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Author Topic: Fashion show  (Read 3135 times)

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Offline Celestial GoblinTopic starter

Fashion show
« on: December 11, 2005, 03:17:20 PM »
(ooc: just an idea i had when a bit bored, no actual sex here, just a chance to describe your fictional self in a sexy, or just nice clothing. Girls, boys and other critters welcome, but be dressed fashionably. This one place won't accept nudists, though fetishy outfits are of course welcome.)

The architect strained a lot to make the give the platform a daring, curvy shape. Models walking trough it will walk on an 8 shaped path, getting a chance to show off from all sides.
Lamps shed a soft light on the scene, and even with the air-conditioning it's a bit hot here.
In the back, the last adjustments are made before the crows gets to see the creations.
A perky journalist checks her expensive camera, while two men seem to be arguing over which lens should their big piece use.
Ladies and gentelman...

Offline strangely made

Re: Fashion show
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2005, 06:32:13 PM »
..............A young adult dog-kin struts up the steps.
He stands, posing proudly. His young firm body covered in short soft black fur.

He walks further down the catwalk, confident in his body.
His outfit tonight consists of.... Black leather ankle cuffs buckled and padlocked a tight fitting pair of leather chastity shorts in black with red stitching, brass buckles and padlocks on the waist band and legs.
On his paws he in wearing fingerless black leather gloves that have twin buckles on the wrists, in his hands he is holding a leather flogger that he flicks on his legs occasionally. His broad chest is bare to show off his physique to best effect. As he moves the muscles under his fur ripple with pent up sexual frustration.
When the audiences eyes travel upwards they see the studded collar around his neck, this too is buckled and padlocked on, but with out a leash.
Upon his head, sits a pair of mesh lens Goth type goggles.

He walks to the end of the platform and the journalist can see his short tail poking out from the hole specially built in his shorts, he looks over his shoulder at her, waggles his tail and winks. Then he is strutting back down the catwalk, down the steps and he is gone from view.

Offline Celestial GoblinTopic starter

Re: Fashion show
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2005, 12:50:31 PM »
A young punkette arrives next, she's wearing a colourless canvas skirt with a loose soft belt of the same material, a black t-shirt and black ankle-length boots on high platforms. Her blonde hair is a total wild mess, though a single tress hangs at the side. On her right hand is a big and chunky sportswatch of orange plastic and a lot of cloth strings. She gives everybody a sign that makes a few older people blush or cough, but it's just a part of the chic, folks. Her face is without any make up, she's pierced in the nose with at least twelves steel rings.

Offline RPFan01

Re: Fashion show
« Reply #3 on: March 30, 2006, 02:51:36 AM »
The catwalk clears and out comes a stunning red head, fiery.. her eyes burn into the very essence of your soul. She wears a very lowcut shirt, exposing the soft sexy curves of her upper body, the shirt coming to a v and a high hem exposing her gorgeous curvaceous hips. Your eyes slowly caress down lower, and you find her wearing a black leather miniskirt.. and as she reaches the end of the walkway and bends over you can see the hint of the pink undergarment underneath


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Re: Fashion show
« Reply #4 on: May 10, 2006, 07:56:02 PM »
The crowd gasps as a petite young woman makes a late entrance to the show to, her auburn curls shining in a low-key ponytail at the nape of her neck. Two seconds after she appears from the wings Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus slinks through the speakers, and she begins to pick her way, somewhat hesitantly down the catwalk. She is not entirely graceful (perhaps she isn't used to wearing those black, leather, lace-up boots with the four-inch heels), and she peeks somewhat sheepishly out from under the stray locks of hair that hang in her face, clinging to the corner of her doll-like mouth as though stuck gently to her matte red lipstick. She picks nervously at her torn fishnet stockings with bitten fingernails, and tries to pull her plaid wool schoolgirl skirt even an inch lower over her plump thighs. She succeeds and an exta inch of her pale belly appears below her white cotton tank top. As she crosses the midpoint of the figure eight she lifts a hand to push her heavy-rimmed glasses back up her freckled nose, and blows her hair out of her hazel eyes, rustling it ineffectually, but exposing a small stud in her right nostril. Her slightly bushy eyebrows furrow, and she begins walking, faster now, towards the end of the loop, adjusting her black, hip-length leather jacket. But her hasty steps make her clumsy and at the end of the loop thrust farthest into the audience the tip of her boot catches a cable taped across the stage. Laney sprawls, scraping an elbow and exposing a flash of white cotton panties before scrambling up and away. She hurries back to the safety of the wings, sobbing quietly, but as she crosses the center of the figure eight once more she pauses to look back over her shoulder, tears glistening on her cheeks, and biting gently on her full lower lip. She takes a deep breath, staring at the audience, and departs again, hurrying offstage, but just as she turns her head away a faint echo of a shy smile appears on her delicate face. As she finally reaches the end of her ordeal, she does a tiny (if clumsy) pirouette before disappearing behind the velvety red curtains, and for the brief second that she faces the audience again she smirks self-consciously and waves, before disappearing like a shape below the surface of very deep water.

