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Author Topic: Seeking a partner for some RPs. First posts included.  (Read 583 times)

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Seeking a partner for some RPs. First posts included.
« on: January 21, 2012, 11:46:49 PM »
Hello there. Thank you for your interest in perhaps playing a game with me in a role play.  I’m seeking a partner who would be interested in trying one of the various games below.  These are plots that I have been craving and have started up a post and never received a reply in return or have had a died Role play.  And when I say they died, I mean they have been abandoned a long time ago.  I’m craving a humorous and witty partner who enjoys writing and match my own level of writing skills.  Depending on how much I love the Rp and how well my partner replies, I can give you a long and very detailed post, or a two paragraph post with not a lot of detail.  Anywhos, I am a female, and while I sometimes play males, it is a scarce thing for me and I don’t enjoy doing it.  SO for those plots I am seeking a partner who will be playing the male.  And whether you are female or male it does not matter to me.  The spoilers beneath each title is the first post that I have written. 

A Pirate’s Conquest
For this idea, I was looking for a Pirate Lord who is controlling and domineering but in search of a woman with life and much fire inside her soul.  This could either be a romance or slavery deal.
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The endless rocking on the ship she was on was making her nauseous.  It was only four days ago that she had been about to close up her stand where she read palms and sold potions and several other little trinkets to those gullible tourists.  In Port Seville, which was located in the tip of Spain.  She dealt with plenty of women, pirates, and traders alike.  She had just locked everything up and had tucked her profits into her purse when she had been grabbed by a stinking pig of a man.  He then had slid a burlap bag over her head and tied her hands and carried her away.

She had fought hand and foot whilst the ship was slowly filled with women and children from the port that she had called home for so long.  In the past two or three days, they all had slowly started to escape their bindings.  So now she was able to sit in the corner on top of a few crates and watch one of the portholes.  She could see in the distance an island which was coming steadily closer with each hour.  She held her purse in her lap, which had a ritualistic athame.  With that, she could at least slit the throat of whomever had taken her from her home.  She watched the girls growing restless.  There had been a lot of commotion on the docks since early this morning, and occasionally a man would come down to check on them.  They had not been fed since they had left, and it was beginning to show.

When she could see the pinks and purples of sunset, she heard the door above open and several men walk down into the cabin that they were all being held.  The men looked as though they had been drinking heavily and dirt was smudged all over their bodies.  They moved to their bounties and started seeing to them, while a cleaner man stalked toward her.  His hair was pulled back in a tight pony tail and his face was neatly shaven.  He grabbed her arm roughly and dragged her from the place she sat.  She barely had enough time to grab her purse and follow after him, trying to release her arm from his vice-like grip.

When she was taken from the cabin below and dragged to the First Mate’s cabin, she was gaping at the audacity of the man.  To her she was perceiving this as his way of raping her.  She started to intensify her struggle just before she was thrown against a copper bathtub.  And it was filled with steaming hot water.  She looked at it with curiosity before she heard the man move behind her.  “Bathe yourself wench or I will ensure it is the last one offered to you.”  He said before sitting behind a desk, his eyes not once leaving her.  She looked around and noticed a neatly folded dress of blood red fabric sitting on a chair nearby.  So they were to be cleaned up and offered to some higher authority?

She slowly shifted from her clothes and slid into the water, trying to hide her body as best as she could from him.  Her bath was rather quick, making sure her long black hair was thoroughly washed and her light skin was washed thoroughly.  If she had not spent the last several years in the sunlight, she would have been as pale as a sheet from not seeing much of the lightness the past several days.  When she stood and stepped from the shower, she felt a warm towel brushing against her skin.  She turned and took several steps back away from the man.  A dark laugh echoed in the cabin as he approached her and slid a towel around her slender body.

He then nodded to the fabrics.  “Dress in the finest of silks and make sure to do your hair accordingly.  IF you don’t, I myself will do it and you won’t want me to do that.”  He said darkly before leaving her alone in the cabin locked inside.  With a small sigh she moved there and slid on the white slip that clung to her wet body.  She then pulled on a brilliant red dress that was just as form fitting.  The skirts floated around her body luxuriously and after a few moments, she was able to pull her black corset off her old dress and put it on over the dress to accent it the way she would at home.  She then sat in front of a mirror and combed out the knots in her long curly hair.  After a few tries she was able to pin her curls up on top of her head, giving herself an ethereal beauty.  By the time he returned she was applying a small amount of colored pigments to her eyes and lips.  “Come.”  He said as he moved to her and once more tied her hands behind her back.  He carefully slung her bag over her shoulder and lead her down off the ship and up into a building that appeared to be a restaurant of some sort.
In the Shadows
This story is about a musician who has a link to the world of magic and mystical creatures.  This is a very open idea, but I was thinking that as a general idea, someone is sent to kidnap her.  Perhaps one of those sent after her is a mate or something, and perhaps she has fey blood or something else magical in her blood that links her to the world she sings about?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It should have been the happiest night of her life.  In a way it felt like it.  It was the happiest that she had felt since the day that Donnie, her brother, had been found dead in their back yard.  He had only been twenty when his life had been snuffed out so violently.  It was rolled out as an animal attack due to the claw and teeth marks found in his body.  But she would never forget the pained look on his face when she had stumbled upon him at the simple age of fourteen.  The young woman had been traumatized and still had not healed fully from the wounds of loosing her only friend in life.  It was only shortly after that she had started to write music and had gotten into the more darker side of the beauty of it.  Her parents thought they had lost her fully, but she only wanted to cope with the death of Donnie her own way.

