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June 21, 2021, 07:42:47 pm

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Author Topic: Looking for master. (M/m or F/f, multiple ideas)  (Read 495 times)

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Looking for master. (M/m or F/f, multiple ideas)
« on: January 16, 2012, 06:20:09 am »
"I would like to start with saying 'I love working on things with others'...
If you have questions about something, whether it be my O/Os or about an idea,
message me and ask, I think questions make it easier to understand each other and make playing more enjoyable if we have things figured out.
I am adjusting my O/Os, but sometimes I just don't think about the things unless they are brought up, or they can be subject to specific situations.
I suggest glancing at them and if you contact me, I'll look at your O/Os, and we can talk about them together.

Please PM me, I will reply faster to PMs.

I have an idea, but I am open to playing it more than once, more than one way. In fact I'd love to hear other stories if you want my idea to a different story. ^_^
For now, character name will be John/Jane just so I don't have to keep saying 'master' or 'your character' or whatever, and pet will be used for the pet character.

Pet character description - small male or female character with animal ears and tail. Possible animals are cat, dog, fox, bunny, deer, whatever (if you have a suggestion for an animal, ask me, and we'll talk about it. *If you suggest cow for a female character, know that I will not do lactation, what-so-ever.*)... Tail and ears can be real or costume, but no, the tails will not be toys/buttplugs, thank you very much, lol. If the tail and ears are real, they can be because of a science experiment, fantasy realm (or just a little bit of magic), or just a different species that aren't considered different than animals by most. Also, could even be an animal that turns humanoid when the master is the only person around.

Story ideas -
Either John orders a 'pet' online, or his friends gift him one, and he has to get used to taking care of a pet that is either clingy or is rebellious.
Maybe Jane wants to tame one of these weird animal-humanoids, so she finds herself a cute little female specimen and keeps her inside her home.
Possibly John kidnaps a cute guy (or has a willing subject) and creates his dream pet, a guy with the intelligence and form of a human with the loyalty of a dog, or the playful rebellion of a kitten, or even the cunning of a fox.
Could be that Jane is a mercenary who stumbles upon a bundle in the forest, upon unwrapping the bundle, she finds an animal-girl, possibly transformed by a mage, or just a different species, and takes care of her.  If she was changed by a mage, maybe Jane offers to hunt this mage down to get the spell reversed.

Story ideas if I play the human (I am not very good at being dominate, but if the story is good, or you don't mind helping me along the way, I will try)(still gonna use John/Jane for the human and pet for the pet) -
John feels lonely, so he tells his friends to keep an eye out for a pet he can keep in his apartment. One day a knock comes on the door and his friend drops off their 'cousin', who happens to be an animal-person. Now the idea can either be that he has to train the animal-guy to be domestic, or that the animal-guy can 'train' him to care for the pets needs the way the pet wants.
Then there is Jane, who is a hunter's daughter. She is out hunting and gets tracked by a wolf-girl, maybe this wolf-girl is curious about the hunter girl, or she wants to catch her and make an example out of the daughter.

There is also the idea of if one animal-person gets tossed in with another animal-person.
Could be a human is kind to cats and takes these cat-people, and so one day they bring home a new one and the new cat-person has to learn how to live with the 'top cat'.
Maybe this human doesn't just take in one type of animal-person, maybe they bring home a bunny-boy and so the bunny-boy has to learn not to fear Rocky (random name), the alpha dog.
Maybe the human is a farmer, and he catches a fox-person in the chicken coupe by trick of one-way doors, and so the guard-'dog' has to keep an eye on the fox.

If you are interested in any of these ideas, or you have one of your own, PM me and lets talk. ^_^