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Author Topic: A few ideas M looking for F  (Read 3138 times)

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A few ideas M looking for F
« on: January 10, 2012, 01:31:38 PM »
HI everyone(Update: just in the middle of tidying up this thread all stories on this first post are for my characters aged between 16 and 18, subsequent posts(with one exception are for my male characters over 20)

Most of the plot ideas below have me playing a 16 year old male character this is a definite preference for me (in my country the age of consent is 16) however I am happy to look to increase the age of the male to 18 as I understand that sits more comfortably with many writers.

I would prefer that the story that we write at some point within the plot allow for my character to be with multiple women at the same time, again that's not an absolute but a very clear preference I'm happy for that event to occur only once or become a regular event within the story.

Saying that while I do prefer writing for 16 year old characters and almost always with the male character younger than the female I'm open to playing an older male and infact a number of my plot ideas are based on an older male.

I would prefer a decent length post two or three paragraphs at least, I tend to try to mirror my partners writing effort , but while I have and ocassionally do post stories with a few sentences at a time , it has to be in pursuit of an interesting idea otherwise I struggle to remain motivated.

I'm not a grammer or spelling nut , I make enough errors and often edit posts when finding an error I missed but I do need to follow what you have written , saying that if English is your second language I'm very flexible around what you post.

I like plot twists and often create an NPC in my post that will appeal several posts later as a key figure (for a while) I'm happy for you to do that , while I don't have a problem driving the story I really do prefer a joint effort.

I'm open to writing for most kinks and desires but there are some things I won't do.

Furries/Bestiality ...............sorry just doesn't work for me
Under 16 ..........................even if site rules weren't there it would be a no go...saying that NPC children often exist in my stories but they are always unaware of adult encounteres

Male on Male....................Again that just does nothing for me...I'm good with writing two (or more)males and a woman/women but the males do not interact
Crossdressing...................Putting a male into females clothes...this includes sissification
Anything involving a toilet... Sorry just again doesn't do it for me.
Violence against women....I adhor domestic violence and can't write for a man that beats up women for the sake of it, saying that I can write male on female assault within the context of bondage/discipline but more likely a smack on the bottom then a closed fist.
Sibling Incest.................. I don't have issue with incest but for some reason I just can't do brother and sister.

If I haven't listed it here as a won't do then I'll at least consider it as a may do.

Please PM if interested in any of these plots

1) The business woman and school boy

Your character is a successful business woman a week away from marrying a wonderful man. You have spoken about introducing the occasional male or female into your bed ONCE you are married however your husband to be couldn't help himself and when you get home its to him in bed with another woman. In the ensuring argument he says a week out from the marriage or a week after the marriage shouldn't matter besides he just randomly picked her.

You then tell him that if that's the case you'll have sex with the next male other than him that you see. Just then the doorbell rings...its my character a schoolboy in uniform(would prefer to play this character as a 16 year old but open to his age being 17/18)

2)Granddads New Wife

My grandfather a retired porn king has remarried a leading Japanese porn star, my mother fearing that the marriage isn't real sends my character (her son) to spend the summer with his grand father. Shortly after getting married the old man finds out he has only a few months to live, knowing his daughter will contest the will should he leave anything to his new bride he has decided to leave everything to his grandson. However he won't leave his new bride out in the cold so from the moment his grandson meets his bride he encourages them to have sex in the hope a relationship and eventually marriage develops.

However as continually tempted as the bride is , she first wants to ensure the young man is worthy so introduces a series of other women to the grandson....its all a question of who breaks first Granddad who's desperate to get them together or the bride who's enjoying the game of keeping the boy at arms length but at that same time is becoming more and more tempted to take him. The story would start with the arrival of my character at the estate. (again would refer my character to be 16 but happy to have him as a 17/18 year old)

3)Revenge of the ex girlfriend.

Your character had found the dream guy and fell madly in love, he was everything you could have hoped for and more....until one day he asked you to allow his friends to gangbang objected of course but he told you if you didn't do this thing you didn't love him, so you consented and took on all his friends.

The following morning he dumped you as a whore and slut.

So you decide to date the one person he wouldn't want you to , his younger brother and show both brothers just how much of a slut you can be.(again would refer my character to be 16 but happy to have him as a 17/18 year old

4)The gift
My character know certain things about his parents
One, they work really hard at their marketing business
two, they love him and are incredibly supportive
three, they have the most incredible sex life, there is always other women in the house each morning and often more than one.