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Re: Fashion show
« Reply #5 on: July 25, 2006, 03:42:25 PM »
The petite dark skin grecian beauty made herway onto the runway.  Her long silken tresses a light golden brown,  that fell an splashed over her shoulders.  Large expressive pale brown eyes swept over those in the crowd as she walked down the runway.   A simple cotton halter dress that fall below her knees is what she is garbed in.  The dress a off white coloration.  Her hips swayed with a sensual sash shay with each step.  The light cotton material clung to her curves in a naughty revealing display.

 Her dark skin would denote her indian heritage.  For the beauty was rroma, a elder of Vaisyas class.  Her lineiage could be traced back to the black mother, from the height of the Hittite empire.  Those expressive orbs of hers would travel over the gathering.  Taking in the debauntes in attendance.  With a whirl she turn to make herway back down the runway.  Revealing her heart shape derriare that is so delicious outlined by the light cotton dress clinging to her.  Memorizing those that would gaze upon her.  She could pause one of Ishtars own with her beauty. 

A quick glance is given as she flicks a look back over the assembled room.  A sparkle of mischief held in her gaze in the moment.  And then she disappear into the back again.


  • Guest
Re: Fashion show
« Reply #6 on: September 08, 2006, 06:43:21 AM »
Standing just shy of six feet, the young man strode down the walkway, rather handsome, with a sheepish grin upon his thin lips.  Shoulder-length, silken chocolate hair pulled back in a rough ponytail, he was thin and a bit pale, sporting black denim jeans, a pair of tanned leather work boots, (the toe of the right boot reading 'Your Ass Here' with an arrow pointed downward), and a simple white and grey vertical lined dress shirt, form-fitting and buttoned to the top save the last,  not even bothered to be tucked in.  He paused at the peak of his turn, his mahogany eyes glittering faintly as he pulled a .44 magnum from the holster at his right hip and aimed the weapon at the back of the room.  Closing one eye with a sultry wink, he whispered: "They call me Caliber for a reason..." and mocked firing off a round.  "Pew..." he grinned, reholstering the weapon and shuffling back toward the curtain.

Offline Servant Girl

Re: Fashion show
« Reply #7 on: June 28, 2007, 04:28:20 PM »
A petite brunette was next to walk out onto the catwalk.  She was pretty with a slender waist, modest bust and pretty legs.
The eye was instantly drawn to her buttocks which were delightfully rounded and rolled provocatively as she walked.

Her face was pretty with delicate features.  Large liquid brown eyes and a small nose scattered with freckles. 
The makeup she wore was subtle giving her a shy look rather than being sultry or alluring.

She wore a short blue denim skirt with a tight white vest that showed off every curve of her slender torso.
On her feet she wore uncomfortable looking black heeled strappy sandals.  The fastenings of which seemed to be
miniature silver padlocks.  Around the pretty girls throat was a tight black velvet collar, fastened with a matching silver lock.

She walked nervously towards the end of the catwalk.  Her face showing quite clearly her absence of enjoyment.
As she got to the end and turned to walk back the audience got a tiny glimpse of the back of her upper thighs.
A tiny gasp rippled through the room, were those welts just peeking out below the skirts scandalously short hemline?

Offline Sethite

Re: Fashion show
« Reply #8 on: July 16, 2007, 09:28:51 AM »
Tall, blonde haired girl entered the catwalk. She was moving slowly and sensual. Her eyes burns with true fire. Her skin was creamy white. She wore short, shiny leather skirt that barely covered her crotch and round, firm buttocks, string bikini top with just enough fabric to hide her nipples, fishnet thigh stockings with garters and pumps with five inch heels. All was in deep black.
She walked through the catwalk with self confidence in here eyes. At the end of her round, she send a kiss to publicity and disappeared behind the courtians. 

Offline Llianna

Re: Fashion show
« Reply #9 on: August 30, 2007, 04:46:31 AM »
A tall pale girl stood behind the curtain, slowly she parted the curtain slightly, as to take a look at the crowd before her.  Fear bubbled inside her stomach as she took a deep breath, preparing herself for her first walk.  I can do this... Wearing a stunning cocktail dress she stood as tall as she could.  As she slowly began to make her way out to the walk the silky black material swirled and rippled like waves.  Stopping at the end, all the crowd could see that she had spaghetti straps on her shoulders and a slit on either sides of the dress, revealing her creamy long legs.  Her blonde hair was pulled back into an elegant bun and her red lips curled into a coy smile as she winked.  Her heeled sandals clicked as she made her way back, a pearl necklace she wore glinted in the bright lights as she stopped one more time, turned and waved at the crowd before dissapearing behind the curtains once more. 