But tonight, tonight was supposed to be happy.  Surrounded by the four men in her band, The Nobodies, they all headed back to their hotel rooms after getting home from the Grammy’s.  They had gotten two awards that night, one for best new artist of the year, and the other for best Rock Band of the Year.  She, Josh, Derek, Austin, and Malachi had all been a part of the group since their junior year in high school, and had managed to get noticed on one drunken night out.

She had her dyed black hair pulled back and curled down to the middle of her back.  Her brilliant emerald colored eyes were outlined with black liner and lashes while a purple and brown combination on her eyes brought out the mesmerizing color of her eyes.  A small metal stud in her eyebrow and nose were visible as well.  Her petite body relaxed in the back of the limousine that they had rode to the shows in as it took them back to the place they were temporarily calling home.  The four men were all celebrating with the champagne that had been given to them as a congratulations.  She held her tall glass between her two fingers as she watched it slosh around in the glass with every bump the car hit.

Wrapped in a Midnight Blue cling dress that accentuated her lush breasts while her legs had fish net stockings all the way up to her thighs.  She had on a pair of sleek pumps that made her a good four inches taller then normal.  Anyone who really knew her could see the pain that reflected in those deep emerald pools.  Tonight would have been perfect.  If only…

Those words always haunted her, and even as she wrote the music that she did, those words lingered.  If only her brother had lived through that night, she would never be famous.  If only her brother had lived, she’d be more complete and happier.  But that part of her soul felt as though it had been lost the night she had held him in her lap and cried herself until she didn’t even know where she was.  Their parents had not been understanding of them.  Their own crude humor had been what got them through most of the lies and abuse of their childhood.  He had been her protector, and she had been his ears.  Between the two of them, they could detect any lie that came from those horrific lips of their parents.

Once the limo pulled to a stop in front of the Holiday Inn that they were renting rooms, she downed her champagne and slipped out and hurried to the door with the assistance of a rather large and bulky man that was her most trusted body guard.  Mark stood a good six foot eight and was two hundred and some odd pounds of pure muscle.  She kept him around for more reasons then just to protect her.  Because even if she was lost in her own depressing thoughts, she could respect a fine piece of ass whenever she saw one.  By the time they got up to the suite that was all her’s Mark gave her a gentle smile as he took a step back to guard her door.  “Take the night off Mark.  I’ll lock the door.”  She said softly.  A wide smile formed along her lips as she took a step back holding the door open to prove to him nothing was awry in the luxurious suite of hers.  He gave her a hesitant nod but took a step back before bidding her good night.  “Call if you need anything.”  He said with a warning look to her.

With a soft sigh she slipped out of the tight dress that she could barely breath in and pulled on loose black slip that fit her body perfectly.  It fell a few inches below her waist revealing almost all of her pale but sculpted legs.  She brushed her hair back to expose a few piercing in each ear.  She washed her face off and after a little while curled up into a ball on the cold and unwelcoming bed that was hers for the remainder of the week.
Into another time
For this story the character is in a freak accident and instead of being killed like she should, she is sent back in time.  It could be a deliberate magic, or accidental.  Anyways I see the male character being a powerful warrior in need of a wife.  Perhaps he saves her from something and takes her as a mad woman, at least until he starts to see certain traits that are for certain not of a woman of his time.
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An air seemed to settle down around them all as the women settled down in their seats, huffing in deep lungs full of air.  For an evening group gathering of belly dancing classes, it was rather quiet as they tried to master their routine before the festival where they would be performing at not even a week from that day.  The seven women who were of all shapes and sizes had finally gotten the rhythm down pat without the beat of the music, and only the ways their bodies moved so fluidly together was enough to make them call it quits.  A table lining the wall was filled completely with home baked cookies from the more older women, while a few beers and bottles of juice were also served.

Holly and her sister Alise each swiped a juice box that they had brought in earlier that afternoon, while a few of their friends went strait to the alcohol.  Holly still couldn’t believe that her sister had finally managed to get her to attend one of the stupid classes that she had scoffed so many times before.  It was only her fourth class, but she was loving every bit of it, surprised by that alone.

