Learning the ropes. (BDSM, Con, M/F or F/F)

Started by Kuje, January 15, 2012, 06:40:17 PM

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Sabrina sat at her computer, surfing different sites until she clicked on a site that made her gasp in surprise and interest. "Bondage?" she whispered to herself while she slowly looked at the pictures on the site or read some of the stories that others have posted. Seeing that there was a chat room connected with the site, she lurked in the background so she wouldn't be talked to while she read what was being discussed. The more she read while in the chat room, looked at the site, or skimmed the stories, the more aroused she became at fantasizing about being a sub and at the realization that she wanted to experience what they were talking about or what she saw on the site.

(This opening has been stuck in my head for a few days now, so I'm looking for a male or female who is interested in showing Sabrina what it means to be a sub. Uh, beyond that, the only things I'm not interested in writing about is in my O/O's. So is anyone interested in taking on a sub that is probably willing to do most anything as long as it doesn't involve animals, scat/urine, or death/extreme mutilation. I was thinking that the story could start off as her being a online sub with the dom but then the two of them would meet once they trusted each other more...)


I'm still interested in this, just looking for a partner.....