Now a few months past his sixteenth birthday a new guest has arrived for the evening meal, except my character knows her....and no only that she is not at the house for his parents but for him.
Your character is aged between 20 and 36 you can be, either a favourite teacher, the head master , best friends mother, best friends older sister or something similar, she can be single or married, your character is being given as a gift and not just for the night but for good.

Not looking for a lot of bondage but there will be domination and humiliation, there will also be encounters with more than one female, looking for story between the sex

5) The Soccer Mum

Harry Ryan has just moved into the neighbourhood, he's a 16 year old soccer player from England, word has reached the sports coach of one of the local high school's that this kid is the real thing, that he may just be the best 16 year old in the country. Desperate to get him to go to the school the coach calls a meeting of concerned parents and teachers to try to ensure the boy attends your school (a school desperate for any state championship in any sport)...the nearest other high school always seems to get the best kids in whatever sport.

Your character is the mother of a young soccer player who loves the game but in truth isn't very good, you decide to volunteer to convince the young man to attend your school (and also hope he'll spend time with you son to improve his soccer) one knows that shortly after your divorce you appeared in a few soccermom sites with guys pretending to be high school/college boys so to do it for real fulfills a little fantasy...

Of course the other school finds about about my character and tries to turn his head ....looking for a long term role play...yes loads of sex but loads of story I want the relationship to matter to them both , because the other school is going to throw females at my character(on top of that he has an agreement with his parents as soon as he graduates high school he goes back to England and try to make it as a professional footballer(soccer player)...will you follow him?

Pm if interested...there will be a few NPC's male and female and always possible that multiple partners may be written for on occasion.

6) The Bosses Son

Your character is the Senior PA for the CEO and Owner of a multi billion dollar company you're good at your job and work hard. Your boss is a nice enough guy and not too demanding, once or twice a month you and he have sex, its not part of a relationship  but it is part of your job , certainly your boss enjoys these encounters more than you do.

You are however in a relationship with a long term boyfriend who's put you in so much debt with quick rich schemes that you not only can't afford to lose your job but you have had to resort to making outlandish expense claims in order to keep the debtors at bay, you know your boss will never really care about the money.

His young son (I prefer he be 16 but happy to play him as a 17-18 year old) is working for his dad during school vacation , he discovers that you have been ripping off the company via your expense claims and  decides to black mail you and see how far he can push you .

7) the world is one big porn set

Your character is a famous adult star(can be made up or real if real and you make it Sara Jean Underwood I'll love you to death) you're doing a film where your character must have sex with a particular male and the more often she has sex with him the more often she needs to.

Unfortunately you bump your head during a shoot...when you come to you're in a room with the producers young son (age 16) you believe not only that he is the man you must have sex with but that the real world is now one gigantic movie set

8) Sarahs Bedroom Party

 Shes a respectable mother and housewife her parents installed good morals into their daughter and her husband is a good decent man with a large income.

She lives in a quiet road with only a handful of houses in sight...a year ago her little man (son) when to elementary school and she was able to restart a little side business that no one knew(and knows) about.

Sarah's Bedroom Party is the name of the web show...once a week she 'invites' friends over for an orgy , sometimes all girl sometimes her and only men but normally a mix with a few extra females thrown in for good measure.

My Character is a 16 year old boy the younger brother to your next door neighbour at the start of his holidays, he accesses your show recognises you and decides that he'd like to be a guest on your next show which was due to be an all female show. Now he jkust has to convince you

this will be nc at first but evolve as there relationship evolves.

9)Thanks for the rescue

Your character is a high class fantasy escort, your paid fifty grand a day to fulfill the deviant fantasies of some of the richest men and women in the world , sometimes working alone often working with other women .

By agreement with the agency you do one job a week the rest of the time is your time is yours.

Walking to your apartment off central park after a wholly disastrous date you are jumped by two crack heads who try to rape you. A young pizza delivery boy comes to your rescue and beats the crap out of the men, the police arrive shortly after and take statements from you both , arresting the two men.

a few days later you track the young man down via the pizza company to say thank you, you find a sixteen year old highschool student who works to help provide for his family, the boy has been taught Krav Maga for five years by an elderly Neighbour.

Its always been a fantasy of yours to be with a high school boy (since you never dated highschool boys even when you were in high school) so you ask him out on a date and as a reward you decide to fulfill his favourite fantasy. (we can discuss what that fantasy is but it will involve at least two npc female characters)

this can be done as a one shot but I'm open to a developing relationship between both characters so it can become a solo.