When it came to twins, she and Alis were both completely and utterly different.  They both stood five foot two and had wide sparkling emerald eyes that reflected a light and playful woman beneath.  But other then sharing the same facial structure of high cheek bones, a heart shaped face, and those pale almost translucent lips (If lipstick was not worn of course), they were completely different.  Alise wore a flowing outfit that was pulled together by matching scarves and was heavily doused in makeup that emphasized each and every aspect of her face.  Glitter surrounded her eyes and cheek bones as if she had been punched by Lady GaGa herself.  Or at least that was how Holly described it when she made fun of her sister.  Alise had long auburn hair that had the natural copper highlights of their natural hair color and wore several bangles around her wrists.

Holly on the other hand wore a pair of tight jeans that fit her body snugly and was down to nothing but a tight tank top after working out for a good hour with trying to catch up with the others.  Her body was smaller than her sister’s curve’s wise.  In the normal baggy shirts she wore, nobody could really tell that she had breasts, or anything for that matter.  She normally wore her fiery red hair tied back in a tight pony tail and wore only some chap stick and lip gloss to avoid the normal questions of whether or not she was ill.  While her sister had taken the route of popularity, ensuring she had the latest trends and could not go out without at least spending hours in the bathroom doing her makeup, Holly had simply chosen to be herself.  Which was why Holly was currently working on her Bachelor’s in Ancient History Education and Special Ed while her sister had taken the easy route and had simply chosen the path their father had urged them to take and was working full time at the “Shop” which sold a wide variety of items to everyone in the small town they lived in.

“So how about dinner and some Chunky Monkey and whatever redbox has?”  Holly offered as she twisted the lid on tightly before sliding it into her rainbow skulls messenger bag which held a couple of her school books, the latest novel she was reading, and all the accessories of a modern day woman.  The bag in so many ways was her life line to all things Holly.  “No…I’ve got a date tonight actually.  He’s picking me up in a half an hour.”  Alis countered with a sly grin that told Holly that she would need a gallon of eye bleach if she ever walked in on her sister’s “date”.

With a roll of her eyes she gave her sister a whatever and a playful good bye before slipping out the main doors of the fire hall where their uncle was the chief and who willingly handed over the keys just so they could be ogled by the sex crazed hornballs that was today’s youths that thought being a firefighter was cool or easy.  Outside the air was cold and crisp, which in turn caused her to pause to slide her long sleeved T-shirt that was a band tee from her favorite band Foo Fighters.  She then pulled on the heavy hoody that fell down to her knees.  The Neon Pink hoody had the silhouettes of two dogs howling at the moon with the words “Jamie’s Puppy Power”  One of her favorite shirts that she had swiped from her brother when he had first started his dog walking service eight years ago to try to earn money.  Luckily for him it had expanded into something so much more then just a cheesy Scooby Doo knock off.

Once her bag was once again slung over her shoulder she shuffled through her bag and started walking forward.  She walked through the alley and out into the quiet streets that was right out front of the firehouse.  A few cars lined the sides of the road and it appeared to be a normal evening in the Lame town of Smokesdale, Pennsylvania.  Looking down at her cell phone she pulled a pair of neon purple earbuds out and slipped them into her ears before hitting play.  She then started down the street listening to her I-pod on shuffle.  She paid no attention to the world around her as she absently kept walking strait, her fingers moving rapidly across the screen of her smart phone where she easily sent text messages out to her family and a few friends.  It wasn’t until nanoseconds before that she saw the car heading directly for her.

Something inside of her body tensed and she closed her eyes waiting for the impact that would be sure to kill her.  Now that the vehicle was close enough she could hear the horn beeping loudly and causing the music to be drowned out by it.  In those few heartbeats, she felt the air around her body change, her body became colder and her breath caught in her throat just as she felt the heat from the engine of the vehicle.  With her blood pumping blood through the veins of her body at an amazingly fast speed.  The minute she felt her body start to get taken out, she felt her body being sucked through something much colder then the air had been only moments before.  The world around her was completely silent as air whipped around her body and finally the sensation of falling overtook her body.  A loud scream ripped through her lungs as she fell through not only space but through time as well.

When she landed, she felt her body go limp.  Her body was soaking wet from whatever she had went through, her hair was matted to her head and her body was so weak that she could barely stand.  Shivering violently she managed to roll over and empty whatever she had managed to eat that day onto the ground, her whole body shivering violently.  The more childish voice inside her wanted to cry for her mother or Alis, who both always soothed her when she was ill.  Hell even Jamie had held her the last the she had been spasming on the bathroom floor from the flu.  Once her body had finished it’s little assault on the earth, she managed to look up at the unfamiliar landscape around her.

