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Author Topic: Looking for....F, extreme, very subby  (Read 794 times)

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Looking for....F, extreme, very subby
« on: January 25, 2012, 12:03:05 pm »
FIRST STORY TAKEN  Thanks to all who PM'd

I'd prefer to start this story from scratch, but the basics of this story are, "honest man is wronged, honest man takes revenge through his accuser's daughter". This is heavy D/s, and there will be a lot of god modding on my part....I dislike extremely short posts, and would rather move a story along by taking expected liberties where my /s is concerned, (and I welcome the same from my rp partner..if she wants something from my character. I'm flexible, and I'm happy with her writing those desires into her posts).

If you're interested, I insist on literate, multi paragraph posts, which can occur once per day, or as rarely as once per week, but no less than that.

This is a mid story post of the thread I'd like to recreate here on E. Interested? Please respond via PM's, thank you.

William listened to Nelson attentively, though he kept his eyes on Victoria, even swiping a gobbet of his cum that threatened to drip from her plate with his finger, and having her lick, and suck it clean, and the truth was he was well aware of the repairs the Melpomene needed. "There is nothing we can do about the ship now, Nelson. Repairs will have to wait until we land at Sydney." About the men, and the growing morale problems, he had ideas, the kernals of ideas. He took his cock in his hand, and with Victoria's eyes still on his, he slowly rubbed the fat mushroom head across her cum wet lips. "There is one thing I can do, Nelson", he started, watching as Victoria opened her mouth wide enough to accept the fat cock being offered her, "I've already informed Victoria here that she's to be my whore, and she could use some practice in learning to please men with her mouth" With his cock in her mouth, he lightly slapped the girl's face, "If you would be good enough to assemble....", he paused, thinking for a moment, "...ten deserving men, in one hour, I think we can address both our problems."

Nelson nodded, and moved to stand when William stopped him. "It will cost the men one crown each, and before you go, Victoria will see to your needs." William slipped his cock from Victoria's mouth, and tucked it back in his pants. "Victoria, use your hands as well as your mouth, and keep your eyes on his." He shoved the nude girl roughly toward Nelson, who had sat again, and pulled his massive cock from his pants, and reached for Victoria, grabbing the twine that led from the hook buried in her pretty ass, and tugged her close him. She skittered on hands and knees to him, unable to resist the increased pressure of the hook in her ass, and with a pleading whimper, found herself between Nelson's spread legs, his cock, large by any measure, it's dark swollen head already smeared wet with precum, inches from her lips. He managed to drag the head of his cock across the girl's tightly closed lips before she tried jerking back away from him, stopped again by the same torturous hook that made her so controllable, a thin strand of precum stretching from her still wet lips, to the fat head of Nelson's cock. "A whore, you say?  Your whore? You've never treated captives like this before, Captain. What makes this one special?"

William shrugged, he never openly discussed his personal situation with the crew, and while they all knew he'd been delisted, most didn't know why. "A little something different this time. Oh, Nelson, you'll find that a few slaps to her tits makes her much more compliant."
Nelson immediately jerked on the cord again, this time directing it's force against her hair, pulling her suddenly up and back, and as Victoria reached with her arms behind her, to prop herself up, Nelson delivered a sharp stinging open hand blow to the side of her left breast, Then again, backhand in the opposite direction, forcing a shriek of pain from the girl, and whimpered pleading words, "Please, no...please". He ignored her pleas, and caught her bouncing tit in his hand, squeezing hard, before dragging his fingers to her nipple, and pinched, twisting that sensitive nub painfully, "Captain's whore you're to be, girl.", he began, jerking victoria forward again, until the thick shaft of his erect cock lay warmly against her cheek, "Now do as the Captain ordered."

