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May 23, 2018, 09:41:55 PM

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Author Topic: From Silk To Rags (M/M, NC - Ex)  (Read 429 times)

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Offline KhorazTopic starter

From Silk To Rags (M/M, NC - Ex)
« on: January 19, 2012, 12:50:46 PM »
No man wants to admit he's lost; even with something small as a game of cards, its not uncommon for full-scale brawls to break out over a well-played bluff. Such things are harmless enough; one might hurry home with a black eye and damaged pride, but nothing is lost that cannot be reclaimed. Not all things are so meaningless however. Some things are worth fighting to the bitter end for, even if there is not a chance of victory.

The Kingdom of Aquira was always a peaceful one; its main source of trade being medicine and the art of healing to others who visited the prosperous nation. Its king was a kindly man who valued the well-being of his subjects equal to his own, and he preferred to focus his efforts on maintaining harmony within his walls, ensuring all who lived beneath him had pleasant lives. He instilled these qualities in his only son and heir, who would take up the mantle as ruler when the time came to be just as benevolent and wise as his father.

Such peace was impossible to maintain, however. The rich soil and arcane knowledge drew the eyes of the neighbouring countries; such a place was poorly defended owing to their peaceful nature and an invasion would be swift and profitable. It was an easy decision to make and the boarding nation mounted its vast armies in the dead of night, riding out to meet whatever meagre defences Aquira had to offer. The battle was, of course, a massacre; soldiers barely trained were slaughtered, citizens taken prisoner and the king was himself slain in cold blood.

Despite the young Prince's efforts to band what limited forces they had together in a final stand, there was no hope for the kingdom; it burned around him and the soldiers fell. But still he refused to give in; still he tried desperately to defend his homeland against overwhelming odds and just as the final stroke was to be landed the call to stop rang through the once beautiful palace hall that now lay in ruins.

The enemy king approached, tall, regal and clearly powerful. He towered over all those around him and leered down at the Prince, but still he did not falter, though fear showed in his eyes. A decision was made then; the young man would be spared death and be taken with the other civilians to the country, where he would then be kept as a prize worthy of such a victorious invasion. The boy was proud, willing to lay down his life for his people and though he struggled and fought, he was no match for the might of the opposing ruler, and so he was taken from his home to a new and mysterious land, where he would await whatever fate was in store for him...

The story could either begin from this point; where the Prince has been taken to the country and is waiting to see his fate, or it could begin in the middle of battle. I'm looking for someone to play the opposing King and perhaps any other characters you'd like to bring into this, while I'd be playing the role of the young Prince.

Its entirely up to you what happens to him; is he kept as a mere slave? Pampered as a favoured consort? Revealed at parties as a battle trophy?

As far as the kinks so, obviously there would be NC elements, as well as anything else you'd like to include. I'd love for there to be some torturing for information and perhaps public scenes of humiliation, but they're not essential. The Prince will be proud and strong also; there'll be no whining or begging from him, so that can work however you like. I'm not opposed for a romance to eventually come between the two, but that would be much later in the story...

Please PM if interested!