She had somehow teleported from a small quaint town in Pennsylvania which was rapidly nearing winter, to some place that was just a tad bit colder and from the look of the clouds told her it was either about to snow or rain.  With a sick feeling in her gut she grabbed her bag and staggered to her feet, looking around the area, looking at the monstrous trees that no were twelve times bigger then the trees she was used to.  With her eyes wide, she started to stumble through the woods, looking at how much larger everything was when mankind wasn’t there to ruin it.  It was completely beautiful, even peaceful, but it still did not help her current situation.  “Hello?”  She started calling, hoping someone was in the immediate area and could help her understand what was going on.
BartenderXFamous Musician, Old friends over time.
For this specific plot, the two characters have a past together.  Our characters was in a band in their youth, but the band broke up when your character was offered a record label and left without telling a soul.  Now years later, he comes back to his home town to see everyone has changed, and bumps into the lead singer of the old band and an old crush.
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You know I can’t take one more step towards you, cause all that’s waiting is regret.  And don’t you know I’m not your ghost anymore…

The evening sky was dusted with beautiful hues of pinks, purples, and oranges.  And even though she was in the heart of New York City. The woman was originally from Boston, but after a move earlier that year where she, her two older brothers, and her best friend all moved into a decent sized boarding house where they all lived without problems.  To say that her family and she had been close all her life would be the truth, she and her brothers had formed a band years ago as children which had slowly evolved into a more serious but fun thing for her.  Music had always been her life, even as a small girl, she had been affected by music in different ways than most.

When she took a turn from the main road she was walking on, she found herself walking through a small alleyway that lead to a dead end basically.  At the end of the alleyway was a metal door with a small rectangle where the bouncer peeped out occasionally.  She pounded her fist against the door and within seconds she was greeted by the intimidating size of what she would consider a behemoth male.  The man looked roughened, but every time he saw her, those features softened greatly and even a smile warmed those kind of nice lips.  If only she was actually interested him, she’d be able to return the feeling someday.

“Well Good Evening Holly.”  He said calmly as he leaned against the wall so she could squeeze past.  The bar that she worked had the intimate speak-easy feel to it, even though now in the year 2011, it was legal.  But it had once been a speak easy, and now it was known mostly by locals and celebrities who often sought the smaller more exclusive privacy that would get them out of the spotlight for but a few moments.  She walked into the warm room, her senses automatically assaulted by the smell of a strongly brewed ale and cigarette smoke.

She personally was not a smoker, but the stink no longer affected her as much as she would have liked.  But as she slid her thin leather jacket off her slender frame and draped it over the small swing door that took her behind the bar, she was greeted by the few regulars who often kept her busy enough.  She was greeted by the warm smile of Ken, who now owned the bar.  He was roughly six feet tall, his body still in good shape for a man reaching his sixty-fifth birthday.  The man wore a set of small spectacles on the bridge of his nose where he looked down at the menu, probably the time of the month to make revisions and changes to what he had.

“Hi Ken.”  She said warmly as she tied her hair back.  She easily breezed past him and moved into the small office, already knowing her way around the place just as well as Ken did.  She was the only other bartender in the place, not to mention the only one trusted enough to be in the office alone.  She settled on the edge of the seat and pulled out her drawer, counting down the money quickly that she had counted several times the night before.  She could hear through the thin walls the cook moving around in the back, frying up some foods and possibly grilling a few burgers.  It was a nice set up.  It was only four people that worked in this establishment at all times.

In order to maintain the speak-easy feel, Ken had started opening when he was legally allowed to, which was seven am.  It was then he and a singular cook who served breakfast, which was fairly busy since the locals brought the kids in for breakfast whilst enjoying a beer or two. They worked through lunch together and once three pm rolled along, she and another cook came in to relieve them all.  She had been bartending for a few years and was able to make the drinks without problems, but Ken still worried she’d stumble across a customer who didn’t know what it was they wanted.  As she just finished counting her drawer and standing up to walk out she heard the foot steps of Ken walking into the small confined space, so she instantly sat back down.  “You may be a little busier tonight than normal.”  The older man informed her quietly.  She looked up at him quizzically, her finger easily looping some hair around her forefinger as she listened.  “Okay…I get occasional rushes…It isn’t a big deal.”  She said honestly.

