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Author Topic: Alertnate history-your stories and worlds  (Read 655 times)

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Alertnate history-your stories and worlds
« on: January 21, 2012, 11:25:05 PM »
I've been playing Civ games lately and had a wonderful idea, everyone has come up with an alternate history world let's here'em.

my current game is Ryse & Fall of Civilization and the game took a divergant historical turn when i took control of the barbarian tribes of germany.
Dementional ranger report 2273
Universe 7753
World power groups:
The Federal Repuiblic of Germany
The Holy Roman Empire exploded onto the scene, and unlike our history they survived, sucessfully orgainzing and rising to the forefront of mideval european innovation. while they lagged behind the turks and arab states their innovation was pushed foreward by an attack by the byzantines early in their history and vikings riding the waves from the north into france and germany. instead of collapsing inward, the german states pushed outward alongside the french and english kingdoms. the byzantines were pushed back, the viking tribes fell apart when they collided with german crossbows. during the war the holy roman empire scooped up most of eastern europe and the baltic states, pushing to the russian boarder.
instead of wasting money and resources fighting spain, france, and england, the empire leveraged it's now overwhelming military supremicy in europe into trade, cultural might, and an uneasy peace.
the empire also invaded italy and counterattacked against the byzantines around this time, ever expanding, bring rome, renamed Rom, and Konstantnopil under it's control. the pope was actually pleased because the Empire did much to premote christianity in europe, and absorb, or stamp out holdout states.

when the ottoman empire appeared in the east laying the byzantines low for good, they traded with the technologically and culturally inferior, but militarily strong, Empire. while peace regined for the next two hundred years the empire used it's influence to claim client states of portigal and denmark.
the peace was shattered by sultian Mahamal the VII of arabia, who attacked portigese colonies in the mediteranian. the situation quickly snowballed out of control and soon the emprie and it's client states were marching to war.
while technologically superior the arabian sultans were little match for the overwhelming number of europeans (no longer diminished through infighting.) the Sultan of Arabia introdouced the Holy Roman Empire to cannons and primitive gunpowder bombs to halt the juggernaught's advance from egypt into the arabian pinnuslia a decision their ottoman cousins would live to regret, then sue for peace, ceeding egypt and north africa to the german and spanish empires, becoming a protectorite of the empire in the process.
this military adventure also brought the empire into contact with the tribes of west africa, and their king. with whom they forged trade and military alliances.
a generation later, thinking the empire still stretched thin, the Ottoman Sultan decided to try and take Konstantopil from the Empire. the empire had not slackened it's grip on the valuable trade city and thus the city held with the aid of new primitive firearms and cannons.
the sons of the soldiers who marched across africa now marched north into ottoman territory.
while the slow smoldering war in the east played out the two empires battering each other across the turkish country side, and throught the holy land, in the west viking traders pushed north and west by denmark told of Vinland far to the west across the sea, and the empire was in a position to take advantage of this news, sending ships bound for Vinland.
While the Spanish colonized the coast of africa the Germans marched into the junges of centeral america and the bahamas with exploration on their mind. where they found a foe who would menace them for centuries to come.
The Aztecs, though resloutely pagan and in the height of their bloodsoaked empire, were not attacked by the germans, dispite their glittering cities of gold. the germans were more interisted in areas south of aztec lands, lands with gems, gold, sugar, and chocolate. so long as the pagans traded with them and stayed on the other side of the mountian boarder, the german colonists were content to leave them alone.
This new source of luxury goods hit the ottomans where it hurt, their coin pouches, no longer did europeans need to trade going through ottoman and arab lands, nor pay the taxes. the ottoman war effort ended when riots lead to civil war, and the empire cracked under the pressure.
the economic strain of such rapid expansion, and the loss of trade revenue in the east hit germany hard, causing repeated economic woes in the old world while the colonists in the new one thrived. combined with a plauge spreading along the trade roads from china, the empire nearly imploded as the gold of the west was increasingly used to shore up the motherland, it's colonies were on the verge of revoloution.
then came the Maetz incident. German colonies were an open safe haven for those fleeing the brutal aztecs, untill king montozuma decided to do somthing about it.
no longer in awe of the germans, an aztec warparty persued an escaped slave into german territory, when they ran afoul of colonial military patrols, the aztecs simply attacked them too, and dragged them back to their captial, sacrificing them on bloodsoaked altars.

