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Author Topic: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP  (Read 3181 times)

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BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« on: January 14, 2012, 02:56:11 PM »

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Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2012, 02:57:09 PM »
A basic map of the village near the Niagara Falls. The city of Stratclaw is where some of the last true survivors live, having clung to one another to strive for existence, and avoidance of extinction. The Wall surrounds the entire village of Stratclaw, and only has two main gates: Northgate & Southgate. The Cemetery, guarded by the Cemetery Gate, is just south and west of the village.
The falls are approximately 1.5 miles north of Stratclaw itself. However, it is a cliffside that is not frequented only by humans. The water is a source of life to all sorts of Kreatures, and home to some as well. It is, however, the main reason that Stratclaw has survived as long as it has.
The woods surrounding Stratclaw are known as Zhas'mir. A dangerous place filled with Kreatens, Sub-Humans, and is a place only braved by the scouts and fighters who are trained to deal with such threats. Typically, though, only the Elites go out into the depths of Zhas'mir. What lies out there is not for the faint of heart, or for the untrained.
Note: The forest extends out 1.5 miles to the North of Stratclaw, 10 miles to the South, and then 7 miles to the East and West.
The wastelands are a place that are essentially a death sentence. It's exactly that, a barren wasteland, and there's nothing within sight, or even hope for anything out there. The few that stray out there and make it through alive have typically gone insane or are seen as ridiculously lucky. This vast expanse of broken ground is nicknamed 'The Dead Zone' by many inhabitants of Stratclaw...and well named.
Note: The wastelands begin about a mile outside the outskirts of Zhas'mir Forest, and are visible from the treeline.

Terms to Know
Looks exactly like what it sounds like: sewer sludge. Blackish brown, clumpy, gooey, fowl smelling, tar-like, fluid substance. It eats through anything organic in a matter of seconds due to it's acidity and it's fumes are highly toxic if exposed. It flows through the Dead Zone and occasionally makes an appearance in areas that have a large water supply. Almost like a living creature in how it seeks out water after having been in the dryness of the desert for so long. It has been known to change powers and personalities if an individual comes into brief physical contact with it (ie. Sludge-burned).
A Tribe member that is labeled as an "Elite" is a member of the most highly trained division of the militia, or field, branch. This is currently under the command of the Field Commander. The Elites are trained as extreme fighters, scouts, trackers, and wilderness survivors. Also, more often than not, they are trained as hunters, but it's not necessarily the case. To be called an Elite is a huge honor, and very few are chosen to be trained as Elites. Very. Few.
Any creature that has been drastically effected by Radiation.
The following are examples of Kreatures that will appear frequently in this thread:
Reavers (Sub-Human) [1, 2]; Dactyl [1, 2, etc.]; Bull Ant [1, 2]; Mantis [1, 2]; Spidren [X, web]; Mile-Ped [X]; ??? [X]
A note about Reavers: They have an antigen in their saliva that infects anything they bite, or any open wound their drool gets in, and it alters the DNA of the living victim and turning them into a Reaver as well. It typically takes minutes for the Turning to start, and the victim is typically killed out in the field by the highest ranking Field officer present.

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Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2012, 03:22:09 PM »
Profile Skeleton

This is simply so we can all get to know the characters a bit more. You want to play? Send me this skeleton filled out for your character in a PM. Thank you :)

Code: [Select]
[center][size=20pt][color=INSERTCOLOR#1]†• † •[/color][color=INSERTCOLOR#2] FULL NAME HERE [/color][color=INSERTCOLOR#1]• † •†[/color][/size]
[size=10pt]• USERNAME HERE •[/size][/center]

[size=10pt][color=INSERTCOLOR#1][b]|| : But you can call me : ||[/b][/color]
[color=INSERTCOLOR#2]NICKNAME [/color]

[color=INSERTCOLOR#1] [b]|| : Last I checked : ||[/b] [/color]
[color=INSERTCOLOR#2] GENDER [/color]

[color=INSERTCOLOR#1] [b]|| : Just a number : ||[/b] [/color]
[color=INSERTCOLOR#2] AGE [/color]

