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April 21, 2018, 12:54:41 AM

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Author Topic: Assassins anyone?  (Read 456 times)

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Offline Kilgore TroutTopic starter

Assassins anyone?
« on: January 19, 2012, 02:28:36 PM »
I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing an assassin RP. I did something similar a bunch of years ago and had a great time with it. Here’s the general idea:

It’s about 2030 and Hartco International is the world’s leader in consumer small electronics. It’s CEO, Dillon Hart, is a self made man. He is a well know Billionaire philanthropist, and in the public’s and the media’s eyes, an all around great human being. The truth is very different. Hart is really a black hearted international arms dealer. He made his fortune traveling the world starting conflicts, and then selling arms to both sides of the conflict. Assassination, murder, blackmail, theft, lying, cheating, stealing, and kidnapping got him to where he is. Publicly, Hartco makes toasters, coffee machines, irons, etc. Privately, Hartco manufactures cutting edge weapons that play at the edges of technology. Black opps types of things. His connections include world leaders and terrorists.

Within the first few posts, it will be established that a ten million dollar shipment of arms going to Krogagistan has been high-jacked, and three of Hart’s top operatives have been brutally tortured and murdered. Hart once again dons his long black trench coat and Kevlar, arms himself to the teeth, and goes on the hunt for his weapons.

That’s the bones. As far as characters, there are only a few characters that will really be needed to get the story rolling.

Anna: Ex-operative of Hart’s, once working Hart, then for his biggest competition, and now an independent mercenary. Hart met her on the way up ‘back in the day’ prior to his establishing Hartco International. She became his top operative and they worked very closely, so close that their working relationship became a personal one. They were involved in a three year affair. It was probably the closest thing to love that either of the cold hearted people ever felt…but make no mistake…there is no love lost. It ended badly. She joins Hart at some point early in the story…but why? Who is she really working for? Does she really just want the million Hart is offering her to help? Is she still working for her (supposed) ex-employer? Or is she working with the ones who stole the weapons?

Carl: a mercenary hired by the Krogagistan royal family to find the stolen weapons. He is independent of Hart and Anna, and doesn’t trust either of them. He looks at their attempt to find the weapons as an annoyance and an intrusion.

Several operatives/assassins

Members of the Krogagistan government

This would be a “whoever wants in can join” can type of post. There will be a lot of killing and spy-type gunplay (kept within a PG-13 parameter), so it’s not for the faint of heart. Keep in mind that anyone in this tread can be ‘killed’ at anytime except for the three main characters. Supporting RP’ers can come back in with other characters after they’ve been ‘whacked’.

Alliances can flip often (in the original some alliances lasted only a couple of posts), Keep in mind while writing  that these aren’t nice people. They have few discernible redeeming qualities.
Also keep in mind that this is set a little in the future, but not much. Keep this in mind with respect to technology. No teleportation devices or magic weapons. Think the difference between what was around in 1990 as opposed to what is available today.

If there’s any interest (gonna need about five or so people to start it off), let me know here, and who you’d like to play, and I’ll get a first post rolling in a day or so. Just do me a favor and flesh your character out a bit in your post. Nothing crazy-just a basic outline.