the ourcry was almost immidiate, how could The Empire let this happen? how could His Most Holy Majesty just let the aztecs attack his people and sacrifice his soldiers try to forgive them?
seeing the tide of outrage coming, Emperor Ferdand Barbarosa the II abdicated the throne in favor of a temparory government, his last act was to put togeather a royal expedition with his Kingly treasury.
whle the motherland was in chaos the Royal Expidition arrived to protect the colonies and deal with the aztecs in the most brutal way possable.
in contrast to their previous tolerant policies, the Expedition ransacked the Aztec empire, supported by wave after wave of both Germani and Nativer millita, slave revolts, and pestalance. The forest of the dead, as the aztec survivors would name it, and later rally around it. the Expedition carried out the butchery with mechanical effecency, sparing everyone under the age of ten, and no more. the rural aztecs would retreat into the hills and jungles, continuing to harass Germani and Nativer populations.

about this time, the governemnt back in europe reformed as The Federal Republic of Germany. It's territory broken into many smaller fighting states across eastern europe, turkey, and arabia. Federal army began moblizing using melted aztec gold to fund a campain recapturing the empire's heartland in eastern and centeral europe, from there the militaristic federals began moving east and south, reclaiming imperial lands as they went, funding other expeditions. into africa, china, and deeper into america.
this nationalist energy drove the Republic into more wars, unwilling to see a repeat of Maetz, the empire responded brutally and swiftly, becoming heavily invested in industry.
this nationalist furvor was blunted after wars with the Viking Commonwealth, Czarist Russia, Kimer Republic, Inca Empire, and the Middle Kingdom of China. during this period the Federal republic also reached Japan who would become yet another protectorite.
of these foes only china still exists, the rest being incorprating into what was calling iteself "Federal Germania"
When ulta-nationalist forces attempted to storm the house of the grand council they were met not with open arms by the german military as they'd expected, but with bayonet and newly developed sub machine guns. this triggered a civil war in the heartland known as "The Battle for Germania" that did not extend to the reaches of the empire, with nationalists on one side, and federal troops on the other.
The battle was won by the nationals who brought in Colonial troops, and newly dveloped to shore up Federal Guard Elite and break the slogging trench warfare in the heartland.
the Germania that emerged had regained a tolerant outlook, combined with imperial drives and democratic ideals.
the slogging bloodbath of the civil war however gave other powers time to begin their rise, with England, germany's long time trading partner and rival, finally edging out the germans in science and technology, but with the empire still stretching across the world from japan to californa and from Madagascar to the artic circle. the commonwealth and her client states now face a unified rival, and the Federal republic's client states the Rikecommarit of Portegul, German West Africa, and the Protectorate of the Neatherlands have, protected and shielded from their bigger rivals by the empire's military, have exploded across the globe.
in their eyes The Federal Republic brings Peace, and Peace is good for busness. especally if the Republic has it's eyes on New Aztecian, the spanish hegemony, the english commonwealth, or trying to keep the peace in the citystates that used to be japan.

The English Commonwealth
the kingdom of English alongside now nutered france was forced to play second fiddle to the Empire for centuries, now with her domination of the waves, and client states of The Dominion of China, The Indian Raj, The American Colonies who they granted right of self governance (less paperwork, new ally) England and America now surpass the empire in information technology, having recently co-developed Radio communication. they are becoming ta commercial rival to The Federal Republic. the americans are spreading westward quickly, making conflict with their one-time trade partners germany and france inevitiable.

the Spanish Hegemony: comprised of spain, her african colonies, and her american client state, the Viceroyality of Peru. the spanish lag behind both Germany and England, but are in the grips of the same nationalist zeal that the empire just shook off. that combined with a military that while it could not hope to defeat the German Republic, could certanly give them a run for their money. means a rough road ahead.

The French Empire: to call it an empire would be folly, while highly cultured the french have only one overseas colony, the massive trading hub of Neauvo Orleas on the missippi, and are confined to a small section of europe in the west, suffering from the smothering effect from the nearby Commonwealth and the Republic. only their powerful culture, political brillaince, and good spy network have kept them from being smothered out of existance by their more militant big brothers. long as the Republic's eyes and expansionist drives are averted into asia or america, France survives another day. 

The Mongolian Empire: the only power left in eastern Asia, once checked by Russia, japan, and china before they collapsed, or in china's case became a client state of England. the expansionist mongols eye china, now weakened by her fight with Germany, and China's patron The English Commonwealth, as a rival to her eternal greatness. The mongol Khan knows little of europe other than it exists and is very far away, maybe a place to conquer when he finishes with the opulent chinese. As the boarders of the Federal Republic creep ever closer in through afganistan and the asian steppes, Mongol out riders have begun reporting a strange new breed of russian across the steppes and european and middle-eastern settlers coming out of the hindu kush, all bearing an arcane symbol. but the Kahn is confident, his armies strong, no wizardy can overcome the might of his archers... right?