[color=INSERTCOLOR#1] [b]|| : How I roll : ||[/b] [/color]
[color=INSERTCOLOR#2] SEXUALITY [/color] 

[color=INSERTCOLOR#1] [b]|| : Where I stand : ||[/b] [/color]
[color=INSERTCOLOR#2] POSITION IN STRATCLAW (ie. Tribe member, wanderer/drifter/stranger, guard, scout, healer...etc.)[/color]

[color=INSERTCOLOR#1] [b]|| : My little parlor tricks : ||[/b] [/color]

[color=INSERTCOLOR#1] [b]|| : Underneath It All : ||[/b] [/color]

[color=INSERTCOLOR#1] [b]|| : Where I’ve been : ||[/b] [/color]

So you can see what the finished product should look like, here is a SAMPLE COMPLETE PROFILE:

†• † • Odette Faith Carlton • † •†
• DeyKnight •

|| : But you can call me : ||
Detta. Call me anything else and your voice will be suddenly 3 octaves higher than it used to be. 

|| : Last I checked : ||

|| : Just a number : ||

|| : How I roll : ||
Men. Though keep your hands to yourself, because I can kill you eight different ways with a paperclip.

|| : Where I stand : ||
Field Marshall

|| : My little parlor tricks : ||
Physical Camouflage: She can alter the coloring and texture of her body and clothes to blend in to the surroundings as though she were part of them and remain unseen. (Not invisible! Can still cast a shadow and such.)

|| : Underneath It All : ||
Not the easiest person to get along with? That's the understatement of the century. I'm not easy to get along with ever on anything, unless your trying to pick a fight. Then we'll get along swell. Or if you're about 10 years old and your nickname is Li'l Miss. I've got a soft spot for kids, but even that only goes so far. I'm not the type to bare my soul to anyone or have lovers or anything. If you knew my history with men, you'd understand why. But I'll tell you one thing: There's not a man you can put out in the field that can accomplish what I can. Sure that might have to do with the fact that I have a death wish or two. ( "...or 56..." ) Shut up!
Oh. And one more thing: I don't break. Ever. I don't care what you've heard from anyone anywhere; I don't break. Got it?!

|| : Where I’ve been : ||
That's a No. A big fat fucking NO. What part of "No" are you missing?!

No questions, though! You get it as I tell it and that's all ya get, y'hear?!

A'right, so...I was born, I'm living, and someday I'm gonna die. The end.

What?! It's true!! Ugh, FINE! If you promise to shut up!

So the fact is, ever since I was a babe, I've been a hellion. See the hair? Yeah. Hellion. Got the hair from my Mama. Pops had black hair...well, it had grey in it, but that's not the point. The only difference between my older brother, Thane, and my father was the hair color: Thane's hair was as red as mine and mama's. But Thane grew to be as big as Pops, while I stayed on the average side like Ma.

So back to what I was saying, I was a hellion. My family didn't do much to stop me either. Ma said it was good for a woman to be strong, and Pops always said that it was best if I got it out of my system while I was younger. Problem was, it wasn't just something that was 'in my system'; it was hardwired into my psyche. Though, I guess you could say, as a kid, the trouble I got into and the havoc I caused was a lot more innocent than what I got into as I got older.

But I wasn't the only Hellion. My whole family's last name should have been Hellion, instead of Carlton, but oh well. We were a family of scouts and fighters, Ma and Pops were Elites, so I was mostly raised by my brother, but still. We followed in their footsteps, spending all our time training...well, mostly. Thane spent quite a bit of time flirting, and I spent a lot of time pranking about half our time was devoted to training I guess you could say.

You noticed, eh? Yeah. Past tense. Everyone but me died. Ma and I were attacked by Spidrens once, and the venom that they inject into you leaves you...*shudder*...I don't want to talk about it. Just know that Ma didn't come back from that, and I was lucky that I did. I almost died out there with her. Anyways, enough of that, my brother and father died in a Sludge Passing. The Sludge was coming and my father and brother were using their Earthbound and Woodbending techniques to try and slow the flow so that Stratclaw could get under ground...but they got caught in the overflow and were taken from me. I was alone.

