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Author Topic: Tairen Soul  (Read 516 times)

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Offline SheronaTopic starter

Tairen Soul
« on: February 08, 2008, 11:40:46 AM »

Ok guys and Gals,

TheWolf and I started a story with another party who was suppose to play the villianess. However time constraints made the person playing the villianess a bit concerned to play the character and now we are looking for another.

The story did not get morethen four posts, and the villianess has not been introduced yet, so it is basically a clean slate.

What are we looking for?

A writer who enjoys writing, a writer who can play just a black hearted greedy, selfish female, the real life gender does not matter if you can play a convincing female :). Looking for people who understand that both TheWolf and My real life sometimes rises up to bite us in the rear and we can not do more then one post each a day at times..though I for myself will try to post as regularly as possible.

In return TheWolf and I offer to provide indetailed poses, mostly regular posting with a PM if we can not, and of course understanding if your post rate isn't considered swift (meaning we do not mind those who post slower then others..we both prefer Quality over Quantity).

I will also make sure that you feel comfortable in the theme as much as I can, and offer to be available for questions and comments if needed :)

 This is the idea i was kicking around. Its partially were-creatures, partially magic based. With Tairn (fae-weres) and Magi's (really bad people who just are power hungry) It revolves around a series I am reading called the Lord of the Tairn series.

Background: Ok in this world there are pretty much 3 races of people. Fae, Human, and Magi. Fae were the most powerful, living in a world that had gates to the human world. For the most part Fae are pretty much endless lived, however they do fade and are reborn after their souls grow so heavy, and they can die from mortal wounds (beheading).

Fae are benevolent, they are masters of the five elements, Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Spirit. Each are a master of one element, while the Tairen soul master all five making the Tairn all poweful.

Well every fae is really born with half a soul, and they spend their considerable life spans searching for their other half. 90% of the time they never find them, to fade and be reborn to take up their search again. The other 10% of the time the Shei'Tani (soul mate) bond is born and two fae are united both physically and spiritually. Through this bond they are forever linked, one dies the other dies, one feels pain the other feels it as well. There is also a telepathic connection ebtween the two (but we don't really have to explore that if its too ..weird). When two fae are She'Tani their offspring are Tairn Souls. Fae who are masters of all 5 elements, but also command the form of Tairn, which is a were creature. The Tairn soul lives within the fae, its brutal and passionate, loves with everything it has and can be quite wrathful. (In the book, the Hero simply loved, was not soul bonded, to a woman who the Magi killed and beheaded so that she could not be healed..he then scorched the world of humans in his rage, killing human, Magi, and even fae in his Tairen form full of wrath)

The idea:

Two Tairen Souls, both bonded as She'tani to each other, are captured by an evil villian(ness) who is a Magi. Their powers are sealed by much Sel-dor, which is a black ore the Magi produce that blocks and causes intense pain if Fae tried to use Magic while wearing/peirced with such gadgets.

Now it would be up to teh villain what they wanted/needed from the Two tairn, but i would love to see the villain to be very icky and nasty, to kind of show through the love and endurance of the two She'tani.

The Villianess:

Magi's aren't really meshed out int he first two books yet, (the third is coming out in OCT of 2008

anyways so you have pretty much artistic license. They tend to be humanoid, but they are believed (by the Fae) to be created as a counterbalance of goodness the fae represent..the gods wanting humankind to be able to flourish naturally wtihout too heavy a influence.

While the Fae are gifted with Tairen Soul, the Magi are gifted with Ortomali..which is magic that is destructive. Its all about destroying things..THey also have the standard mastry of the other elements, air, water, fire, earth, and spirit...just not nearly as effective with these because they rely so heavily on Ortomali.

They also generally have a retinue of human 'hosts'. humans that are marked with 6 marks (air, water, earth, fire, spirit, and Ortomali) that allows them to control the humans ...usually used as messengers and slaves..they can not do this to teh fae however...

Sel-dor is the metal that they use against the fae, when pierced through their bodies it does not allow the Tairen Soul to be freed, nor if it touches any part of their skin does it allow for any magic to be used. It literally burns to the touch of fae, but after a bit the burning becomes tolerable as Fae's tend to be fast healers and adaptors..

To give you a sense, in the book where I am getting the theme of the story there are two Tairen Souls who were considered the most powerful of them all..A Magi captures one (they were not bonded or anything like our story) and just to keep this person under control, he had to pierce each nipple, pierce her ears five times each, pierce her lip, peirce her nose put a sel-dor collar on her, and kept her in sel-dor manacles just to be able to contain her. Now I don't think Wolfie nor my character are anywhere near this powerful but it gives you an idea of the enormity of Tairen Souls.

I figure if you can trap one via Sel-dor lined netting, and just leave him/her out in the open her She'tani would come and boom...two for the price of one

There is no limits really to what this evil character can do..or would do to gain access to the ability to have a corrupted Tairen Soul (the only way to introduce a Tairen Soul within a Magi is to breed it into them btw) within their grasp.

Feel free to ask questions or PM me if you want  Of course anyone who takes up this evily character can feel free to chat with me if they get stuck or jsut in general need to flesh out problems

Offline SheronaTopic starter

Re: Tairen Soul
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2008, 08:13:52 PM »
ok, I have gotten several PM's about how interesting this story seems, but they are intimidated or worried by the length of the back story....So in effort to try to aleviate the intimidation facter,

Basically as the villianess whoever played the character would have free reign to do pretty much what the wanted..the books did not delve too much into the Magi yet so its pretty much an open slate such as thuoghts and feelings..and just because this post is 500000000 paragraphs long, does not mean the poses in teh game wil be or will even have to be :)

Offline SheronaTopic starter

Re: Tairen Soul
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2008, 11:42:14 PM »
Amberghylles has kindly offered to play the Villianess, thankees for the interest everyone who PM'd :)