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Author Topic: Historicity- and the roleplaying ideas associated with him.  (Read 676 times)

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Historicity- and the roleplaying ideas associated with him.
« on: January 25, 2012, 06:27:13 pm »
Hello there. These are just a few of the idea's I am interested in for one on one roleplay. PM me or post if you're interested, and we can hammer out the details.

I enjoy Supernatural settings and competent women, as will probably be reflected by this.

Knight of Winter The courts of the Fey are in an uproar. Summer and Winter have battle since time eternal, and remained locked in perpetual balance. This was good, as their courts were inextricably linked with the natural world. The last time one of the courts held too much power Earth experienced an Ice Age. Now, treachery has brought low the Queen of Winter, one of her ladies has betrayed and deposed her, and is hounding her for the power she holds. To win back her court and prevent an eon of summer, the Queen seeks a mortal champion. Someone to once again take up the mantle of Winter Knight. I would be the Knight. You'd be the Queen.  Combat, Romance and Mistress/slave.

Werewolf/human A Werewolf is hunted by her pack for breaking a peace treaty with another. She has to be killed within one week, or there will be war. Naturally, she objects... strenuously. She arrives in town with the wolves nipping at her heels, and has to accept help from a human to survive. Combat and Romance.

Crime family. The head of an old but less powerful Mafia family is gunned down, and an alliance of rival's are trying to hunt the organization to extinction. The young daughter of the Mafia don is the only person left who can command the loyalty of the clan... and her father's last lieutenant. Can she save her empire? Crime, combat, romance, real Bonnie and Clyde type stuff.

A Drow's crutch (setting based loosely on Drow-tales, moonless age. If you don't know, I can provide a synopsis.) Enter a dark elf warrior,  respected Val of the Sarghess clan, the least ancient of the nine clans, but most powerful militarily. True to her clan, she is a great warrior, until another Val, from the rival Sharren clan blinds her in battle. Now, she sulks in her chambers, considering taking her own life. Enter a human slave, captured from the surface six months ago and recently liberated from a Sharren gladiatorial arena, where he survived on wits and tenacity rather than strength of arms. Now, he seeks refuge and a place with the Sarghess, who are known for rewarding competence no matter what race one is. The only job they will trust this slave with is a chamber-servant to a grouchy blind Val. Can he help her regain purpose... and perhaps revenge? 

Modern Fantasy: other world A college student, or a pair of them, stumble into another world. A world with Orcs, elves, dragons, magic, gods, demons and more. This could go either way, either we're both from this world and go to the other, or one of us is a native of the other side. Very free-form, not a lot of plot laid down yet.

Post-apocalyptic America A virus ravages the world, outright killing seventy percent of the population. In the midst of the chaos, one small town tries to evacuate their children to a "safe place." A bus driver starts showing symptoms and orders all the kids out of the bus and scatter across the country-side, some of them might survive after all. A high-school age guy and girl meet and survive together. Horrified by all the depredations they witness in their trek, they decide to do their damnedest to bring some semblance of civilization back to the world, any way they can.

Demon-hunters A secret society that exists during the Renaissance, dedicated to putting an end to supernatural threats to mankind, vampires, witches, demons and the like. Semi-steampunkish with a bit of magic mixed in. A male and female team travel from court to court, cleansing them of abominations.
Keep in mind these are just introductory blurbs. I have much more info down upon request.
More too come.
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Re: Historicity- and the roleplaying ideas associated with him.
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2012, 08:26:56 pm »
Edited: Werewolf RP no longer taken, partner bailed out.

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Re: Historicity- and the roleplaying ideas associated with him.
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2012, 09:49:59 pm »
Edited: added Drow, post apocalypse, modern fantasy and demon-hunter

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Re: Historicity- and the roleplaying ideas associated with him.
« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2012, 10:08:54 am »
I would be interested in your modern fantasy one, if you dont have any takers for it yet.

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Re: Historicity- and the roleplaying ideas associated with him.
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2012, 01:03:33 pm »
Why yes, I'd love to. Sent you PM.