There is another story here that I'm not going to tell, just know that it scarred me for life. And it's the reason that I don't like to be in the infirmary. My older brother and I both had issues with infirmaries; different reasons, but the same person was the cause of it. And no, my brother doesn't know, so don't go pestering him about it...until recently, I thought no one knew...but well, apparently Keegan witnessed an 'episode' and has kept it a secret. No. I'm not going to tell you. You don't need to know.

Growing up, I was really close friends with this kid named Gippal, who was three years younger than me. Kid was a nutcase, but then again, so was I. We were like two very different peas in a very cozy pod together. We had our special tree that we carved things in, kept score on, and buried things under. That tree is long gone now though. Burned it to the ground. Why? You don't need to know anything more than Gippal died.

What did I say about questions?
That's what I thought. Keep your mouth shut and be happy with what you're getting.

Anyway, Thane came back, 7 years later, but he came back. And now Gippal's gone, and my friend Keegan...well. I'm not going to delve into that. I told you earlier I don't bare my soul to people, so I'm not going to start now. Just know that it's...complicated.

...then again, what in my life ISN'T?!

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Offline TheHangedMan

Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2012, 03:27:52 PM »
Very nice set up, Dey.  :-) I'll be sure to take a thorough gander after dinner, and work on my character later tonight.

Addendum: Alright, going to get cracking. For now, the profile is a WIP, and I will try and have it completed, polished, and varnished by tomorrow evening.

*Lame screenshot is lame. Trying to find something more fitting.
†• † • Gray Wilder • † •†
• TheHangedMan •

|| : But you can call me : ||
Gray, Pain

|| : Last I checked : ||

|| : Just a number : ||

|| : How I roll : ||
Women, of course.  

|| : Where I stand : ||

|| : My little parlor tricks : ||
Psychic Shock: Gray is able to cause others to suffer extreme pain. In humans, this usually manifests in feeling like they're experiencing a severe migraine; the kind that makes every light too bright, every noise too loud, the kind of migraine that makes the world spin and makes you want to empty the contents of your stomach all over the ground. Other living creatures experience different reactions to the attack, but it's almost always unpleasant (Like a Bull Ant suddenly frenzying and attacking the nearest thing close to it, like its compatriots), and some times, fatal. There is a kicker to this power, however, and that is that Gray must injure himself to make it work. He needs to be in pain; something about experiencing it gives him the necessary "mojo" (he needs to be having an adrenaline rush to get the power to function properly; he finds self-harm an ironic and workable way of using it. Even if someone explained away the adrenaline need, he's become fixated on needing to injure himself in order to use his power.)

|| : Underneath It All : ||
I like these guys and gals around me. I try to do right by them, because I know they'll try to do right by me, too. I chose to become a guard because I feel naturally drawn towards the vocation. I neither fear pain (actually finding joy in it), and can even enjoy seeing others in pain (If I think they deserve it). I also have no qualms about killing (whether it's another man, or one of the Kreatures that threaten our community), and will not shy away from it when I feel it is justified/warranted.

I have some times heard it said that I am a clannish person; that even in this small community, where everyone knows everyone else, their are those here who I hold above the others, regardless of their rank or occupation. It's true. Their are people out there that I care strongly about, and if anyone or anything tries to hurt them, I will make them feel the pain and anguish of a hundred deaths.  I do not tolerate my friends being harassed, bullied, or hurt in any way, shape, or form, and whoever dares to do so better be ready to deal with the consequences.

|| : Where I’ve been : ||
Born the son of Richard Wilder, and Jelanda (Maiden name: Grayle), he grew up in the village. His father was the caretaker of the graveyard, and his mother helped him with that, in addition to generally being a jack-of-all-trades around Stratclaw. She never did anything consistently, but if you ever needed a hand with something, she was the person to go to. The fact that Gray is a quick learner is often attributed to his mother.

As Gray grew older, he had a lot of responsibilities, helping his parents with tending to the house and the graveyard. His wiry, deceptive strength can easily be attributed to this.  Besides work around the place, his father also taught him how to fletch arrows, and to string and shoot a shortbow; his favored weapon.

