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Author Topic: Ever Green Forest RP / M seeking F  (Read 314 times)

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Ever Green Forest RP / M seeking F
« on: January 23, 2012, 01:32:54 PM »
Ever Green Forest, i got this idea for an RP off another game and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
Fantasy setting, magic and so on.
In the far East of the world was a forest, an enchanted forest filled with many Mystical creatures, from Elf's to Dark Elf's, Dwarfs to Goblins and as well as humans, Ever Green Forest was a Heaven for all, in the center of this Forest was the Sacred Tree which its powers protected every being that lived there, it was under the protection of a Priestess and the loyal guardians the Animians, a race that could change from there humanoid form to there Animal Spirit form at will, they also upheld the law of the Ever Green Forest. It was the year of the passing, for a new Priestess to come, she would also be allowed to choose her familiar as well. Because of the new passing for a new Priestess meant that the Ever Green would be at its most weakest because the new Priestess would not have full control over the forest or the forest may not of fully taken to the priestess.

Many dark beings would begin to either exploit this weakness or try to take control of the Ever Green's powers. In the past there was a Dark Elf known as "Ganon" who tried to take control of the forest but was foiled by the great Hero Animaian "Reaf", and now he plans his return.

It was the year of the passing, the Priestess of the old would pass the Forests power onto the new generation Priestess. In one of the many towns in the forest a town called Willow lived a young Animian who's life was about to become very interesting, just on the edge of the town was a small house, lay in bed was a black and white wolf (basically looks like Link wolf form) fast asleep in bed, there was a sudden loud bangs to the door, the wolf whines rolled in his bed hiding under his bed covers. "Zeke!! time to get up!" yelled at the door, murring and whining Zeke hides in the bed sheets still, then came a sudden loud bang as Zeke friend stood at the door with a disappointed look on his face, adjusting his glasses Ryo walked on over, carrying something behind his back. Zeke whines hiding in the bed sheets still, and then felt a cold gush of water splash over him. Zeke leapt from the bed "What The Hell Ryo!" Zeke growled shaking his fur to get dry "Morning lazy dog..." Ryo said putting the bucket down "were going to be late and you said you'd come with me to see the new Priestess" said Ryo as he pulled Zeke's bed sheets off his mattress and took them outside to hang to dry "besides its to much of a  nice day to stay in bed.."said Ryo, "Did i ?.."said Zeke as he couldn't remember last week what they did but shrugs, Ryo again glares at him with a disappointed look tempted to grab another bucket, Zeke saw the glare and instantly said sorry not wanting another shower again, the 2 laughing they headed on down the road, needing to cut through town to head on the main path to the capital city.

On the way through the town through the market Ryo and Zeke were greeted by the morning market women Grace "Morning boys!" she said, she looked rather tom boyish and big as any grown man "Morning Grace" Ryo said smiling, Zeke murrs to her sitting beside Ryo "Off to see the new Priestess ?.." said Grace, Ryo and Zeke nod "were just on our way..will see you later.." Ryo said waving, Zeke murrs twice walking off beside Ryo. Just as they were walking off Zeke wolf instincts kicked in, feeling the air movement around him he felt an on coming object from behind him, he instantly jumped out of the way as a tomato came and hit the ground where he was once stood, 3 lads stood at the other end of the market "if it isn't Animal and 4 eyes!"one yelled over to them, Ryo looked and adjusting his stylish glasses seeing it was Richard and his 2 sheep followers "oh what morning isn't there with Richard and his sheep friends.." Ryo said glaring at them, Zeke growled "Better run Richard! if i catch you your gonna be in shred's! and crying for Mother!" Zeke yelled snarling a little "At least i got a Mother and a Farther!" he yelled back, Zeke Glares with Fury showing his teeth snarling so tempted to rush over and tear there limbs off, Ryo suddenly put his hand in front of Zeke "Let it slide...come on your meant to come with me to the ceremony not chase good for nothing beings such as them.." Ryo said. Zeke calms him self and breaths in the moment, turning around and walking off with Ryo, Richard and his friends threw a few more tomatoes off a food stand trying to hit them but didn't manage to get a single hit, and were also told off by the food stand owner for throwing his tomatoes which they hadn't paid for yet.

About half an hour later Ryo and Zeke were breathless, panting heavily as they had ran all the way to the capital city gate entrance, people walking in and out "I win" Ryo said "Nu uh ..i cheated" Zeke said as he flops on the ground his tongue hung from his mouth. "Ah your a sore loser...." Ryo said and suddenly felt Zeke latch onto his arm hard growling playfully "Oi get off this shirt cost a lot you know!" Ryo yelled trying to shake him off but wouldn't let go till he said Zeke won. After there argument of who won and who lost they went in, it was rather crowded, Zeke frowns as he wasn't going to be able to see because of so many people, Ryo points to a good spot to where they could get a glimpse of the new priestess, as they made there way through the huge crowed of people they grabbed some candyfloss, they soon reached the large bridge that went over the main road which leads into the center where the huge castle was, and to where the ceremony was to take place. Both now sitting on the edge of the bridge wall they ate there candyfloss. "So Ryo where do the priestesses come from ?...there not from Ever Green" Ryo almost choked as he had explained to Zeke loads of times where they came from "How many times.." he sighs and explains once again that they all come from the other side of the world from a sister forest called Gaia but rather different compared to there forest, it was filled mainly with forest trees and huge crystal buildings or white marble building, it was also known as the white and green kingdom. Zeke nods finishing off his candyfloss and then hears the crowed cheering near the royal city entrance gates "Shes coming!" Ryo yelled whistling loud that Zeke ears fold back "You Dog!" Zeke yelled at Ryo as it got so loud from the crowed cheering "Looks who's talking!" Ryo said back "Im a Wolf not a Dog!" he replies yelling. Seeing the carriage coming Zeke smiled seeing how Ryo was overly excited, Zeke tail wagging a little as he looked down to see if the Priestess would see them, but when the carriage came Zeke saw the Priestess and there was a sudden feeling, the Priestess was looking back rite at him. Zeke felt warm and was shaking a little, felt like time had stopped for just a moment and saw the carriage vanish under the bridge, Ryo was over come he was puddy looking, Zeke how ever felt ecstatic, his heart pumping like a drum, he wanted to see her again, he wanted that moment to never to end, he didn't know what it was but it was annoying him. "Stay here" Zeke said as he runs off into the crowed "W-ait wha ?..." Ryo said blinking as he watched Zeke rush off like a lighting bolt.

If there any questions plz post here or PM me, id rather do this RP in a thread if possible, just to let you know for your information i'm Dyslexic and may have a bit of spelling problem now and then.  :-)  Sorry if this seems rather complex i had a brain storm and had to put it down lol, the starter just about the 2 meeting.
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