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Author Topic: New Writings (M seeking F)  (Read 1150 times)

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New Writings (M seeking F)
« on: January 12, 2012, 03:01:24 pm »
The Pairings I am craving right now ARE NOT entirely Black and White in regards to the type of relationship the two need.

If playing the FEMALE role in any of the pairings below, let me know!

Also, if you PM me expressing interest, and I respond to your PM, it would be courteous to respond whether you are still interested or not. I dislike responding to PMs only to never hear from the person again.

Female Teacher / Male Student
Female Boss / Male Employee
Older Woman / Younger Man
College Students
Female Roommate / Male Roommate

Some Ideas I am currently Craving: As always, these are basic plots. Tweaks, changes, further development can all be discussed with interested partners.

A College Romance: A boy meets a girl. They're both members of the Outdoors Club - sharing a love for camping, hiking, kayaking, anything that takes place in the outdoors. Otherwise, they would never have met. Their lives have been opposites until this point - she has always had a boyfriend, is 'sorta seeing some one' right now, and is not a virgin. She likes to party and is social. He, on the other hand, has only had a handful of dates and none in college, a bit on the quiet and reserved side unless he is excited/interested about something, and shamefully still a virgin.

But, through the Outdoors Club, the two meat and are instantly attracted to each other. They have a lot in common despite their differences and for some reason, he finds it very easy to talk to her. And she seems to be interested in him, despite 'sorta having a boyfriend' she stays up late with him after their weekly meetings to talk. But he will never make the first move, not with someone who is already in a relationship. It comes as a shock, then, when she sends him an email asking if he wants to go out to dinner with her sometime.

Seeking the Female Student in this one. Its a rare treat, me asking for a more romantic story, so take advantage of it while its available! Of course, there will be sex and the likes - the girl being the aggressive one in this relationship, full of confidence and comfortable being naked, urging the shyer-boy out of his shell and into a world he had only ever dreamed of.

A Fall to Spring Romance: Forgive the nature of the writing for this one, but it is the best way to describe it/

Older, wealthy man moves to a new town and begins to frequent a coffee shop/restuarant. A waitress there 'catches' his eye and he always requests her table, despite being old enough to be her father. He is very friendly and appears to be interested in her. A nice man, her coworkers encourage her to go out on a date with him (whats the worst that can happen?) and the two start 'dating'. The older man is very friendly and dotes on her, very old fashioned (opens the door, pays for everything, never pushes his luck, never tries to get in her pants). They kiss a few times but still no sex. Finally, she convinces him to stay the night with her. Perhaps she is a virgin but can't wait any longer. They have sex for the first time. In the morning he is gone. Then he calls her and invites her to his office to 'talk'. It turns out that he loves her and always has, but his dark secret is that he is her long-lost father.

Seeking the Waitress/Daughter for this one.

Other Ideas:

The Dare: Sarah is the most beautiful girl in school. Popular and always in demand, she knows she can have whatever guy she wants. She takes advantage of this to no end, getting guys to buy her things or do things for her. She can certainly be a bitch and a bully - to girls and guys a like - and thinks herself the Queen of the School, if not the world. One night, at a party, her and her group of friends are starting to take dares further and further. One of her rivals dares her to spend five minutes in a closet with Randy - in the dark, and she has to kiss him on the lips.

Randy, like every guy, is in love/lust with Sarah.  Only Randy is a bottom-feeder, one of the outcasts in school. He is a nerd - plays video games, reads books - that sorta thing. He has reportedly never been kissed by a girl (or anyone for that matter) either. He is socially awkward and very out of place at the party, only having come because some of his other outcasts thought that they would crash the party (and maybe drink beer if there was any).

Randy knows its meant to shame him, but goes along with it anyway. It'd be the only time he'd ever get to be that close to a girl like Sarah and the closet was very small. Once in side, the door is shut and darkness engulfs them. Randy is very nervous and Sarah makes it quite clear he is not to touch her under any circumstance. She turns to face him and fumbling in the dark, they kiss. It takes Randy's breath away. And turns him on. When Sarah turns around, her ass in her short skirt brush against his hardness. Deciding to get a little fun out of things herself, she grinds back against him and is shocked by the size of his erection. She had never felt a hardon that big in her life and is quite impressed. She guides his hands to her breasts as she continues to rub against him, wanting to see just how hard he would get.

With a minute left - a knock on the door signaling that - she withdraws to let him recover. But her interest is stirred and she knows that she has to see just what he is hiding under all those dark clothes he wears. But how to set things up with out people knowing? And is his big dick a secret she wants to keep all for herself or is it one of those things she just can't help spreading rumors about?

Secret Writer - A Teachers Writings are discovered by his Student(s) - Seeking a Switch Student.

Jane's short skirt revealed a hint of her panties as she leaned over the desk, elbows resting on its surface as she toyed with her hair while staring down at the piece of paper her partner was also reading. It gave me such a tantalizing view that I instantly grew hard, happy that I was sitting at my desk in front of the class. This was not the first time Jane had done such a brazen act in front of me. I was almost sure that she was doing it on purpose. She always seemed to dress in a provacative way when she came to my class.  The Class Tease, that is what she was...a hot, nubile young body, developing into womanhood. All the guys in the class were fixated by her presence. And so was I.