Gray discovered his power when he was 16; a late bloomer, some might say, but up until then, nobody had an inkling of what he could do. Neither of his parents were 'gifted'; nor was anyone in their family possessed of any special traits. It was easy to assume that Gray was the same.

One day, while he was still in the course of training as a guard, their was a Bull Ant attack. He attempted to fight them off with the rest of the guards, but due to underestimating his enemy (something he will never do again), he ended up being on the receiving end of a beating.

As the Bull Ant continued to snap  at the teen, something in him snapped. He's not sure what he did, how it all worked; but all of a sudden, the creature backed off, and started  shrieking in pain. It ended up bashing open its head on the wall, killing itself in a spectacularly brutal fashion.

And then he blacked out. He came to, a full day later, where the events of that day had to be repeated to him.  Nobody was sure what happened with the Bull Ant; nobody in the village had the power to do anything like that, and it was entirely out of character. But hey, maybe they just didn't understand the once human things.

He never did fully recover from the injury he took, and walks with a modest limp; on a good day, he is able to move without too much difficulty (though it shows when and if he runs), though he does have bad days where anyone would be able to tell he had some sort of injury.

It took a full year of the encounter being replayed, over and over, in his head, before he realized something. Whatever happened to the Bull Ant, it had to have been something he did. Possessed of a natural inquisitiveness, he then proceeded to experiment, in many different ways, to try and see if he could trigger that power again.

By the time he was fully done with his training, and officially a guard, he had figured out two things. The first is that pain was the trigger for his power; the second is that he is a masochist. Eventually, he was able to explain this to others, mostly the men and women he trained and grew up with.

Nowadays, most people know exactly what it is that he can do; it's fairly well accepted, even if its seen as strange by most (in so far that it requires a 'sacrifice' of sorts from him). His power, in addition to his high pain threshold, are exactly how he earned the nickname of "Pain".
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Offline Kevben Battleheart

Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« Reply #4 on: January 14, 2012, 11:22:15 PM »
I'll definantly join in on this, and will have a rough CS posted up sometime tomorrow and hopefully the day after that have it completely written.

Offline DeyKnightTopic starter

Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« Reply #5 on: January 15, 2012, 04:58:51 AM »
Sounds good, Kevben! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! :D

And Hanged Man! Love the idea!... the picture makes him look like he'd forty or something, though, rather than 25... that's my only concern. :) I like it though, and love the condition you put in there limiting the power use! Brilliant! :D

Offline TheHangedMan

Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« Reply #6 on: January 15, 2012, 03:29:07 PM »
Thanks, Dey. And yeah, I've always been lousy at finding pictures.  Maybe you could help me find something good?  :-)

Also, will try to have his history up tonight, though it might not be polished until tomorrow.

Offline TheHangedMan

Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« Reply #7 on: January 16, 2012, 12:30:34 AM »
I have added in history. Let me know how it is, Dey; if I need to change anything, let me know in a PM, and I'll get to it ASAP, okay?

Offline Lemon Lime

Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« Reply #8 on: January 16, 2012, 07:55:25 PM »
Oh my goodness I love this idea! I will be sending you my character idea asap! I've been craving a group thread like this for awhile (and especially more now that I have free time!)

Offline Kevben Battleheart

Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« Reply #9 on: January 16, 2012, 11:09:23 PM »
†• † • Pontius Ironhands • † •†
• Kevben Battleheart •

|| : But you can call me : ||
Ferrus Manus or Iron Hands

|| : Last I checked : ||
A cheeky bastard

|| : Just a number : ||

|| : How I roll : ||
Women, what else?  

|| : Where I stand : ||
I'm the blacksmith of the town, usually forging weapons and the various things we need

|| : My little parlor tricks : ||
Heat Manipulation: His powers are unknown to him as they are done subconsciously as he works, but Pontius is able to play around and manipulate the heat of flames and how hot the metal is when he touches it. This is pretty evident when he reaches into the flames of his forge and plucks whatever he’s working on right out of the fire. This has its drawbacks, however. Firstly, the nerves in his hands are dead so that it makes it a bit of a challenge to make sure that he’s gripping something and isn’t empty handed when he’s supposed to be straightening a blade with his hammer. Also, his power is tied to his mood. When he’s in a good mood his powers are at its best but when his attitude sours it becomes fickle. When he’s angered, that’s when things get dicey as he loses control and any source of fire around him flares up and becomes deadly until he calms down. These are usually apparent with the weather, as when its hot and humid he’s seen as an upbeat person, but as soon as it gets cold he starts to become irritable. The cold can even cause him to go into a catatonic state if it gets cold enough; hence why he’s always seen dressed up like a bear during the colder months. [color]