10)How to make a male porn star

Randall Williams porn king is not a happy man , he's just watched the finished cut for Sex High School 10 a pornumentary that shows teachers with students , studentswith each other and the occasional milf thrown into the mix.

the first of the series was a ground breaker the number one selling pron movie of all time, 2 and 3 were great 4-7 where good and 8-9 okay number 10 in Randal ls opinion was a lot of shit.

The biggest single problem was that the male students all looked thirty

So he decided the next Sex High school video would follow the week of a 16 year old boy and damm it that 16 year old boy would actually be 16.

He has the 16 year old in mind (my character...his eldest grandson)he hires the number one porn star to prep him for the movie you have two weeks to get him cum when he needs to and preform in front of a crowd...two weeks if it works you get the contract you want...if it doesn't work you'll be doing crackhead porn quicker that you can say 'ow it smells funny'

okay with this being a made up actress or real one ..if you go real I'd love it to be Helen Vandeven or (while shes not really porn) Sara Jean Underwood.

the story is that you spend time to guide the young man into the world of porn before teaching him perform , you'll also be his main partner in the movie and of course when its all done you have real feelings for him which we'd need to explore

11) the Sweetbutt, the old lady the money and me

William Henders is close to his brother , always has been even if the age gap between them is ten years, keeping close hasn't always been easy his brother James was kicked out of home at 18 when he choose to join the Marines instead of go to college.

When he left the Marines James did something his parents could never forgive he joined a motorcycle club in the last four years James had risen to VP of his chapter and still the brothers talk via skype at least once a week.

When his parents win a trip on the QE2 for two months they have no choice but to send William down to Miami to stay with his brother.

Except its a busy time for the club and James can't spend the time to show his kid brother around so he selects one of the sweetbutts to do this of course spending so much time together means things develop

Then all hell brakes loose the gang is ambushed and everyone dies , however the morning of this event James gave William the key to a safety deposit box with the help of the sweetbutt William tracks down the safety deposit box only to discove hes not the only one looking for it.

Can start as he arrives in Miami or after the ambush please note if you like would want the older brothers old lady to be involved as a heavily written npc

My characters is 16 looking for the sweet butt please PM

while I normally don't suggest looks for female characters and you are most welcome to have your own character photo Id prefer to be one of these two ladies

12) Marrying the wrong guy

Your character is about to be married to the CEO of a top Forbes 500 company , he's marrying you for your looks you are marrying him for his money and the life he can provide.

A month before the marriage you discover that he's rich worth a few million but he's not wealthy, the billions you thought he was worth is in the hands of his son, who inherited his mothers company(which his dad runs), you have never met the son as he lives overseas and he is single.

Marrying a fat obnoxious elderly millionaire was not what you signed up for, now if he had been a you convince your husband to be to invite his son back home so he can met his soon to be step were expecting a 20 to 40 something guy you could seduce and ultimately marry to give you and your future children the life you always dreamed of.........................instead you see a weedy dork 16 year old boy.  a 16 year old weedy dork Billionaire.

Looking for this to start as a seduction story  your character has less than a month to convince the kid that your character is the one for him , also looking for some genuine feelings to develop at some point.

Would like at least an occasional FMF but prefer as many Females as you can write for as NPC's to join my male Pm is interested

13) The Dying wish

Your character was engaged to be married to the prefect guy, you were high school sweethearts and absolutely devoted to each other. Then he got sick...real sick he fought the illness for months when the doctors said he had days but in the ned the love of your life was gone.

However before he died he made you promise , his brother , your parenst and his parents...he made you all promise that just after his brothers sixteeth birthday you and he would marry. He wante dyou to have his name but not be a widow and he wanted you to have his children or at least as close as any children could be his.

It was tough to agree and surprisingly enough it was the mother who resisted longest but in the end their love for a dying man outweighed any doubts.

Your character and mine had a quiet engagement six months after Sean died......and then you took on a job offer that would earn you a quarter of a million in eighteen a promo girl for F1 as well a a few other global sports events, it would mean being away for the whole time but you promised you'd be back , you promised you'd save yourself for Andrew your soon to be husband.

and for a year you did save yourself........then a girlfriend invited you to a sex party then another and another and pretty soon you were hooked you even accepted paid dates on your days off.

