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Started by dangerduck, January 14, 2012, 03:58:23 PM

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Hello everyone reading this!

I am looking for female roleplaying partners who are interested in long-term, plot-heavy, detailed, fantasy or non-fantasy roleplays.  I have a few scenes set up here and I'll add more later.  If the scenes have two different types of character either one is up for grabs.  If you are wanting to try something of your own I'm always up to hear new ideas. Feel free to PM me or leave a comment here if you like what you see. Also feel free to add me on yahoo messenger if you'd like to talk.

Supernatural Roles

Primal Attraction - Werewolf/werewolf – Two werewolves who have never known another of their kind.  Both of them end up starting out at the same college as freshman.  They sniff each other out and there is a dominance struggle and sexual tension between them as they learn more about themselves and their heritage.

The Change - Best friends – One of the two of them goes off for an extended period of time and comes back different.  The other slowly notices that something has changed and it pushes them apart until the truth brings them together.

Club Red - Vampire/human – The vampire owns the club which the human is a regular at.  The human catches the eye of the vampire.  The vampire embraces the human or begins to and the humans life is turned upside down as their world is shattered by this new existence.

Tracks of Blood - Vampire/Detective - For the past three months a werewolf had been shredding up the homeless in Central Park.  The police have been trying to figure it out, but if they find the truth about werewolves then it won't be long before vampires are found out as well.  It is the night of a full moon when the serial killer strikes.  Two people enter; one the police detective tasked with finding out who the murder is; the second a vampire enforcer whose job it is to kill the werewolf and dispose of the body before its found.

Dogs Chase Cats - Neko (Catperson)/Werewolf - I'm not exactly sure how this one will work, but I was thinking something along the line of either the two are at a school for abnormals or they are both hiding their uniqueness from the general population, but learn about each other. 

Purchased Pet - Neko (Catperson)/Human - I was thinking this one as a sort of dom/sub story.  The human character is wealthy and the neko character is a pet or slave.  The neko is used as entertainment for the human; be it through used in fights, sexual desires, friendly conversation or anything else. 

Caught in the Middle - Werewolf/Human - There are two waring werewolf packs in the city.  Most people think that it’s just bad gang wars that leave streets a mess after fights.  The human character finds themselves in the middle of the war.  This one will include a number of different character in both packs as well as the human character's friends.  The human will likely be changed during roleplay.

Unleashing Evil - Demon/Human - The human character has just been hired to work in an old library.  They think that it’s just a job, but there the library has a secret hidden within it.  There is a book hidden away that doesn't want to remain hidden.  It wants to be read.  The book stores demons who have been captured and trapped.

Bond of Friendship - Neko (Catperon)/Werewolf - This is supposed to be set in a world where the supernatural is the norm.  The characters have lived next to each other since they were kids and have been good friends since although it isn't uncommon to be what they are, they are the only werewolf and neko their age.

A Break from the Hunt - Injured Supernatural/Helpful Human - The scream of the winds fills the air as the heavy snow obscures all but a few feet away.  The cabin withstands the blizzard, but not everything does.  There is a noise outside which is investigated.  Someone lays injured on the porch.  They are brought in and there wounds are treated.  Not all is as it seems with this new arrival.  They have their own secret, and someone or something is still trying to get them.

Secrets of Humanity - Amnesia Vampire/Human - Everything before that moment is a blank.  They are lost, and confused.  Not knowing who they are, or what dark secret they hold, but they have their new friend who is trying to help them.  Help them to remember, but the problem is the friend is starting to look ... tasty.

Stages of Life - This would be a long story where we start out with the characters first meeting as kids, then important moments in their lives.  It of course wouldn't go to sexual parts until after they are at least 16 years of age, but it would have first meeting, first kiss, first time, fights, decisions, college, maybe engagement/marriage etc. etc.  One, both, or neither characters might be supernatural.  Examples: One of the pair could be a werewolf or have magic powers.

I See Things - Life was normal, or at least as normal as it could be.  Friends, school, work, bills, the usual stuff, but it all starts to change.  First it’s a dream of fire.  The dreams slowly become more intense and start to show up during the day as well.  People don't always appear to be themselves.  There is something different about them, but not everyone.  What is happening to them?  Why see them as they are?

Your Dad Just Wants to Kill Me – A new girl in a new town.  Her family just moved in because of her father’s “new job.”  The reality is that he hunts the supernatural, and there have been too many strange instances in the town to be just coincidence.  She doesn’t know about the family business and tries to live the normal teenage life: parties, sports, hanging out, and dating. She doesn’t know about her boyfriend’s secret, or his run in with her dad.

Milk - This roll is set in a world where half human/half animals are commonplace.  Not full fur, but cat ears, tails, horns, but human bodies.  The roll revolves around two characters who are cowlike and away from their herds.  When females reach a certain age they start to produce milk which is given to males to help strengthen them, and even if they don't feed the males, they need to be milked.  They would be from different herds and meet at college.  There relationship would start as one of convenience because he can take her milk from her better than the machine, and he is strengthened from the milk.