I dreamed of the day I'd be able to lift that skirt up, pull those panties to the side, and penetrate her as she leans over my desk. Little did I know that that day would occur sooner rather then later.

Andy adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose and re-read what he had just written. It was a good edit of his first post on Literotica. He was just working on editing his string of short classroom based stories into one longer story and this was simply the preface. His other entries involved his character - a Teacher, like him - becoming involved with a Student, sexually. He had a strong following on the website and lots of positive encouragement.

Of course, no one knew the real him. He hadn't been laid since a Sorority Girl took his virginity on a Dare back in college. He was a History Teacher, yes, but not one rippling with muscles. He was slim, wore big glasses, and had a pocket-protector for his pens and carried a suitcase to class. His people skills were lacking, of course, and his hair was always a bit ruffled for one reason or another. He certainly followed the rules in school, but at home...well, he was an erotic writer.

'Jane' did exist too, only her name wasn't 'Jane'. Every look she gave him sent goosebumps coursing along his flesh. He always read her looks to mean something, which fed his writing. All the naughty things his Teacher had done to Jane were all things he wanted to do but had never done. He certainly had quite the imagination when it came to such things.

Little did Andy know, however, that 'Jane' frequented such sites herself and had recently pieced together just who was writing these 'Jane' Stories were and just who the Author behind them was. She also clearly saw herself as Jane and found it a turn on that some one would write such things about her. None of the boys she had slept with came close to what Andy was writing and she was certainly curious to see what the real Andy was like behind closed doors.

Seeking an inititially aggressive student to seduce Andy, before Andy gradual takes control of the relationship.

The Young Wife: For this story, you MUST play as this character:

Sarah and Mark had been married for just over a year now. And they were broke. Mark came from a wealthy family but hated it and wanted to prove to his father that he could make it on his own. He had gone off to college, fallen in love with a girl there, and had married her. He had always put off having her meet his family until they were very much in love and she had, of course, been shocked to realize just where he had come from. And she loved him all the more for it - putting himself in a position where he didn't ride on his parents laurels. But now that they were married, things weren't working out so well.

Mark was taking extra shifts at work in the hopes of getting a promotion and more pay. He came home late, if at all, and was always dead exhausted. They hadn't had sex in over a month and a woman had needs afterall. But she also needed to bring in some money. She couldn't go to his father - and he certainly would - so she needed to pick a new job herself. She was good looking and young, so went to a modeling agency. There, the photographer managed to convince her to take some nude shots, but she shot him down when he made a move on her. The pay wasn't great, but it certainly helped a little with her own personal items. But it also got her thinking.

Knowing she would be breaking her marriage vows and would have to lie to her husband, she sent an application with the nude photos to an escort service and was immediately hired on. And tonight, tonight was her first 'John'. She was nervous and unsure if she would be able to follow through. But she was going to be in for the shock of her life when, after knocking on the door, her husbands father answers it wearing nothing but a bathrobe.

This plot requires further discussion.

The Girl Next Door:

Drew was a quiet kind of guy. Liked video games, Science Fiction and Fantasy, and movies. He was always considered the smart kid in class and, of course, undesirable. So he spent a lot of time looking online at porn. He didn't really know his neighbors at all though he could see into their backyard - at least the pool area. He did notice, however, that a van or two frequently parked on their driveway and equipment was carried inside. He was not sure what that was all about but he wasn't about to pry.

Until he finally meets his neighbor. She was 18 years old and looked awfully familiar. It was a pool party at her house, complete with a BBQ, but he just couldn't figure it out. Until he got home and looked at some porn (being around hot girls in bikinis all day made him horny). It was then that he figured it out. His neighbor was a pornstar!

Not much of a plot at this point, but we can take it many directions.

Alternatively, the Neighbor could  be an older woman who does porn.
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Re: New Writings (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2012, 01:09:23 pm »
Picture Plot Ideas:

Pictures are of characters I want YOU to play.

Pictures have a few plot ideas or questions to spark plots.

I will love you long time if you pick up any of these ideas.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

A needy Queen/Princess caught by an Adviser or Noble.

A needy Queen/Princess caught by a Guard on Patrol.

A needy Queen/Princess caught by the Prince/King.

A needy Queen/Princess caught by a skulking Thief/Assassin.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Who is she?

What is she hiding?

What does she want?

What is she after?

Who is she seducing?

Whats her darkest secret?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

A Dark Witch, shunned by society, lives alone in the deep dark words. She possesses powerful magic.

But she is lonely and has dark desires. Will the creatures she summon satisfy these desires?

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Re: New Writings (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2012, 07:10:30 am »
I am interested to do either 'A Fall to Spring Romance' or 'Secret Writer' with you. Do PM me and we can work things out if you like.

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Re: New Writings (M seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2012, 02:10:15 pm »
Updated Post #2 with Picture Plots.