|| : Underneath It All : ||
Pontius is a bit of an odd one. When at work he tends to speak softly to himself or muttering softly to whatever it is he’s working with and when ask about this, he explains that, “I’m speaking to the soul within the metal, informing it of its task.” He’s at his most talkative when he’s at work but is normally more on the silent side. He’ll talk to keep things from going dull, but he’s more of a man of action rather than one of words. During cold days though he should be avoided like a bear in hibernation as he tends to be very annoyed until he has the flames of his forge burning high and hot and he himself is feeling quite warm.

|| : Where I’ve been : ||
Born and raised within Stratclaw, Pontius has really only known of one life and that of being the towns blacksmith. Ever since he was a lad Pontius was being prepared by his father to take his place when he passed on, which eventually happened when he was seventeen. Until then, he was made to do tedious tasks such as collecting wood and ensuring that the flames were stoked. Occasionally he would be sent out and deliver various items such as nails. On a few rare occasions when his father had the extra metal he would allow Pontius to make something as well, though it was usually something boring as his father wouldn’t let him touch weapons until he was in his early teens.

Always was he learning new things about being the towns blacksmith that all he really knew was the various aspects of it such as when to take a piece of heated metal and cool it off or how long to keep something in the forge to be able to mold it into the shape he needed it to be. On more than one occasion did he end up burning himself, but he never really noticed it until his father would cry out and dip his hands into the water barrel since the sleeve of his shirt would catch alight. His father wasn’t quite sure of what to think of it and Pontius himself wasn’t overly concerned about it as he went back to work. This would last until his father finally passed on and he took over from there.

Life was never really all that interesting for Pontius as he tended to stay within the confines of the wall unless he had to go out to gather wood. It was during one of those trips when the sun was going beginning to pass down from its zenith and he was starting to make his way out of the northern woods with a torch in hand when he was ambushed by a mantis. The thing had blended well enough with the environment that he hadn't noticed it until the thing had knocked him to the ground. Though it was bright enough out, Pontius always felt better having a fire nearby and it proved useful as it somehow flared up and frightened the mantis that intended to kill him. Not really all that sure what had saved him, thinking that maybe some dry leaves had merely caught light, he gathered himself and the wood he was gathering and hurried home with only the dirt on his clothes to show what had transpired.

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Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« Reply #10 on: January 17, 2012, 01:19:40 PM »
Okay folks! I'm just waiting to hear back from a couple of you about tweaks in your profiles, so check your PMs for me.

Other than that, I'm about to get it all set up. I'm going to post up an OOC thread, as well as one for Character Profiles. That way, you have access to everyone in the RP, as well as their characters. So it'll all be good. the OOC is going to be a place for questions, brainstorming, and letting people know if you're going to be absent for awhile, and whether or not it's okay to NPC your character, and move along with the plot or not. That is our Pow-Wow place. So lets keep it considerate there, shall we? I'm serious on that one, if insults start flying folks'll get a time out. Not sure how, but I'll figure it out!!! lol

Um, any ideas on where y'all want this story to go? Light, Bondage, or Exotic? I'm not putting it in Extreme, I'm sorry. I don't go that far, ever. So, just a heads up. Talk to me, Goose! Whatch'all think? :D

Offline Lemon Lime

Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« Reply #11 on: January 17, 2012, 02:37:32 PM »
Alright Mav (yes, I'm sticking to the top gun references lol) I was thinking Light. Generally consensual and it seems everyone will be generally human, since it seems most non-human (or something in between human and non) is not something you'd take your pants off for. I'm on board with the not extreme since I don't go there either.

Are we keeping it this small group or waiting for others? I love everyone's ideas and it seems like it will be a nice well-rounded group.

