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Author Topic: This topic looks like the most interesting topic, doesn't it?  (Read 415 times)

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Offline Les ManTopic starter

This topic looks like the most interesting topic, doesn't it?
« on: January 16, 2012, 11:48:50 PM »
Hello world,

                         Below are what I guess you could call fan-based SL (Storyline) ideas.  For these SLs, I'd be most interested in making a "spin-off" type storyline that in some way parallels the canon of the source material, and I'm more interested in creating our own "semi-canon" based on the exploits of our Original Characters.  I'd actually most likely prefer to keep something like this in the Non-Adult section, as most, if not all of these scenarios had little, if nothing to do with eroticism (although some of them do deal directly with adult-themed topics, such as the latter books of the Dune series, and all Necroscope books).  The true purpose of these RPs, for me, would be to emulate some of my favorite stories, and not try and merge them with any of my twisted fantasies (lol).

1. You might have guessed I like Dune and the Dune series by Frank Herbert, I personally consider it the "Lord of the Rings" of science-fiction.  I also loved the Butlerian Jihad trilogy by Frank Herbert's son and another guy.  Some plot ideas (to give you an idea of what I mean) could be something like the Bene Gesserit's attempt to breed the Kwisatz Haderach 50 or 100 years before the events of the original novel, or maybe trying to join up with the Human Rebellion during the time of Omnius and the Cymek's rule.  Any idea can be entertained though.

2. Necroscope, by Brian Lumley, and the following books detail a vivid world with a rich history and plenty of potential for amazing stories (obviously, or else they wouldn't sell).  I'd be most interested trying to figure out a way to have dual-Main Characters here, and switch back and forth between storylines, one dealing with the humans using their psychic powers to defend against the evil vampire threat, and a parallel story concerning the Wamphyri's struggle to avoid extinction and sate their tremendous "appetites."  I took a similar approach with a RP before and it was AWESOME.  I also hope that the above scenario is vague enough that others feel any "Necroscope-like" options can be entertained.  (If you've ever read the books, you know the characters are not celibate, but I would like to reiterate that in all likelihood, I would like to keep this Storyline in the Non-Adult section.

3. The (Old) World of Darkness, as in Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascension, Changeling: The Dreaming and Wraith: The Oblivion.  These are actual, printed roleplaying games produced by White Wolf Studios, and they are quite popular among the tabletop RP and even LARP communities.  These games have their own rules to follow, although I like to be lenient alot of the time when it comes to such a strict and thorough rules-system.  I'd be open to any one of these games, however I know very little about Changeling, but would love to learn.  I'd also be willing to figure out a way to cross-game RP.  Finally, it appears Elliquiy has a dice-roller, but I'm open to figuring out a way to avoid dice to enhance the RP factor.  I'd also like to avoid the typical Storyteller and just have everybody agree on everything beforehand, keeping everyone on the same page and happy, but that's not normal for WW (White Wolf), so no big deal.

4. I have RPed many SLs based on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time book series, before the unsuccessful printed edition came out in d20 format, and they were honestly some of the most fun, most epic, and most memorable RP session of my life.  I have only read up to book 8 or 9, I don't remember, but I, unlike most, LOVE spoilers, so it's not a problem, really.  I could be convinced to pick up my Heron-mark blade in the name of adventure once more (as a good guy, aka "Light-head," in-joke), or perhaps my black sword forged at the base of Shayol Ghul (as a Darkfriend).  Once again, I'd prefer to do this freestyle, rather than according the rules of an official game, though I'm open to suggestions always.

                         In addition to nerdy fanboy stuff, I also like other stuff.  I really like brainstorming, developing and exploring a setting/world/universe from square one.  I enjoy establish the "rules" of a new world and then bending and exploiting those rules.  I like tailor-making the environment to my own desires, and those of whoever else is a part of course, and sometimes I even enjoy the process of compromising all of our ideas into one idea that can please us all.  That being said, I like science-fiction, super heroes vs. supervillains, vampires and werewolves, anime, even fantasy (which usually interests me last for some reason), anything really, if it's unique, original, well-thought-out, and above all interesting enough.

                         I'm not looking for just a random generic sci-fi RP, or Vampire RP, I'm more interested in investing some thought into something new and original.  For instance, I'd like to define the powers and origin of vamps and werewolves than just play your standard Hollywood-style creature.  I'd rather come up with some unique sci-fi plot device based on some cool idea than just fly around space doing random "future-stuff."  I'd rather have some kind unique factor to my fantasy setting than doing your standard human and a dwarf and an elf versus dragons and goblins and warlocks, oh my.

So if anybody has any ideas they'd like to share that they think I might possibly be interested in, please feel free to post it, or post the link to your own topic.

If anybody is interested in this but doesn't have an idea, I could definitely brainstorm something until your interest is piqued.

I consider myself an experienced RPer, but you don't have to be.  I'm more than willing to help a willing newcomer familiarize themselves with roleplaying.

Last of all, stay tuned and maybe I'll think of some other ideas to appeal to other fellow RPers.  Thanks for your time.
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