Now back in America about to marry a sixteen year old boy you have to decide whether you'll drop your desire to attend sex clubs/parties or convince your husband to join in....(that doesn't mean it will be easy because there is Seans wish for a child to be born with his brother as the father.)

Looking for female to be around 22-25 this will most likely be done as a one shot but that doesn't mean we can't sneak a story in there
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Re: A few ideas M looking for F
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2012, 02:41:46 PM »
You have to ask why.

Have you ever seen a stunningly beautiful woman , the type who could have any man they wanted walking beside a low-life wannabe, dressed in a hoodie , jeans ending below his arse walking along the road like he's the toughest guy you'll ever meet when in reality he'd weedy little runt who should just run home to mummy.

You have to wonder his daddy rich, does he have a monster between his legs, or are these girls simply really blind.

What if you asked why?

And what if the answer changed your life.

Looking for a single female writer to play 'the girl' however there will be several NPC females to play as well, this will be a mix of NC and light, I'll be playing the 40 year old single man who can't seem to get a woman and decides to find out how the runt of a kid managed to get such a stunner. (I'll also play the lowlife kid as an NPC)

The idea I had (open to neg.) was that the kid offers his 'girlfriend ' up for a quickie in return for 100 dollars, which ultimately my character does , when he next encounters the pair my character wants more and is willing to pay for a weekend , suspecting that my character may be trying to 'save' the girl he invites him to come to their house (which the girl pays the rent on)to discuss terms once there he discovers a number of young girls all under 20 , the kid decides a demonstration of the control he was over the girls is needed.

At the end of that my character doesn't want to just save the first girl he wants to save all the girls...he just didn't expect to fall in love as he put his plan into action.

Pm me if interested ,,,yes there will be loads of sex and fairly quickly into the story also looking to write  ,at least one MFM ,and multiple MFF MFFF MFFFF etc...but the real intent is to create a love story between the two main characters while under less than  Ideal circumstances ...please no one liners

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Re: A few ideas M looking for F
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2012, 01:27:07 AM »
Funny how Life works

Three years ago Peter(my character) and my best friend Steve meet a stunning woman at the beach she was smart inteligent and VERY interested in myself, she gave me her number, home address and email address.

However I've never been confident around women even when they all but jump all over me....So Steve rang her...she had been expecting me to show on their first date and wasn't impressed...but Steve is a nice guy and won her over.

Last week he asked her to marry him, she said yes on a few conditions....that she still says yes in six months time and in six months time I haven't asked her to marry me...Steve's phone call asking me to accept a date and allow a relationship to develop was both difficult and completely unexpected. (of course Steve didn't completely suffer his girlfriend has a number lady friends willing to keep him company.)

Your character has six months to seduce my character and get him to want her for his wife. I'm open to this being any character you wish but would actually prefer it to be someone who works in the adult say Sara Jean Underwood or Heather Vandeven if you want to play an existing celebrity

Pm if interested

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Re: A few ideas M looking for F
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2012, 02:02:40 AM »
A married couple move into their new house on the outside they are the prefect couple and they do love each other deeply, except they don't make love to each other....ever.

Next door is middle aged batchleor aged 46 he's balding and slightly overweight but hes also a great guy.

Over the first few weeks the husband chats to the single guy almost daily and then invites him over for a while the young couple don't have sex (husband was previously married and has a child but after the birth of that child from his first wifes pussy he can't get over sticking his dick in the place baies come from) the husband does enjoy watching. Ultimately the wife won't wnat him watchin all the time

would suggest the wife be mid 20's I'll play the husband as an npc....also looking for encounters for my charatcer with multiple npc female characters

please pm if interested

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Re: A few ideas M looking for F
« Reply #4 on: April 16, 2012, 06:46:36 AM »
A desperate mother rings a phone number given to her by a friend who's daughter had been helped immeasurably by this tutor, your daughter who is struggling with all her classes this year needs urgent help.

He comes to your house and spends an hour an talking to both yourself and your daughter  and agrees to take on the job, his rates are more than reasonable and he's a bit of a hunk ...and it has been a while since your husband left.

he took the job to genuinely help the girl but also because she's incredibly hot his price for helping her will not only be monetary.

Looking for one female to play the role of both mother and daughter (mother to be mid thirties -daughter 16) my character will be 40 this will involve MFF as well as individual encounters for both women. The story and there is one , is exploring how far a mother and a student will go to avoid completely failing at school.....also would like one of the females to be very reluctant to engage in sex with my character while the other all but falls over herself to have sex once the idea is suggested

PM me

Hello I read several of your post and if you are still looking I would be interested in this plot. Let me know and we can talk out any looks or preferences you might have. Hope to hear from you..