Also, to Dey, I can tweak more if need be. :) And I promise to play nice in the OOC.

Offline Lemon Lime

Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« Reply #12 on: January 17, 2012, 02:53:19 PM »
†• † • Netanya Areli Harel • † •†
• Lemon Lime •

|| : But you can call me : ||
Netanya, it’s my name after all. Some people call me Netty, that’s fine too.

|| : Last I checked : ||

|| : Just a number : ||

|| : How I roll : ||
Men, mostly. Many people speculate one way or the other and no one has ever been corrected or confirmed correct.  

|| : Where I stand : ||

|| : My little parlor tricks : ||
Extremely enhanced senses... with a catch. If she wishes to enhance her ability to hear (like a pin drop in a crowded, noisy room), she must cut off all other senses, sight goes black, she can’t feel, smell, taste, everything else is gone. Her body freezes much like a statue and she can “flip back to normal” by focusing herself back or if she’s attacked and physically harmed. In order to have one extra strong sense she must lose all others.

|| : Underneath It All : ||
I’m nice, quiet, and everyone thinks I’m analyzing them. Truth be told I am a little, but mostly because I’m not the best at socializing. I have friends and I’m generally nice to people. I’m often sitting alone reading, or practicing on focusing my senses – I want more control of them and when I practice I’m vulnerable and don’t want to many people around. Because of all my reading and alone time I am sometimes a know-it-all. A lot of reading over the years makes you that way. I got my job from my gifts and perfected it(or trying to) – which is where my confidence comes from. I am the first to go out in a hunting party and the best tracker in the business, at least in my opinion. Although I sometimes wish I had more friends I will never admit it and am more likely to ignore people that come up acting “to friendly”. Despite my stand off nature I tend to be(“tend to” being key there) a good person, even though I usually have a scowl on my face.   

|| : Where I’ve been : ||
Oh you know, here, there, and even over there. Honestly my life is pretty straight forward. Do I want to tell you about it? Not really, no. Will I... sure. Raised by my mother who was a well established doctor and no father. Mom didn’t like discussing the details and eventually I found out he turned into a Reaver and was killed later. That all happened when I was barely 5 but then I was already discovering my “gifts” as mom kept calling them.

One day I was reading and having difficulty, I concentrated harder and harder when all of a sudden, light flooded my eyes, things became more clear, the words on the page vibrant and the world around me in all new details – but at the same time, my hearing cut out, I couldn’t feel, move, smell and I panicked. Within a flash it was all gone and I sat in my chair panting and terrified. From then on I was taught how to focus on one, I how to make sure when I “went statue” to be up against a wall, so nothing could come up behind me, to be able to come back faster, easier. And learning that when I get punched in the face it brings me back even faster – and I can definitely feel a broken nose, afterwards.

I trained to be athletic, strong, fast, to run for days and then slow myself down to “focus my senses”. Mom didn’t like that I was becoming a nimble girl with a knife and tried to get me to do anything else, that was not about to happen. I loved and resented my abilities but worked my butt off to hone them, and make myself stronger – no point in being weak if I constantly make myself prone to attack. Although, all the muscles in the world don’t stop sludge or an axe from destroying you when you can’t move.

Mom checked out mentally years ago, due to all the horrifying crap she had seen as a doctor - and then died a year ago at her own hand. I never talk about it and never will... ever. No siblings and now I live alone reading any book, manual, pamphlet, anything I can get my hands on and working.

I lead a most exciting life. Not really, but my job keeps things interesting. I don’t really discuss what I do but I don’t really have anyone to discuss anything with. A few friends sure, I tried a boyfriend but it didn’t work out, but no one I’m super close with.

Everyone understands my gifts and because of that many people think I’m spying on them. It also doesn’t help that I don’t tend to be around many people, it still bothers me that I can be so vulnerable. I am a bit misunderstood but I don’t feel the need to correct people or try to convince them of who I really am. Being an enigma is something I’m a bit fond of – I like to keep people guessing, if they are guessing... I’m not real sure.

* sorry I keep editing it, I screwed up the code and now it's better. lol Should be good to go now.
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Offline Kevben Battleheart

Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« Reply #13 on: January 17, 2012, 07:59:46 PM »
And done. ^.^ Now just waiting for a pm to see what needs changing.

