While she is away the succubi will play...(Two needed)

Started by Zombie Apocalypso, February 10, 2008, 06:20:50 PM

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Zombie Apocalypso

The goddess of love and lust has decided to take some time off of work, maybe go on a vacation to the alps. So she calls a god to watch her home and take care of her pets' while she is away. It seems simple enough, walk the kitsune, feed the neko, so he takes the job and she leaves him a list of things to do.

List of things too do

1 Water the plants
2 Feed the fish
3 Tend to the succubus's, periodically check on them.
4 Lock up the house if you do leave

List of things to not do

1. Do not let the succubus's out of their cage (And if they happened to get out don't let them out of the house)

2. Do not go into the succubus's cage except to feed them or punish them,

3. Keep your eyes on them, they are crafty..

4. Do not be nice to the little angels

And above all do not let the succubus's take advantage of you in any way shape or form....

PS. I am also the goddess of wrath, so don't break my rules,

Seems easy enough, then again he hasn't worked with a succubus before...

The two sister succubus hear the commotion, learn that their master is leaving for a while and decide to wreak havoc on the poor man and test his every will and boundary...

Okay I need my god

The person who plays the god can choose over what they want to rule, he can be evil, innocent, whatever,

And I need my sister Succubus...

I need another succubus, the innocent of the two...

And I will take over the role of the devious sister succubus...

Fallen Angel

Hello LittleMissScareAll.  I'd be up for the innocent succubus.
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Zombie Apocalypso

Well then send me a profile, I suppose you will have to competition with somebody else...

Fallen Angel

Echo is a rather young succubus, just 147 years old.  She is full of energy, but immature and naive, and quite lovely.  Her pale pink wings are almost the color of her skin, and her green garment is a soft mint color.

She flits around her god's cage, always waiting for a moment in time when that door would open, even if for only a second.  That would be more than enough time for her to jet from the cage with a buzz of her fleet wings as she would arrow as far as she could get from it.  She knew, of course, that no one had yet done so, but she would never cease her efforts to gain a brief freedom.

It wasn't that she was mistreated.  Not at all!  She was cared for as valuable property of her god.  Her sister was much different from Echo herself, but her older age made her less aggressive.  But Echo knew what she was, and what her goal was, and she never lost sight of it.  She was certain that somehow, some way, she would find a way to be with a male.
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