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May 22, 2018, 11:19:13 AM

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Author Topic: Looking (again) for a RP partner for an interesting idea (Neon Kid take 2)  (Read 813 times)

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Offline IrishBAMF88Topic starter

So this is an idea I came up with over a year ago after some of the story/plot was inspired by the shooter flash game 'Thing Thing'. I haven't found a decent partner to try it with but I'm willing to give it a shot with anyone interested. Already tried to start this once and sadly...never got it off the ground.

The year is 2015 - with the United States in turmoil and at war still in the Middle East. To help with their lack of soldiers and funding, they ask for Research and Development groups to help them in their efforts to create better soldiers for the front lines. A large corporation known as BioGen Industries begins to create new serums that would enhance the human body to make them stronger, faster, and be able to last longer than your average soldier in the Army. However, while the government continues to funnel funds into their Enhancement Program, BioGen is secretly working on a much more nefarious project in the dark. Deep within their underground facility in the disguise of an Oil rig station, they are working to try instead of helping make a better soldier, just 'create' one instead.

Human cloning in 2015 is still highly illegal, so all of BioGen's work trying to create the perfect human clone soldier would not go so well if it got out of the dark. The first ten 'successful' clones sadly do not live long, dying within a matter of hours. The next ten, manage to last at least a week. More and more they pour money and funding into the cloning project, dubbed 'Delta 5', as one by one more clones die and are unable to last more than a week, maybe two if lucky. However, they soon make progress and by their 147th clone, it's finally successful. The clone is everything they had expected and anticipated for. For once, he managed to outlast and live longer than his predecessors, with no signs of possible death of natural causes. Secondly, his age was quickly pushed straight to the age of 18, right at the peak of his younger years, and someone they wouldn't expect could snap your neck in seconds. So, now with their first human clone ready, they begin to test him. Weapons training, hand to hand combat, Martial arts training, Survival training - they push the clone to their limits. They even use prototype drugs on him: Muscle enhancers, mind suppressants - repeat until successful and continue with the next. For once, BioGen was on the cutting edge. and, if '147' was successful and could become the ultimate soldier, just imagine how much a country would pay for their own army of clone soldiers to fight for them. Even the United States wouldn't be able to resist such an offer.

However, even after all of this with the training, drugs and teaching the clone everything he would need to know...they made one fatal mistake. One flaw that would soon cost them dearly. They gave him: a will. A will to think, to know the difference between right and wrong. And after seeing what he was going to become, he wasn't just going to sit by and allow BioGen to turn him into their slave. So, on the last night he would be staying at the facility, the chief scientists go to examine him. Waiting for the right moment, he strikes and takes them all down. Now shooting and fighting his way out of the facility, he also makes sure it's destroyed by burning it to the ground, escaping at the last second just as the Oil rig and the secret underground facility is destroyed and buried in the depths of the ocean.

Now, '147' is on his own, trying to figure out what to do with his life. What left is there for him? Well, he's 18 - he might as well try to live a normal life someone his age. Quickly reaching the shore he walks along the beaches before seeing a massive city of lights, neon and sound: Neon City. Imagine if you will Miami's beaches, with Tokyo's suburban residential areas, and finally the mass commercial areas of Tokyo and New York City - mix all three of those together, and you get Neon City. Finding himself a new home, getting whatever he needs by 'borrowing' from BioGen's financial records and armory and making himself a new identity: '147' now becomes Alexander Caine who has just enlisted into P.S. 187. He hopes to try and get just a normal life and go to school, have a girlfriend, maybe go to college and just have a normal life.

However, BioGen will not allow that and quickly learns of where '147' is now living. They quickly dispatch mercenaries hired by BioGen to apprehend '147', dead or alive. The reason is because his DNA structure is the technical building block for all cloning facilities. If anyone got a hold of that technology, BioGen would lose their chance and Project Delta5 would have been all for naught.

So now, Alex must fight for his right to be free, along with the help of his new friends he meets at school. However, he'll have a lot of enemies ahead of him. Whether it's the street racing gangs, the mercenaries BioGen sends after him, Alex's older brother '148', or even some of BioGen's more advanced 'prototype creations', Alex must fight them all, or risk losing everything he's fought for. And he's now about to step down and surrender. Not by a long shot...

There's adventure, romance, friendships, action, street races, shootouts, sword fights, suspense - all that you can imagine in this thrilling story 'powered with a soundtrack from Ministry of Sound', and the bright lights and sounds of Neon City - this RP is looking...for you!

So yes, if anyone is perhaps interested in this, I'm still looking for people would like to play as Alex's new friend at school, or even mercenaries. Must be willing to play multiple characters as well, as I'll be handling several characters on my own as well. Would prefer the RP to be in the forums for this one.

EDIT: I'm still looking for someone to play as a female friend, and male friend. I also don't mind finding someone who'd want to play as Alex's older 'brother', but can easily play as him too.

Offline IrishBAMF88Topic starter

So, is anyone interested in this possibly?