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Re: A few ideas M looking for F
« Reply #5 on: April 21, 2012, 05:54:35 PM »
CLOVER TOWN...looking for one female decide who I'm going to be.

Clover Town is home to more supermodels than any other similar sized town in the world, more centerfolds, more beauty queens, in that respect Clover Town is blessed...the least attractive woman in town could turn heads anywhere else.

Clover Town is definitely the place to be, a save caring community of five thousand.In a recent census there were 427 single females between 16 and 35...and 62 single men between 16 and 35. Everyone knew there was an issue Clover Town had been that way for ...well decades, sex clubs were very popular and always packed with women desperate to at least get laid.

The census caused many callers to the local radio station demanding action to find the women partners suggestion was to hook all the single men up and that idea took a year later there are only a handful of single men.

One of those men my character

He can be either 16 , the smelly boy at school (his mother had given up ) he has unknown to everyone...a rather large penis.

or he can be 25 living in his grandparents garage, a programme writer for  computer games, hes socially awkward (effectively beyond uber shy) he is however will to try just about anything sexual (if he ever gets the chance)  (except M/M crossdressing)

Your character has been selected to date my character, there will be multiple F parts played as NPC

Please PM me if interested

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Re: A few ideas M looking for F
« Reply #6 on: March 20, 2013, 01:30:09 AM »
Tony Newlands was an odd sort of man, he had in truth only one friend and no family. He had been good student at school but not able to afford University(even with Academic scholarships). He wasn't rich he was wealthy, he'd made his first million before turning twenty he was up to ten million two years later by the age of 25 he was billionaire , his gift an incredible ability to pick the stockmarket both bull and bear.

And yet for all that he lived in his now deceased parents home simple because he had no idea what to do with the money. He did however have a friend , a good one, a man who's talents seemed to be in polar opposites to Tony....for John was always in debt, always just staying solvent enough to kept the debt collectors at bay. He had no idea of Tony's wealth.

Until now.

See John and Tony were polar opposites when it came to women...., he always seemed to have girlfriends who liked to share their man with other women and John had dated college seniors during high school , he was dating Victoria Secrets models during college and had eventually married one of the hottest playboy centrefolds in the past ten years...Tony had never had a girlfriend , had never had sex and while desperate to change that he had no idea how to go about it...until one day an idea came to he hated but there seemed no other way, he needed help.

So he went to John and his wife and admitted his wealth and his loneliness.....he offered his friend a hundred million dollars...if his wife would help change his life, spend a year with him and help find him a wife.

Looking for your character to slowly fall for Tony over the course of the first few months as you work on him and help him meet ladies (who you will need to play as NPC's)..

MOre than a line a time looking for my character to be 25 your's to be a few years older please pm if interested

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Re: A few ideas M looking for F
« Reply #7 on: April 19, 2013, 05:25:50 AM »
Story I'd like to write

 Nerd in the body of a Jock

My character is an NFL quarterback in his rookie season, thanks to an injury crisis my undrafted player has to start the second game of the with two weeks left before the post season the club has won all its games with him as the starting QB, he's also broken the single game TD record and twice broken the single game passing record however his leadership skills are non existent and he struggles with even the most basic interviews, even on the field he ha issues...if a play is unsuccessful he needs a few seconds while he turns his back to his teammates deals with his failure.

If he wasn't so good at the game he'd never play(his college was a minor college and while he set records galore at college including a few NCAA records I was dismissed for the most part because of the very weak schedule.

Your character works for the owner of the club you have been tasked with getting his confidence improved so he can lead his men and speak to the media

My character will be 21 yours can be any age but I'd prefer her to be a few years older, your character has the confidence of a very rich and powerful person so I'd prefer her to be a confident woman.

I should advise I'm not American , I've never played American Football before my experience of the game is tv watching and Madden playing on xbox , there will be some of the game in the story but the focus is mostly away from the game.

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Re: A few ideas M looking for F
« Reply #8 on: June 23, 2013, 08:12:00 PM »
Just doing a tidy up

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Re: A few ideas M looking for F
« Reply #9 on: July 09, 2013, 11:00:42 PM »
just a few photos to inspire if anyone wants to play opposite a bosses son/office junior or young boss.