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Author Topic: The Last Abhorsen:Tale of Celestial the Tenth Bell (Male/Mature/Fantasy/Horror)  (Read 461 times)

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Offline Miku linTopic starter

Name: Celestial Le Blanc
Nickname(s): Celeste, Celestial the White, and Celeste the Fair
Status: Civilian
Age: 17
Job: Abhorsen

The Abhorsens are those of the hereditary bloodline whose charge is maintaining the border between life and death, though inheritance is not always direct –the next Abhorsen could be a niece or cousin or sibling, rather than the current Abhorsen's child. The Abhorsen combines Charter Magic and Free Magic in his/her bells to compel and control the dead, righting the wrongs created by Necromancers or others who pervert the nature of Life and Death. The Abhorsen stronghold, called Abhorsen's House, is located on an island in the Ratterlin near the Long Cliffs. The House lies in close proximity to a great waterfall; the associated rapids complement the magical wards of the House in keeping the Dead and other dangerous things from accessing it. In Nicholas Sayre and the Creature in the Case, the Hrule implies that they are the bloodline created when Astarael bound herself in the Charter, calling them "Astarael's get". The origin of the name "Abhorsen" in the book's world is unknown, but Nix may have chosen the name referencing "Abhorson," the executioner in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure.

(More information about story background)

~*The Beginning of the End*~

"Five Great Charters knit the land.
 Together linked, hand in hand.
 One in the people who wear the Crown.
 Two in the folk who keep the Dead down.
 Three and Five became stone and mortar.
 Four sees all in frozen water."

Even as a small child that bloody damn rhyme was drilled in to Celestial's brain and was more like a second nature to her now.  There was not a single orphan in the convent that didn't know it!  Many of the rhymes of old did not make sense.  They were out dated and childish in Celestial's opinion.  It had been nearly 200 years since the last great battle between good and evil....heaven and hell.....the living and the dead.  Since then the line of the abhorsen had been lost.  Any members of the bloodline had thought to have been long gone and nearly forgotten.  If not for the rhymes and legends no one would have remembered all of the sacrifices that had been made to save all mankind........

Celestial laid in her bed in a twilight somewhere between conscious and sleep.  She never fully allowed herself to go to sleep....not since the dreams began.  Her dreams were of horrid nightmares that always woke her up screaming.  Her constant night scares often woke up the other orphans so she had been moved to her own room on the opposite side of the convent.  Even in her state of twilight she was not safe from the voice.....the voice that called to her.

"I'll sing you a song of the long ago.
 Seven shine the Shiners, oh!
 What did the Seven do way back when?
 Why, they wove the Charter then!
 Five for the warp, from beginning to end.
 Two for the woof, to make and mend.
 That's the Seven, but what of the Nine--
 What of the two that chose not to shine?
 The Eighth did hide, hide all away,
 But the Seven caught him and made him pay.
 The Ninth was strong and fought with might,
 But lone Orannis was put out of the light,
 Broken in two and buried under hill,
 Forever to lie there wishing us ill."

The voice in her mind sounded like layer upon layer of gurgling screams that called to her.  At times it called to her by name.

"The tenth the seer our darling little sister. 
Whether she runs or hides she must abide
For all ten will battle once again. For light
 or for dark?  Our sister must embark
On a journey across the land and across
the sea."

Celestial cupped her hands tightly over her ears snd let out a blood curdling scream at the top of her lungs.  Even at the other side of the building all could hear her but none paid attention.  The others were use to her screams by now.  Instead of sending a group of people to check on her only a single nun would peek in to see if Celestial was still breathing or that something unnatural wasn't attacking her.  "Celeste?"  A short, heavy set nun by the name of Layla cracked the large wodden door open to see that Celestial was sitting up.  A cold sweat broke across Celestial's forehead, the charter mark on her forehead burned and tingled like it was on fire.  The charter mark upon her forehead or on anyone else's forehead could have many meanings.  Depending on the mark determined a person's job or status.  Not everyone had a charter mark because not everyone was blessed with the power of the charter.  It also helped to identify and verify ones identity.  The particular mark on Celestial's forehead was unusual and uncommon;  So uncommon that no one even knew what it meant or what it was for.  It was a mark that outdated even the ancient texts of the old kingdom.

OOC: I will complete the rest of this post once someone shows interest and posts some kind of intro to his/her character.  PLEASE DO NOT abandon this RP.  PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY to let me know if you are interested in this rp and once you have posted <no contact information in public areas - Avis habilis>.  I require someone to rp as the main male character that has a hate/love relationship with Celestial.  This RP will eventually become mature.  This RP is based on Garth Nix's Abhorsen Trilogy so it is a mix of Medieval, Fantasy and horror.

(Celestial's Theme)

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