But it was only when the older man shook his head and started explaining to her about the newspaper article that he had willingly interviewed with a local reporter about.  They were doing a segment on Irish bars, and since this one made the cut simply because it had been founded by one of the most drunkest Irishmen in all of New York years ago.  “It got printed this morning, inviting all those who wished to experience this speakeasy the way it was meant to, to come on down.  I was informed that a few celebrities may be coming and that the paparazzi are not permitted in here.  She could not believe he had allowed such a thing.  It had been a busy and constant bar with all the locals coming in, but now it was going to be a mess with all the tourists coming in as well.  But she knew where Ken was coming from, he needed the business to keep from going under.  “Okay.”  She said softly, hoping her disappointment didn’t sound in her voice.  “I’ll just have to step up my game.”  She said sweetly.  “Don’t worry, I’ll keep everything going smooth.”  She said softly.  She leaned back and flipped on the small system that played the local radio station on a low volume, just loud enough that everyone could hear it over the rowdiness of their drunken spirits.  “That’s a girl.  Thank you for understanding.”  He said calmly.  And with that he took his leave.
Medieval story, very open ended
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She lay down by the river listening to the churning of the water and the occasional splash as a fish broke the surface to jump farther down stream.  The tranquility of the wilderness around her soothed the frazzled nerves of a young woman soon expected to marry.  It was so odd to look at her future as a mistress of a wealthy baron miles and miles away.  She almost regretted accompanying her brother to the castle where he was a general in the army that protected the walls of the prick’s estate.  She could still remember the way the older man had eyed her and whispered in his servant’s ear.  Nor could she forget the day her father had approached her and asked her just how much she wanted to marry and have children of her own.  This was considered her own chance to a life of happiness.

Running a pale hand through her fiery red hair, her emerald eyes snapped open and watched a fish jump from the water’s surface only to flop elegantly back into the moist waters.  “What’s the worse could happen?”  She murmured to herself as she finally stood up deciding to head home to help her mother prepare her last dinner at home as a single and carefree child.  The following day she would be taken back to that castle and become the mistress to a sloppy and  ugly looking man.  She quietly brushed her hair back out of her face and started toward the village that she had called home her whole life.

Halfway home she sensed something was off.  She could smell smoke from a fire in the distance, the woods around her was eerily quiet, as if something had frightened all the woodland creatures into utter silence.  With a soft breath she tore off at run toward the farm.  As she broke through the brush she gasped at the gruesome sight of fires everywhere.  The village was smoking the darkest and blackest smokes, she could see bodies littering the streets and as she walked to her home she almost wanted to scream out at the sight.  Her home was not burning, but she saw her mother’s dead body in the yard where it appeared she had been protecting the home by herself.  Her father was at the castle with the emperor, and her two brothers were off at far away places working their own places in the army.

She hurried to her mother’s side and felt for a pulse, but knew as she approached the older woman that it was far too late.  “Mama.”  She cried softly as she cradled her mother’s head in her lap, trying to brush the hair from her mother’s face to see the older Scottish woman’s stubborn features.  Even in death that slight curl of her lip and pinched look on her nose remained.  She sat there until it was well after midnight, listening to the screams and yells of people in the distance.  She untangled herself from her mother’s body and wiped the last of her tears away.  She could not remain at this place with the possibility of the army retreating back through this way.  With a soft sigh she hurried to the house wearing the long skirts and tight bodice that was traditional for women.

By sunrise she was miles from the village that she had left behind, the hurt of the loss of her mother was still a raw and open wound, but she had managed to push it far into the back of her mind as she ensured she was out of the way.  Survival was all that mattered at that point.  Dressed in a pair of black trews with a loose white long sleeved shirt, she loosed more like a male in the clothing.  She wore a heavy cloak around her slim frame that easily concealed her identity to anyone who might be dangerous toward a woman traveling by herself.  She had a set of twin blades strapped to her back and a small mask covering the lower part of her face.  The auburn colored mare she rode carried her weight easily as well as a sac of provisions and money she would need to get to her brother Aidan, who was located in the heart of England.

Aidan knew nothing of her father’s deal with the baron, and would take her into his home where he already had a wife and new born son living in a middle class village surrounding the luxurious castle of a Duke who was rumored to be the next heir to the King of England.  She traveled for what felt like hours before finally stopping the horse at a spring for some water.  Her body was exhausted and the horse wasn’t in any better condition then she.  So she lead the mare to the water’s edge and tethered her reigns to a tree before settling at the base of a tree with a sword resting in her lap just in case someone dared disturb the silence of the forest to attack her.
A Youthful Rebellion
This is about a rebellious but curious teen who is grounded the house and decides to explore the mysterious neighbor who is a pornographer.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Music played softly from her computer’s speakers as she sat at the monitor quietly typing away at the essay that was due on Monday.  Granted it was Friday night and most of the kids at her old school would be at the weekly Football game.  Hell she would be too if it weren’t for her mother being such an impossible bitch.  She still had not spoken to the woman since they had moved to this quiet town of Wilkinsburg Pennsylvania.

As she slammed her hand on the enter button, finally finished with the essay, she smiled triumphantly at the computer screen.  Finished a four paged essay on manners in record time!  With a happy feeling, she printed the document and backed it up on her flash drive before turning on her spinning chair and moved to her bed to pull her new school books to her.  She guessed that was the one bad thing about moving to a new school in the middle of the year.  Trying to catch up quickly.  She hated school, but she figured that at least she’d try since her father had asked her to.

