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March 22, 2023, 04:51:31 pm

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Author Topic: Gen Neo Ria [A Masked Hero Group]  (Read 1018 times)

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Gen Neo Ria [A Masked Hero Group]
« on: January 23, 2012, 12:27:13 am »
This idea revolves around an idea of masked super heroes or maybe even heroes that aren't so masked.

This is a literate rpg idea. Meaning, I do prefer roleplayers who are not in love with one-liners. I tend to post with lengthy detail. However, I do not expect people to always want to do the same thing. I'm flexible. Just understand that I don't want one-liners. I cannot stress that enough.

The story:

April 15, 2012: Neo Ria Hits Mainland USA

This once believed virus is actually a neurological gas. The toxin was created to be the catalyst for the perfect solider. Origins of this now deemed "virus" is unknown. Some say it was the Americans. Some say it was the Russians. Most believe it was the Americans. It doesn't matter where it came from. One thing is certain and that one thing is that people are being affected.

May 4, 2012: The Hero Effect

This virus, unlike any other, manages to "turn" people. No, there are no zombies. There are no vampires. Certainly there are no werewolves. Instead, people are becoming "the masked" as most would call them. Neo Ria forces people to believe that they live double lives as either...well, you may want to sit down for this one. People believe that they are...comic book characters. No, really, you aren't on drugs and you aren't drunk. People actually put on spandex and run through cities like idiots.

September 10, 2012: A problem? Really?

While the United States is in a war and has a nearly unstoppable recession there are bigger fish to fry. A large portion of the American population believe that they are super heroes or villains. Chaos follows the outbreak. Whole states and provinces are at war with one another. Neo Ria is contagious enough to be spread at an alarming rate. Not a single cop considered this to be a big issue. A bullet to the skull puts a rampaging fool to sleep. Oh, but then there had to be another complication...powers...

Apparently, Neo Ria doesn't just make people become heroes. Instead, it also grants people powers. However, even this could be controlled due to the fact of how people gained those powers in the first place. Neo Ria makes people into reality style chameleons. In lamest, people gained powers based off what they encountered, what they experience or whomever they got far too attached to. For example, a person infected with Neo Ria who was in a house fire may either end up with the power to control fire or be resistant to fire.

November 20, 2012: Peace and Love

The same way that people were against these Neo Rians there were others that supported them. The Neos had various politicians that were against them. Fortunately for the super minded crazy ones they had powers which was always something powerful to bring to any bargaining table. Instead of hiding and instead of just taking the "Ross Rogers" cure that would rid the world of Neo Ria the supers resisted. Well, at least most of them did. The United Nations met on November 20, 2012 and issued a global outlawing of Neo Rians. This was a blatant violation of a human being's right to be sick and infected.


Alright, I didn't do the above in story form due to the fact that I wanted people to understand the Neo Ria virus.

There are three classes of infected:

The lifeforce Neos gained their powers through their hate or love of a single person that either exists, existed or will exist. They tend to be the strongest due to the fact that their powers are soul linked. Neo Ria is the ONLY virus in existence that actually bonds to a person's soul. The single greatest weakness of the lifeforce Neo is that their attachment, whether hate or love, to a person can change depending on how that person changes. It's easy to fall in love with a person just as easy as it is to fall out of love with a person. Same goes for hate. This division of Neo Ria is just too inconsistent.

-Doesn't have immortality but has to die twice in order to be permanently dead since they are, in a sense, two people
-Easiest to manifest
-Can know everything the person whom they draw their power from would know
-Takes on strongest personality trait of whatever person they are bonded to

-Only ONE power can be granted but it isn't supernatural (IE: If you pick Bruce Lee to draw your powers from you'll only be able to fight really well. You won't breathe fire)
-Highly inconsistent power
-Only power that can be lost depending on emotion
-Takes on a personality trait that the user may not want

This power comes out of shear physical attachment to an object. This is the second tier power because the Neo Ria virus has to have to peak activity to be effective in gaining a person a power through objectional use. If the infected party touches an object when Neo Ria is at its peak in the infected's blood stream then the infected will gain a power. IE: The infected touches a rock while Neo Ria is at its peak then that person may or not may not have rock hard skin. A maximum of TWO abilities can be gained but the abilities are always related.

-Typically operates as a great way to gain a defensive super power
-A heavy offensive power can be gained
-Two powers can be gained but that is the maximum

-Carries a good chance of whatever power being gained physically changing a person. Everybody else can hides their powers. There's a good chance that this infected can't do so
-Tends to take on the characteristics of whatever was touched to gain the power. If someone touched a rock and gained rock skin then, of course, they would have all the weaknesses a rock would have
-Two powers sound awesome until you realize that those powers must be closely related. In other words, nobody is going to fly and be able to control ice. Doesn't make much sense

This is a very confusing Neo Rian effect. This is situational. The infected gain their powers based off a situation in life. IE: Someone touched an electrical socket while being infected with Neo Ria and gains the power to control electricity. This is a spin off of the objectional infected in some ways. However, this version of the infected doesn't have to necessarily touch an object to gain power. If someone is infected with Neo Ria and also has an undying love of zombie movies perhaps they could become a zombie-like human.

-Can potentially create a very powerful Neo
-Has more flexibility in what a person could potentially do with this power

-Only one power can be gained

While I have a couple of character ideas for an actual storyline I do want to see what people can come up with. I will make a character application since I'm sure things can get out of hand when you don't.

Code: [Select]
[b]Real Name (First and Last):[/b]
[b]Alias [/b](Avoid using established names from comic series. Come up with your own!):

[b]Age: [/b]
[b]Birthdate (Month and Day):[/b]
[b]Social Status (Rich, Poor, Middle Class, ETC.):[/b]

[b]Personality (At least one paragraph):[/b]

[b]History:[/b] (At least three paragraphs. Include when they caught Neo Ria)

[b]Special Ability: [/b] (One to Two paragraphs. Explain the ability in detail. Explain if they are Objectional, Situational or Lifeforce. Include a weakness.)

Leave suggestions. This is just a dry run. I want to try this idea and run with it.