Offline Nell

Re: Fashion show
« Reply #10 on: September 30, 2007, 04:25:08 PM »
Sweeping the curtains aside in one fluid motion, a relatively short yet well built guy takes a step on stage, flicking his medium long black hair to the side so that its tips are just short of his hazel brown eyes. The sleek and silky pinstriped black and white shirt that he wears clings tightly to his bare slightly tan colored chest, the top few buttons of the shirt of course left undone. He gives the audience a serious look at first, displaying a little bit of a defiant attitude, and then starts to make his way forward towards the center of the figure eight, his faded black jeans with a few rips in them also pressed tightly against his skin to show his athletic lower body. He continues to walk smoothly towards the front of the stage so that the audience can see the classic low top Chuck Taylor Converses adorning his feet which are slightly still concealed by his pants. As he reaches the front, he gives the audience another chilling glare and points right index finger out towards a journalist who's rigorously snapping pictures, his sleeves rolled up to show the defined muscles in his arms. He then stylishly rotates his body and begins to walk back towards the curtains. He pauses one last time just before he reaches the curtains and glances back to concede an roguish smile to once more draw the crowd's attention, a glint of crystal on his left ear accentuated by the light shining down on him, and immediately disappears once more behind the velvet curtains.

Offline Zephlem

Re: Fashion show
« Reply #11 on: December 15, 2007, 01:56:48 PM »
Up next he looked about from behind the curtains and could not remember how the hell he got here, but oh well. Stepping out from the back his stride was perfectly smooth and level, which gave him the apearance of gliding. He wore a silk black button up but left the entire thing undone, the cuffs rolled up, and black form fitting dress pants, which stopped at his ankles showing combat boots, slightly scuffed from his travels. His skin was pale and smooth, his tall slender body well toned. His long silver hair was tied loosely behind him and swayed lightly with his body, his light blue eyes were kind and soft, his expression was completely unreadable until he came to the pausing point, where he smirked lightly, he radiated confidance and seductivness, a modest fang was tucked away within the smirk and he let his eyes flash into thier crimson red. His vampiric nature was now completely obvious, and time seemed to hang still for a moment longer, and in the blink of an eye, he was gone.


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Re: Fashion show
« Reply #12 on: December 20, 2007, 08:18:36 PM »
standing barly at 4 feet five inches, a neko struts out.  wearing a dark green mini skirt with matching bikini top, she continues to walk down the cat walk.  with dark green eyes and dirty blonde hair that has not brrn groomed, tail and ears, anyone watching her can see she is clearly in heat.  she reaches the end of the cat walk and with a flick of her tail, she exposes her deep green thong to thr world.  she then walks back with out a care in the world. ;)

Offline Elohim

Re: Fashion show
« Reply #13 on: March 11, 2008, 09:49:41 PM »
A slight hush fell over the crowd, and above the soft sounds of their breath came the whirring of various cybernetic mechanism.  The curtain was brushed aside by a small mechanical hand with long slender digits.  She slowly made her was past the soft velvet fabric to reveal herself in her full glory.

 The lovely Eurasian nymphet stood, with a coy smile on an angelic looking face both arms had been replaced with perfect artificial limbs, they were as graceful as anything made of mere flesh and bone, for they were work of skilled artisans...  Her steel “skin” gleamed in the light flickering occasionally from a camera flash, each finger was tipped with three inch long faux nails which were electric pink in color.   It matched perfectly with her long pink hair, though her eyes stood out as two lovely pools of violet.

Acid’s wore only minimal make up...  Just enough to accentuate the perfectly sculpted face that she possessed, it was the best money could buy of course.  She was so delicatly beautiful, like the idealized woman...  Or perhaps a high priced doll, and those features were of course covered in a layer of flawless flesh, cloned from her own DNA. 

She was wearing a pair of tight fitting vinyl pants which matched the lovely violet shade of her eyes, the tight fitting material clung to every curve leaving little to the imagination.  She walked gracefully in a pair of black leather boots with a six inch spiked heel.  For a top, she wore a black leather vest, zipped up just enough to provide the nymphette a hint of modesty. 

Acid then looked over the crowd, gave a quick graceful turn and started to strut back behind the curtain, her body swaying softly with each step she took.