For five years now it had been just her little sister, mother, and herself.  Her father had been a Veteran of the War in Afghanistan when he was shot down by a few terrorists and finally murdered.  It had been hard for them all to go through at first, but as she started to become a teenager, she kept her father’s last letter in mind, how he wanted her to be successful and happy.  To at least graduate college and use his benefits to go to college, which she planned to do.  It was the few reasons her mother had moved them to this area, that and to keep her out of trouble, which she had been getting in a lot at home.

It hadn’t been until a few weeks ago when her mother walked in on her giving her boyfriend a blow job did she really understand the extent of her rebellious side.  The piercing had been enough for her mother to at least reprimand her for being so destructive, but when she started to dress differently, dying her hair all sorts of funny colors, cutting it off three years prior…it all seemed irrelevant until she walked in on her daughter acting like a little whore.

That was when her life had really been turned upside down.  Young Zoe was ripped from her friends, all rights torn away from her friends at home.  Her mother had reprimanded her for everything, and even as she worked hard at school, she wasn’t allowed to do anything.  But at ten at night, she had free reign on anything and everything she wanted.  With a family that went to bed at Nine no matter what the day was.  With an inward sigh she started to cross off her small list of work for school.

That was when she heard the car door.  Her heart skipped a beat once again.  Was he home already?  Or was he leaving again.  With such speed she jumped from the bed, her baggy jeans rustling as she hurried to her window to see the older neighbor going inside.  She had felt so curious about this man since she had seen the light glowing out and illuminating her room slightly at night.  So many times she had heard him leave late at night that she always felt curious about what he was doing.

She finally found herself compelled to go find out.  With a stubborn look in her eyes, she quietly moved to her closet and pulled on the tight black under armor shirt, then pulled her florescent plaid over shirt then threw a black beanie over her head.  She was a sight to see.  With pale glowing skin, she appeared all the more innocent, but with her Auburn hair, streaked with Hot Pink and Baby Blue hues.  With wide Emerald eyes, she shut her lights off and stuffed pillows beneath her blankets just in case her mother came up to the attic to check on her.  She then quietly hurried down the stairs and out the back door.  She was quick on her feet to jump the small fence bordering their yards, and within moments she was hugging up against the siding, out of view and in the bushes.
Time Travel Medieval Scotland Romance
This is about a woman who falls upon a slumbering warrior and awakens him in the current time.  In need obviously to return to his home and discover where it all went wrong that his clan is no longer in existence of her time.
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With the sun still high in the sky, the tour bus finally pulled to a stop in a small village.  The view beyond the small little huts was truly breathtaking, and for the first time since her parent‘s death she was anticipating doing something to do.  As the young Gwen Cassidy stepped down off the tour bus.  As she watched the happy couples of her “Gay Love Campaigne Tour of Scotland.”  How she had ended up on such a tour she didn‘t know, but she felt at ease on a bus full of Gay men with their significant Others, as well as Women who held the other like they couldn‘t get enough of what they felt.

Despite her current depression, she had been able to find fun with the people, befriend a few of these people who had helped her smile for what felt like the first time in years.  It had been almost three years since her mother had died of the Cancer, her father died shortly after.  And atop all of that, she had lost her job, which meant she had to go back home to the city they had lived in and remain in the large house by herself.  For the past three years she had worked two jobs, trying to keep herself busy so she wouldn‘t slip back into her small depressed void.  She only had one true friend who had stuck to her throughout all those years, and she and her Significant Other had thought this the best way to make Raven‘s happiness pure.

Thus far, it had worked.  She was smiling more often, and had even started to write music once again.  Now she was anticipating the moment they got into the hotel rooms.  She was alone at this place, but it worked for her, no partner to keep her out of trouble.  Once her bags were properly disposed of, she hurried to change into a pair of short hiking shorts, a tank top, as well as a her guitar case packed with extra things like a notebook, sketch pad, pencils and plenty of snacks and bottles of water.

Since the day she had stepped off the plane and into this surreal world of beauty she had been inspired to write more frequently, and with it she always got the urge to be light and cheerful.  She silently walked from the small inn and started for the grassy hills, with her camera in hand she started snapping pictures as she walked.

When she was a good four miles out of town she came upon a ridge that looked as though it would have a perfect view.  With a soft sigh she tied her bag over her shoulder and started to climb it, placing her hands expertly on ledges that lead her to the very top.  By the time she reached the top she was sweaty and heaving in breath.  How long had it been since she had climbed?  Let alone without a rope.  When she reached the top she was completely awe-struck by the view.  With a few pictures she finally settled on the ridge, setting her guitar case open next to her.  She pulled a small sketch book into her lap and started to color the beautiful horizon using oil pastels that mimicked the Scotland Colors she saw.

