~Two Young Men and a Bottle of Rum

Started by AithinTheElf, January 09, 2012, 08:23:52 PM

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A boy from Ireland named Sean moves to America (perhaps somewhere around Oregon..?) to attend college.  At a nervous age of 19, Sean is quiet at first, a bit shy, and very well behaved.  Sean moves into a townhouse, a place shared by his American-born cousin Kieran and a few other college students, including Tristan...  The boy doesn’t know much about Tristan, except that he seems to be around 24, is strikingly handsome and has an intimidatingly calm demeanor; Kieran says the guy couldn’t be sweeter, once you get to know him.

~You can provide your own picture of Tristan if you like, I just found one that seemed nice.

Sean finds himself painfully drawn to Tristan, having to make huge efforts not to stare at him and always managing to look foolish.  Little does he know, Tristan is secretly interested in him too, and happens to be, well...quite “experienced” when it comes to the emotional, and physical side of relationships.  With a little push from Tristan, Sean will come to terms with the fact that he does in fact, love men.  There just might be a different side of Sean that needs to be riled...

I’m looking for someone who’d be interested in playing “Tristan” in my plot (you can change his name if you want).  I’m a very flexible person, so these names and the plot can be altered if you like.