With no escape, and only the promise of more abuse to the virginal breasts she'd kept hidden from the eyes...and touch...of men all her short life, tears streaming down her pretty face, she timidly slid one hand up Nelson's thigh, until she wrapped her delicate hand around the warm thick length of cock she'd soon have in her mouth. William stretched his leg out, and jammed the booted toe of his foot against Victoria's openly displayed cunt, "Eyes on his, my pretty whore". He watched with interest as the sobbing girl complied, opening her mouth wide, and easing her body forward, as she directed Nelson's cock between her lips. William poured himself another goblet of the excellent claret they'd taken from the merchantman, and after a long satisfying pull, smacked his lips, and set the goblet aside. Sitting back comfortably, his booted foot still pressed against Victoria's furred little pussy, letting the rocking motion of the girl's body rub the glossy black leather wet, as she bobbed repeatedly forward, taking the man's cock deeper, and deeper into her mouth, grunting short little "Mmmph, mmmph" sounds each time the thick swollen head pressed against the back of her throat.

This is not for everyone, I know. Please direct comments, or interests to me via PM's.


Curiosity Shop is Taken, thanks to everyone that expressed interest in this

The Curiosity Shop (Alternate Titles: "Everyone Has Secrets", "Bakers Dozen")   (Modern setting, blackmail, forced extreme submissive behavior, depravity, non-con, bi-sexuality, forced exhibitionism, public sex, [possible kinks: beastiality, incest, (father, brother, uncle, or even sister)])

Housed in the corner unit of an intimidating, and old worn out brownstone on the corner of 17th, and Walnut is an aging shop. Part junk shop, antique shop, and pawn shop, it's been there for years. The sidewalks that front the two exposed sides of the shop are worn, and cracked. The downtown renewal projects the city funded over the years never quite reached that crumbling section of the city, nor were they likely too in the foreseeable future. It's proprietor is a 32 year old man, who's recently assumed management of the shop from his retired father. This man has every intention of closing down the tired, and unprofitable shop, and while digging through the junk that litters the shop, he finds a cardboard box containing the castoffs from a student at the local Catholic Girl's School. It contains the usual odds and ends one might expect such a box to contain. A couple of MP3 players, a clock radio, an old cell phone, a small table lamp, a laptop computer with lost, or forgotten password, and a hand written receipt, listing the box's contents, the amount paid for the box, (35 dollars), and dated just a month in the past.

While the rest of the box is the very definition of junk, the laptop itself is a newer model...not the newest, by any stretch, but still serviceable. It boots up, as far as the password screen, and there it sits, useless. An internet search later, and download of free software that promised to strip the operating system's passwords, he manages to finally unlock the computer, planning on selling it off at a real pawnshop, and hopefully making himself a few dollars off the transaction. Curious man that he is, he browses through the various files, and folders on the machine, finding just what one might expect...class notes, homework assignments, a few photos of the smiling girl that used to own the computer, a pretty girl, dressed in sensible black shoes, white socks, a plaid knee length skirt, and white blouse. Digging deeper, he finds a few hidden folders, and discovers that the pretty smiling, and innocent looking girl has a few secrets.

Photos of her in various compromising positions. With another girl. With an older man, and a younger girl, who looks to be about her age, 17, possibly 18. Various states of undress, small video clips, one of her on her knees in what looks like a school hallway, an older man in front of her, obviously enjoying the girl's wet mouth, her skirt flipped up, displaying her trim, pantyless ass. In all, just over a dozen very incriminating photos, and video clips. He selects one, almost at random, and emails it to the girl, demanding that she return to the shop, where he promises to make her a deal in exchange for destroying all those files.

When she arrives, he coldly proposes a series of tasks. For each one she completes successfully, he destroys one picture, or video clip on her computer. If she fails, or refuses any task, he promises the girl that the remaining pictures, and videos will be placed on the internet, along with her real name, name of her school, and all her contact information. He plans on including himself in most of these tasks, something he doesn't immediately reveal. She agrees to his terms, having no other recourse, and unwilling to see her academic career destroyed. Even if she went to the authorities, even if the man was arrested, and charged with attempted blackmail, the contents of those secret files would become known, and her days at the girls school would come to an abrupt, and ignominious end, shaming herself, and her well to do family in the process.

If interested, please PM me, instead of responding here. Thank you!

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Re: Looking for....F, extreme, very subby, to assume the roll of Victoria
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2012, 10:13:44 am »
New RP added to original.