When the sun was setting above the horizon, she was just about finished with her drawing.  She could easily finish the rest by memory, so she closed up and stood once again to finish her photography kick.  As she took a few steps back, she felt the strap of the case wrap around her ankle, which tightened as she tried to kick it off.  When she took a step back to get a better shot, thinking that the strap had fallen from her ankle, she felt the ground crumble beneath her small body.  As she tried to jump from falling into the crater she felt something slam into the back of her legs, which would later tell her that it was her guitar case crashing to the ground.  As she felt the weight pulling at her ankle she was dragged down into the dark hole.  She fell for only a few seconds and she crashed on top of a soft surface.

Coughing loudly, she sat up, feeling pain in every part of her body.  She felt around her and instead of feeling the soft earth like she had expected she felt human flesh.  She felt her breath catch in her throat as she scrambled off of what was a dias with a human body on it.  When she reached the ground, she realized that her ankle was sprained and she couldn‘t so much as move it, which didn‘t help her situation.  Frantically she reached the case and realized that all of it‘s contents had fallen out.  With the sun setting she could only see a glow around where the hole was, so she started digging to find the lantern that had been hidden in there as well.  Within moments her immediate surroundings were illuminated.  She was covered in dirt and her long brown hair felt as though it was tangled with spider webs.  With a shaky breath she pushed herself into a sitting position, her body screaming against her movements.
Medieval Beserker and Highland Princess
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The light ocean spray filled the area with a damp mist, bringing with it the dread of the future.  A young woman sat on the balcony of her “suite” as her parents called it.  Though to her it was only a bedroom.  They had felt as being the only daughter of a powerful laird she should have her own “suite” in order to have a more private and grand lifestyle.  Though Raven enjoyed the privacy of such quarters she was never quite happy with whatever she received.

As a child she had been a lively child and completely blissful in the life she had.  Her elder brothers were always there for her, along with the mysterious boy who had appeared in their village out of nowhere.  In their clan the children all played and were raised together, no matter what your father’s title was.  So they welcomed the “orphaned boy” into their castle.  He was raised to be a great warrior, but even while he was training he found his way to her side.  He had been the main centerfold of her life, no matter what she always found herself glimpsing at the young man, well that was until he disappeared off the face of the earth.

It had been the summer she turned sixteen and she woke to watch his horse disappearing over the horizon.  At that point she had been developing the proper emotions towards a man you love at that age.  She had every intentions of deepening their relationship and trapping him with her forever (It wasn’t as bad as it sounded).  They were compatible together, ever since he had arrived they had been a promising couple.  After that day, the young vixen vowed to never let another man into her heart.  Even if he hadn’t loved her back, she had loved him unconditionally.

It was uncertain for how men she dismissed from her presence or even how many she had scared off with her shrewish ways, but most men could care less and continued their pursuits.  She had made her family the one last promise, a promise she now regretted.  Before he had disappeared she had promised her family that she would wed before her twenty fifth birthday.  But that day was rapidly approaching and there was no such suitor for that.

Her family knew of the torment he had put her through when he had disappeared that fateful night, and her father had dedicated his time to secretly searching out the beast.  He knew Graevel for what he was, even if nobody else knew.  The young man’s translucent blue eyes were but one piece of evidence that scarred this young man.  He knew for a fact that the strengths and agility that the man had at his age when he showed up was nearly impossible.  Naught even the greatest warrior had the powers he had.  So when he had sent out the invitations, he included a single sheet of paper with three simple words.  Come for Jillian  With just a simple note like that, it had set him up.  What he was doing he knew was dangerous, and risking his only daughter’s happiness, but it was important that she see him in good health after nearly seven years.

The chilled air breezed past her and into her room, where she heard heavy footsteps cross the floorboards.  It was improper for a man to enter a woman’s room with out the least a warning, and Miss Raven St. Claire only knew of two men who would ever do so.  Graevel used to pay her such visits, but instead of taking the door, he climbed to her window.  And oh how she paid attention to that window at night, the full moon reminding her of their almost romance.  The other man who she knew of was her eldest brother who had a low amount of respect for privacy.  She felt the faint whish of his body breezing past her’s and sitting down with her, overlooking the kingdom from her point of view.  “Father has sent out the invitations.”  He announced softly, watching as the sun slowly descend over the horizon.  “So?  It really doesn’t matter to me!”  She murmured softly, anger flooding her.

“Well I figured I would tell you so you know that they aren’t playing any more games with you.  You are to choose a husband and be wed by the time you are of twenty five years of age.”  He explained softly.  “They just don’t want you to be lonely.”  He added softly sitting down beside his sister.