Offline DeyKnightTopic starter

Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« Reply #14 on: January 17, 2012, 08:55:23 PM »
Kevben, Hanged, I still need both your opinions on what forum we should place it in?

We have one vote for 'light'... what do the rest of you think?

Offline TheHangedMan

Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
« Reply #15 on: January 17, 2012, 09:50:27 PM »
I vote 'light' as well. Also, I have tweaked my character's history accordingly, and added a minor flaw to him.  Please let me know what you think, Dey?  :-)

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Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
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Hmmmm, in all honestly I don't think it would matter what I say lol, we have 2 for light, so I vote the same

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Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
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Alright everyone, I've got the threads up, I'm still working on the opening post for the RP, so you'll have to wait on that one!

But here's the link to the OOC Thread

Hope to chat with you in there!! :D Thanks!!

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Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
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†• † • Miyuki Haruna Lisanna• † •†
• Miyu •

|| : But you can call me : ||

|| : Last I checked : ||

|| : Just a number : ||

|| : How I roll : ||

|| : Where I stand : ||

|| : My little parlor tricks : ||
What can I do? can you believe me if I told you that my touch can heal?, sucks right?. In this age and day where you have to fight to survive I can heal, I can do the opposite of the main focus for survival, fighting. However as much as I like helping it comes to a cost for me, I can feel the mental pain of those I heal, my body will not be damaged at all but I still feel the pain of the person I healed for quite a few hours depending on the severity of the wound. 

|| : Underneath It All : ||
Want me to say to you how I am?, well shy could be a word for it but in this time nobody can be shy and survive. I guess you can say I am pretty normal girl, I love to laugh when somebody makes me laugh and I can get serious when the situation calls for it. I am a tomb of secrets though I have so much people's secret in my mind that I feel my head it's about to explode. Due to my abilities most people treasure me, the ability to heal others it's pretty rare and added to the fact that I am healthy would make any person respect me over the top however I just want to be normal, I want to be hated and I want to be loved, I want to be treated as a friend and I want to be thought as a enemy. Setting out to wander the planet I hope to see myself settled and finally respected the way I want to be respected.

|| : Where I’ve been : ||
Now you want to know my history? why I became the person I am now? well sit down it's going to be a wild ride, well not really. As far as I know my family comes from a island called Japan, I never been there or never would go there but I was told it was a wonderful place full of what they used to call technology. My great grandmother was one of the lucky one I guess when the war happened, she took shelter in he basement of a building and was truly lucky to survive. From there on she tried her best to keep herself healthy from the radiation trying her best to survive. Years later my mother was borned into this desert of a world. Being a doctor kept her protected by the other people she hanged out with and it was then where she met a American named Brian and then they hit it off.

Moving to the states they had me so you can say I am more American than Japanese. They protected me with their hears and body as best as they could the others kept protecting me as well, a baby a miracle. Well long story short I was raised in this group of wanderers and soon after my birthday number twenty I discovered my power. My mother was injured by a monster and my father was out hunting the creature so I needed to save my mothers arm. I followed instructions just as she told me when a white light emerged from my hand healing the wound instantly. She was as surprised as I was when I started screaming in pain on my arm, the same location where she was injured. After that accident my mother decided to teach me all about medicine so I had to use my powers only when it was needed.

Two years later the group I was traveling with died in a attack and I was left alone and survived. With my parents dead I decided to just continue to walk and try my best to keep my parent wishes. Being trained in combat by my father and in the healing arts by my mother left me in a pretty good position. I might not be a great fighter but at least I know how to defend myself long enough to run away. Now I walk around hoping to find a place called home and new people to call a family.

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Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
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Hello Miyu!

I just sent you a PM so that we can talk about your profile a bit.


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Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
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I love post apocalyptic stories, if your still accepting I would like to put in a profile

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Re: BROKEN GROUND:~ A Post-Apocalyptic/Mutant RP
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Hello Kingmaster1!!

Absolutely! Feel free to PM me your profile so I can look it over and we can talk about your character and such. :D

Look forward to seeing what you come up with!