro whip for 1 hour, with +1 base damage per degree of success, as well as convincing the target you are their boss for 1 hour.
Seduction          16        For 1 minute (+1 per degree of success), a target who fails to resist with Leadership believes either you or one item you possess is what they truly desire.

Sorrow and Doom    16        If the target fails to resist with Leadership, they retract into a slump, not acting for 1 round, + 1 per degree of success.
Infection          14        One target within 10m, if they fail to resist with Wounds, is poisoned, affected for 1 week.
Nurgle's Embrace   15        You feel comforted, and are immune to all psychology tests, fear, Nerve loss and emotions for 1 hour.

Chaotic Change     15        You gain 2 mutations of choice for 1 minute, +1 mutation and minute per degree of success.
Defilement         14        One target who fails to resist with Strength gains 1 mutation (and loses 1 Nerve) of your choice for 1 hour, plus one hour per degree of success.
Seeds of Treason   16        One target (plus one per degree of success) briefly changes sides, attacking their allies for two rounds if they fail to resist with Leadership.

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Things to alter your equipment!

Code: [Select]
Name:        Cost:  Modifies:    Use:
Mastercraft   15    Weapon       Allows you to re-roll 1 attack roll with the weapon per round
Mastercraft   15    Armour       Allows you to re-roll 1 Dodge or Parry roll per round
Compact       10    Firearm      Shifts the weapon down one category: Really Heavy > 2-H > 1-H > easily concealed. -1 damage
Extra Grip    10    1-H Melee    Changes the weapon to 2-H, adding +1 damage
Long Barrel   15    Firearm      +1 to hit with the weapon
Ablative      20    Armour      Adds 4 Wounds that are taken before damage is dealt to the wearer. Does not count for checks
Hexagrammic   15    Armour       Gains +3 protection against Daemons and Psykic Powers
Blessed        5    Ammunition   Deals +2 damage against Daemons and +1 against Psykers
Blessed       10    Melee        Deals +2 damage against Daemons and +1 against Psykers
Hot-Shot      10    Las-Weapon   Doubles ammo usage/recharge time but deals +2 damage. Add 1 backpack charge pack.
Overloader    10    Plasma       Can fire every round, +2 damage, increase Overheat difficulty by +5
Balancer       3    Firearm      Negates 3 points of penalty to hit with the weapon
Dual-Chain    10    Chain Melee  Adds +2 to hit with the weapon
Mono-Blade    10    Bladed       Negates 2 points of penalty to hit, deals +1 damage
Imploder       5    Impact/Bash  Needs reloading (Small) each hit (1 point), deals +2 damage (but -1 if not loaded)
Reinforced     8    Armour       Adds +1 Protection
Reflective     5    Armour       Gains +2 Protection against Las weapons.
Insulated      5    Armour       Gains +2 Protection against Plasma, Melta and Flamer weapons.
Holy Fuel      8    Flame/Melta  Deals +1 damage, burning deals +1 damage as well
Bayonet        2    2-H Firearm  Adds a bladed melee attachment (+3 damage)
Sarissa        5    2-H Firearm  Adds a bladed melee attachment (+5 damage)

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Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
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This is very good work so far. I look forward to playing this.
I like how the game is simple mechanically but offers a lot of cool options to differ characters. My favorite approach to game design:)

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Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
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That's more or less what I was aiming for. I like making character sheets, and playing with stats and making all the difficult choices and stuff. But I know what a pain many systems can be, with all the math (and needing to flip through the books to work out the variables in the math) and tables and stuff.

So I decided there should be a basic system, and plenty of options. I'm just wondering if the bonuses and penalties are getting a bit too much out of hand (although in most cases, they can't be stacked. Just a few here and there).

From here, it would actually be quite easy to make game "systems" for other parts of it, too. So, for a Necromunda Gangwar thing, different choices are used for the advantages and skills, or a "NEEDZ MOAR DAKKA!" game, again change things around a bit.

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Re: Warhammer 40K: Piracy of the Webways
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I'd need to take these rules and make a few test chars, then run a few test combats. I'll let you know if I find any rough edges to work on.

By the way, as far as simple-but-lots-of-stuff systems go, do you know 'Savage Worlds'? It's very much this style:)