“Och!  I’m not lonely!  I’m content with being by myself!”  She grumbled angrily. She folded her arms over her chest and watched as the colors changed dramatic within only a few moments.  “I wonder what it would have been like if he actually would have stayed here."  She finally murmured.  Never did she ever voice her concerns for the man she had once loved.  Only to her brother did she ever express an emotion similar to that.  Not once had she mentioned him in the past four years she had not even mentioned him, and all of a sudden every fear and worry came crashing back on her.  He was never returning.  She had to accept that.
Zombie Apocalypse/Mutations of normal people **Craving
The title is self explanatory.  It's about a zombie apocalypse, and a few people are changed accordingly, like some grew wings, others were disfigured, some were given strength beyond the human abilities.
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The storm was rolling closer and closer by the moment.  With a stammering plea, she backed away from the oncoming mass of the ghouls that had stalked her since the mutation had occurred. It had been almost five months since her once peaceful life had been upturned and had run her from her home.  The bags beneath her eyes proved just how depraved of sleep she was.  The last she had allowed herself to sleep had been almost a week ago, and she had ensured she had been safe by sleeping in the darkest depths of a cave that even the abominations avoided.

But now the winged woman was cornered yet again.  No matter how many she killed and how many times she fled with her life, they always found her.  Her body trembled from it’s rapidly weakening state.  They had caught her off guard this time.  Her back was clawed raw, blood streaming down from her bared skin.  The wings that had been hidden beneath the slits in her back were clearly still hidden, the coat she held close to her body was already useless.

A loud screech echoed in the trees from above and instantly her heart stopped.  With wide emerald eyes, she looked up to see a darkened creature, it’s entire body black, nothing distinguishing it as remotely human, even the pearly white teeth were sharpened and ready to shred through even the roughest of hides.  She was quick with her motions, knowing she had only a few seconds to escape.  She quickly spun around, the blade that had been at her belt was now in her hand, she swung the blade roughly, slicing easily through those threatening to attack instantly.  She then expanded her radiant black wings.

Her body catapulted into the sky, her muscular thighs making the take off smoother than ever.  She looked down at the mass of creatures hording around the spot she had once been, some now looking up with dead eyes.  She shuddered her small body as she quickly shot west.  She had been on a mission to find sanctuary.  And with every lost civilization she had passed, there were signs pointing her into this direction.  Sure she was following blindly, but she was praying that this took her to something she could find to be a safe haven.

Warm blood oozed down from her back where she had been severely scratched, already she wandered how long she could go before she would find another mass of water where she could clean herself, or better yet, another civilization so she could find more clothes.

The only fabric on her body was the remaining shreds of the coat she had been wearing intertwined with her radiant Raven colored wings.  The shorts that clung to her wide hips were dirtied and the fabric was already wearing so thin that one could already see the lines of the red satin panties she wore.  The only living proof of her past, with the exception of the small bag that dangled from her waist, which held a small journal which she used to record the outbreak, some foods that could last years in a cupboard and not go bad.  She had a few family trinkets such as pictures and her great grandmother’s Babushka Dolls depicting the purest of angels.  And the smallest of the Angels in the set was actually carved of a pure diamond.

Something that mattered more to her than anything else.  The only thing that she had to remember her warm and caring mother, the eccentric old grandmother that she loved so dearly.  Her father, who had been shot  accidentally by a stray bullet.  There had been so many refugees, and as one by one of them revealed their powers, they had been gunned down.  Her own power was so hard to hide, she had only just learned to tuck her wings away.

With the wind whipping in her hair, her breasts free, her nipples erect from the cold, she could make out the faint line of a tall wall in the distance.  She slowed her flying and looked down.  Only then did she realize that she was being hunted by some of those abominations who could run just as fast as she could fly.   She felt almost weary, but she started flapping her wings once again, this time going faster than she had ever thought to before.  The tears were forming in her eyes as she realized that this compound was actually alive, and kicking with humans.  With a cry of joy, she continued forward, not at all thinking that within mere breaths she’d be falling to the ground.

So Close…

A sharp pain pierced through her right wing, causing her body to jerk violently, but she was still able to steer herself to over the wall.  She felt a scream of terror rip from her throat as she realized that with one wing uncooperative, the other was frozen in place.  It slowed her down, but as she jerked her body so she skidded on her stomach, causing many abrasions to form once again.  With a whimper of pain she felt her body trembling in so much pain.

First her back, as though the wench was trying to claw her wings from inside her body, and now this.  With weak limbs, she pushed herself into a sitting position, slowly reaching up for her wing, she tried to pull the arrow free, but could only brush her finger tips away from it before her arms fell limply at her side. Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized she was finally hopeless to the fate that these humans were going to condemn her to.  It wasn’t as though this was her fault, she had simply been outside with the mutation had occurred, which had automatically infected her.
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