Fantasy Roles

Strange Times at Hogwarts – Harry Potter Original character’s.  It's their fifth year at Hogwarts.  Over the summer many things had changed, and two students who had just been friends now feel something more between them.  What will happen to them over the next year of school?

A Magical Meeting – Harry Potter Original character’s.  The characters do not know each other because they were in different houses or one of the students transferred.  They meet in their 5th year at age 16.  I want this one to be long term, lots of flirting/bumping into each other throughout the year or years until end of school or after as they grow closer together and fonder of each other.

Shades of Grey - Light Elf/Dark Elf - The Light Elves and Dark Elves have been at war for millennium.  The Dark Elves took heavy losses early in the war and were banished underground.  Life there was brutal, but they have learned to survive and thrive.  They have begun sending scouts out to the surface to spy on the Light Elves.  One such scout notices one of the Light Elves and becomes enamored and they eventually meet creating a Romeo and Juliet like connection that may or may not finally result in their deaths.

Change of Destiny - Magic-User/Apprentice - The spellcaster is on a quest to find some sort of artifact or component for a spell and travels through a town.  The soon to be apprentice, sick of life on the farm, stows away in the cart only to be found later.  After some deliberation the spellcaster decides to take on the stow-away as an assistant and take them on a journey to save the world... or destroy it.  I'm good with either.

Following the Breeze - One foot in front of the other.  The trail winds and passes through the thick forest.  What dangers lie ahead? What treasures are there to be unearthed?  The promise of glory and the thrill of adventure lies just around the next bend, but will they live long enough to enjoy it?  The world is a dangerous place and these two have somehow ended up together.

Super Power Roles

Struggle of Powers - Superhero/Supervillian  - The two characters are arch-enemies.  One is trying to destroy the world or get rich or whatever evil scheme sounds like fun, and the other is trying to stop them.  The two of them get to know each other well and the hero tries to turn the villain good, the villain tries to turn the hero evil, or both.

Taking Back the Block - Superheroes - Two new young superheroes.  There are a number of ways I'm thinking about doing this.  One is that superpowers are just beginning to emerge among the population and some people are becoming heroes, some villains, and much more just trying to hide them.  The other idea is something like Batman or Kick-ass.  Both characters are normal, but they decide that the world needs help and they go out to do what they can.  The character's meet up at some point while in the midst of their heroics, and then who knows.

Sometimes Two is Better than One - The idea for this scene came after watching an episode of Smallville.  Either one or both of the characters would have the ability to split into two.  They could be exactly the same or have slightly different personalities or features.  Maybe they are mirrored and if one has a tattoo on his right shoulder, the other would have it on his left.  When they came back together they would know everything that happened to both of them.

Engineered to Fight, Built to Love – Set in the near future where cybernetics have become more advanced, though still not common place.  A former member of the military is having problems with their implants, and go to see about getting them fixed up.  They start to fall for the beautiful woman who helps him out.  Soon his systems start to “break” every few weeks or days as he tries to learn and live as a civilian once again.

Normal Roles

Chains of Royalty - Gang Leader/Tom Boy Princess – This is a role where the princess would cross dress and sneak out of the castle to meet up with a gang of guys living in the city.  She has a crush on the gang leader who has strange feelings for one of the members that he just can’t seem to explain.  I’m thinking of a medieval or renaissance setting for this where the characters are around 16 or 17 OR they start younger (non-sexual start), the truth is revealed and then time passes before they meet again.

Not so Perfect Life - New Guy in town/girl with abusive father - I don't know why this has been on my mind lately.  I have had this idea where I play the hero, or anti-hero if we want it to be a bit darker, who saves a girl from her father.  The two characters obviously have some sort of chemistry and start to date and maybe even move in together.  It would be a high school scene where the characters have problems because of the girl’s father, other students who are confused/angry at the couple’s arrangement, teachers trying to get involved, etc.

Sex Drugs and Rock’n’Roll – A small time band starts to become popular.  What happens when two of the band members start to fall for each other?  Once they become famous, do they become closer or will fame rip them apart?  For this particular roleplay I was thinking about concerts, parties, hanging out on the tour bus, groupies.  Just vibrant scenes to play out and draw inspiration for their music from.



Id love to play out your Club Red one. i do have a thing for vampire movies and roleplays. Your Shades of grey one looks familiar, but I wont ask you to play that one out with me, as you must have stopped it for a reason.

If you dont want to at all, then I understand. If you dont, welcome back. But if you do want to rp with me, we can truly have a fun rp.

Quinn Fabray

Hello.  -smiles-   Your Not so Perfect Life idea jumped out at me when I read it.  Is that still something you are interested in trying?
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Adrianna Paige

Primal Attraction and Caught in the Middle really grabbed my attention. Let me know which one you want to do. :)
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Bekah Boo

Not so perfect life caught my eye, are you still taking partners?


I'm interested in your Shades of Grey idea! I hope you're still taking partners. Please PM me or feel free to add me on YIM if you are! Thank you!