Lets See What We Got Here ~ [M/F] [F/F]

Started by Starry Sarcasm, January 10, 2012, 01:21:30 AM

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Starry Sarcasm

Hello there everyone! Well lets start off with some rules before we get into anything shall we?

1. Whatever happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom. No offense to anyone who likes that stuff, but it really is NOT my cup of tea.
2. On rare occasion do I play the Dom, therefore I am 96% sub
3. I don't play male characters, yes I have in the past but I just don't see myself good at it anymore, however I do not care if you are a male playing a female ^^
4. I like to play naive characters. It really makes me giggle and grin whenever I have a partner who can make my character squirm.
5. I am ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS up for a good incest or kidnapping. Like 24/7 craving that. Forever.
6. Okay I HATE roleplaying over chat now because things just get out of hand honestly. So email or thread it is.
7. I am bisexual in real life so of course I don't mind f/f. Its actually my preference.
8. When it comes to posting, I realize that getting too overwhelmed just makes me disappear for months. So I've dumbed it down to a few posts a day or every other day.
9. Dont even judge me on my post history honestly. I have my partner make the thread first just to see how you post. If you post two paragraphs, I post two paragraphs. If you post six paragraphs, I post six paragraphs. I aim to please!  ^-^


Pairings (What I want comes first)

I dont really have any real PLOTS right now...cause its like 2:20 in the morning so my brain is SHOT but keep checking back. I'm sure after a good night sleep I'll have plenty to run after. xD


I am interested in the Sister/Brother or Sister/Mother themes. Please PM me at your leisure and we could discuss more detailed ideas, I have a few of my own I have been toying around with

Monica Lawson

I'm totally interested in some f/f, probably the Sister/Sister theme. PM me whenever you can so we can discuss this further.